21 Years Young with 2 Children (10 Months Apart) Need my Booty Back! - Miami, FL

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I'm scheduled for August 18th with Dr.Fisher at...

I'm scheduled for August 18th with Dr.Fisher at Vanity. Finally!!! after much research I was going to scheduled with Dr. Ortega at Imagenes but there customer service sucks they never gave me a date with him or answered my calls (after giving my $300 deposit which never got back) I'll take it as a sign Lol I'm at peace with my choice Dr. Fisher has been the best I've seen thus far. I'm ready to be a #Fisherdoll and get my pre pregnancy body I have a 1 year old & a 2 1/2 months baby. I've had a but all my life but after my pregnancies back to back the weight gain and weight loss made me loose the volume and deflate ???? I'm 4"11 and currently 165lbs with both my pregnancies (10months apart) I went up to 190lbs wayy tooo much for my height! I still want to loose atleast 15 pounds before my surgery! So if any of you dolls have any tips that can help I appreciate it!

Fat rolls you say? Ughhh

In need of a miracle!

My wish pic

Perfect Bootayyyy!

Pre pregnancy body

This is me before my 2 babies. I've always been thick, I didn't have the perfect body but I felt good about myself. Can't wait for Fisher to put em magic hands on me and get my confidence back !! ;-)

Wish pic

Wish pic of myself playing with surgery app !

Just 8 weeks away to get fisherfied !

So this is getting real now! The medical assistance already sent me the prescription to have the lab works done after 7/18. I've lost 12 pounds so far my BMI is at 31.7 but it can't go over 31 so I still have some more pounds to go. And now I have been debating on having the bbl or the mommy makeover just the thought about having more loose skin with these stretch marks makes me go crazy ???? But I really want the but I lost with my pregnancies back.. This is so overwhelming help dollssss

Date changed! ????

So my coordinator just called to reschedule my surgery date it would no longer be 8/18 but it's 8/29 I'm a little annoyed but at least it's not for September sine I already had everything planned. According to my coordinator Dr. Fisher would be performing his last surgery today for the month of July and won't be on August 18th ?? Anyway...

Just 7 days away !

I'm just 7 days away from my surgery day with Dr. Fisher it's starting to feel real now! I'm buying the last minute supplies since it just hit me lol
I already have the essentials:
Lipo board
Lipo foams
Boppy pillow
Female urinary
Antibacterial soap
Arnica Gel & tablets
Tank tops
Comfortable undies
Nature made Iron 65gm(at this point can no longer take).

Please dolls if there's something I'm missing and you recommend please let me know I'll highly appreciate it... Muaaaa

Finally Fisherfied!

I had my BBL yesterday with the one and only Dr.Fisher ever since he stepped in the room he made me laugh and put me at ease he is the best! I will update when I have more energy!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Haven't met Dr.Fisher yet I'm scheduled with him for 8/29

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