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Hi I'm new to real self and also really young...

Hi I'm new to real self and also really young 18!!! Some ppl might think its stupid I'm getting this surgery this young but I have a huge desire in doing so! I always thought since I'm young that I'd be able to loose weight fast n easier but that's not the case for me. I've tried going to the gym and eating well but it doesn't give me the results I want. I want that vixen body! My surgery date is June 13th and I will be going down to Miami on the 11th. My god mom lives down there so she'll be visiting me while I'm in the recovery house for a week. The receptionist I talk to at vanity cosmetic center is Ana. She's very kind and helps me a lot! I'm doing the care credit thing so I'll be making monthly payments. The recovery house is $2000 extra so altogether the surgery is $7300.. But with care credit they have a 14.9% interest rate smh! I love Dr Hasans work and that's who I'm going too. I pray my bloodwork will be fine for surgery????. I've already started taking the centrum multivitamins and hope there good enough! I'll keep updating about my surgery can't believe it's this week!!!

What I'll be getting

Hi guys! I need to post some pics of me before surgery. But my price is 5300 because I'm getting lipo on my inner thighs and arms as well. I go in thursday for blood work and right after that straight to the recovery house to wait till Friday morning for my surgery. I'll tell u how everything goes ????

pre op pics

Dr Hasan proportion me out plz!

Pre op

Wish pics

Trip to Miami

Good afternoon guys so I live in between Orlando n Tampa not that far from Miami. So to stay on the cheap side I chose taking the greyhound bus by myself! I took the mega bus n it was actually good but this greyhound bus sucks but u get what u pay for... The bus ride is 3 hours n 30 mins. I'll live! My god mom is picking my up at the ft lauderdale stop cause that's where she lives then in the morning I'll be going to vanity Miami for my bloodwork then after that I forgot her name oops will take my to the RH! Transportation is included in the RH. So I'll update tomorrow on how the bloodwork n RH house goes :) any advice or tips?

First time at vanity

I just arrived here at vanity for first time with my god mom super nervous!!! I hope I'm not getting second thoughts. This waiting room is packed. Plz call my name soon to get this over with! Just seen someone walk out walking weird I think she had the bbl!lol I'll update after bloodwork


Just left vanity I was there from 9:30-1. I went for bloodwork and to be examined by Dr.Hasan. It was a mad house very unorganized and stressful I'm even second guessing the surgery. Augh smh. Then they had the nerve to tell me there's no room in the recovery house!!!wtf I pay $2000 for the RH and they said they were gona send me to a crappy extended stay hotel! I flipped then they said the nurse won't be able to even be with me cuz she'll be at the RH. I'm very disappointed I said no way and thank god for my RS sister (needitback) offered me her second bed in her room! What a savior if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be getting this surgery. She was sitting with me for like 30 mins talking to me giving me advice until she went back for her surgery with Dr.Fisher! I pray for her so much. But I have surgery in morning so I'm trying so hard to relax!

Surgery morning

Goodmorning everyone just arrived at vanity they told me to come in at 6 and I'm waiting outside their door and noones answering so professional right? I'll update u guys after I feel a lil but better after surgery

Arrived at recovery house

Surprised I'm able to update so quick after surgery! But right after I got out of surgery I was In pain! I was crying for my god mom lol I'm emotional I just wanted to see n be next to her but right when I arrived at RH house its very nice and clean. It was hard getting out car and into bed but I did I. Right when took my medicine I feel a lot better but it still hurts and pressure. I'd say my butt hurts more then my stomach. I'll write more when I can

Post op

Post op

My butt is filled out and my waist is a lot smaller can't wat to look under my garnet tomorrow when I get massage and take shower

Post op day 2

Headed to get a follow up from doctor at vanity today so the can drain my stomach I believe then later today I'll get my first massage

More post for u guys!

Btw I didn't end up getting the thighs or arms done so the price will be $1300 cheaper


Just had first massage n let me tell u worst feeling I ever been in no way I would repeat this experience he did a total of 18 sections on me 16 on stomach n back n of course remaining 2 on butt. I almost fainted and became very dizzy got better once I lay down. I have 3 more massages to go before I leave RH on Thursday. Idk why it's saying there's an error posting my post op pics

After massage pics

I know y'all want more!!!

Post op think I got that vixen body I wanted lol

Fluff fairy

Can't wait for my butt to fluff n stop looking so hard n unnatural lol


Yesterday during massage I took my faja off to wash n dry it but I fell asleep too long without the faja and woke up so swollen n could bearly get the faja on!!so painful so now I'm drinking n eating pineapples to get the swelling down n taking arnica pills

Post op day 3

Post op day 4

Feel a lot better today

Last vanity visit

Today I went to go to vanity for my last doctor check up but when I got there hasan was in surgery and couldn't see me. I was so mad I couldn't see the doctor personally I only saw his assistant and she only took after pictures of me then she went into the surgery room and showed him after pictures of me and he said they look okay and they basically sent me on my way. I could ask him the questions I want to. I'm highly upset. I'm going to call them and see if there's any way I can get my questions answered.

Post op day 6

Feeling a lot better day by day tomorrow I'll be leaving the vanity RH and I'll be going back home!
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