Originally scheduled with dr Hasan but snatched by dr Manuel Diaz at Cipla. Pics!

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Hello beautiful ladies. Been on this site for...

Hello beautiful ladies. Been on this site for quite some time. Now I am ready to take the bbl plunge. To date I have had breast implants and a tummy tuck. My tummy tuck actually stayed in tact after having children. My tummy tuck was done by Dr guerosantos in Guadalajara Mexico. He did a great job. Will post pics later.... Anyhoo, My height is 5'5". I'm about 130 pounds right now looking to gain about 15 by Feb for my procedure. My deposit is paid and I'm ready!!! So excited!

Counting down and trying to gain more weight

Can't wait until February. Unbelievably the hardest part about the whole thing has been trying to gain weight. I'm naturally pretty slim So it has been real a challenge. To date I think I have gained about 10 pounds. I have updated some before pics as promised. I have one photo that you shows my tummy tuck scar because I know usually people are curious to see what that looks like. I was very happy with my tummy tuck and I'm looking forward to my new booty. My tummy tuck stayed in tact pretty well after having children. I am considering having another tummy tuck after my bbl but would like to see my results first

Disappointed!!!! Dr Hasan won't be @ vanity in February

So... I received a very disappointing email from my coordinator saying Dr Hasan has a family emergency and won't be back until March or April! I'm very disappointed! Thinking about switching to dr. Fisher. Don't know what to do!

It's official. Switched to Dr. Fisher @ vanity

Sooo. I spoke to my coordinator to switch me to dr Fisher since dr. Hasan will not be back until April. I really wanted Hasan but am confident in dr. Fisher's skills as well. My new date is Feb 29th.

Worried about drains

So I'm looking at all of these pictures of girls with drains after seeing dr. Fisher. I am all for the drains if they are absolutely necessary, but I'm wondering if you can opt to go without the drains if you don't want them.

Wish pic

Since I am small. I'm looking to get a round bubble like this. I don't want a super large ass. Just a super nice one. Lol

Wish pic

Months later still no ass!!!! Damn Vanity

This has been one horrible journey so far! I was originally scheduled with Dr. Hasan and then switched to Dr. Fisher when I figured Dr. Hasan was not coming back. My surgery was supposed to be April 1st. Vanity kept dicking me around and I had to switch my date to May 17th. Found out my daughter was going to prom on the 19th of may so was forced to call back for a new date AGAIN! UUUGH. I am then told that Fisher is booked til August now! Screw this. I will now be requesting a refund from Vanity because Im not waiting til August!!! I am now considering going to Yily! I know. I know! I would rather wait for fisher but I'm going to let jesus take the wheel and hope for the best with Yily. I've spent alot of time outside of the US so the thought of surgery abroad doesn't bother me. Other Doctors I have considered are Manuel Diaz, Edgar Contreras, and Duran. Duran was my first choice but shes booked up til October! Also for all the ladies trying to get a date with Duran I have found that surgi coordinators can book you with her. They are quick to respond to e-mails and get things done. You can find them on IG and they have a website. I love Dr. Cabrals work as well but his ass is booked up too now that people have stopped being afraid of him. lol That man has a sketchy past but sculpts like no other.

I'm officially scheduled for June 21st with Dr. Cabral

So I've been in touch with almost every popular surgeon and Recovery House in the Dominican Republic. My First Choice was Yily. It was very easy to receive all of the necessary information from her as far as quote and Recovery House information. Ultimately I have decided to do my surgery with Dr Cabral. I know that plenty of people will have something to say about Cabral, but his results are unbelievable and I have personally spoken to some of his previous patients. Initially it was relatively difficult to get a quote with Dr Cabral. Eventually I called his office and spoke to his assistant Maria. She was very sweet and scheduled me for the 21st of June with no deposit required. One of the main reasons that I chose Cabral was because I have decided to do and tummy tuck in addition to my BBL. I had a tummy tuck previously but have since had children and my belly button has stretched out of shape. Since I now do not plan to have any more children I want everything nipped and tucked to perfection. More than likely I will be staying at Daisy's Recovery House. My second choice was luxury Recovery House. I chose to stay with Daisy because I like the way that she responds to my emails promptly. She also seems to be quite kind and helpful.

Change of dr. Now going with Manuel Diaz

I switched my dr again. Too many dolls report being burned by dr cabral. I love the shape he gives but the possibility of being burned is not ok with me. I still have my date with him If someone wants it but I am going to Manuel Diaz. Sent my deposit and flight is booked. I just feel safer with diaz. My date is still for June 21st. I'm staying at serenity recovery house.

Boyfriend not happy about surgery

Boyfriend totally pissed about me having surgery. He says i don't need it and its not natural. Wtf! Ask me if I give 2 shits because I don't! I told him he should probably leave me now so I can recover in peace without the bullshit. I don't want to be with anyone who doesn't care if I'm comfortable with my body. How selfish of him. Smh

Had surgery 6/21/2016 with Dr Diaz

I arrived here in the DR on 6/19. I'm staying at serenity 2 which is awesome! The staff here is very nice and the house is very clean with modern decor

Love me some Dr Diaz!!!

I'm very happy with my results. I changed from Dr Cabral and happy I decided to stick it out with Diaz. He took a lot of time with me. I was worried about him not being able to harvest enough fat for me to be happy with my results but he exceeded my expectations

2 days post op pics

First pics I've taken.

5 days post op

New waist and hips

More photos

All this new ass

Love my new body! Dr. Diaz definitely did an awesome job as snatching this waist. My swelling is getting better every day. Nothing too terrible. If anything the itching is driving me crazy

More pics 4 weeks post op

8 months post op

Recovery was great. Ready for a round 2 with manon
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