VALLS Doll in the Making!! - Miami, FL

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Hi Beautiful ladies, I came on this website this...

Hi Beautiful ladies, I came on this website this time last year looking at reviews and reading questions about the bbl procedure. I was pregnant at the time so I new this wouldn't be in the near future for me. But I kept on browsing patients and cases and researching Doctors just to be prepared in advance for what would be the most exciting time in my life, right after becoming a mother to a beautiful little girl of course. And here I am today, three weeks away from my booked appointment with Dr. Arnaldo Valls. Not many reviews about him here on RS, but the ones that he does have are solid. And his before and afters on the Vanity website are phenomenal. I feel like I wouldn't even have to show him any wish pictures, because everything I'm wishing for, I see in his work. I have yet to get all of my supplies ready and do my blood work, but I am working on getting as much as I can done in the next couple of days. I will keep y'all updated.????????????

Pre op Pictures

These were taken a couple weeks ago. I was 135 pounds at the time and gained about 4 pounds since then. I feel like I have enough fat around my midsection to have enough for my booty. I'm aiming for at least 900cc each cheek. More if it wouldn't look too over the top.

Wish Pictures

If y'all know Bernice y'all know she is one of the sexiest video model that has had work done. I love everything from her waist to her hips to her butt. I love the s curve in her projection. I don't like butts that look like the letter b. Hoping to The booty Gods that I can have a smiling shape.

4th day

Hey girls sorry for not keeping you updated..I lost my phone two nights before my surgery. And to be honest I didn't like my results to first couple of days. My stomach was too swollen and it looked like fat for my small frame. I'm loving my new body more and more everyday.
Miami Physician

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