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So here I am I finally started writing. I've been...

So here I am I finally started writing. I've been on this site for two years. I'm finally doing the damn thing. I'm excited. However, I'm feeling very rushed. My in laws are coming into town the 10 days after my surgery. They have no idea that I'm having a surgery. I leave to the Dominican on a girls trips 8 weeks after. So I'm feeling a tad bit overwhelmed. Well, here goes nothing.

Vanitys payment process is a nightmare

Is anyone having issues with paying vanity cosmetics? Trying to send money has been ridiculous. They tell me one thing one day and something else the next. What kind of business is being run over there? Who runs a business like this?

Wish pics

This is what I wish for.

My sad before pictures


I'm not happy with my coordinator

Ok ladies. My deposit finally went through. But I don't mix with my coordinator. I asked her to for the first available surgery date and she gave me August 16th? I paid on March 9th. One of the girls recently paid her deposit this past weekend and got her surgery dates for April? What the heck? I think I'm going to have to change coordinators. Is anyone else having issues with their coordinators?

Looking for an earlier surgery date w/ fisher

So my surgery date is August 16th 2016 I'm looking to schedule a way earlier date. Anyone want to switch with me?

Web portal

It's just got real.

Getting blood work

So I I'm getting my blood work done. I just got a call from my coordinator and she wants me to get my blood work done asap. Hopefully, they give me an earlier date. Fingers crossed!

New date! I'm so excited. April 5, 2016

I got a call from vanity today. I'm so excited they bumped up my date. I can hardly take it. April 5th is my new date. Scary. But exciting. I hope I'm ready. ????

Lab test cost.

Hello ladies,

So I know I said I was getting blood work done the other day... But I don't have insurance and quest diagnostics quoted me $398. I was like whhahatttt!??!! I almost paid it just to get over with. But I'm so glad I was patient and waited. I walked into lab Corp today and paid $167. What a big price difference. Thank you so much lawd... Gosh I figured every place was gonna charged me the same. So for those of you that don't have insurance look around for your best options.


Booty envy is real.

Labs cleared


I just got a call from Ana. Labs look perfect she said. Yasss! I'm so excited. All I have to do now is pay the balance which is $1,100. Book flights. Book stay.

Prepping for surgery

I found this list very helpful. Even more helpful than the one given by vanity.

Surgery can't come soon enough

My sad pics. Does anyone know how long after surgery I can go into water pool/beach?

Sad face :(

More pics

I want this!!!!

Ugh. I need a miracle

Date change again!

So, I changed my date. I was supposed to have surgery on April 5th but I changed it to April 25th. I needed the extra time to get things together. Plus I don't know how I would hide it with my in laws in town. I just didn't want the hassle. So looks like I have 3 more weeks to breath a little. I'm just worried because I leave on vacation 4 weeks after for Memorial Day weekend. I'm not sure I'm giving myself enough time to heal. Yesterday I ordered all kinds of vitamins to help the healing process and inflammation. I need allthe help I can get. I will post a pics of my vitamins soon!

Recovery home or?

So, I'm bringing my husband with me. He's so supportive. But I'm comtipating staying at a new life recovery house a few days after my surgery. I know I have my husband with me. He can stay for free if I get the private room. I'm just thinking maybe there's things they will watch out for if something arises or my blood levels drop. Or even helping me to bathe. I'm need some of your input. Is it necessary to stay in a recovery home at least the first few days? Thoughts?

Bbl cushions

So, I shelled out the money for this. I figured I need to be comfortable on the plane ride home. So I bought this. Looks like it would work perfect in the car and on the plane. I'll update how it works. $97 $104 with tax and free shipping.


Here's a picture of the vitamins I promised. I hope to have a speedy recovery. Here's to nothin'.

New life recovery

So I booked a new life recovery for 4 nights 5 days. I was able to negotiate with the owner William. He seemed super cool. I got a private room with three meals and three snacks for my husband and I. My husbands going to rent a car and I'm bringing my own supplies. So I was able to negotiate $850 with 6 massages. This is a very good price for a private room and I'm able to bring my husband for moral support. I live in California so I don't want to be alone. But my husband has a weak stomach and I'm not sure he'll know exactly what to do in case something happens. I'm staying a total of 9 days I figured the other 3 nights we would move into a nice hotel so my husbands not overwhelmed with having to be in someone else's home. The facility looks great from the website. I'm pretty excited and starting to get nervous. 7 days to go.

Medication cost

Hello ladies I have a questions. To you vets that have been through this before. I don't have insurance. Does anyone know how much the mess cost for after surgery? Please advise.

Red eye flight

So I leave tonight on my flight to Miami. I arrive in Miami at 8am. Since I can't check into my hotel until 3pm. I'm going to go get a rental car. Go to Vanity for my pre op. Go and do some after shopping to prepare. Then I'm gonna go to the recovery house and introduce myself. Because I basically go straight from surgery to the recovery house. In that time my husband will transfer out stuff. Then I check into my hotel and the next day is surgery.

My current weight gain is 168. I feel so fat. But I'm hoping I have enough fat to create the butt I want.

1 day preop

So I made it I had surgery with fisher exactly 24 hrs ago. The first 8 hrs are rough. Very rough. After that I just feel very sore. Im not in pain. I guess I have a very high pain tolerance. Right now I'm able to walk very slow. My eyes and face are super puffy. I went in for my post op today and she said everything looked good. I'll try and take a better picture later. I will also update on fisher and my recovery home soon. I'm drowsy and gonn take a nap.

Update: 6 1/2 weeks later

So worth it! Just take a look at the pics.

Update 2

If you're thinking about doing it. I'm not gonna lie. Month 1 is hell. However, I had nothing. I was a wall. Look at me now. So worth it.

Before and afters

I can't believe what a great job he did.

12 weeks Po

Loving my new figure

8 months review

Cake, cake, cake...
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