I Want to Be a Fisher Doll. 5'4 140 pounds

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So I really want to get my butt done this may, I...

So I really want to get my butt done this may, I have been looking at different doctors for months now and definitely decided on Dr.Hasan. I'm 5'4 and I weigh 135. I was told that I have to make a wire transfer of $1000 to secure my spot... Is there a way I can pay with a credit card? I don't feel comfortable wiring money

More wish pics

I'm planning on making my down payment tomorrow so I'm pretty excited and nervous ... Is anyone getting there procedure done in May?

Just made my down payment

I made my down payment and received my surgery date and pre-op list . I was told that I have to start taking iron supplements and that I don't need to gain any weight but I might gain 5 more pounds... I'm Very excited and scared at the same time ... Also I'm happy that the flight prices are super cheap right now ... I'm just ready for my new Draya body lol

Count down begins

I still haven't booked my recovery house yet, I probably will the end of this week ... And get my plan ticket as well ... I have been hearing that Dr.Hasan has been MIA for sometime now ... Does anyone know what's going on??

Should I change to Fisher?

Idk what to do guys ... Even though ny procedure is all the way in May ... I keep reading that Dr.Hasan is not returning back to the office .... If that's the case why the hell didn't my coordinator tell me that ... I really like his work but all of this seems a bit strange ... If he doesn't come back I will just switch to Fisher.

Can we switch coordinators?

I really liked my coordinator in the beginning, she was so sweet and helpful but I felt like as soon as I paid my down payment , she's slowly started to disappear... I have yet to receive my invoice for my downpayment ... Which I have emailed her about a few times along with other things. She answers certain inquires except for my invoice questions. Then when I call she says she's been super busy >_> I don't want to feel like I'm bugging her but I don't play games when it comes to my money.

Supplies Yoga Bolster for BBL Pillow?

Has anyone used a yoga bolster as there bbl pillow ? Does it sink in ? Is it a hard or
Soft surface ? Does it keep your butt of the chair by six inches ? I'm purchasing half of my supply list today and the rest next weekend ... I was told that I have to gain 5 pounds which I was going to do anyways , so it's going to be fun to eat whatever I want. I did ended up switching to Fisher, which I feel confident about based on the girls I'm following and their results. I did it just in time too because his prices increased by another $500. I made my deposit with Kelya and I'm just waiting for my flight price to go down to purchase that as well..

Plane tickets purchased and my Vaca time for work is set

Everything is set I'm getting paid tomorrow so I will be getting more supplies, does anyone have any suggestions on what type of bbl pillow to get. And is the plane ride comfortable going back home ? I booked a aisle seat . Still trying to gain at least 7 pounds but I have time. Also when should I start taking Iron supplements if my procedure is in May?

More Wish pics!

I love the heart shape of these pics .... Can may come already ...

We need the truth about Hasan's absence

Hey ladies , I am still thinking about switching back to Dr. Hasan( IF HE RETURNS )even though I switched to Dr.Fisher ( I do love his work as well) . But one of the girls I recently followed posted a picture where vanity took down Dr.Hasans business cards ... She doesn't believe he's coming back ... Why won't vanity just tell the truth

Cosmic Care Recovery House??

Has anyone stayed at this recovery house ?? What is the price for their all inclusive packages ? I wanted to stay at Keylas I even put a down payment on it by I'm starting to see some bad reviews....

Blue Cove or New Body Recovery?!?

I have been speaking with Dannie from Blue Cove and she responds so fast and answers all of my questions . She also has the same package deal as new body ... The only thing is , Is that I do not see many reviews on her recovery place, I'm assuming it's fairly new . The good thing is that she doesn't require a downpayment... I just pay the full price when I get there. Even though I put a deposit down for Kayals I read on her site that the nurse care is only for 24hrs . And I would like around the clock care since I will be going alone... I sent Moni from new body a few emails but I got a response back saying that they are out of the office till April 1st. Has anyone stayed at Blue Cove Recovery?

Made my own BBL Pillow!

So I made my own bbl pillow which saved me some $$ .... It's comfy and my butt doesn't touch the chair ... I decided to book with moni at new body recovery ... I spoke to her on the phone and she seems so down to earth.... So everything is booked for next month ! To top it off I'm 2 pounds away from my weight goal which is 140! Fisher here I come

24 days away until I'm fisherfied!!

Getting so close ! I'm nervous and excited :)

Current pics !

Still trying to get to 140 , I have been eating like crazy ... But I can't wait to rock this bathing suit during the summer .... My body will be on point ????

16 days left! Finally hit my goal weight on 140.5

Times moving sooo fast , Imma start bringing in my bbl pillow next week to work, to make it seem like it's just a regular pillow I sit on. I don't want my coworkers and bosses in my business... I got all of my supplies but I am going to by a massager just in case I may need it. When Will it be ok to sit down without the pillow? A month?

Feeling super down today " medical clearance "

So I went to a new doctor to get my blood work and medical clearance from . I did my Bloodwork two weeks ago with the Dr's medical assistant and all of my results came back good. But today when I went to get my clearance letter, the situation turned into one big disaster! I went into the consultation room, the doctor told me to sit down , she already had a mean look on her face to begin with. She asked me what type of surgical procedure am I getting, I told her a bbl with fat transfer ... She then looks at me with a blank expression for like 8 secs and says "I don't like to give clearance to ppl who are doing procedures in an unknown surgical place by an unknown doctor.... Did you even do your research on this physician ??? And you decided you wanted to have this done two weeks ago?!?" I said yes I did do my research and NO I decided MONTHS almost a year ago to have this procedure done and I came in two weeks ago to have my Bloodwork done... And she's like "oh" She then says with attitude "why don't you get it don't here??!!? What's wrong with the doctors in NYC?!? " I'm like their prices are very high here, then she's like "this whole situation doesn't make sense to me , why should I give you clearance and I don't even know this physician when you get just get clearance over there and how much are you paying for this procedure ?!?"( I didn't understand why she needed to know how much I paid) . "And if I had known you wanted clearance for this two weeks ago I would of never agreed for you to come in" I felt SO UNCOMFORTABLE, I understand if she didn't feel comfortable giving me clearance , I would of said ok I will find another doctor but her attitude and questioning was uncalled for . So I called Vanity and explained my situation to them to see if I can get clearance when I go over there.. They said not to worry that they will figure something out.

Cleared !!

Finally got my clearance from my primary ( I should of went to him in the first place). It's real now , and I have so much butterflies in my tummy..... 6 more days !!!

Final pics ! Two more days till I'm Fisherfied

I'm sooo excited going to Miami tomorrow ... The day is finally coming

All packed ! Flight tomorrow

Excited and so nervous

Miami bound !

Is it bad that I wrote a letter to my parents JUST IN CASE anything happens? I have 100% trust in Dr. Fisher and I know everything will go well. But after reading about heathers case I wrote a letter to them to let them know I love them


My Surg is at 9:30 ... It's getting real !! And I'm so hungry , I'm just looking at the Starbucks knowing that u can't have anything

I'm fisherfied

Sorryfor the late updated but my ass has bed drugged up and sleeping , the pain isn't has bad as I thought it was going to be.... I just get VERYdizzy even I stand , I will take pics later


I'm super stiff but able to walk around more then I did yesterday... Omg my first massage was from hell lol I almost cried ... My butt is
Kind of shelfie right now hopefully it evens out when the swelling goes down


Ugh won't upload

More pics

Second massage wasn't has bad as the first Moni is really helpful and funny so I would def recommend her, so far I'm the only Patient she has I believe one girl is coming tomorrow ... I just can't wait for swelling to go down so my butt won't be has pointy .. Taking a shower feels like heaven lol

4 days post op

So I'm having my drainage removed early tomorrow, due to the facet there's no more blood coming through, I am able to walk around a lot more then I did before... Massages still hurt but not as much as the first day.... I just want to sit lol

Put my garment on by myself today

So I had to put my garment on by myself today to learn how too, omg it took so much engery out of me . My skin is still sensitive to touch so hopefully I when I go back to work on the 6th I would feel normal again. I'm really loving how my front looks because I never had hips before , so now that I do it's interesting lol....

Moni New Body Recovery House Review

Omg I love Moni , she is so down to earth and you can crack jokes with her all day long ... Her meals are really good and her house is huge! The backyard has a beautiful pond where you can see ducks swimming, The rooms are nice too , I love that everyone gets there own room . I would definitely recommend her if you need a RH

Got my Drain removed early

Drainage removal wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be , it was slight pressure and burning feeling for like 3 secs . I also had all my stitches removed I feel so free now

Before and After pics

The pics now don't even do my butt justice ... vets can we wear are garments without the foams for one day?

Lots of stiffness... What to do?!?

I feel like throughout the day my body is fine but as soon as I fall asleep, I am awaken by stiffness in my stomach and back like 4 am.... I take a pain killer and fall back to sleep and the same thing happens all over again 4 hours later.... I can't get a massage till next week so idk what to do ... Also is it usual to have the imprints from the foams on your skin ? Idk how Imma survive at work next week if I keep feeling like this .

Plane ride from Hell!

Omg that was the most uncomfortable 3 hours of my life, my pillow did me no justice ...I only say during take off and landing and stood up the remaining time ... Lucky the lady sitting next to me was so understanding, she's like how she wants to get hers done too lol .... I just hope my ass lose any volume


Trying on my bathing suit made me so happy, I do love my results and have no regrets on doing this procedure

First massage after Drainage removal booked for Saturday

So my first massage is booked for Saturday, I have a lot of fluid in my tummy , which is making my stomach look like it has lumps.i just can't wait to drain everything out.

When can I sit?!?

Fisher told me I can sit within 3-4 weeks , next week will be my 4th week . I'm honestly scared to sit because I don't want to lose any volume. But I have a desk job and these past two week a have been soooo hard standing in one spot for 8 hours a day ... My feet are red by the time I get home .... I guess I will call vanity tomorrow to ask for sure

I feel like my butt has dropped and decreased

My butt has definitely dropped down since I got my Surg , but I notice that it has gotten smaller then it was . I mean it looks more natural now but I did not want to lose any volume ... Idk what to do ... I took this pic yesterday

First massage

So I had my first massage on Saturday since my drainage removal , omg it felt so good . I thought it was going to hurt but the lady was putting me to sleep. I also bought this ab board from them , it has the lipo foams already attached and it leaves my stomach super flat... So far my measurements are : waist - 25 1/2 and my butt is 40 inches

In a dress

Before and after

Love fashion nova jeans! 1 month post op


3 month update

I have been wearing a waist trainer for the past week and I recently joined a gym tone my legs and butt

5 month update

Just an update ....Probably my last pics

Work bathroom selfie 10 months update

Gym pic

Miami Physician

Hasan is gone so I'm booked with Fisher!

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