27 Year Old Tired of Not Having a Butt. Miami, FL

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I've decided to go to Dr. Jonathan Fisher in...

I've decided to go to Dr. Jonathan Fisher in Miami, FL. His staff is very knowledgeable as well as helpful and friendly. I got through to the office with no problems, I told them what I wanted and sent pictures of myself. I'm in the process of trying to lose weight to bring my BMI down to at least 31 cause right now its at 33.39 which is over the recommended limit for surgery. I'm so excited about finally getting my surgery, I've wanted it since 2009 and have finally made a move towards getting it. Anyway, the communication with them is awesome also, I was sent an in detail email of everything I need to bring with me as well as what I need to stop doing/taking the month before the procedure is done. Any and everything you may think of or have a question about they are ready and willing to answer for you. I haven't met any one of them as yet and I already feel so comfortable with them. It was recommended to me that I should stay at the Curvy Angels Recovery House which I am and the experience with them were also really great.
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