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So a few months ago I decided on Dr. Fisher. I...

So a few months ago I decided on Dr. Fisher. I know Dr. Fisher is an amazing Doctor. But I cannot lie, because dealing with Vanity has not been easy. First, my initial consult was with a different Doctor which I had already decided on, but then he left to set up his own practice and I decided to have a consultation with Fisher. I waited 6 hours to see him. Which nearly changed my mind. But after my consult, I felt good and decided to proceed with my surgery, and scheduled it for 7/7/2016. In exactly 3 weeks. After my consult was when things got really crazy with my surgical coordinator. Initially I was quoted $4,000.00 for my procedure. But the day after my procedure, Surama (Surgical Coordinator) called me to tell me that the procedure was going to now cost an extra $500.00 ($4,500.00) because Fisher decided that instead of a "regular" tummy tuck I would require an "extended" tummy tuck. Needless to say, I was not happy. I had read on other blogs how this is normal practice for Vanity, and they have had several issues wih the way they bill their patients.... After thinking about it for a few days (and flipping out on my surgical coordinator quite a few times for their lack of profesionalism) I decided to pay the extra fee because even though Vanity has horrible reviews as far as customer service goes, Dr. Fisher himself has really good reviews as far as care and patient reults, and that is what was really important to me. So here I am, surgery is 3 weeks away. I lost quite a bit of weight and I am excited to get the procedure done and remove some of the extra sking around my tummy. Will post pics and keep you updated as I go, because I see a lot of Fisherdolls on here and not many Fisherdudes (lol)... So I thought it would be cool to give you my experience from a males prespective. Also if you have had a tummy tuck, and have any helpful tips, please leave in the comment section. Thank!!!

Customer service at Vanity

Has gotten much better than what it was a few months ago. The girls have gotten really good at returning phone calls, and Ana (whom I believe is Dr. Fisher's assistant) is so nice and takes the time to answer all of my questions. I have to say I am very impressed. Can't wait for my surgery which is a little over 2 weeks away. I am down to 195 pounds which is about 40 pounds less than when I started. So that's great. Would like to get rid of a few more. So I am killing it at the gym and watching what I eat very closely in the next few weeks.

Got all my Bloodwork Done

So I got all my bloodwork done last week and was cleared for surgery by Dr. Fisher. So now I have to go see my primary Doctor on 6/30 (next thursday) so that I can get my medical clearence from him and I am good to go. A little over two weeks away and I cant wait to finally be done with this. So ready for a new me this summer =)

Exactly 2 weeks from today

I will officially be a fisherdude. I am nervous and excited all in one. This Saturday I have my appointment with my PCP for my medical clearance and then I should be good to go. All my blood work came back perfect, so Dr. fisher told me I didn't really need an ekg. However I have decided on my own to get one, I just think it will put me more at ease to know that I am 100% healthy for this process. I have been working out six days a week as well. I have read that the healthier your body is the quicker your healing process. :)

All my pre-ops are done

I got my blood work done last week and went to my primary on Saturday to get cleared for surgery. He said everything looks great and I am good to go. Also did an ekg, which fisher didn't require, and that came back good as well. Went by Fisher's office this morning and dropped off clearance letter. Surgery in next Thursday, I am ready to get this over with :)

Big day is 3 days away

It's getting very real. Positive vibes!!

Before pics

So this is the before... 2 more days :)

Vanity is a madhouse

Came to fill out all my paperwork as my surgery is tomorrow and this place is a damn insane asylum. There are so many people here. Dear god

Morning of the surgery

It's finally that day. I am so nervous and excited at the same time. I'm up early at 5 am. I need to be there by 6:15 for pre-ops. I am feeling good about my decision:) lets do this!!

I survived!!!! At home resting :)

Will post pics later :)

Pics after surgery.

So dr. Fisher is so cool. He is amazing! I know 100% that I made the best decision for me. Here are a few pics. So far the pain is not completely unbearable. Actually not even as bad as I thought it would be. Will post more tomorrow.

Post-op day 1

All in all it has not been nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I feel good. Very sore, and just took a good look at the areas dr. Fisher performed the lipo on and it is a little gruesome. But all in all, I am very happy with my results so far.

Rough night!!

Finding a comfortable position to sleep in is not proving easy. This has been a rough night. But if you are seriously considering this surgery you have to prepare yourself mentally before going through with it. The meds help BIG TIME so take them on time and you will be ok!

Pics - Postop day 2

So it's day 2 and after a rough night I am feeling much better. Have not been able to go to the bathroom (no. 2) but I'm hoping today is the day lol :-P

Post-op day 3

Can't believe I'm already here!! Three days after surgery and going strong.... Getting better slowly. Swelling is still pretty bad as you can see from the images, and the bruising on my backside from the lipo looks pretty bad.... But I am loving my results already.

The downside at the moment is how badly I want a shower. Can't wait to be cleared for that.

Also (tmi) still no number 2 lol. I have started on the magnesium citrate per dr. Order and am patiently waiting for this to happen lol. Sorry just keeping it real!! :P

Keep you posted!!

Posts-op day 4

I am so swollen... But the pain is a lot better. Here are some new pics!

I was able to go to the bathroom (#2) last night!!!! Never thought that would actually feel like an accomplishment lol :-P

Today I was able to get up on my own, wash out my hair and give myself a wipee bath (I still have the drainers in and will probably no be cleared for real showering until Friday at my next follow up). I was also able to shave and change my clothes all on my own which feels so great to be able to do again!

So I guess that's all for now. Thanks for following :)

Day 5

So it's day 5 since having surgery and I have to be honest, this has not been an easy day. It turns out my drainers were clogged, which is all the extra bloat I have been telling you all about in my last few posts. I called the surgeons office and spoke to one of the girls. After explaining to her what I was feeling, she showed me explained to me what the problem was, and how to get all of the backed up fluid out of the tubes. I did exactly what she told me with the left side and right away the bulb became completely full with fluid which gave instant relief of pressure. I then did it on the right and it too began to drain just at a slower rate. I feel a bit better than a few hours ago, but still feel tight and bloated. This is not any easy process, and there have been moments where o have questioned if this was the best decision for me. To be honest I go back and forth about it, but all In all it has not been all that bad. I have been advised by family and friends about how well I'm doing, and how impressed they were with my progress. That's always a good help in staying positive. It's not been easy, but I e already come so far. Can't wait for my final result.

I week later

Exactly one week post-op and I am feeling so much better!! Have a follow up appointment tomorrow with Dr. Fisher, so hopefully I will get the drains removed. Got out of the house today, went to CVS and was able to do a few things. Swelling is a little better. And I am standing a little straighter. Every day that passes I fee a little better.

I was able to put on sweat pants today so I could cover these compression socks. It really does get a little better everyday.

8 days later...

I am now 8 days post op. Went to a follow up appointment today, everything looks amazing. Dr. Fisher has done such a good job. They removed my tape so I got the first look at the scar and it looks great!!! Well for a scar anyhow lol. I got put into an abdominal binder which I have to wear for the next month to month and a half. But it's helping with my lower back pain and I can stand almost completely straight.

Bad part, the drains were left in. So so for the time being, still no shower..... Oh well! I feel great so whatever!! Went to a restaurant for a light breakfast right after, and now I'm home getting some rest. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel :)

Post-op day 9

Well today was a great day. Still sore, and not completely standing straight but feeling almost no pain at this point. I was pretty active today (without overdoing it). A friend picked me up, we went to brunch, then hit a few stores. I was out for a few hours, and managed really well. I plan on going back to work Monday, so this was kind of like a trial run. I think it shouldn't be too bad. I work at a law firm and sit at a desk for the most part. So I figured it won't be too bad. Will keep you all posted!!

Day 11

Today is day 11 post op and I was able to go back to work. Feels good to get out of the house and return to some normalcy because the cabin fever was starting to kick in!! Unfortunately I was unable to get into any of my pants for work because of the bloating. So I had to come on sweat pants which was fun explaining to my boss!! I'm still draining out over 25 cc's in a 24 hour period so the drains have to stay on another day or two. But I can't complain because I'm feeling pretty good. Taking some Tylenol here and there for slight pain. What I want is a nice glass of wine but I have to wait for the ok from my doctor, so that's a no go for now. So far, things are great!!!!

Some new pics

Here is a new before and after.... Very happy! Left is the day right before the surgery and right is day 11... Still very swollen but I am very very excited about my results and healing so far... :)

No more drains!!!

Had them taken out a this morning! 13 days after my surgery... I feel liberated!! And I am cleared to have a glass of wine (or two) ;) so that's great. It's a great day!

2 weeks later!!

So today I am 2 weeks post-op and feeling great! I tried sleeping in my bed last night but ended up jumping back into the recliner half way through the night. I'm still very tender so I guess I'm not ready for a mattress just yet. Aside from that I could not be happier. The swelling is usually the worst at the end of the day. But not that bad in the morning. Also I weighed myself yesterday and I am 5 pounds down from where I was pre-op. The doc told me I will drop a few more as the swelling goes down so that's pretty awesome! Hope everyone is doing great!!

Day 15

Well boys and girls it's day 15. And I was able to work 4 days this week without a problem so things are going pretty good. I ordered my scar treatment cream that was recommended to me by my doctor. He sells it, but for a much higher price then what I paid (I found it on eBay)... I'll post about that separately from this post for those of you that are interested. I get my first massage tomorrow, hopefully it won't hurt all that much, but I'll let you know how that goes. Swelling and posture getting better with each passing day.... :)

Scar pics

So at day 16 this is what the scar looks like

Day 18 update

So I am 18 days post-op.... Feeling good for the most part but still sore and swollen. Very swollen. At the love handle area, which my doctor tells me is because of the lipo, and also still some light bruises in that area as well. But improving day by day. I've been pretty active, and went walking a lot this weekend. But the heat in Miami is killing me with this tight abdominal binder lol. I had my first lymphatic massage on Saturday, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone who will do this procedure, it's helped with swelling and soreness. I'll have another one this weekend. My scar is healing very nicely. In very happy with that. I did some shopping for clothes this weekend, and fit into size medium shirts which was amazing. I have been as large as an XXL so it was a great feeling. Pants are a little harder to get into because of swelling, so I decided to hold off on that. I will start applying the cream for my scar treatment that the doctor recommended on Wednesday when it arrives. I will post about that later and tell you guys where you can get it. Hope you are all doing amazing!

Quick update

Feeling good!!

3 week anniversary

Three weeks post-op today. Feel good over all. Flanks are still very swollen so I'm going for another lymphatic massage this Saturday. Pain is very minimal. Still wearing stretch pants because everything else puts a lot of pressure on my abdomen and scar. It's been quite the journey, but three weeks later I feel good enough to say that it was worth it. Happy healing to all!!

23 days post op

Hi all!! So I am 23 days post-op today. Overall I feel good. My left side is much more swollen than my right, as you can see from the pics. Doctor said this is normal. So in not worried. Just have to let my body do its thing. I have another massage today that I am very much looking forward too. I know it will help with the swelling. I'm still sleeping on a recliner. I want to put as little strain on my scar as possible. It has definitely helped because it appears to be healing nice and thin. I will ask about exercise clearance when I go in for my massage today. :)

Scar treatment

BioCorneum - so today I started with the silicone based scar treatment cream the doctor recommended. I read really good reviews about this one, so I hope that it gives me good results. My scar for the most part is pretty thin. Anyhow, you apply a very thin layer of the cream over the scar. After a few minutes, it dries and you are good to go. My doctor sold this one for 80, but I paid 50 for it online including shipping. So just shop around for the best price. I do have to say that it does not dry as quickly as the instructions claimed, it took a few more minutes. So tonight I will try to apply and even thinner layer. Per instructions you apply once in the morning and then again before bed, and it's the only scar treatment I have found that is spf 30. I'll keep you all posted.

4 weeks post-op

Went under the knife exactly 4 weeks ago today and so far I am very happy with my results. Plus.... I went to the gym today for the first time, him got on the treadmill for 30 minutes and walked 1.5 miles. The swelling is still very persistent but the massages have helped. Feel some soreness but no pain really. It's amazing how quickly the body can heal. :)

1 month and 2 days later

Hey all!!! Ok so I am at 1 month and 2 days post op. I feel great! Almost back to normal, but not there yet. The swelling is still very persistent, especially on my left side as you can see from my pictures. I have had 5 lymphatic drainage massages since my surgery, and they really do help. I highly recommend that you do these because they help to get the swelling down. My scar looks great. I have been applying my scar treatment cream twice a day and I am already seeing results. Going to the gym about 3 times a week. Been walking on the treadmill about 1.5 miles each time. Hopefully I can start incorporating more exercises in the next few days.

5 weeks

Quick update

A little over 3 months

Quick update. It's a little over three months and still some swelling the cones and goes along with some tenderness, mostly of the flanks. Also still numb on most of the area around the belly button. Overall I am very happy with my results :) slowly been getting back to the gym. Did some abdominal workouts the other day, but left me very sore. So I think I will hold off on that for a few more weeks.

I will be hones, they have not been the most professional at Vanity Cosmetics, however my experince has not been any where near as bad as the others I have read on here. The girls on the Vanity team can be rude, but my surgical coordinator (Surama) has been pretty easy to work with. Dr. Fisher is very busy, so be prepared for long wait times. But I hear he is well worth the wait. He is very friendly and will take the time to answer all of your questions.

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