✨ROUND 3 with Dr Moises Salama February 29✨

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Ok soooo I'll try keeping this short & sweet. I'm...

Ok soooo I'll try keeping this short & sweet. I'm 31yrs old, I live in Bklyn NYC, I have two daughters 12 & 2. Starting my BBL journey I weighed 136lbs. I have gained about 15lbs for this procedure, I'm around 153lbs now :/ I have been overweight almost my entire life. I lost about 150 lbs, took me 12 months to do it and I was left with tons of skin. After losing all that weight I was still insecure with my body... I think even more than being overweight. Weird right?? I lost all my boobies so first surgery was a breast lift with implants with Dr. Azurin (RIP) in Ft. Lauderdale, FL August 2013. Next was my tummy tuck with Dr. Polavarapu at NYEE, January 2014. So now, here I am, getting my booty done. As you will see in my pics, I need it lol. Soooo after doing some research, I decided to go with Dr. Fisher. My pre op appt is on Monday August 11th and surgery is the following day. I'm staying at Mariams recovery home and even though I haven't stayed there yet, I want to recommend her services to anyone having surgery in Miami. She is soooo sweet and I can tell it's genuine. She calls me personally and takes her time to make sure I understood her services and what she recommends is best for my recovery process. She finds way to help cut costs and her response time is almost instant. I'm having my post op massages with her and I even scheduled a pre op massage just to ease my nerves a lil. I'm not too nervous, just anxious to get this over with.

SUPPLIES: So I have VERY MINIMAL supplies. I don't think I'll use half the stuff I see ppl buying for their BBL. I got one vedette 929 size 36 (m), one vedette 136 (sm), 5 pcs of lipofoam, two tubes of arnica gel, Vitamedica healing supplements kit (arnica & bromelain), boppy pillow and chux. That's it. I have my ab board, compression socks, and squeem left over from my tummy tuck. I will also get a few lil things like baby wipes, anti bacterial soap, stool softener, etc... But that's all easily accessible. I tried to order the PeeEz thing but it takes too long to ship from Amazon. So I'll figure something out for that. I have a couple loose fitting dresses and slippers already. I'm also getting a lounge chair to cut a hole in for my booty so I can sit when I get home.

So in all... I will be here just to share MY personal experience with Vanity and their staff, the procedure itself, snd Mariam's recovery home... I'll post pics along the way. I haven't taken any pics yet of my 15lb weight gain. I will post when I do.

(Btw labs are done, everything looks great, my hemo is 13.3)

?BBL w/ Dr. Fisher August 12? adding my 'wish pics'

Forgot to add my wish pics....

Made it to Miami.

I had my pre op with Dr. Fisher... I was told the labs I sent from home were ok so no need to do more blood work. I'll be his first patient in the morning. He said I don't have much back fat. He will get a majority from my stomach and flanks. I didn't show him my wish pics, I just told him to 'hook me up'. I'll post a more detailed review after surgery. Btw, here are my pics showing my 16lb weight gain.

Ok girly's I made it

I'll write a more detailed review within the next couple of days explaining the day of procedure and my follow up care at mirians. As for my results.... (Drum roll please)..... I'm a lil disappointed. Yes, you are seeing right. I gained *16lbs* for surgery and I feel like my waist could be smaller and my butt bigger. Maybe my expectations were too high?? I'm not by any means knocking doctor fisher....the more I look at my post op pics, the sadder I feel. Sorry ladies. I hope this turns around :(

Pics of Mirian's Recovery Home

Everyone is very friendly. It's four bedrooms 2 bathrooms (Mirian and her husband stay in one). One bedroom is off the living room (mine) other bedrooms are opposite the dining room with bathrooms in btwn (one across from each other), and fourth bedroom is opposite kitchen. My bedroom doesn't have a tv. The living room has a big one so it's cool. I chose to stay in the front room because the girl that was here before I left said it was too hot back there. And she was right, as I helped her pack to go home I said is be staying up front please lol. Her husband is very nice. But speaks very little English. I downloaded a translator app on my iPhone and it works! Muy Bueno! He helps with anything u may need as Mirian is gone most of the day. I hired one of her nurses (Barbie) for the first 4 hours after surgery and for 4 hours in the morning the day after. But day 2 turned into 8 hours. It was needed. She helped me with everything I needed, washed my garments, my blood stained clothes, helped me shower, etc. she's very nice. Mirian bought a big funnel to put in the bathroom to assist in peeing, but standing over the toilet works just fine. First massage was ok. Not as painful as others described. Eating a meal the same day out of surgery and then on is very important. I was starving coming out of surgery. Anyway, til later, here are some pics.

Me before surgery

I hope my waist gets small like how it was. When can I start wearing my squeem waist cincher?... I forgot to ask :/

In need of a new garment

I heard that there's a garment store by vanity.... Anyone know where it is? How are the prices? Thanks in advance. Btw, shout out to my girl ttlatina.... She sent me this pic and it did make me feel better :)

1 week post op

Here's a look at 1week post.... I just got home and I'm feeling ok. Back and neck are sore from sleeping on my stomach. I have a sore spot on my stomach where my drain was. I pulled my own drain out cuz it was falling out and was 75% there, so I just removed it myself. Same day doc fisher was going to anyway. I tried to keep it in cuz I noticed it from the night before but the next morning it wasn't feeling right. It didn't hurt to come out. Dr. Fisher said I'm doing okay. He also told me to stop taking the antibiotics,it was too much for my tummy to handle. I just ordered the small vedette929 size small so I'm waiting for it to come in the mail. Thanks to everyone who has been checking in on me.

Two weeks post....

Ok tomorrow makes two weeks and I'm feeling good. Week one was def annoying. Glad I made it past that 'hump'. Booty is rounding out and poking out more. Trying to hide it at work didn't work. The streets are talking lol :/ hoping I don't shrink too much. I'm still weighing in at 153lbs. But ppl say the weight looks good on me :) I'm going to go down to about 145lbs and try to maintain. Posting pics today but I'll take better ones soon. I'm going out for the first time Friday night and I'll take pics and post over the wknd. Thanks for the support everyone :)

3 weeks post

Not too much going on. I still swell and my weight is still at 153lbs. I like the way my booty looks more, in the garment. It lifts and makes it look more 'plump'. Today at work a customer yelled out to me... "Wow your booty looks great!" Lol. ;) here's a couple pics from my Labor Day wknd. I'll post more pics soon. I've been so busy with work and my lil one is turning two so I've been putting her bday party together.
P.S. I've been scared to go on a diet cuz I don't want my booty to go down... I'm still using my boppy, and one hip is slightly bigger than the other :-/ I'm using a blow up pool tube to sleep in ( I put my booty in the hole and use three pillows behind my head, works good) thx and I'll update again soon...

Long overdue....

Ok, I've been MIA but I'm back. I'm exactly 7 weeks post today and I'm doing ok. Still weigh 153lbs. (Went down to 149 but ate and drank heavily over the wknd). I sit on my booty no prob. Feels ok, still use boppy to drive tho. Idk why. I called vanity to see about a round two and fisher is running a special, bbl with 4 lipo areas $4500. Anna is my coordinator and I'm going for a ROUND 2 in March or April 2015!! I don't have enough hips for my liking and I'm looking for a more upside down heart this time around. I'll be putting a deposit down this week.

I'm still here....

It's been a long while since I've updated but I'm still here. I booked my round two with fisher for March 9th. He improved my shape overall in my round one, but I need him to really fill me in this time and give me the hips I want. My preop and surgery is on the same day, Anna is my coordinator this time around. Staying at Magdalena's recovery home. Not buying too much stuff for my round two, I didn't use half the stuff I bought for round one. I weigh 142lbs now, was told to gain 15... That's the fun part though lol. I'll update again soon.

3.5 weeks to go until round two... "Dinggg"

So Im in the process of my weight gain regimen... I'm 11 days in and 10lbs+ already ????. Maybe I should slow down a lil. (It's fun tho, eating without regret).... Vanity promised me a free garment so wondering if I should order a small size vedette as backup. I used medium first round but was too big from the beginning. I had to order a small as soon as I got home. But my butt will be bigger this time so will small be too small?? Not sure what to do. Anyway here are a few pics. Current weight: 150lbs. Gonna go up to 160-165.

Paid in full. Ready for surgery.

So I paid for my round two, now patiently waiting.... SIKE! I'm so eager for this to be over with. I have A good feeling about this second round. I received my new waist cincher in the mail along with the chux pads. Just waiting on the lipofoam, due to arrive any day now. My bbl pillow came via UPS but I wasn't home to except it. They will attempt delivery again today. Anna hasn't sent me my invoice yet. I'll def be bugging her until I get them emailed to me. As far as my weight gain, for some strange reason I dropped 4lbs a few days ago!! How could that possibly be I asked myself. Especially after all the stuff I've been eating (In love with the new Ben & Jerry's "the tonight dough" flavor. Yummmm! Gonna miss it). Anyway, I weighed myself again this morning and I'm back to 155lbs. Although I've gained the 15 like asked, I'll keep going until surgery time. Maybe he can use a lil extra fat to inflate my hips a lil more ;) Labs getting done today. Thinking of buying a new bed before I go, I'm not anticipating the stomach sleep. That was def one of the least liked part of surgery. Ill post more pre op pics soon. Thanks for reading! :)

Dr fisher on vacation next month??? Any truth to it?

So I just called vanity to again ask Anna to email me my paid in full receipt. She's off today, of course, so Margaret said she would leave the message for her to get back to me. I asked Margaret if Dr fisher would be on vacation next month because the rumor is, is that he would be on vaca March 16-30. I'm suppose to have my final post op appt with him on the 16th. Margaret said she heard the rumor and that there was no truth to it. I guess we won't know for sure until March 16. Smh.

T-5 days until round two....

I think I've got all the supplies I need based on my first bbl experience. All I have to really get is the arnicare gel but they sell it at Target. As far as my weight gain... I'm at 158lbs. That's a 18lb weight gain :/ I think I'm done now lol. My flight reaches Miami on Sunday early afternoon. Preop and surgery on Monday. Labs are done. Everything is good, hemo is 13.5. By the way, I'm STILL WAITING for Anna to send me my darn receipt!!! Smh. This is crazy. I'm calling today and asking to speak to her manager. I don't need her to send me my receipt... ANYONE can simply email me the freakin invoice! Didn't have this much trouble last time.
I sent a text to Magdalena to confirm my stay, she replied that shes "waiting for me".
So fisher will indeed be on vaca the last two weeks in March. I was told my 7th day post op appt on the 16th would be with his asst I think she said. He will see me on Friday before he leaves. Was told not sure if he will use drains this time. Also didn't purchase any massages yet, I'll see if he says I need them or hold off for a while.
I think that's it! I'm posting a pic of me, 18lbs heavier. Also my wish pics. Thanks for reading!

Wish pics

My supply list

My supplies:
4-5 maxi dresses, loose underwear, slippers to shower in, bedroom slippers that are easy to slip on, robe, sweat suit to wear home, 2 compression garments, ab board, lipo foam, compression socks, 50 chux pads, arnica gel, Tylenol, colace, minimal snacks (crackers, granola bars, prune juice, pineapple juice), wet wipes, antibacterial soap, something to hold up your drain as you shower, a boppy pillow or something to prop up your booty on the plane. I think that's it! If I think of anything else I'll post it :) *just remember you'll have to lug your stuff back home and you'll be weak.

Day before surgery...

So, quick update... Just arrived in Miami, waiting for my luggage then going to meet Magdalena. Packed late last nite, hope I didn't forget anything (I'm soooo last minute)! I weighed myself this morning.. Down 3lbs :/ I'm at 155lbs. Yuliet, his asst called me saturday to let me know to come in at 2:30 Monday for preop then surgery. If I would have known, I would've flew in early Monday morning. But that's my fault because I should've known I would have been a later surgery cuz I would have to do pre op same day, duh!!! Smh. Anyway it's ok, I'm sure I will find a mall or something to spend my time in. Maybe I'll just stay in the house and chill with some of the other girls if they don't mind the company. We'll see. I'll take another pre op pic when I get settled in :)

Pics of Magdalena's recovery (room)

Here's pics of my room. Didn't see the other recovery (room). I like mines... Only thing is NO CABLE :( there's a DVD player with a few older DVD's. There's a TV in her living room but I'm just staying in my room, don't want to be too in the way. Magdelena was very nice and dropped me off at the mall to do a lil shopping and picked me up when I was done. Her daughter is very nice, helps out here at the house. I had lunch ready for me when I arrived from the airport. Beef with rice, veggies and a coke. Dinner I chose chicken soup. Scarfed down a candy bar from home after (gotta get it in while there's still time lol).
The weather today was humid 75-78degrees with a lil rain. Humidity is frizzing up my hair! lol it's ok though... I'll take it over the 40degrees I left back in NYC. Unpacked my stuff and just sitting here, bored. Sigh... Till tomorrow, good night.

Final pre op pics

I'm here at vanity... Waiting. He are my pre op pics at 155lbs.

1 day post op

Ok so here it goes....
So surgery was scheduled for 2:30 PM. Arrived at vanity at 11 AM. Sat in the waiting room until 230. Nothing was done. No paperwork signed, no pictures taken, no nothing. I can already see how my day is going to go. At 2:30 I went to the counter and asked what is the hold up. I was told that they would call me soon. Finally at around 3:15 they called me to the back to take pictures. Then again, was told to wait in the waiting room. At about 330 they called me to the back to change. I change my clothes and waited again. I had my iPad ready to show Dr. Fisher my wish pictures. Around 4 PM another nurse came to take more pictures. She took about 15 pictures and then I waited again. I told the nurse that I have yet to sign any paperwork. She seemed shocked that I haven't done that yet, so she went to get the paperwork for me to sign. After signing the paperwork I told her I still have not gotten my garment another girl brought me in a size medium 929 garment, she told me this would be the best fit. 430 came and I finally saw Dr. Fisher. He said "we meet again", smiled and shook my hand. He said he remembered me from my name. A couple of the nurses remembered me too. He asked what my new wants are. I explained to him what I was looking for, he took pictures and I showed him my wish pics. By the way when they weighed me I only weighed 150lbs :( dr. Fisher said I did not have enough fat for my wish pictures but he will make sure he takes everything that he can out and fill in the spaces that I showed him. He left and then the nurse took me to the back. The anesthesiologist put me on the table started strapping me up and was asking me questions about my first BBL and my other prior surgeries. At this time it must be about 5 PM. That is all I remember until I woke up. The first question I asked was what time is it. The nurse said it's about 7:15 PM. I woke up on my stomach with no garment on. The nurse put my garment on and I think I fell asleep for a few moments. The next thing I remember is them wheeling me out of recovery it seemed very quick like they were rushing me. (Btw, fisher had TWO more bbls after me!!) I got back to Magdalena's around 945 and she fed me soup then I went to sleep. I could not sleep at all because my back was killing me. Magdalena checked on me several times during the night. The next morning I woke up, Magdalena made me a Panini sandwich and hot tea for breakfast. I got ready to go to vanity for 10 AM. We got there at 10 o'clock and I was seeing quite quickly. I saw Yuliet, Dr. Fisher's nurse because Dr. Fisher was in surgery. She explained to me everything I needed to do to take care of myself. Dr. Fisher's last day before vacation is Friday so I won't see him before I leave on Monday. Yuliet is going to take out my drain and stitches Monday. That's all for now I will post pictures after I shower. Thanks for reading!

Round 3.... This time with Dr. Moises Salama *February 29*

Hello again. Going to keep my review as short and detailed as possible. My first two rounds was with Dr Johnathan Fisher @ Vanity cosmetics.... This time I'm going with Dr. Salama for my Bbl #3. My start weight was 152lbs (which was this past Sunday), I'm already at 159lbs.... It's only Wednesday :/ I waited to gain weight because I know I put it on easily. I'll get to 170lbs and hopefully that will be enough. I'm flying into Florida one day before surgery for my pre op and staying 10 days at Serenity Recovery House. I'll update again soon.

Less than 2 weeks away.

My weight has been staying steady, at around 162.... I'm
Very active at work. Im not putting it on and keeping it on like I thought i would. I'm a chef (how ironic), but I'm the manager so I'm constantly active. I'll have to really start indulging. I'm ordering that
P EZ thing from Amazon and a massager to do my own massages once I get home. I'm hoping my stay at Serenity is a good one. I've heard many mixed reviews. I decided to just go there and stick it out, I'm not a difficult person, but 10 days is a lot. I'm including my wish pics that I'll show
Dr Salama.

5 days pre op. BBL round 3

Leaving for FL on Sunday. Pre op is Sunday and surgery, Monday.
I'm up to 165lbs. Will keep trying to gain until Sunday. Received a few things I ordered from Amazon for surgery... Arnicare gel, hot/cold massager for my own home massages, P Ez, etc. I've tried several pharmacies to fill my Vicodin prescription, no one will fill because it's out of state and a controlled substance. Nomie said she can get it filled for me in FL. I was able to fill the other prescriptions. I bought over the counter stool softener. I'll bring my Bbl pillow from my round two just in case. It is so uncomfortable but maybe it will come into use... Won't hurt to bring it. Other than that, I think I'm ready. I'll pack Friday. I'll post a pic Thursday to show my weight gain.

Day 2 post op

Very sore. Dr Salama had to lipo my arms and inner thighs because there wasn't much fat in my stomach and back. He also lipo'd the top of my butt to take away some of the shelf to add to my lower butt. The caregivers at serenity are super sweet. Lucky that the group of girls having surgery are all very nice too. I'll post more pics soon. Follow up appt I didn't get to see Salama. My first massage is Thursday. First two days were rough. Feeling a lil better now.

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