20 Yr Old Dancer Ready for a Fat Ass and Bomb Shape - Miami, FL

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Hey RealSelf sisters!!! I just want to start by...

Hey RealSelf sisters!!! I just want to start by saying that we I really really am interested in each and everyone of you guys' stories. No matter where we all come from, we are all similar because we all want the same thing to some degree and most importantly we are all #TeamPlastic lol. Even if your one of those who will deny this surgery till the day you die lol we are all willing to go underneath the knife for something we just fucking want, despite the sometimes not so nice words of #TeamNatural. I'm only 20 and for a while I'm been stuck between "am I just young and dumb making a mistake, possibly falling into the trap of what's on social media, or am I just doing this because I dance and enjoy dancing" and "I'm young but I know what I want and I'm not afraid to get it... And most of all I believe in myself!" As much as I am not the type to listen to others about something that I truly want, this is something life changing! Something I cannot take back unlike anything else I've ever gone after. To be honest, I'm an exotic dancer/pole instructor/student. I started dancing about a year back and honestly fell in love with what I do, not because of the industry or what I was doing at work per say but just because I loveeeeee to dance! And even though I am not a professional I feel as though I can still showcase what I got lol. Not to mention I'm a person of high sex appeal and I am currently studying sexology in school. Sex just feels like my line of work lol... But I must admit sometimes I worry that I've lost my way... Or maybe I just created my own way who knows lol. I have a pretty good shape to start out with and by no means do I feel as though I need this surgery but I fucking want it lol (I cuss a lot btw). Right now I rate myself a 9.5! (I hope every single woman on this site would rate themselves the same or higher) but I feel like this Sx with transform me into the full 10 I know I could be. It took me a longggggg time to really feel confident and I just want my shit through the roof at this point lol. Being confident feels SOOOOOO much better than feeling unsure of myself as I once felt.. I'm slightly in a financial bind because I have take out a great deal of school loans plus I just moved into my first apartment a few months back but I am pushing for this surgery in December with good ol Dr. Fisher (or should I say, good young fresh and fine as fuck Dr Fisher. lol)... I applied for their financing because I wanted to have a great deal saved up since I can't work after surgery plus you know recovery house, garments, arnica gel and etc... But I'm worried about the interest! Can anyone tell me about Blueberry financing?? Anyway... This surgery is about three weeks away. Maybe less less but it's 4 am and I'm afraid to exit this app to check because I don't wanna lose what I've written so far. Anyway I think it's probably gunna go down on December 11th with vanity! And I cannot wait ! Although, I am super nervous about being in debt, but I have financed many things before and was financially stable enough to pay it all back.... Also because I'm choosing the financing option, I will have to pay full price . Ugh ! 6,400, with 5,999 covered by blueberry plus 2,700 saved to pay rent for three months and financing monthly payment. We will see how this goes... Just means I'll have to shake the shit out this not so great ass in order to upgrade to my full voluptuous ass lmao. I'll only post about 4 or my most favorite wish pics and two pics of my body now. I know usually when reading reviews I look at the pics first and I hate having to scroll past a shit ton of pics lol. Let me know if you think my goal are achievable. Btw shape and a natural look are what's most important for me !! My hips are real weak looking lol

Need a recovery spot

so I'm headed to New York for the thanksgiving holiday and I'm so excited! But my Sx is sooooooo close I need to get everything together ! I'm hoping I can make lots of money in New York this weekend! Besides that, I need a recovery house in Miami! I tried calling Keyla and she said she's completely booked ! Helppppp!!!

Freaking out !!

so guys I'm officially freaking out! Being that I'm in Miami, I went in yesterday to do my blood work and sign my life away lol. Really made me excited but also let me know there def no turning back now. I feel super unprepared and freaking the eff out ! I just hope I get the results I desire and I have a speedy recovery. Here some more before pics .... And I actually like pretty darn good !

2 days away omg

my blood work has been cleared and I'm only two days away from my total transformation... Freaking out but so excited at the same damn time! It's really happening yall!

Claudia and garments

has anyone stayed with Claudia? (Miami Vets).. What do you guys think ? She offers massages that are $45 for an hour ($225 for 5) ($450 for 10) are they any good? Or should I just stick to vanity's overpriced ass.. And has anyone ordered their garments off of amazon or got it from a store out here in miami?


guys omfg I just arrived at vanity and it's time. I had major financial issues and I took my ass to work last night and made it work. I'm soooooo nervous now but excited! This is crazyyyyyyyy guys. Anyways see you on the flatside!


can yall believe I'm still here waiting! I was scheduled for 730 pm and they called me and told me to come early because they're moving fast, yet it's 8:07 and I'm still here smh annoying as hell ! Any way I'm excited guyssss cannot wait to see the final product

Hey guys!!

so I don't feel bad at all pain is a 6 out of ten if that. I didn't start my surgery until nine. I told fisher he better wake his ass up! Lmao he said he was good. Anyway I'm staying with Claudia and she's amazing!!!!! Took very good care of me and made sure I woke up just in time! For my appointment but yet again unfortunately vanity is packed and I've been crouching for over 45 min and still waiting.... Claudia has been here every step of the way I love her ! I haven't even had the chance to meet her before surgery but as soon as I woke up she was by my side saying "hiiii mama I'm Claudia" lol she doesn't speak much English but she understands it very well.
Immediately out of surgery I was sooooooo fucking cold and I remember cursing everyone the fuck out lmao. Where's my got damn sheets ! Felt like it took them forever but I finally got the sheets and a personal but that still didn't do shit. I fell back asleep and the shivering subsided. That shivering brought more pain than anything else.
The walk to the car wasn't pleasant either... I didn't feel bad but just a lil dizzy but extremely hot. I hope continue to feel better instead of worst lol .
Claudia made an incredible breakfast omg lol maybe I was just starving but damn it tasted great. (Egg sandwich) so did her soup. Go to. Her ladies she honestly so sweet and helpful.
Ass looks great fisher is amazing yall and I didn't have a lot of fat and I'm so snatched! Here's a pic trying to ask Claudia for more. (305) 496-5110 claudia's number she's really amazing!

Pics by Claudia lol

Small lump at the bottom that I'm sure will go away

Nude pics

such a difference

More pics

i love it!!!! Scared to loose volume

Claudia has been my personal photographer for s small fee of 7,000

lol jk

Day 3 post op..

feeling super good.. Doing everything by myself already. Love my results! Got a massage and feeling even better. So far I couldnt be happier!

Hey guys

i suppose this is a down in my roller coaster ride. I feel really down... I left my recovery home with Claudia yesterday and I felt fine until I had to fend for myself all today. I had an emotional break down I missed Claudia and my recovery sisters ! Also got a call from vanity today to check on me. They also explained to me that this oxy they prescribed me will make me extremely emotional haha that explains a lot, not typically the crying type. Currently washing my garment and experiencing this hot lava some of you girls talk about. Shit really feels hot lol anyway not really feeling my ass right now can't wait till it drops ! Anyway girls I'll holla

Day 5

almost a week at last, time seems so slow when you ain't doing shit lol. Feeling a lot better today, staying off the painkillers. Still dying for my ass to drop because currently hating this high ass butt I got going on now lol but I know when it does drop it will be gorgeous ! Decided to try on some clothes of mine and dam I look good here's a pic. No pain today just discomfort and kinda getting Used to it. Gets easier day by day but desperately trying to get another massage! I only have had one so far and it honestly wasn't good at all lol was done by my roommate. Also need to start wearing my ab board more even tho I'm not seeing any lumps but one on my stomach but that thing is so darn uncomfortable ugh. Anywho, does anyone know how to change my "not sure" to "worth it!" ?

No face no trace


Oh nooo!

hey guys I'm loving my results after surgery. Dr fisher is the man I must admit, But I'm nervous I may have developed a seroma! I'm officially 11 days post op. Guys help! Not sure if it's a seroma or swelling but either way I'm making my way to vanity in the morning! My stomach has to be on point and seroma a does not fit in that equation lol. Heres a pic, what do you guys think? Hard to see in the pic but I promise it's there

Small pic update

Damn booty greed

so guys I'm experiencing some booty greed here. I am a marijuana smoker and I've stopped for this surgery, but I can't lie since post op I may have taken a few hits from my roommates blunt lol. Nervous I'm losing too much fat back there, I'm starting to feel like smoking might be the cause, although I doubt it lol. I know they say no smoking for a month after but I've spoken to a couple of people who did this procedure and honestly said smoking didn't affect their results. I think this may just be a classic case of booty greed. I was feeling my ass with all the swelling but now since its subsiding I'm a little nervous I can't lie lol. I'm nervous for my hips as well. My hip has been my favorite part of my new shape and I notice the side with the less swelling is losing some hip too. That dent that I had and hated before seems to be slightly prevalent. Overall I am still loving my results and I know my body is about to be banging !

Guys I'm second guessing this surgery

so guys I feel as tho I had a good body before one that I didn't mind just really wanted to enhanced but no I'm worried I've made a mistake. This process is really annoying and honestly I was not in the financial position to have this surgery but I believed in the difference it would make in not only my confidence but my line of work as well. I don't want to sound ungrateful, but as swelling is subsiding, I feel as though my results are becoming less evident. My biggest issue was my hips... And out of surgery I lovedddddddd my hips they were perfect and could get any better. He filled the dents I've had right on up.now one of my hips appears to be damn near back to normal as one hip slowly reverts back as well. Ugh the agony to go through this and just feel like maybe this was a waste. With my back being so much slimmer, even with it being sore and swollen some, my back just looks much longer and my butt still looks pretty fake even though I do see it is becoming more round. My overall shape doesn't really seem enhanced but changed some for a short period of time. I'm nervous I made a mistake....

Some pic of my uneven and regular hip

19 days

today was a crazy day but at least I captured a good pic to share with you guys. My dents in my hips have come back (well one hip but the other is gradually too) but I hear that's the hardest to stay. Still loving my results tho just sad to see my perfectly round hips go.

3 weeks and two days

feels like time is flying. My other hip is slowly becoming more dented. I was told I can sit but I'm sooooo scared lol giving it until week 4. For my vets, when did you guy sit comfortably ? I've been having sex slowly getting rougher and rougher lol. Heres a pic in some lingerie I wore last night.


Hey Guys I hope everyone is enjoying the start of he new year. I have a question for my vets, what's a good brand in waist trainers I can get on Amazon prime ? I have zero compression in my garment now and that can't be good. Any suggestions? Here's a pic

Booty pics 1 month post op

Hey guys

can someone let me know if everything on my page is doubled? Lol RealSelf issues. So my on again off again boyfriend Has been obsessed with sleeping with me lol. He can't get enough but he has began to become more and more annoying. He's been watching me like a hawk.... Super insecure (as he has always been but worst) I love him and what not but he is about to get cut cause I'm young and I'm hot now lmao. His insecure level has him reading my reciepts like wtf. He's bugging and he's not paying no bills.
I haven't been receive that much attention but I haven't really been going out. This has been a toughhhhhhh month not being able to work and having majorrrrer car issues. Hopefully all this financial stress will be put to rest and I can finally enjoy my new body. Anyway Heres a pic he posted on his snap chat of my ass lol

Got my waist trainer

ordered an Ann Chery waist trainer from Amazon finally. Hopefully this does the trick lol

6 weeks and 5 days

hey guys so my hips have evened out and my stomach is on its way there. I finally understand what people mean when they say they feel 80% back to normal lol. Sitting still is a little weird but I've been sitting ALOT since week 4. Starting to feel normal to sit again tho. My sides back and stomach still itch and still swells. Still have a few slight lumps on my stomach. One this I was super curious about is the softness of my ass after this lol ! And no one seems to talk about it in dept enough... Your ass will get soft! Haha I'm not fully there but I'm almost there and I love the way it feels. He's a video so you guys can have a visual

6 weeks 6 days

So I uploaded this last night but I guess it didn't post. So far so good, my hips evened out and my waist is getting smaller and smaller I love it! Unfortunately it's still stiff and swells. This is really a journey you guys. I finally understand what some of you real sisters mean when you say you feel about 80% back to normal. My biggest concern with getting this was the softness of my new ass lol I wanted it to be really realistic and I'll have to say it's getting really soft lol I feel like I couldn't find a good video that shows how soft it is over time. Right now I still have a few stiff spots but the majority that's soft is really soft and jiggly feels natural! Here's a little tweaking video for you ladies lol


guys I've been trying to upload a video for two days now but real self won't process them. Any tips?

7 weeks and 2 days

Just twerkin my new booty
So I uploaded this like a million times but I guess it doesn't want to post. So far so good, my hips evened out and my waist is getting smaller and smaller I love it! Unfortunately it's still stiff and swells. This is really a journey you guys. I finally understand what some of you real sisters mean when you say you feel about 80% back to normal. My biggest concern with getting this was the softness of my new ass lol I wanted it to be really realistic and I'll have to say it's getting really soft lol I feel like I couldn't find a good video that shows how soft it is over time. Right now I still have a few stiff spots but the majority that's soft is really soft and jiggly feels natural! Here's a little tweaking video for you ladies lol SHOW LESS

3 months and some change

been Mia for a little bit while I heal and get my shit back together. It's a little over three months and I love my results but sittin is still uncomfortable and weird and the top of my ass is still stiff. Not sure if fluffing is real just yet but I guess we will have to wait even longer to see lol. I just elevated from constantly wearing sweat to that transition of being a bad b**ch lol and the attention is really real but not as bad as I thought it would be luckily. Most people just stare and it's so natural that the people who do say something they just ask what my work out routine is. I'll try my best to keep you guys updated. Btw any remedies for these scars vets? I've reached a point of possible bleaching what do you think.

5 months and some change

Future -salute
Quick update body is healing well, I feel back to normal but still not fully dropped or soft but slowly getting there. Been a while Since I've updated you guys so I thought I'd bless Yall with some twerkery. Your welcome :)
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