12/05/2016 Fisher Bbl - Miami, FL

Hi real self, After years of stalking I finally...

Hi real self,

After years of stalking I finally made my mind up and I'm having a bbl w dr fisher. I'm feeling so much it's crazy. I've paid in full and have the date of 12/06/2016 schedule for a bbl. I am a mommy of one and can't help but to fear the worst but I'm praying for the best. I'm 5'5 CW 150, I was told to gain 10lbs -15lbs to get closer to my desired wish pic. Hard because I just lost 15lbs. I carry most of my weight in my arms and legs. Completely flat booty and I hate it. Well the journey begins. Would love to hear from and dolls going around my date.

Weight Gain

I've gained a few lbs I'm 156-157 my goal is 163-165, dr fisher said I had to gain ten but I'm aiming for a lil more just because I want a nice big ol bum lol. Super excited, nervous, anxious, and everything in between surgery so close. Here are some pics I can see the change. Never thought it be hard to gain lbs
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