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Hello dolls so my surgery is a little over a...

Hello dolls so my surgery is a little over a month away, and im excited anxious and scared at the same time. I chose to go with Dr. Fisher because from the work and reviews that I have seen HE IS AWESOME! I initially did my deposit during a special they were running in the beginning of the year. Im getting a Brazilian Butt Lift and a Lipo of the Inner Thigh. My thoughts on Vanity Cosmetics is this communication is not horrible in my opinion however organization is pretty much ASS, first off i was originally scheduled on August 7th after maybe 2 grand invested and 3 months after booking, my coordinator Angie decides to tell me that she had been meaning to contact me to inform me that Dr. Fisher wont be in on the 7th of August, i was initially pissed why? because I had everything planned out already and shit to do later that month! Soooooo I ended up getting a last minute appt on August 15th. Also when it came to getting my invoices for payments my coordinator begin slacking BIG TIME!!! So ladies keep all your receipts and emails just to cover yourself.

So I then proceeded to get a consultation for June 27th I did the consultation for several reasons one being i really want to be 100% cleared by the time of my surgery so I wanted to see what Dr. Fisher expected from me prior to surgery. So I was 5'6 206 ibs when i did my consultation i have been dieting and orginially came from 232 since may. So i already had in my mind that I wanted to get down to 188 before surgery. Dr. Fisher then told me that I carry my weight very well and have a curvy physique that needs to be enhanced. However, due to me having a baby when i was younger he said that my skin is slightly loose but he said my back skin and thigh skin is good. He was very knowledgeable, honest, however he doesnt give you an exact image of what you will have. He did say since my butt is already big i will have a big butt after surgery.

So i will keep you guys updated with whats going and post some before and after pics !!! Smooches Dolls XOXO

Dr.Fisher Reviews Skeptical

Hello dolls, okay quick question i have been seeing mixed reviews about Dr.fisher work being not as expected can some of the FisherDolls that has already had the procedure done or people that know of women that have had their procedure done please come through in the comments and tell me what they think of the results that fisher has given.

Wish Pics

Ive uploaded a few pics that describes exactly what im looking for. However i do know i have to be realistic about my results everybody body frame is different. However i have full faith that fisher will come through and get ya girl right. I really uploaded alot of pictures of porsha from the housewives because i believe my frame matches hers with the wide bottom compared to the top.

Major key !!!!

Soooo today i booked my lymphatic messages with Marian Sotelo of Medical Massage Professionals. After doing alot of research lymphatic messages are a major key in surgery to release fluid retention soreness and a bulky appearance sooooo with that being said i thought it was vital that i booked for 5 for 260.00 which is well worth it from her reviews which said she is a LIFE SAVER in summary !

Garment for the lowwwww

So close !!!

Im officially less than a month away from getting my surgery im excited and nervous at the same time i hope fisher snatch this waist and ass !!!

PreOp Pics

Hoping to lose 10 - 12 more ibs before surgery. Then hoping fisher does aggressive lipo for inner thigh and stomach and flanks

Getting Closer and Closer

22 days until the BIG DAY !

Pre-Op Pics

Need that waist and stomach snatched and that ass to be fat !!!!

21 days!!

21 days until the big day and man is it coming quick ive already requested all of my days off work and im doing my labs this upcoming wednesday. Vanity has been really good with keeping in touch with me concerning my lab work, date of operation etc etc. when i go to them wednesday i need to know when im suppose to be getting my pain med prescription i do not want to wait the day of to be running trying to get them

Blood work and paperwork

So im here today at vanity to complete my blood work and paper work, its almost that time !!!!

Question SX DOLLS

Where can you purchase the marbles for the belly button from?

Test results came back

Of course something had to be unsatisfactory for the lovely vanity cosmetics my coordinator ana called me saying my hemoglobin was one point below the requirement and not on do i have to take iron pills but i also have to go back and retake the test the week before !!

Cheaper Fajas

Ladies here is the location and phone number of the faja store literally up the street from vanity going east they sell the same fajas as vanity for a wayyyyyy cheaper price! SAVE SAVE SAVE !!

Got Scars

So i have done a little research and came to find a few scar creams that are said to work miracles! One thing i hate is when women get the bbl procedure and you can still recognize the areas that the surgeon inserted tools in. These creams were rated A1 by women using them for various reasons!

10 days until the day!!

10 more days !!!!

1 week until my surgery

Sooooo ladies im one week preop and im excited im pretty much ready. My surgery is fully paid off, i have my faja, arnica gel, boppy pillow, bbl pillow, on the go pee device, my scar cream, and mattress protectors. I have been taking my iron supplements and will be retaking my iron text towards the end of this week!!!!

Hurt beyond measures

Anna called me today saying that my surgery would have to be rescheduled because my iron is still at an 11. Ive already spent sooooo mcuh money for this surgery to just go down the drain !!!!!!! How can you tell someone this 3 days before their surgery!!!!!! I asked to have fisher call me because there is no way im rescheduling my surgery all the way until January! Im already on vacation from job

Surgery Tomorrow !!!!

Hello dolls, I know i updated you guys with info friday stating that the office had called me attempting to reschedule or cancel my surgery. However later that day after i demanded to speak to fisher himself for some type of accommodation especially when im already on vacation from my job booked all my massages, have my caretaker in place, and bought all of the items necessary for this costly surgery. yisel called me giving me a solution for an iron treatmeant, which included taking my iron pills 3 times a day as well as getting the liquid for of iron purabsorb or floradix to up my iron by one point for monday, I go in at 9:00 am to take another CBC test then my surgery is at 2pm. In all honestly my surgery has to go on with or without that extra point that is required im doing everything required including eating steak and red meats, and taking all of the iron supplements, but the show must go on especially when all together its costing me 7 grand !!!!

Moved Back date

Welp ladies my surgery has been moved back! I went in early today to do my cbc test and my blood was at an 11.6, 0.4 points away from the requirement. Im not even mad that they rescheduled me because the anesthesiologists was very good at explaining to me the consequences he also seemed as though he cared from thursday until today my Blood had risen 0.6 points with a two day treatment so thats good. I have rescheduled until september 2nd to really get everything situated and to use labor day weekend as my advantage my cousin will be my caretaker then and i will also be going back to work this week and rescheduling my vacation. Within these two weeks im also going to lose 10 ibs. Gods plan!

Pushing that iron level up !!

So these are some of the supplements that I have been taking to get my iron up plus i have been eating lots of meat like steak chicken and greens like spinach broccoli and drinking cranberry juice and losts of vitamin C. I pray by next week monday my iron be where it needs to be!

Iron is still low

My iron is still at a 11.3 im just about to cancel this surgery and try again next year im so discouraged and i have one week to get it up and i dont know what else to do

Hasan is back!

So apparently dr.hasan is back and im so considering switching but his requirements are steeper than fishers and his price is a bit higher i would have to pay 300$ more

Switched and rescheduled

Im not going to take this iron lightly and keep stressing myself so i have decided to finish my semester in school and go to my obgyn and work on my iron and get it together. I requested to reschedule for december 16-19 any dates in between that. And i also asked to get dr.Hasan i like fisher dont get me wrong but Hasan is a beast !!!!! So i hope i can switch to him !!


So i spoke to Ana at Vanity and changed my date to december after my graduation with Hasan on December 20th i couldnt go with Fisher even if i wanted to because he stops surgery on December 8th and thats too early of a date i graduate the 16th. In the meantime im going to work on getting my BMI to a 29 and getting my hemo up

Weight loss so far

Hello dolls so so far since i started getting more and more serious on my diet since september the 1st i have lost a total of 7 ibs. Before the month is over im trying to aim at losing another 9 ibs. I will update you guys on the success of that. I have also been taking my purabsorb twice a day, prenatals with folic acid, and my iron pills im going to invest in some vitamin C pills because novemver i have to take that dreadful hemo test again UGH !


Okay so vanity is really starting to work my nerves. I get calles today saying that Hasan wont be in on my scheduled date of december 20th because of some unforeseen problems. So they go on to tell me that he will be available january 16th. Of course i denied it and told them to give me the 14th and they did. I hung up and called back for his coordinator and told her to make sure that i will be in on the 14th, she said i will. Sooooo now i have to change my massage dates and off dates once again !!!

Anybody have a march 2016

Anybody have a march 2016 appt and would like to switch to go earlier in February??
Miami Physician

Im excited to see him do wonders on this body !!!

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