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Hey Guys... 30 Year old miami guy going under the...

Hey Guys... 30 Year old miami guy going under the knife in exactly two weeks. So I kind of just wanted to share my experience with you all. I lost a good amount of weight over the years, and even with regular excersise have not been able to get rig of the excess fat and tone up the loose skin in the abdomen area. After much consideration, I decided last year I was going to consult with a Plastic Surgeon. I saw two different doctors, and decided that Jonathan Fisher here in Miami was my guy. He advised me that to get the best results he would perform the extended tummy tuck and liposuction of the flanks. I did what I had to do and set my surgery date for Juky 7, 2016. After many moths of waiting, hard work, and sacrifice, I am exactky two weeks away from surgery. I had all my blood work done and everything came back good, so I was cleared by my PS for the procedure. I will be seeing my PCP this weekend to get the medical clearence from him. So hopefully everything will continue to go well. I am excited and nervous at the same time. But really just want to have this done already. If anyone has helpful tips, please drop them in the comment section. Thanks!

All pre-ops complete

Saw my primary Doctor over the weekend. He said everything looks great and I am good to go for surgery. After so many months of waiting I am going under the knife next Thursday. Can't wait :)

2 days away

So the big day is 2 days away!! I am very excited. Will be posting my before pics soon :)

Before pics

So this is what I am dealing with now. 2 more days :)

2 days post op

So it's Saturday morning and I had my surgery on Thursday... So far the recovery has been nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. The second night was worst than the first but all in all I feel really good. I am adding some pics of my progress so far. Went for my follow up appointment with dr. Fisher yesterday and everything is healing perfectly, just I'm swollen which it totally normal at this point in the game. I set my alarm on my phone, and have been walking every two hours, which I think has really helped. The first few walks were tough, but you get the hang of it. Standing up and sitting back down is probably the worst part of it... Will keep posting about my progress :)

Post-op day 3

Feeling better. Here are some pics. Bruising and swelling still pretty bad. And have not been able to use the bathroom (no. 2) so I'm bloated and it's probably the worst thing going on at the moment. Other than that, I am very happy with my results.

Post-op day 4, 5 and 6

A lot has happened in the last 3 days. I have pretty much stopped taking the pain killers. Other than when absolutely necessary. My drains began getting a little blocked and backed up on day 4. So by morning day 5 the draining pretty much stopped, and by that afternoon I was bloated and very uncomfortable. I called the surgeons office, and one of the girls walked me through the process of unclogging the drain tubes. Which was very easy. I recommend that everyone getting a tummy tuck with drains research what to look out for when this is happening and how to move the backed up fluid into the bulbs.

After I cleared the first one all the backed up fluid began to drain out of my abdomen immediately. Needless to say, I felt relief within minutes! So after a rough day yesterday, today has been so much better. Still a long way to go, but happy so far.

Adding a few new pics. Please keep in mind these are from day 6 and still a lot of bloating going on. Thanks!

8 days later....

Well I am 8 days post-op today and I have to say, I feel great!!! Went for my second follow up with Dr. Fisher, and everything is healing nicely. I got put into my abdominal binder and was told to wear it for about 4 to 6 weeks. It has helped so much for me to stand straighter and the pain/soreness has gone down about 2 levels. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I will be swollen for a few weeks. But I am definitely excited to see my final result. The hard part I feel is over. So now it's healthy recovery for best results.

Day 9

Well today was a great day. Still sore, and not completely standing straight but feeling almost no pain at this point. I was pretty active today (without overdoing it). A friend picked me up, we went to brunch, then hit a few stores. I was out for a few hours, and managed really well. I plan on going back to work Monday, so this was kind of like a trial run. I think it shouldn't be too bad. I work at a law firm and sit at a desk for the most part. So I figured it won't be too bad. Will keep you all posted!!

Day 11

Today is day 11 post op and I was able to go back to work. Feels good to get out of the house and return to some normalcy because the cabin fever was starting to kick in!! Unfortunately I was unable to get into any of my pants for work because of the bloating. So I had to come on sweat pants which was fun explaining to my boss!! I'm still draining out over 25 cc's in a 24 hour period so the drains have to stay on another day or two. But I can't complain because I'm feeling pretty good. Taking some Tylenol here and there for slight pain. What I want is a nice glass of wine but I have to wait for the ok from my doctor, so that's a no go for now. So far, things are great!!!!

Doctor Fisher is the Man

Had my tummy tuck done with him on July 7, 2016. While I have not seen my final result, Dr. Fisher is an amazing Surgeon. I am very happy that I chose him and I am 100% positive that I will be very happy with my final result. He is the best! It is hard to see him, even with an appointment, but he is well worth the wait.

Updated pic

Here is a new before and after.... Very happy! Left is the day right before the surgery and right is day 11... Still very swollen but I am very very excited about my results and healing so far... :)

No more drains!!

Had them taken out a this morning! 13 days after my surgery... I feel liberated!! And I am cleared to have a glass of wine (or two) ;) so that's great. It's a great day!

Happy 2 weeks to me!!

So today I am 2 weeks post-op and feeling great! I tried sleeping in my bed last night but ended up jumping back into the recliner half way through the night. I'm still very tender so I guess I'm not ready for a mattress just yet. Aside from that I could not be happier. The swelling is usually the worst at the end of the day. But not that bad in the morning. Also I weighed myself yesterday and I am 5 pounds down from where I was pre-op. The doc told me I will drop a few more as the swelling goes down so that's pretty awesome! Hope everyone is doing great!!

Day 15

Well boys and girls it's day 15. And I was able to work 4 days this week without a problem so things are going pretty good. I ordered my scar treatment cream that was recommended to me by my doctor. He sells it, but for a much higher price then what I paid (I found it on eBay)... I'll post about that separately from this post for those of you that are interested. I get my first massage tomorrow, hopefully it won't hurt all that much, but I'll let you know how that goes. Swelling and posture getting better with each passing day.... :)

Scar pics

So at day 16 this is what the scar looks like

Day 18 update

So I am 18 days post-op.... Feeling good for the most part but still sore and swollen. Very swollen. At the love handle area, which my doctor tells me is because of the lipo, and also still some light bruises in that area as well. But improving day by day. I've been pretty active, and went walking a lot this weekend. But the heat in Miami is killing me with this tight abdominal binder lol. I had my first lymphatic massage on Saturday, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone who will do this procedure, it's helped with swelling and soreness. I'll have another one this weekend. My scar is healing very nicely. In very happy with that. I did some shopping for clothes this weekend, and fit into size medium shirts which was amazing. I have been as large as an XXL so it was a great feeling. Pants are a little harder to get into because of swelling, so I decided to hold off on that. I will start applying the cream for my scar treatment that the doctor recommended on Wednesday when it arrives. I will post about that later and tell you guys where you can get it. Hope you are all doing amazing!

Quick update

Feeling so good!

Happy 3 week anniversary

Three weeks post-op today. Feel good over all. Flanks are still very swollen so I'm going for another lymphatic massage this Saturday. Pain is very minimal. Still wearing stretch pants because everything else puts a lot of pressure on my abdomen and scar. It's been quite the journey, but three weeks later I feel good enough to say that it was worth it. Happy healing to all!!

3 week pictures

For some reason these didn't post with my last update. Here they are :)

Scar treatment

BioCorneum - so today I started with the silicone based scar treatment cream the doctor recommended. I read really good reviews about this one, so I hope that it gives me good results. My scar for the most part is pretty thin. Anyhow, you apply a very thin layer of the cream over the scar. After a few minutes, it dries and you are good to go. My doctor sold this one for 80, but I paid 50 for it online including shipping. So just shop around for the best price. I do have to say that it does not dry as quickly as the instructions claimed, it took a few more minutes. So tonight I will try to apply and even thinner layer. Per instructions you apply once in the morning and then again before bed, and it's the only scar treatment I have found that is spf 30. I'll keep you all posted.

4 weeks post op

4 weeks today and I feel great. Went to the gym today and walked 1.5 miles on the treadmill... Amazing how quickly the body can bounce back.

1 month and 2 days later

Hey all!!! Ok so I am at 1 month and 2 days post op. I feel great! Almost back to normal, but not there yet. The swelling is still very persistent, especially on my left side as you can see from my pictures. I have had 5 lymphatic drainage massages since my surgery, and they really do help. I highly recommend that you do these because they help to get the swelling down. My scar looks great. I have been applying my scar treatment cream twice a day and I am already seeing results. Going to the gym about 3 times a week. Been walking on the treadmill about 1.5 miles each time. Hopefully I can start incorporating more exercises in the next few days.

5 weeks

Quick update

A little over 3 months

Quick update. It's a little over three months and still some swelling the cones and goes along with some tenderness, mostly of the flanks. Also still numb on most of the area around the belly button. Overall I am very happy with my results :) slowly been getting back to the gym. Did some abdominal workouts the other day, but left me very sore. So I think I will hold off on that for a few more weeks.
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