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I booked the special 7,000! It includes stay at...

I booked the special 7,000! It includes stay at what Diana (booking consultant) says is a recovery mansion, with my own private suite. Sound's exciting enough? I will keep everyone posted on things as this all pans out. Dr. Fisher has looked at my photos, my procedure was booked and paid for in one call. So far I love their customer service. Diana gave me her personal cell, if I needed anything. How friendly. Fisher's work seems amazing. Really praying for similar results.

It's almost a complete month

I think the stress and obsession with RS is making me not eat as much and loose weight. I want to loose weight, but I don't know if I want to loose weight. Some of you know what I'm talking about. I might need the couple of extra pounds to fill my rounds. I got more gut than butt, but next month I move it to my butt.

Protien shakes?

What are the protein shakes for? What do they help with post-op? Is it hard to keep food down? Does it help the fat stay? I know protein is used to help build muscle, but are we really thinking of that when we are praying the fat survives? Please someone explain. I think its simple, but I'm missing it...yeah I know...

Credit Story...STRIKE ONE

Ladies, my husband I are very mindful of our credit. When I asked my coordinator with Vanity if attesting to increase the credit limit on our already established care credit card, she told us No. We allowed her to apply for an increase, and were told we had been approved
to her clear surprise? She really was pressuring us to put everything on care credit. I don't know why when we had more than half of it in cash...visa debit card. My husband became uncomfortable with her persistence over the phone, and I tried to ensure him, it was ok. After all its a doctors office right? We like our credit clean. She said, this would actually improve our credit...since we were approved and for so much. When we insisted we would rather pay the cash than put so much money in our debt, she said this is considered medical and doesn't hurt your score. Lie much? We monitor our credit and this morning my husband told me that his score had gone down and applying for a credit limit increase was actually a negative impact, whether you are approved or not. Vanity...please be honest with your clientele. They are trusting you guys with their life...BE HONEST. Credit isn't something to take lightly, at all. It's too late to do something but that's very upsetting. Not so much the lie, but the fact she has proved herself dishonest. She was very convincing over the phone, and I was too excited to be booking with Dr.Fisher. I should have called back and more research. But I wanted that date, and I wanted that package. Be careful ladies, especially those of you who have a family. I will exercise patience in this case, beside I've already paid for everything including airline tickets...BUT STRIKE THREE. Will result in a legal investigation, who else are they telling lies too, and about what. Are they taking advantage of people? Poor Dr.Fisher, he sounds like a great surgeon how many potential clients has he lost because of bad staff? Many of places have gone down, because of things like this. There is something called FRAUD! Please Vanity, Iet this be the last. I actually like my coordinator, perhaps she didn't know! For now I forgive, and am still bright eyed and anxious. This message was just to inform other ladies. Who are in the researching stage, like I was, to be careful.

What do u call this? It's gotta go too

Can't wait to get rid of this...The struggle is real.

Can u see my fat now

Some people still call me skinny??? No there is plenty that needs to go. That's 2 cheeks full right there. Lol

After care massages...in another state

Hi, ladies. I'm on here everyday reading someones story somewhere with some doctor. I am addicted. I've even made a plan for myself not to get on the internet at all tomorrow to avoid this site. I can't help it, I need to read 'em and I need to see'em. Especially Dr.Fishers work. I'm totally obsessed.
So with all that said. I see that many of you ladies get multiple aftercare massages. I think in my package I'm only allowed 4 from vanity. What's a girl to do. I see a lot of you have booked Mariam, one of you I've read used someone else in Miami that uses machines??? What's that about, I want to try it. I'm not too concerned about Miami, but after the MIA I'll hit the ATL. Who does them there. I'll be 8 days post op and probably still in need of massages. Can my BBL sisters tell me who I should call. I would love if someone could come to me, I'm trying to stay off my boom boom for a while. The plane, later travel plans will have me one it long enough already. Should I just call a PS office there and ask them for a reference? Anyone heard of Excelis treatments afterwards, what's that about?

The Countdown Ramble..

I'm 22 days away from my surgery date. You ladies and your blogs with pictures and diary-like details have been angels to me. Thank you so much for sharing. Seriously, thank you. I started taking a pre-natal vitamins because I'm hoping that would give me sufficient vitamins for a surgery? I'm not in the states, and its difficult and timely to order some of the pre-op vitamins you guys use. I bought a neck pillow, and a few dresses, and grandma pajama nightgowns, I have a robe, and house shoes I'll bring. I want arm lipo also, but I don't know how I will hide a compression garment for my arms under clothes in the dead of summer...hmmm perhaps should have thought this out beforehand.... In the meantime I'll look for long sleeved maxi dresses online in bright summer colors. Feel free to send me links ladies. I would love you forever.
I'm staying in Vanity's recovery house and I have no idea what the hell I'll need. I asked Diana, but she said only clothing. She said the house has everything else. I dunno.....post op is a bad time to make a wish list. I will get arnica gel/tabs, Benadryl cream, bio oil, a boppy pillow, chux/bed protectors, and a couple of extra garments once I touch down in the states and have access to Walmart and other stores. But what garments do you guys love? I understand Dr.Fisher likes butt-in garments, what about the cut-outs I don't have tons of fat to give, so whatever fat he puts back there, I would really like to stay.
On a personal note. I breathe in my kids. I don't know how else to explain it. I take moments enjoying their smiles, their laughter, and feeling the warmth of their hands in mine. I watch them sleep beside me, and play together. I feel partially selfish in doing this, not because of the money but because of the risk I'm taking with myself. They are young and need their mommy. To them I am perfect, to my husband I am beautiful. I really am only doing this for myself. I've suffered years of being told about my lack of butt, I've been the butt of all noassatall jokes. I remember in college a bf's friend had mentioned how I would be a 10 if I only had an ass. ughhh. He was ugly, a 3 at best and a 6 if he won the lottery and got rich...plus my bf at the time was a loser. But still...there was truth there and a little pain. I was walking with my friends and someone yelled out the car asking where my ass was in Atlanta. He was ghetto so I brushed it off, but still. The same thing. A holyer-than-thou church going friend of my mother-in-law (who I thought was a really sweat woman before hand) after finding out I was pregnant with my first child, cared to mention to my mother in law in secret, how oddly shaped my body was. I don't know for what, maybe she thought I'd have a girl who would suffer my same lack of ass curse. Ouch!!! How dare her. Your in church 4 times a week but my lack of ass has bothered you so badly? You talk bad about me behind my back? WTH lady. As for how I feel, I actually kind of like my butt in certain panties, and in tight pocketless pants, but the minute you put any layers on it....It's a fix-it-flat situation. After hours of wearing jeans, and yoga pants, I'm pulling them up trying to conceal the plumber sag that begins to happen. It's yuck. I work hard with my fitness, and I help others with thiers. I just don't want my body to be an issue any longer. I'm a relatively pretty girl and I get attention in the most modest of clothing. I'm not looking for that. I'm not looking for love or haters. I have plenty of both. I just really want my lack of ass to stop being the conversation piece.
God is another battle. I'm not the most religious person, but I fear God. I am somewhat innocent in a lot of things because of this healthy fear. I believe he is always with me, and I believe when I do sin I get punished. Some might say..."God don't like ugly..." I hope I'm not losing you guys now. I don't know if doing this is a sin? I can't place whether this is wrong or right. God has blessed me with a healthy body, smoothe skin, an attractive face, a beautiful complexion, great yet annoyingly large boos, a pretty yet imperfect smile. Two adorable, active and healthy babies, and a marriage/friendship with a loving man....Shouldn't I be satisfied with the blessings God has already given me? Especially when it comes to my body. Now I want to put my life in some mortal man's hands so he can shape by body to my personal desires. I wonder if anyone else has this internal battle. I try to reason it out, saying I'm not changing what God has made, I have done this to myself with bad decisions, and now I'm fixing it...but truth is. I just don't know. I've never needed surgery, I don't need this. I just really want it. Plus it's paid for, and I don't have time for the hassle of changing my mind now. I just ask that God be with me in this. Only he can heal me, only he can wake me up, only he can ensure I make it to the other side healthy, and happy. I don't want to piss him off! ((((sorry for the ramble, but this is my REAL story)))
I got an e-mail from Vanity from the lady who will be helping me as an out of town guest. She seems really nice, and I think I will be in good hands. I'm just scared. You ladies have opened my eyes to the going-ons of Vanity and their staff. Please let me not get to strike 3. PLEASE. I really don't have time. I need things to go smoothly. I forgive them for the credit mishap. I don't need anything else to go wrong. ...While I'm rambling...SWOLLEN VEEJAY JAY???!!!! I DIDN'T KNOW I WOULD HAVE TO DEAL WITH A SWOLLEN VEEJAY JAY!!! I just read on some other ladies blogs that swells up too. Really. Maybe we are being punished by God. lol. We deal with pain, bruising, constipation, freezing, no sleep, insomnia, sweeling, seromas, people's comments....and swollen vagina too. I dunno sounds like holy punishment to me. hahaha. kissesss. You uys are crazy if you read this far. I would have stopped after the first paragraph.

Say whaaaa!

I'm 12 days away, and the last 2 days I've been battling a UTI. Hi antibiotics! Didn't plan to see you so soon. But LIFE. I guess I should be good to go for surgery. I'm wondering if my multivitamins had anything to do with it. I've recently doubled up on them, and probably shouldn't have. I was just trying to make sure I got enough in. Especially in the iron department. But I get it, I stopped.

Received more contact from Vanity. For that I'm grateful. I hope this is a good sign. Perhaps Vanity is taking on a positive change. Let's take a moment and give them credit. (((((((silent pause)))))))) Ok. Well still praying for smooth sailing.

I stopped the weight loss and started gaining a little. Like 4.5 lbs. I have a funny weight if I gain a few I think they will tell me to loose, and if I loose a few I think they will tell me I need more fat. So, I'm trying to chill right where I am. My face shows weight gain quickly. Ever seen old pregnancy photos of yourself? That's what it looks like, and a big booty with a fat face just ain't worth it to me. I kinda dig my face...

I ordered all kinds of crap from amazon. a bed to sleep downwards, arnica tabs, clothes, pads, compression socks, etc. I would be more specific, but I forgot. I'll give you details in a later post when I arrive in town.

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