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Tentative sx date set for August 26 with Dr....

Tentative sx date set for August 26 with Dr. Jonathan Fisher in Miami. ( Vanity Cosmetics) Flight booked and recovery place scheduled as well with Curvy Angels ...Vanessa the owner is bomb!
My coordinator is Amy. She has been very helpful. I was a little skeptical about going to Vanity because of all the bad reviews. But this was clarified by Amy that these people who are complaining about not getting their refunds are people who was supposed to lose weight to meet the BMI standard and obviously didnt meet it so surgery has to be postponed.

I did extensive research on Dr. Fisher. I love his work. There are millions of other Doctors I can choose from because price/money wasn't the issue with me. My procedure was paid off so they were able to get me in for surgery sooner rather than later. Ultimately, i choose Dr. Fisher because i like the curvy look and I believe he can create that look for me. Im being realistic and not picky.


My patient coordinator Amy from Vanity emailed me today and told me that they have another Surgeon..Dr Chavez who is new to Vanity and is better than Dr. Fisher...(who says that to a pt?!!) She basically want me to switch to this new doctor after I picked Fisher already as my surgeon. I paid in full already, booked my flight already and booked recovery place already. I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER DOCTOR!!!! Im so frustrated because now Im worried that they'll intentionally switch my Surgeon on me without my permission!!! Im trying to contact Amy but apparently she's busy with a patient...before I paid the full amount every time I called she's always free to talk to me! Now she's too busy because they got my full payment! Im tempted to contact my lawyer and have her call their office to get assurance. Update as soon as I hear back from them.

Changing Doctors

As of today 7/16/2016, I changed Doctor. Im going to go with Dr. Camille Chavez. She has more knowledge on Tummy tucks and breast augmentation.

Changed Doctors from Vanity to Imagenes in Miami FL!!

I had a bbl done in 2013 with Dr. Cortes and he did a great job but
when he did my BL he totallymessed that up! SO now Im going in for
another round with a different doctor. I initially choose Dr. Fisher but
Vanity office staff was so incompetent and rude and they dont have
their shit in order! So basically Im scared to have SX there if they cant even get scheduling right!!!

I switched to Imagenes Plastic Surgery Center with new Doctor....Dr.
Sergio Alvarez. He is suppose to be doing another BA with bigger
implant. Im currently a 480cc he's going up to 600cc!!! Whooo hoooo!!!
And in addition to that he's lipo 12 areas of my body. Stomach, flanks
whole back! Sx paid and flight booked. Im staying at Angel Recovery Care
with Vanessa...I adore her she's already awesome and I haven't met her

Surgery is complete!

I stayed at a recovery house in Miami call Angels Recovery Care. The place is horrible, rachett and verry unprofessional! No nursr available because when I got there the RN quit and 2 CNA quit as well. The owner decided to have her tummy tuck while I was there so she couldn't take care of us. It was not a house it was a apartment with 3 bedrooms and one of the bedrooms belong to the owner. The kitchen was not permitted so if they forget to serve us food or was delayed in making us food we stay hungry.

The owner has her good days and her bad days. Mostly bad. I woudnt advise this place if youre having major surgery in MIami. Horrible.

On another note, my surgery went well Dr. Alveraz lipo'd the shit out of my stomach and back. I went in with a waist line of 32 now Im at 26 and Im still swollen so just imagine once the swelling goes down it can potentially measure smaller. Yeppy!!!! I already had implants so he went from 480cc to 650cc! Dam right! HA! It looks great. The lipo hurt like hell however the BA didnt hurt at all. He made a different incision for the BA didnt go through the same incision...which was ok with me.

Dr. Alverez is vey intelligent and caring. He explained the difference between the implants and advised me to go with HP silicone if I want more volume. I originally have saline. Im very happy with my BA. BUt omg this stomach is snatch!! I will post pics when my healing is at 70-80% everything is still very swollen right now.

Surgery done!

Surgery is done waist is small and breast is looking good however I do have significant build up of fluid on my upper abdomen. I'm just having issue finding a massage person who specialize in lymphatic drainage. If anyone knows of someone in the easy bay area pls let me know. I'm in desperate need. I will post pics soon once swelling is down.

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