35 Year Old Mother of 2 BBL - Miami, FL

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Im scheduled to have a BBL with Dr.Hasan on Oct...

Im scheduled to have a BBL with Dr.Hasan on Oct 19,2016. Im so nervous and excited.Ladies could you please share with me your experience with Dr.Hasan? Can you tell me the do's and donts.Im on a strict budget so anything to cut back on cost would be greatly appreciated.How long does the procedure take? Can you give me a list of must have items I should bring.


Is anyone else here going to have their procedure on 10/19/16?

Lose Weight

Should I lose weight before my procedure?


Can anyone suggest any reasonable nice clean (Preferably has a kitchenette ) hotels near the surgery location: Palmetto Lakes Surgical Center 2100 W76 St Hialeah, FL 33016

My House Flooded

Im in Louisiana and my home flooded we lost everything. Ive been so busy trying to find contractor, knocking down walls to pulling up flooring that I dont have time for anything else.I cant even focus on my procedure thats is coming up soon. I dont want to push it back but Im soooooo tired. My diet is so crazy because Im eating whatever is available. So now I have to hurry and lose 5-10 pounds. I say 10 because I rather be safe then sorry. Anyone have any quick weight loss secrets?

Traveling Massage Therapist

Can anyone referral me to a good reasonable Traveling Massage Therapist in Miami

Blood work

So I received my lab work back and was told that Glucose is elevated 121 and your HB is 11.2 and it needs to be at 11.5. Does anyone have any recommendations?


Has anyone heard or used My Body Contour for massages?

Live My Results

Sorry I haven't been here but the sx is a process Im on Instagram if you want to see more. @hasantreats

more hips and more booty

Cant believe Im thinking about round 2.Im happy with my results but I want more hips and booty

Hard Lower Back

I'm still happy with my results but Im experiencing lower back pain and stiffness. My lower back is very hard has any other dolls experienced this, if so how did you fix it?
Miami Physician

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