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So I've been a member for ova a yr now n haven't...

So I've been a member for ova a yr now n haven't decided to write a blog till now..... I was set on being a Duran doll and although I love her work some of the horror stories about the recovery house scare the shit outta me... So I switched to salz the king of booty's but he was wayy outta my price I have chosen Fisher who is great and give big bubble butts lol.....I set everythin up wit Lia from vanity and I must say she's been amazing....I'm excited n nervous at the same time

*82days and counting*Getting my bbl list together

So I'm tryin to quick smokin and purchased a non nicotine vapor cig thanks to my RS buddy cutiewaitingforabooty???? so far it's been going well. Even tho I'm still thinkin about a real cig lol. Other than that I don't really have anythin else to report. Hey ladies so I've posted a pic of the supplies I think I'm goin too need. Can anyone tell me if I'm forgetting anything? Thanks dolls

Sorry about the question marks lol

Lol idk y question marks came up to next to my RS buddy's name I guess I can't use emoji on here lol

Ughh annoyed

So today I received a phone call from fishers assistant saying that he will not be workin my surgery day that he took two weeks off...I'm already anxious n now this. I already booked my flight and requested time off from work. Now I have to reschedule everythin for the 19th instead. Fingers crossed that this doesn't happen again cuz if it does idk wat I would do besides lose my mind n get crazy on them. I mean yea it's a mth in advance notice that he won't be there but it's just me reschedule flights n work schedule is just adding extra stress.

Help lol

Any ladies in the NYC area know where to get massages either in brooklyn or the city??


I can not even deal wit vanity rite now...I get a phone call yesterday sayin I need to have bloodwork done so fisher can c it. Which I don't have a problem wit but y wait soo close to my date. Now I'm struggling tryin to find somewhere in New York to get my bloodwork done since i don't have insurance. Wtf am I payin Vainty money for them to do it for when I have to go

Finally just got my bloodwork done

Fingers crossed that it everythin comes back ok and I'm freaky out about it. I've never had bloodwork done before and I'm sooo nervous that I'm givin myself anxiety...this is gonna be the longest 3-5 days ever!!!

Flying out tomorrow...bloodwork isn't back is on wed

Sooo fucking stressed out! My flight is in the morning and my bloodwork is still processin and of course the lab is closed on the weekends so I can't call to find out wtf is going on. I'm not even excited or nervous I'm too scared that im gonna go out there and get denied for surgery. I've been checkin online every 5 mins to c if my labs r in and they aren't! I kno the first thing I'm gonna do if I can't have the surgery is light up a fuckin ciggeratte cuz I quit smokin 2 1/2 mths ago to get this procedure. Ughhhh I wish my labwork was in already

Bloodwork came back.....

After all the stress but bloodwork is all within normal limits nothin is high thank god. I'm good to go for wed

Just got the call....

Surgery tomorrow at 3pm!!! It just hit me its gettin real

Almost time

Just wanted to give a quick update..I'm gettin ready to go into surgery now..they moved up my time..c you dolls on the phat side
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