Doing Me.. Mommy of Two - Miami, FL

Hi dolls... I first want to say I'm so excited to...

Hi dolls... I first want to say I'm so excited to get the nerves to do this... I've been stalking this site for a few years and I'm next up. I have chosen Dr. Jonathan Fisher at Vanity Cosmetics to work his magic on me... I'm extremely nervous but I'm stepping out on faith.. I'm scheduled for 10/24 and I'm leaning towards staying at Miami Escape for the first 3 days.. if any of you dolls will be in Miami during this time and staying at Miami Escape let's connect!!

Getting Closer!!!

Hey dolls I'm getting closer I'm still nervous but not as much... just waiting to get my clearance from my PCP on Monday and it's count down from there... I've included some wish pics to show you all... based on my current shape and what I desire :)

All cleared!!!

Happy Monday, this time next week I will be getting contoured by Dr. Fisher ;) , I got all my test results back and I'm all cleared.. I was kind of uneasy about my hemo and I found out through this process I have a slightly large thyroid . However the hemo was great , my pcp did a chest X-ray, he also did another test to ensure I was good for intabation and that my blood is clotting normally ... whewwww!!!

It's me !!!

Hi dolls I'm sorry I haven't been updating but I have been getting my mind and affairs in order... the thought of all this is giving me panic attacks!!!!! I am just ready to get it over with.. Hubby and I will be driving to Miami from Orlando tomorrow . My surgery time is 6:45 am Monday. Please me and my family in your prayers.

I made it to the flat side

All is well ladies .... I feel good and I'm up walking and going to the potty. I'm actually ready to eat.. a lil stiff but good. Vanity was amazing and very good bed side manner.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far so good.. I have not had my procedure yet although I met him a month ago and he was pleasant and open and clearly had a vision for my curves .

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