34 YO Lipo/BBL and Arm Lipo - Miami, FL

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So it's coming down to the wire....less than a...

So it's coming down to the wire....less than a month to go for my surgery with Dr. Fisher. Nervous out of my mind because I have read so many mix review regarding the facility Dr. Fisher performs in. I see that he's really good but the facility is a little disturbing. I hope my experience will be a decent one. I am also preparing my supply bag buy am still a little unsure of all the things needed for my procedure and hotel stay. If anyone have any suggestions please feel free to reply as it would help me a great deal. Thank you

Before pics

I absolutely hate my body so I'm praying that Dr. Fisher do wonders on me. I was told that I will need a tummy tuck in the future due to the loss of elasticity from having 4 kids. I just couldn't afford to have both procedures at the current moment. My surgery is in less than a month and my nerves have been going in overdrive! :)


If you are reading this, can you ladies please help me with suggestions or questions that will be appropriate for me to ask the doctor. I just want to make sure all of my i's are dotted and t's are crossed. Thank you so much.

Wish pics

So I have attached a few pics of what I'm looking for. I am hoping to receive a combination of them all. 2 of the pics are Dr. Fisher's work so that gives me a lot of hope. :)

Surgery is paid in full and house is booked :)

So I paid off my surgery on May 20, 2016 but recieved the updated invoice on May 31, 2016. Its getting really real now!! Lol I'm not sure why it took so long for them to send me an updated copy but as long as it's correct I was ok with it. I booked my house on airbnb.com for less than 50 a night which I thought was pretty good. I have access to everything but the extra room in case someone else book the house then I have to share access which I am also fine with. It was cheaper than all of the hotels and motels I looked at so I hopped on the opportunity to get it. It's pretty basic but is suitable for my needs. Here are the pics of my invoice and mini house I'm renting out.


It didn't upload the invoice so I'm attaching it here

Lab work is done!

Finally did my lab work....hope everything's a go so I won't have any setbacks. They told me they would call me before week is out if anything is wrong and will send straight to Vanity. So i called my coordinator to ask her to let me know when she receives it. I will call and harass my doc Thursday/Friday is results aren't sent by then lol.

Labs are Good!!!

So my lab work came back ok and I recieved security clearance from my home doctor and from Vanity that I'm clear to have surgery! Exciting news to my ears! :)

lipo foam question

Hello ladies...is lipo foam really neccessary? What is mostly used under the garments after surgery?

Question about post sugery

Hello Ladies....have any of you ladies who have already had the surgery ended up feeling a little self conscious after? Like you was excited about getting it but then tried to be modest after you ended up with a big butt you couldn't hide. I feel this will be me....My emotions are all over the place. I feel self conscious about being flat and i'm scared imma feel self conscious about having a butt.

Supplies for surgery

So I decided to write all of the supplies I bought for my surgery. Not sure how much everything totaled to but I bought a lot of things from Walmart, Ebay, and the Dollar Tree. This doesn't include normal travel items. Lipo foam Ab board Iron pills Disposable gloves Vaginal wipes Female urinal 3/4 sleeve Faja (cause I'm having arm lipo) Iodine Alcohol Peroxide Lumbar mold Disposable bed pads/chucks Washable bed pad Back scratcher Allergy medicine Arnica ointment Gauze Gauze tape Prenatal vitamins Camis Compression socks Cold press Pill container Halls Stool softener Cotton balls Sponge Lip chap Heating pad Soap dish Perineal bottle Hibiclean Q tips Dial soap Hand sanitizer Waterproof bandaids Waist trainer Robe Arm compression sleeve Scissors Suction hooks Pool floaty (heard it's better than boppy) Water pills

Made it to Vanity-Day before surgery consultation

So I finally made it to Florida last night. I am currently staying at a host home which is really nice. I have the whoke house to myself for 8 nights and i paid 375.00 for it. Great deal. Right now I am currently at Vanity waiting to be seen to fill out my paperwork. I have been here for about 30 minutes and I'm just in awe watching the women come in and out whether it's for consultation, post op or for pre op. The place is in a shopping centeresource wSo I finally made it to Florida last night. I am currently staying at a history home which is really nice. I am currently at Vanity waiting to end seen to fill out my paperwork. I have been here for about 30 minutes and I'm just in awe watching the women come in and out whether it's for consultation, post op or for pre op. The place is in a shopping center which make this situation seem so weird yet funny. So funniest thing just happened. I got a call frome Vanity while I'm sitting in the office because they said I inquired about ear lobe surgery. I was so puzzled from the fact they were calling me while I'm here and the fact that they said I asked for something I never inquired about. Lol. So i will definitely be checking my charts when my name get called. Smh Lol So another incident, the stupid front desk dine got me confused with someone else and told my information to someone elselse so I been sitting here waiting and waiting and the whole time they thought they have already spoken to me and I already filled out my paperwork. How unorganized is this shit! Smh. I finally got called to the back and to fill out hella Paperwork which only took 20 minutes tops. I waited long as hell for little bit of time. I did get my questions answered and I had to try on my Faja. I got a size bigger but was told I needed a bigger one so I'm on my way to get one now.

Surgery day

Omg....I made it through but when I tell yall I don't think I can experience this again....I mean that. I'm still very groggy with a swollen face so I will tell you guys about my whole experience in a day or 2 when I feel better.

after surgery

So let me back up. I got to meet dr. Fisher day of surgery and he was amazing as far as making me feel comfortable. I told him what I wanted but not so sure of that's what I got. But I'm not going to trip cause it's over now. So I went to the back, they gave me an IV and thata all I could remember. I woke up in a lot of pain and most of day one I slept. Sleeping at night has been extremely challenging cause I'm hurting every where. It's causing my neck to hurt really bad as well. Day 2 was my post op appt and they said every thing looked great which was good news. In the midst of traveling to and from, my bladder has been weak so I peed on myself twice lol. Don't laugh yall. They told me I could take a shower so I tried but I think I was moving to fast cause I passed out and hit my head and was unconscious for a few minutes. Scared the hell out of my family but I ended up being ok for what happened. So since then I've been progressing slowly. Trying to walk and things but has been truly hard.


So I guess because I'm still swollen I don't see much results but as of today, I'm not not pleased. I wanted bigger and I hope once the swelling go down, I will results I'm pleased with.


Hello. So today and yesterday I regressed a little. Been extremely nauseous due from not being able to use the bathroom. I still haven't been able to do number 2 but I started taking the suppositories they gave me for nausea and it's been helping. Most of my night was in the bathroom praying to either poop or throw up so i can have some type of relief. Nothing happened but i did end up going to bed without getting sick. I have been resting so much but I feel that is also keeping me from progressimy because I keep getting stiff even though I walk every 2 hrs as directed. I did look at my body naked and im starting to like it more. I wasted money on arm lipo cause there is no difference in my arms. So today is my first scheduled massage and I'm scared out of my mind. I'm still in pain and I'm not sure how I'm going to handle the pain of the massage on top of the pain I'm already experiencing. Wish me luck ladies.

Set back today

So today I ended up in the emergency room because I was feeling extremely bad and having problems breathing. Every time I inhaled, I would experience this sharp pain in my pain/lung area and it scared the shit out of me. So I went to make sure that all of what I was feeling was from the surgery and that's it. I went to the general Hospital here in Miami and they were really thorough. They checked me for everything. Results....pain meds were too much so they switched me to Naproxen and bensure I haven't pooped in over a week...my bowels were swelling and causing nausea and pain. They gave me meds for that. My pressure was low but heart rate was high so they monitor me by giving me an ekg which was ok. They took blood and discovered they my blood was low which is normal after surgery and all these other small things which they gave me an IV for to help. They test to see if I was positive for pneumonia but that came back fine and they test me for embolism which came back positive so they had to do a mandatory cat scan to see if the results were true. After the scan, they said I looked ok on the inside and told me what methods I needed to continue to do to avoid embolisms and to try to continue to heal from this surgery. They gave me so much meds in the hospital that I felt ok after but now everything is wearing off and I'm back to being in pain. Hopefully the new meds help and I can start healing a little faster.

3am.....pleading for some type of pain help

It's 3 am and all I can move is my limbs. My body hurts so bad and feel so tight like my skin is stretched to compacity and one more stretch will tear my skin. They pain I have been having in my chest is back and I just want 1 day of relief and no crying. I have been taking 5mg of percs and 1 Naproxen and I feel so bad. Someone please assist me on what to do to help make my days and nights a little more easier. Thanks

35 Yr Old Wanting a New Body After 4 Kids

I am a little disappointed with my results. I showed pics of what i
wanted and didnt get any of the sort. He didnt explain to me that i
couldnt or anything so i dont understand why i paid for something i
didny come close to getting. I wanted hips and got none and didn't get
the projection i asked for either. I feel the same shape from top to
bottom just with a little butt. I was hoping this experience bring back
some confidence but im not too sure it will. I also got arm lipo and
once again....everything look the same as before except i have a bump on
my back side.

Update pics

Sorry it took so long to update. This surgery has been really hard on me and updating was the last thing on my mind. Lol. My body feel like I'm wearing a heavy vest that I can't take off and my body have bad tingling sensation esp to the touch. I am still carrying a lot of fluid so I will be scheduling more massages soon. I was told the more massages the better and please ladies, get the done as soon as you can after surgery. I didn't do that and I'm suffering because of it. The fluid and swelling is coming off slowly because I hesitated. I still haven't mastered washing the Crack of my ass because my body hurts to bend and stretch and I don't have help. Djm! Lol. Omg....and constipation....the WORSE!!! The scariest part of using the bathroom. They give you stool softener but that didn't work for me so I had to buy real laxatives to help go with ease cause it took me almost a week you even go. I think that's it. Lol

This made me smile

The same undies that were big on me just last week barely covers my booty this week. I just need my arms to go down. I had lipo in my arms and they are so huge and swollen.

Updated pic in stage 2 garment

2 weeKS out and I feel much better. I no longer take any meds for pain or sleep. I'm still really sore, numb, and tight. And my butt aches constantly like I been to the gym. I hope it goes away soon. It only aches in my right but cheek. Lol. But my results are coming together. Thanks to all who've followed my journey.

Almost 2 months post op

2 months post op and I still have tightness and slight pain around my torso and my ass went down 2 inches so I'm a little displeased about it. I am wanting a revision but if I can't get that then I will be doing a round 2 this time in the DR. For right now these are my results. I like them but still not happy. It honestly took me a month and half to fully sit with no pain and I still wear my Garment cause it make me feel secure and the pain is lessended with it around my torso. When I take my Garment off my ass tend to drop and look flatter. That's what I'm wanting the revision for....more projection and added hips which I asked for initially but did not receive.

My stomach

So if you see my before it was a disaster. I had 4 kids and return I lost elasticity in my stomach an majority of my fat was in my stomach. I was told that I would need a TT but I opted to get lipo first. I am very pleased with my stomach. I don't feel I need a TT...the small pouch I feel I can work off with exercise. However, some people might want it super flat but with me I'm content with going from my before to now. So for ladies who have a stomach like my before but scared of the TT, just know it's hope that you can get a dramatically flatter stomach with lipo only. :)

Me today with clothes on....

Today's outfit....no muffin top! :)

Trying to contact Dr. Fisher

So I have been trying to get some kind of assistance regarding my revision and everyone at Vanity has been ducking me out. They do what they want to you and don't care if you are happy with your results or not. I am so disappointed in this Dr. and place because I spoke so highly of them. I wish I could get my money back I swear. But I would be satisfied if Dr. Fisher was the type of doctor to care about his patients on a personal level. I know I'm getting round 2 from somewhere else, just wish my Dr. Cared enough to fix it. I will keep calling and writing them until I'm heard....smh


4 months out....can't wait til 2017 for round 2. Want bigger butt and smaller waist!


pics from yesterday

Waist is still not where I want it to be but nothing working out can't do!

Considering Dr. Manon for Round 2 - Should or Shouldn't is the question!!!

Hello Everyone
I would like to know how do y'all feel about Dr. Manon. I am considering going to the DR for round 2 but no one will answer my questions regarding the anesthesia part. I am trying to know if any of you ladies who had surgery with him woke up during the procedure. I only hear the great news but I would like to know if there are some things I should consider before going in his direction. Thank you ladies.

Feel a lot better about my results from round 1 but need my waist smaller and I want some hips. I exercise 4-5 days a week and

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Great person to make you feel comfortable but I feel he didn't listen to what I wanted. I gave pics and I don't feel I got any thing close to it. I thought he had an awesome personality and is a good listener and make you laugh and smile and things but i felt he was dismissive when it came to my needs. I paid too much to still be dissatisfied. I hope others have a better experience than I. It's been months and he refuses to reach out to me. I am extremely disappointed and I would not recommend him to anyone. They try to convince you things will get better when my results have been getting worse

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