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Hello RS hunnies, I've been stalking this website...

Hello RS hunnies, I've been stalking this website for nearly 6-8mos. I decided I wanted a sexier silhouette as I'm getting older. I've seen many drop dead gorgeous ladies after their fine tuning (BBL/TT/Breast implants.). So after researching doctors the doctors that stood out to me the most where as follows: Hasan, Vals, Dr. Smiley, Llorento, Pantoja, Fischer, Fatima, Yily. Like many, cost is a big issue. So I had several Virtual consultations. Some doctors suggested I get a tummy tuck, others lipo of 12 areas, others just said, NO... as crazy as that sounds, right...... Anyhow,I would love to book with Dr. Fatima in DR but I want the procedure done in December 2016. If I have tummy tuck, I need to be out of the country for 14-21days. Which seems along time away from my family & work. So instead, I booked with Dr. Vals at Vanity Cosmetics Center. I went as far as getting approved by United Medical to pay for my procedure. Let me just say, "Im not impressed with Vanity." The coordinators are quick to get payment. Then, you don't hear from them. Their response time to emails/calls is horrible. During the time I was doing my research I kept getting calls from Leomarlys/Surmi." I specifically told them I was still researching other doctors. Then, once I was approved by United Medical & they found out. The staff at Vanity were like ants on candy. I truly regret signing up with Vanity. I keep calling/emailing my coordinator and I don't hear from her. Endless, I email vanity about money, then you can bet your ass I hear from the staff. Concluding, I regret signing up with Vanity. I believe the doctor's would give me the results I want. However, I don't feel comfortable traveling to Miami if I'm apprehensive. or feel the staff is shady. I'll be honest, I'm trying to switch doctors. One which accepts United Medical. If not I'll finalize with Dr. Pantajo in Tijuana Mexico. The sad part is that I ended up with a loan payment and may not have surgery with Dr. Vals at Vanity. I may just get breast implants later. I truly don't know if I can cancel the loan at this point. I've been making monthly payments. I' may pay out of pocket for 360 lipo & BBL with Dr. Pantajo. What do my RS hunnies suggest?

By the way, I'm not really fat. I was told by the Virtual consult doctor's to gain weight for this procedure. So, i've gained anywhere from 10-20lbs.
My current measurements:
Breast: 38.5in
under bra area: 34in
Waist: 29in
hips: 42in

Sexy Curves here I come

So much as changed. I switched to New Life Plastic surgery center. My surgery is scheduled for 11/29/16. So I was told to gain weight. Trust ladies I've eaten everything in sight. I'll post a picture at my normal weight & some of my weight gain. Remember I'm 5'4 wt: 155lbs after weight gain.
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