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I'm 23 years old I will be 24 in July. I have...

I'm 23 years old I will be 24 in July. I have 1 child a Daughter that I love so much. Don't want any more kids. I want to get my body on point. I was going to get my procedure done by Dr osak omulepu I did so much research on him I love his work it's amazing. But I had to change and go with Dr Dr. James Mcadoo because Dr Omulepu had his license temporary suspended. Which really sucks but I think I'll be ok with Mcadoo his work is amazing I've done reviews on him I guess I'm ready to be a Mcadoll lol. I want a small waist and A Big Bootyyyyyyyyy I will tell him when I see him next month lol. I'm going through everything with vanity everything is going good so far Shirley Miranda has been the best so far she's been helping me with everything. They have my down payment will pay the rest by next week can't wait ... And my sister lives in Miami so I will be. Staying with her not in a recovery house thank god for her

21 more days

Can't wait so ready for this

Need that booty

Counting down the days lol

Two years ago

I took this pic

8 More Days !!!!

I can not wait OMG it's almost time March 18th

Shit is getting real

Everything is paid off in full I'm ready

6 More Days !!!

Here are some before pics

Miami tomorrow !!!!!

Getting my last lil bit of stuff together
My flight is at 10AM !!!!

On my way to the airport

On my way Miami !!!!! This Ny traffic is
Crazy ughhhhh

I'm here !!!

It's about that time Dolls

I got the wagon lol !!

I've been in so much pain the first day is no joke guys I'll post pics as soon as I can. Macadoo is the best in telling y'all he really is so nice he mad me feel loved and very comfortable. I told him what I wanted and he gave me so much better. All the nurses kept saying OMG it's so BIG lol

This first day pain is crazy

All I was doing was crying it's real bad my follow up is today @ 12 and I think I'm getting my first massage today I hope it don't hurt

Yall ready

day 1 My doctor is so Amazing I love my new body !!!!

Today is my last check up before I go home

I hope he take my drain out today I don't need it any more. I haven't gotten my massages yet thinking about today or tomorrow I was in so much pain that's why but today makes day 3 and I'm feeling much better

4 Dayss !!!

Loving my new body on my way back home to

Feels good to be home

Thank god my mom is over to help me wash up for the first time and help me take my drain out feeling better think I'm going to get a massage today I really need it

Tomorrow makes 1 week !!!!

Feeling really good I've been getting my massages I'm not playing keeping my body A1 Ready for the summer !!!

Almost two weeks!!!

Feeling so much better still in a lil pain
It will get better by the days

Loving my body !!!!

Quick pic

Just got another massage yesterday my stomach got flatter make sure you guys get them very important

Sexy pic for you guys #mcadoll


Got my faja taking in another 3 fingers

After this it's time to get another 1 my waist is getting smaller & smaller lol

I'm 4 weeks !!!

Sat Night out

Loving my hips

Feeling so good

Spa day

2 month update

I feel good sometimes I have pain in my back but for the most part I'm good

All summer 16

More pics

Look back @ it

I will be 3 months in 7 Days

5 month update

I'm loving my body & my ass ????

I will post more soon

Show off ..

Body on fleek !!

I'm going to start going to the gym now

Just a Lil update on the bbl

Sexy sexy

Update !!!!

Thinking about doing round 2 with Dr. Daniel Calva

I love my body but I think I want just a Lil more so April it is

Vegas trip

Body on point ????????

More Vegas pics

It's almost time for round 2

Just 2 more months baby

A Better View

Don't get me wrong I love my body I just want to go a Lil bigger

Ok so round 2 is booked with Dr. Calva

March 30th is my date I will start a new review soon stay tune .....

Ok so I had did my first bbl with Dr. James Macdoo...

Ok so I had did my first bbl with Dr. James Macdoo and I love his work and what he did to my body it's nothing wrong he did the works on me and I'm still in love with my body but I just want to go Much Bigger on my butt and my hips and calva will deliver that his work is amazing at going big plus my waist is small already so you know what that means I'm
Going smaller on the waist to I'm ready for perfection. So just a month away baby !!!!
Oh and I'm thinking about staying in curvy rh she gave me a good quote so I might just do that it will save a lot of money

30 more days

I updated in my boobs review lol

29 more days

29 more days till calva make that ass and hips fatterrrrr !!!!!!! &I I'm also getting lipo in my inner thigh I want a Lil gap

14 more days !!!!

Can't wait hurry up already

Off to Miami on my way

Can't believe I'm doing this all over again but it's for the better !!!!

Body A1

Summer 17 ready
Key Biscayne General Surgeon

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