24 Year Old Canadian, switching from Osak to Dr Fisher - Hialeah, FL

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So let me start off by saying that I was really...

So let me start off by saying that I was really big as a teenager 5" 6 and 183 pounds I lost almost 40 pounds in my senior year I wasn't working in high school so I had alot of time to go to the gym I use to loose 2 pounds in 4 days than as I got older with age haven't been able drop it like that anymore sometimes I'm way to busy with work and school ive gained 23 pounds 169 pounds I never in my life had a flat waist big booty does not run women side of family endless ur on the big side I followed real self for a while now one day I read story women got butt done for 3800 in Miami at vanity so I decided to contact them found me deal with a well known surgeon Dr Osak omelepu 15 years of experience makes very impressive videos online he use to work at spectrum now works at vanity been for a year my surgery and all surgeries he performs is at encore I've done alot of research on him I believe him to be well educated and has a lot of experience 15 years is alot I've read some negative reviews about vanity regarding scheduling and office being unorganized I also heard read that one of the doctors dr Hasan had a woman die on his table 2014 doing a Brazilian butt lift Thank God I'm not booked with him apparently he is a dermatologist(skin ) has experience in that area went to school for it but apparently in the state of Florida any doctor is allowed to practice plastic surgery even if they didn't go to school for it my best advice is do alot of information on your doctor before booking with them see if u can switch my family isn't too crazy about me doing this cuz were Muslim encourage me not to my older sister is coming with cuz at recovery house nurse only takes care of u for 12 hours ur on ur own after that we have to go b4 her due date March 22 so I'm probably book for January or February .Ladies any advice for me ?

Changing date

I've been doing alot of thinking I decided to change date of my surgery to next year January 2017 finish my school pay off my card be smart about it plus I might get a breast lift done next year here in Edmonton

money conversion

so my surgery is 3900 $ in canadian dollars thats 5100$

My flat bum before surgery

Vanity is disorganized

i dound out from spectrum cosmetics that dr O still works their thats why when you google his name videos from spectrum according to them he works 2 places spectrum and vanity but according to vanity he use to work at spectrum been with them for one year these ppl need to get their shit right

Switching to Dr Fisher

been doing a lot of information about dr Osak seems like 50% of his clients have infections (not pretty looking either) I could see their insides which was gross I don't want to have a big booty if it means have to have an infection/scar for life not worth it Dr fisher on the other hand is board certified went to Harvard performs the most Brazilian butt lifts any doctor in America hes worth the extra money id rather pay 5,000 for his job be left without infection than get done with Osak 3,900 be left with an infection my health and your health ladies is worth the extra price

change date

change my date to December 20th 2016 during Christmas holidays that way I take time off work heal and recover 1-2 weeks off should be good Christmas booty for the holidays here my wish pics

My coordinator and vanity

My coordinator is Shirley she seems very nice and supportive of my surgery guided me this far even when I was thinking about cancelling procedure she encouraged me not to that I should be happy and price is good so is the doctor Shirley has a nice accent from Colombia she told me even thou I changed my date and my doctor she still hasn't sent me a new invoice which is not professional I have messaged her maybe twice still no reply just goes to show how unprofessional they are I am very confident in the doctor I chose dr fisher he only specializes in fat transfer now makes sense why he's performed the most bbl any doctor in America he's smart and stuck to one thing ....feeling shady about vanity thou...ladies beware who you choose to operate on you 2014 dr Hassan had a woman 51 die on his table from a bbl her son convinced her change her mind about going through the procedure they told her that her 4,000 was non refundable READ WHAT YOU SIGN CAREFULLY DONT LET THEM RUSH YOU PAPERWORKS

Reconsidering my decision

Honestly I don't know if I want to go through my bbl at vanity it's been more than a week I changed doctors still haven't received a new in voice my email I'm considering getting a refund doing my bbl here in Edmonton I found a dr who does it I'll be closer to home if vanity is this disorganized now what are they gonna do to me when I get to Miami for my surgery ? The price in Canadian dollars comes up to 6,500 plus air faire 2 way Miami and Edmonton plus 1,000 my recovery home comes up to 8,000$ if I can get sane price done in my city or even less I will get my refund

Spoke to Shirley my coordinator

She assured me that she would sent me an invoice today spoke yesterday with her adviced me to think about it that dr fisher has great credentials I have yet not found one bad review about him looks like I'm gonna have put my big girl pants on go by myself to Miami be away from home first time ???? in a country idk

Vanity is sketchy

It's been a month and I still haven't received my new invoice ...even thou Shirley said she would sent me last time we spoke feeling uneasy like I'm dealing with unprofessional

Patient portal

Wire transfer

I finally got in touch with Shirley apparently Dr fisher doesn't do invoice based on credit card payments took me a month to be informed of that cuz these office ppl don't have they shit together 5,000 cash payments his special which I find weird for a doctor to only be taking cash sounds like some black market shit to me anyways Shelly said once I start to wire money through my bank to a bank in America I will get my refund back from credit card payment with Osak nice to be aware of this 1 month 1 week after switching still booked with fisher won't get invoice I wire the money

Talk with the sister

My sister convinced me what they are doing is a scam asking me wire cash to a bank of america than after they'll refund me my money credit card Dr Osak seems like they are tryna charge me not once but twice so tomorrow call them switch back to Dr Osak cuz I don't feel comfortable wiring money some random accounts idk in America called manager she assured me that Shirley my coordinator was right that I'd have to wire money for Fisher special makes no sense that one Dr would accept credit card and the other wouldn't

Vanity is honest

I was shocked received refund receit my email after speaking with manager I was told by Shirley would take 6 weeks get refund vanity operates shady they are honest ppl end of day give me refund now I'm gonna wait till I work full time(may) to pay my surgery remaining still schedule Dr Fisher December have alot of time

Best decision

Ok ladies I found out that I'm no longer scheduled according my portal cuz of refund and I'm also aware that wiring money to different country has extra cost now dr fisher special is 5500$ in Canadian that's 7834$ almost 10 gs price in Toronto plus motel stay plus air fare massages come up 10gs maybe even more ....so I decided be smart get the surgery done in my hometown where I reside Edmonton I went online found out 2 surgeons do it they also have a team my family and friends are here only makes sense get it done here ....
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