Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift in One Week! Gonna Be a Fisher Doll! Miami, FL

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It's all getting very real and I'm starting to get...

It's all getting very real and I'm starting to get nervous, anxious and really excited about it all! I'm from Chicago, IL. My best friend and I are going to get the Brazilian butt lift together on the same day with the same Dr. Which makes this whole process a lot easier with us supporting each other planning everything and splitting cost on a hotel for seven days after our recovery home stay. We've been planning this for almost a year. Put our deposits down the same day. Bought all out supplies got cleared from our blood work and we are all set to go. We leave this coming Wednesday to Miami and our surgery date is for April 1st. Omggggg I couldn't be more excited. I'm posting this to share my experience and hopefully it will give you some insight on your future endeavor. Join me on my journey through this amazing and life changing experience. We did our research on many Doctors and decided to go with Dr. Fisher at Vanity Cosmetics! My coordinator there is Leomarlys. When I called initially for information she was the first person I spoke to answered all my questions in great detail and explained the entire process. I sent her full body pictures front and back of me and my friend via email and she submitted them for review with Dr. Fisher. After he reviewed our cases and photos she called me and said our BMIs were under 30 and we can proceed with our deposits. We both deposited $500 each and were told we have up to two weeks before surgery to be paid in full. In the months leading up til now we would send whatever we could through their bank account at Bank of America. Send a photo of the bank receipt and they would notate our accounts. We are now paid in full and we leave in one week. We are getting our BBLs and arms done! I was also considering doing my face, but can add that if I want once I arrive so still under consideration. We've ordered most of my supplies through Amazon and I received most of what i ordered. Things are still coming in and I'm hoping everything arrives before I leave. I purchased a body pillow and booty buddy to sit and sleep with. I will make a list of all the supplies we've purchased down below and include photos along with my wish pics. List of supplies: Body pillow Booty buddy Stool softener Arnicare Lipo foam Abdominal board. Back board. Pee stick. Faja. Compression socks thigh highs and knee highs. Bio oil Band aids. Recovery pills( picture shown).

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