Hasan Here I Come Baby!!!

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I will be getting full body liposculpture w fat...

I will be getting full body liposculpture w fat transfer to my butt!! Been wanting this for three years since I had my daughter, and it's finally my turn !! Have been taking women's 1 a day multi vitamin as well as iron will be starting pure absorb iron tomorrow !! Halfway paid and hotel booked! I can't sleep just so nervous !! I am bringing a friend and she is a licensed nurse so any girls w sx dates close message me she is available to help if you want to get a room in same hotel !!

In Miami went to vanity whic is now Eros cosmetics yesterday !! Got my faja and I'm now in Dr Hasans office waiting to meet him!

I am waiting to do pre op apt with dr Hasan I will update on how the meet goes!! Omg I will be hasanafied at 5:30 am tom morning !!! I am so ecstatic !! Ladies this is going to be life changing I can feel it !!

Final wish picture

These are my final decisions !!

Made it I'm officially hasanafied!!

The pain was bad first few hours but I'm great been walking around for past hour I even walked to the store!! Hasan is amazing and blunt he won't sell you a dream he tells you like it is !! I love that about him and damn he's buff girls !! Keep in mind I'm swollen and stuffed w maxi pads I have no waist !!

Sleeping omg

It is hard ladies the up and down of a bed is my biggest battle! I strain my abdomen so hard trying to push off my arms onto my knees to get up off the bed ! It's so bad then I just walk around for awhile because I don't want to lay back down! Ugh I guess I should be happy it's only night 2 and I'm sleeping 3 hours then up to pee fix hurting arms etc. I have saw a lot worse, any advice on how to sleep more comfortable my arms are getting so weak smh!

Ok dolls so be prepared you need lots of massages they are important

So at Vanity cosmetics which has now changed its name to eyes cosmetics give you massages they are not the best and you will get way overpriced I found a lady named pillar she is amazing and will come right to your room speaks good English and Spanish she is amazing she will have your body way back to normal in no time I swear I love this lady I'm gonna post a picture with her number tell her Krissy gave you the number!! I am now back in New York and I live upstate I can't find anyone who does these massages I'm going crazy but I'm healing up really well I'm gonna post a few pictures all in all I will say Dr. Hassan has hands of God

9 days post op pics and great lymphatic masseuse in Florida !!

That is pilars number tell her Krissy told you to call best lymphatic drainage massage ever!! And some 9 days post op pics!!

Almost 3 months post opp! In love !!

Loving my results hasan is amazing !!

4 mo post opp Hasan is amazing ????

I feel great love my body so much now !! Still want to go back for a mini tuck though and new implants, mine are 6 years old, boobsstill on point though! Anyone know good doctor for mini tuck n boobs in NYC?
Miami Physician

Haven't met yet, although my coordinator Alexis has been great !

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