Finally Getting F!SHERF!ED :) - Miami, FL

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Good evening Ladies! As you know, I originally...

Good evening Ladies! As you know, I originally looked into having a BBL in DR, but after careful review and tons of research, I have decided to go with Dr.Fisher!! For those of you that dk anything about me, I am 25 years old, NO kids, I am 5'1 & 175lb. I have decided that it would be best to have my lipo & bbl here in the states (so I can transfer more fat instead of wasting it with a TT) & then go to DR for a TT after children (since no doc in the US does a TT like robles in DR)!! I WILL SAY THAT THIS HAS BEEN ONE LONG JOURNEY, BUT I AM FINALLY ABLE TO SAY THAT I WILL BE GETTING #FISHERFIED IN 162 DAYS!! I couldn't wait to say that *phewww* :) I will still continue posting info that I gain from my FB groups & post op/pre op dolls I have met along the way! This was just a simple intro, I will update piece by piece to explain why I chose Dr.Fisher & the pros and cons of traveling to DR over staying here in the US!


Let me start by saying that my communication with Vanity was annoying! I spoke with atleast 4 coordinators that made time to contact me, and all of which gave different prices for the same procedure. IDK if any of you ladies have experienced this, but I did complain that ALL COORDINATORS SHOULD BE ON THE SAME PAGE!! This sx is NOT a game, especially if we are coming from out of state... I was told that there was a special for $4500 with Dr.Fisher for Lipo of full abdomen, waist, flanks, LOWER BACK and BBL... Yes, LOWER BACK, NOT FULL... I verified this price with one corrdinator and she said full back was included. I was getting the run around, ready to book, but then received an email saying I was right, the 4500 does not include Lower back.. I was pissed because I was ready to secure my date, but I was asking myself if I was even ready to give these people my money because of their miscommunication. She then said she spoke with a manager and that they would be able to give me full back for $4800.... I was excited, not gonna lie, but that DIDNT happen. Vanity calls and tells me that this girl is new, and is not doing things how she is supposed to. I clearly said that none of that was my fault, and patients should NOT be getting the run around when planning a serious procedure that costs $$$!! Finally, I spoke to my original coordinator (Lia) she confirmed everything, and added a free faja into my quote. I was not happy because I already have 2 fajas a friend was letting me use, but then they made a fuss about how Dr.Fisher might not put me in the one I bring if he doesn't think its a good fit after the procedure. W.E, ill take my free faja at a $120 value.... My final price is $5000 and includes LIPO OF FULL ABDOMEN, WAIST, FLANKS, FULL BACK, BBL & FAT GRAFTING TO HIPPS!! I was a little iffy on spending $5000 on this sx when I had a quote with a Dr. in Dominican Rep. (Dra.Almonte) for $4500 all inclusive (sx,meds,rh,transportation.follow ups,labs)... But, I made my deposit of $4500 and I owe $500 2 weeks before sx, which will be paid off soon! I contact Lia whenever I have a question via email/text and she always responds! I told her how I saw plenty of reviews where Dr.Fisher cancels sx with patients after they already set dates and flew into Miami, and told her that I will not tolerate this happening. She said that Dr.Fisher has already put in his vacation dates and I am fine (hopefully)... She also told me that if I decide to cancel I will receive a FULL REFUND and if I decide to postpone my sx I can do that as well. That isgood news, because in DR, nothing is refundable... IF THERE IS ANYTHING ABOUT VANITY THAT I NEED TO KNOW, FEEL FREE TO LEAVE THE COMMENTS!! Oh, I also requested to be the first sx of the day and I hope/pray that happens!! Again, be careful with those coordinators. If you feel something is NOT right, do not hesitate to ask!!

My Decision...

Choosing Dr.Fisher was simple. HE IS THE ONLY DOCTOR IN THE US THAT GIVES ASS/CURVES (IMO)! LOL. He has great credentials, his work is close to work in DR, and I love the curves he gives. I also like the fact that I will be closer to home, my family, and fiance, and that I will be able to shower, as well as find a cheaper flight. I read that Dr.Fisher is very funny, nice, and knows his stuff, and I am content with that before metting him myself... I thought about Ortega, but I spoke to someone who had sx with him, and she said "FISHER,HANDS DOWN".. Honestly, some of Ortegas work looked good, but I was still drawn to Fish. I was so set on DR ladies let me tell you. I was researching all doctors in DR from Yily to Robles, from Robles to Almonte, from Almonte to Duran and even got a quote from KING CABRAL. All good doctors, but I was thinking about being in another country, hiding my belongings, especially my money, the language barrier, NOT BEING ABLE TO SHOWER, the equipment being older, etc. Don't get me wrong, I would've loved to go to DR, but I have decided that if I go to DR it will be for a TT and I do not want one right now. With that being said, I am not against DR bc the work out there is AMAZING, right now is just not my time for that. My friend went to Duran and she looks amazing. Only thing I was worried about was the Fl law that only allows 4 liters of fat to be removed during lipo VS in DR they remove double. That is another reason why its a bit of a risk bc you lose a lot of blood during lipo. Blood transfusions seem so popular in DR and that bothered me as well. Overall, I have faith in choosing Fisher as my PS and I pray that he works his majic ! If theres anything I need to know about Mr.Fisher, feel free to lmk :)

Weight loss!

I am 5'1 and 175lb. Lia said I shouldnt lose any weight if I want 1300-1400cc in each cheeck, but uh no... Im hitting the gym and dieting soon. I noticed that alot of fisher dolls I loved on RS were a tad bit smaller in the stomach area, so if I can lose 15/20lb before sx Ill be happy. Just to help with only 4 liters of fat being removed. Oh yea, please ladies, KEEP IN MIND THAT ALL FAT REMOVED DURING LIPO IS NOT, I REPEAT IS NOT PUT INTO YOUR BUTT/HIPPS. Some fat is no good to add back into your body, so don't base your results off of anyone elses! Especially those damn wish pics. Some women in our wish pix have had several rounds or ass shots. I suggest everyone planning this sx diets and gets in shape to be prepared for such a LIFESTYLE change. I do not plan on ruining my investment unless I become pregnant. Mind you I am not looking forward to having kids until I am about 28/29. Eating healthy and working out will be my mission from here on out :)

Home away from home ?!

Okay so, I have been looking for an apartment for my time in miami on I will be traveling with my friend who had her BBL in DR. She will be my driver, my chef, my nurse, and most importantly, my backbone during this process (thank the lord for her!). I also found a motel (sunny side motel) located about 7 minutes away from vanity. They have rooms with a kitchen, two beds, and bathroom, with washer & dryer on prem. It is very important to have a washer and dryer handy, as our fajas need cleaning. Any post op Fisher dolls have any advice on places close to vanity???? Any info is appreciated xo


Hey ladies - I suggest you create an airbnb account to help find apartments or houses near vanity during your stay. I found so many places that come fully equipt with kitchens, washer and dryers, etc. All hosts respond within 24 hours, and the prices are great. I have also been looking for a rental car and the cheapest prices I have found were from ALAMO and ! I still have to book my flight, book an apartment, a rental, and my massages with Marian. She has 5 post op massages for $250 and Vanity charges $350 for 4 ! Um yea, ill be going with Marian. If you need information on Marian for massages or even her recovery house package (yes she has one for 1000 a week) her website is ! Welp, my search continues for all listed above in this update. Hope you all are doing well :)

Booked our apartment in Doral Fl.

Good evening Ladies! Today I booked/paid for our apartment that we will be living in for the 8 days during our stay in Florida (AIRBNB)! My sis in law is also having surgery with me the same day with Dr.Fisher, and my friend is coming with us as our caregiver :) I am sooo excited!! The apartment is in Doral Fl, which is a close town to Miami because it's only 7 minutes away from vanity! Yes, 7 MINUTES AWAY FROM VANITY!! It is so convienent. The apartment is in a gated community, has one bedroom with two beds where me and my sis will be staying, a bed in the living room for my friend, along with a large sectional, tv, full kitchen, bathroom, balcony, and a WASHER & DRYER in unit! Just like a little recovery house! Having a washer and dryer during your recovery is great to avoid overpacking clothes and keeping that faja clean!! We are splitting the place 3 ways so its only $246pp!! Now all we need is our flight, rental, and massages! Groceries will be purchased once we leave our preop appointment at Vanity upon arrival!! Shit is getting so real.

Fronteir Airlines?

Has anyone ever flew w/ Frontier airlines? If so, spill the tea :) They have the lowest flight price if booking now... I dont want to wait to book a flight, but as long as I book one before Jan. im good!!

Ab board & Arnica

Good evening ladies! I just purchased an Ab Board off of amazon for $23.00 plus free shipping, as well as 2 arnica creams for $8.00 each, and a new ell phone case for my note 3. Its a wallet so it will be easier to handle my cash, cards and ID during my trip instead of lugging a purse around to my post op appointments/massages. Booking flight on Expedia tomorrow!! Everything is getting so exciting!!!


Ladies I told you about marian for post op massages! She is currently doing a Christmas promo: 5 massages for $200! Get on it.

x out the ab board

Quick update! I ordered the ab board off Amazon but canceled it bc my friend that had sx with fisher used it & when her care giver washed it, it fell apart. She had to buy one from vanit ($40) but she said it's worth it. So to be safe, I took her word for it & I'll be ordering another one. Any websites you ladies suggest for post op fajas/ab boards/lipo foam etc?


Good evening Ladies!! I just booked my flight, along with my sissy in laws && my friend that is coming along as our nurse :) We Booked the flight & rental together (Full size car from alamo) on Expedia!! Paying about $386 each. Not bad for the simple fact we paid 20 bucks extra to leave at 7am!! Im so excited right now, it just HIT me!! I am going to be getting F!SHERF!ED in 140 days !!! :)

special delivery

Hey ladies. Just received my cell phone case & arnica from amazon. 137 days to go!! Still super excited & I'm officially nervous. Butttt, I'm more nervous to flyyyyy lol! Hope all of you are doing well xo

Massages booked!!

Hey ladies. Not much has changed since my last post, but I did book my massages with Marian. Her Christmas promo is still going on until Christmas! $200 for 5 po massages. I'm slowly making supply purchases & my diet will start right into the new year ! Hope all of you are doing well! 116 daysssss!

Wish pix

Hey ladies, I'm just now realizing that I haven't put my wish pix up on this review! I don't want a stripper booty, but I do want some nice cake!


The pic didn't post last review.

92 Days !

Feels sooo good to be in DOUBLE DIGITS! happy new year ladies.

89 Days! kinda sad.

89 days to go! Kind of sad that I git my period yesterday which means I might have my period during my sx week (9-16). Ugh w.e. ladies just pray that my cycle changes, as I will do the same!! On a positive note, I've been taking GERITOL VITAMIN & THE LIQUID, PUR ABSORB, VITAMIN C, & I NEED TO GET FOLIC ACID. Should I add in some b12? I'll be calling my pcp to set up labs for mid Feb to see where I stand & I am going to meet with her to discuss the sx. Hopefully she'll be supportive during this journey. If not, I have a possibly NEW pcp I will switch to, who I hear is the nicest doc around my way & gives no issues with prescriptions. I'm eating right & working out ladies. It'll be my time b4 we all know it! Added in nasty beets to my diet. I blend them with pineapple. But my friend told me to juice instead Bc when you blend you keep in fiber which makes you shit & we don't want to shit out the nutrients we need lol excuse my french... that's it for now. Supply shopping soon & once I have everything I'll post a pic of my ENTIRE suitcase. Only plan on bringing one lg. Suitcase & my laptop/boppy pillow as my carryon. Lata loves xo

Airbnb Issue -_-

Good evening ladies! I'll make this short & simple! Be careful when booking through airbnb. My apt I bragged about was a scam! It got cancelled & I am thankful that I got a full refund! New apt booked & is now 15 min away from vanity. Look for places with at least 10 positive reviews! & make sure the hosts are responsive! 76 days to go :) staying positive!


Ladies... I hear everyone saying not to bring too much shit, but what is REALLY needed?? Let me know which supplies are definitely needed!! I plan on bringing one suitcase and my laptop/boppypillow as my carry on :)

65 D A Y S ! ! !

Good evening ladies. We have 65 days to go and I have been doing some shopping. I just purchased ARNICA CREAM, MEDERMA, COMPRESSION SOCKS, MORE PUR ABSORB, BOPPY PILLOW... I have my ROBE,SLIPPERS, and still need more. Little by little I am completing my packing :) 65 days to goooo. Oh, I had an appointment today to meet with my pcp but it was cancelled due to the snow! Will reschedule, but I PURCHASED A HEMO TESTING KIT :) Just to keep up with my hemo from home. $70 on amazon.

48 DAYS!

Hey ladies. Hope all is well!! We have 48 days to go & I am too excited! I have a pcp appointment this coming Tuesday & plan on having labs done middle of march! I recently had a wisdom tooth out & the pain is still driving me nuts. It was so impacted & I still can't eat. Mind you, the sx was last fri.... ugh. I was 175 day if & now I'm 168 lol not complaining. Eating right & juicing. I ordered a juicer off of Groupon for 30$ & it's amazing! Lia has been great still & continues to answer all of my questions. I ordered 5 sheets of lipo foam on amazon last night & still need a few things here & there. I'll post more pics once I have everything packed & ready to go. I also quit smoking & have been 2 weeks nicotine free! Any questions, just ask. I prob won't update until my pcp visit or labs, but as soon as I have all of my supplies, I will post pics of everything purchased :)

Vanity tried it today...smh!

I AM BEYOND PISSED AT VANITY FOR THE BS THEY PULLED TODAY! They had the nerve to call my sis in law & tell her she lost her sx date Bc she didn't pay in full. . . Hold up... WHAT!? Mind you, when I set my date monthsss ago, my sis set hers the next day & was only told to pay 1500 to "secure" her date in which she did, and She was told the rest had to be paid 2 weeks b4 sx. Then they want to switch shit up because of what? Bc they're money hungry & tried giving her date to some1 who was ready to pay in full. Yea okay try again. We both let that manager have it! Sorry, but no1 will ever get over on me, my time or my money.. Long story short, she paid her sx in full today & still has her date! The devil is a lie, but he'll show his ass IF YOU DONT STAY ON TOP OF THOSE COORDINATORS!! ladies please have everything in writing! I also spoke to fishers assistant & she said fisher will be out april 16-30. My sx is april 10th (god willing) & I pray all goes SMOOTH from here! Gn dolls. 47 days xo

42 days!

Gm ladies! Just a quick update. I had my pcp visit with a new doctor & she made me feel so comfortable! She support ls my bbl & said as long as I'm doing it for me, then she can't wait to see my results in april! She gave me lab slips for labs fisher requests & some she added for her own records! I'm probably not going for my labs until march 13th Bc they are good for 30 days so I want them faxed to fisher. The more blood they draw, the lower our levels will be! I also lost 10lb & I am currently 5'2, 165 lb . I swear I kept saying I'm 5ft, but I am short lol. I'm still loading up my suitcase, my pez arrived & I ordered 5 sheets of lipo foam! Still need my ab board & a few little things. But since we'll be in miami, we might just go to Walmart there for the chux/pads. I've been drinking beets/pineapple & fruits&greens! Also, I take our absorb with OJ & one vitamin c in a.m on an empty stomach & then after dinner I take geritol vitamin, b12 daily & folic acid 3x a week. 42 days to go!

Confirmed... 33 DAYS!!

Hey ladies! I guess vanity is making their patients profiles for their sx dates! Here's mine.. not much to update. Just waiting lol labs on the 12th or 13th so that way they are good for the 30 day mark to send to vanity! I prob won't post until the week I leave! Def need to focus on getting prepared mentally... My diet is going well, I am still 165 & as long as I don't gain, I'm good! Happy healing to all of the new post op dolls & good luck to those of you who are having sx soon xo

Completed labs today (fingers crossed)

Hey ladies! I completed labs today... I wasn't going to until Monday, but I Felt cramps coming & I want them done before aunt Flo arrived! Hoping for good results! Ahh, so nervous.. 27 days to go!! Hope all of you are well & i wish all of you post op dolls a speedy recovery xo

Drum Roll Please....

My hemo is 13.3!! Thanks for all of your well wishes ladies! I received my email from vanity in my portal stating that I am CLEARED for sx!! 20 days to go & my bday is Sunday! Couldn't have asked for a better gift to myself . Once my suitcase is packed I will post my supplies. I'll lv a pre op pic here in which I have on my stage 2 faja. It is a Fajate D Prada, given to me by a friend. So excited! ! !

Packing up... 8 days !

Well ladies, as promised I have posted a pic of my supplies. All I need to add to my suitcase is my daily ish I use in a regular (makeup, flat iron, etc). I am so close & I am getting nervous Bc my allergies are driving me nuts . I just took mucinex for my nasal drip. Is this okay? Waiting on fisher's assistant to call me back. I have confirmed my date again, confirmed my flight & rental & made sure wheelchair service was confirmed for our return. I am very excited & have been praying for a successful journey / sx! I also hear fisher was goung to be on vaca from April - may 12. Please confirm with your coordinators if you have those dates! You won't hear from me until i board my flight... unless something comes up! Take care xo

Vanity stepping their game up!

My vanity portal is sooo cute lol they even have a countdown till your sx. I also received all of my pre op instructions xo

This can't be happening. . .6 days

I'm so scared & upset... if it's not one thing it's another! I have 6 days to go & my throat is itchy & I have a light cough. I'm telling myself it's the weather change, but when I get sick... I get sick! It doesn't help that I can't take any medication & I dk what to do... has anyone had these issues before? ? Is there anything I can safely take without affecting my surgery? Helpppp :( if it continues I'm calling my pcp first thing mon am!

SX today!

Hey ladies! We made it to miami yesterday! Went to vanity, completed our paper work, preg test (only lab I needed to complete) & purchased my ab board for $40, as well as trying on my post op faja (free). I did not meet with Fisher bc he was super busy with sx. I waited but gave up after 3 hr of sitting there. My sis ended up having her consultation & her sx yesterday! Guess he had an open spot & she agreed! She looks amazing. I am going in for my sx at 230 today & I am very nervous, anxious, excited, etc! Wish me luck & I will keep everyone posted once I'm able! Xo p.s our apartment is perfect & is 15 min away from vanity. I'll share the info after my stay!


Good evening ladies! I am 2 days PO & Let me start off by saying that I am in so much pain ... this shit is no joke ! Idk how rd2's exist!!! Fisher is the man. He is honest & tells you allllll you need to hear, as well as what you don't want to hear. He is kind, funny & patient as hell... He answered alllll of my questions & made me feel at eaze bc once i put on the gown & waited for him, I got so emotional. I was thinking of not waking up, my family & friends, ugh. When he came in, he lit up the room. His energy makes you feel alive! His nurse took b4 pics, he marked me up & then took more pics. He told me he was gonna give me a shape
I never knew I could have Bc under that fat I had great foundation. He also said bc im young with no kids, my skin might def tighten after the aggressive lipo, but he wasn't 100%. He sat with me looking at my b4 pics explaining what he was going to do & then asked what I wanted. I showed him 2 wish pics & he told me what he can & can't do. He told me str8 up that he was going to be soooo Agressive & attack my back! & Girls... he def did! I am so glad I chose him as my surgeon! My shape is amazing! My ass has soooooooo much projection & is huge... I'm hoping it goes down a
Bit . I am so happy with my results & can't wait for all of the swelling to go down. Fisher said vanity is retarded (dead ass) lol. He
Said he works 9mo out of the year & they know when he requests vaca. He said he enjoys workin there, only Bc he makes his own rules... I showed him that I
Made a fb group for him & he fell in love. He said he has To add me from his personal page to be part of It but idk how serious he was lol.... Oh, I told him About his 4200$ special on RS & he said, "what Are they getting lipod for that price?". . So idk If it's legit Bc he said he has nothing to do with his rs page. I love him . . . He is the bomb 4real!! I am sore. I am in pain...... I feel like I have been
thrown outta Rollercoaster & landed on my ass..Thanks for your prayers.. I was so happy to wake Up & see that I was in recovery! Ladies, pleasee
Mentally prepare yourself for this. It's not easy! I dint think I'd ever do it again. I also has my first massage with marian... hurt like hell but is needed! She has a 200$ special for 5 massages right now! I'll update more later, but I def need rest.. I'm taking my meds but one perc does nothing. I've been taking 2 which equals 10mg. Thanks again for your support! I am so glad I chose to stay in miami & I am so glad it's over!

Day 1 & Day 2 PO pics

Pics didn't load before.

Day 4 PO

I hate the massages... they are painful & I have been draining like crazy. I finally had a BM, been walking & eating. I have been so emotional, but it's almost time to go home. Think I'm home sick.. I get my stitches & drain out thurs. Can't wait. I also started itching & it feels like theres a layer of glass over my skin when i go to itch bc i cant feel shit! Im still taking 2 percs every 6hr. Here's a few pics.

13 Days PO

Hey ladies, I am 13 days PO. Still very stiff in my lower back, waist & stomach area. Fisher was so aggressive! I'm beyond happy with my results & I get smaller each day. I still have swelling, vanity checked on me 2x since sx & my pcp prescribed cyclobenzaprine (flexeril) muscle relaxer & it helped. Vanity said not to take it but it doesn't contain aspirin & I was too stiff. My pcp knew I was having the bbl so I'm sure she wouldn't prescribe it if it wasn't safe. I haven't sat on my ass unless I need to & it's only to drive or if needed at work. Other than that I'm on my stomach or standing. I want to get into my stage 2 but it was so tight I couldn't get it on & it kind of hurt. I feel it really squeezes in my hipps & but so I'll prob wait a few more days. Hope all of you are well! Xo I'll answer any questions as soon as I can xo

Loving my results

Good afternoon ladies. I am 24 days PO & I get smaller by the day. I am still very stiff & I am already in the 3rd row of my stage 2 faja. I am going today to buy another Bc it's folding over & has too many creases. I went pretty much the whole day yesterday without the faja & I am stiff & lumpy today. I haven't started massages since I've been home but I plan on it this week. Any questions, feel free to ask. I'll post a pic from over the weekend :)

2 months PO :)

Hey ladies, hope all of you are well! Its been a while! Took some time to myself after sx & I'm here to give a little update! I am 2 mo po as of yesterday, my current weight is 149lb, I am still stiff, no pain just stiff. My back is still swelling at times & numb in some areas (normal), I am currently in a new XS, yes XS Maria E faja (love that brand), I am thinking of a rd 2 but maybe lipo only & I am loving my body every single day. I can start working out so ill be focusing on cardio, ab & arm workouts. I'll post some pics & feel free to ask any questions! Happy healing to all of the new dolls xo

team NO waist!

Forgot to upload this one last night. Fisher gave me a shape I never knew I could have. God bless his ass ;)

9 months PO

Hey ladies!! It's been a while!!! Hope all of you are well!! I am almost 1 year PO & I'll have to say, having my sx was the best thing I've done for myself! I do want more Lipo bc I am not fully satisfied with my upper back area & I paid an extra 500$ for it, but after contacting Fisher, he said that he reached the 4 liter limit . So please lose weight if needed before your sx bc they have a 4 liter limit (which I knew about)!! I'm feeling good, believe it or not, I still have a slight numb feeling on my right side & im debating on going back to fisher or to DR. I'll post some recent photos :)


Ladies I'll be selling some items on my poshmark soon. Ab board, brand new compression socks, etc. Copy & paste this link to check out my closet :)

Post Op Care ?

I am an official business owner of Doll House Consultants! I have opened this business to assist ladies in need of a caregiver or any post op care !! Follow @dollhouseconsultants on IG & I hope to hear from some of you soon !! Since summer is here, here is a recent pic in a bikini & from a night out ????

Meeting Dr.Fisher made me feel at eaze right away. He was honest, funny, direct, intelligent, patient & very humble. He answered all of my questions without rushing & even though I only saw his nurse during my PO appointment, he took the time out from a sx to be sure he examined me before I left miami to head home for my stitches/drain removal. He is a great surgeon & will try his absolute best to meet your expectations!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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