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( sorry my engligh im french ) So i decided to do...

( sorry my engligh im french ) So i decided to do a BBL at Vanity cosmetic surgery with Dr Fisher. I Paid in full yesterday and now Alexis my coordinator told me since its a wire transfer it takes a day she will send me my invoice showing that i paid in 24h .. i'm going to call them to see after 24h because i feel like you always have to remind them for stuff or they dont do it .. i really love Fisher results so thats why im taking the risk and going with Vanity i just hope i dont have any problem like them rescheduling my surgery date or anything because my flight is book and my recovery house too (i'll be staying at Claudia's btw) she's 145$ a day.. i will arrive in miami the 2nd novembre for my pre-op and the 3rd im supposed to have my surgery.. i starter taking my iron pills yesterday now i have so much things to by like maxi dress, boppy pillow, lipo board, lipo foam, antibacterial soap. So i decided to do my blood work in canada also just to make sure im good and dont have any surprise in miami, they sent me a rx and Monday i'll do it .. i hope my hemo at least at 12 !!! Im 22 days left i cant believe im doing this its so weird to me i dont know what to expect but around me everybody already did surgery like my younger sister did her breast when whe was 18.. and i feel like now its my turn i want to be on the top of my shape .. ill be posting pictures.. i want to know if anybody had a problem with fisher last min rescheduling this past months !? Btw im 5f6 1/2 153pounds ( currently at my fattest, im normally 135 lbs ) so after the surgery i want to loose 15-20 lbs


Regardless everybody says .. for the moment i dont feel like since i have paid they have been taking me for granted .. they keep answering me every question i have quick and following all step they sended me my patient portal link today.. Alexis and Ana are sweetheart... buuuut im really prepared to anything because i have been reading alot of things saying like when you call they dont answer and things like this well so far i'm feeling in great hands !


So my surgery the 3rd and i have to go for pre op the 2nd between 9am to 12pm and i just noticed i booked the wrong flight on the 2nd. The flight i booked arrive in miami at 4pm which is way to late so ill have to change flight for 300$ more -_-" at this point i dont wanna spend any more money lol but i mean its fine ill do it .. 300$ is better than rescheduling for almost 1000$


I'm wondering when they taking the drain off after surgery !? Ill be staying 6 nights 7 days so hopefully they can take them off before i go back to canada

Before pic vs expectation

So here is a pic of me now and another photoshopped to show what im looking for.. more volume on top and less outer thighs, i did added lipo for outer thighs..its really the area i cant get rid of even when training !

Going for my labs in canada

So today im going to do all my blood work i hope i get the results that im clear.In Quebec it's all covered so i wont have to pay nothing.. i've been slacking with the iron pills to 40mg a day and i started at 60mg well today back at 60mg i really want my hemo at 12 im taking floradix iron pills

Tonight i had a dream, it was so weird because it felt so real. I was talking with a girl from miami and i told her i was going to do a bbl with fisher at vanity and she responded to me that fisher didnt worked there anymore and then i was like no he work there im sure then i go to his page on realself and i see he changed clinic and i was so shocked because vanity didnt wanted me to be refund and i had to choose another doctor ! Omg nightmare .. i hope this wont happen lol because last time i had that type of dream it really happened -_-" !!!

Anyone who had surgery with fisher...

Hey girls.. im wondering if you see dr Fisher at the pre op or you see him only the day of surgery ?


I am concern about having money on me because ill be staying at a recovery hous and i knkw i need to have cash on me since ill have to pay last minute things like medication etc.. anyone have tips to give me ? Do yall give your cell phone and purse to the nurse (from the recovery house) that will come get you after surgery or you keep it at the clinic with you ?

Anybody ever got refunded by Vanity ?

So lately ive been doing some more research and i found so many girls doing brazilian but lift and had to go for implants afterwards since the fatt dont stay.. ive been saving my money for so long now and it cost me near 11k ( canadian dollars ) doing the bbl.. and i found a doctor in colombia whos doing butt implant plus breast lift wih augmentation he quoted me 6500 us and he is really good.. hes name is Dr juan diego mejia.. yall should check his work, ive talked to him he responded so fast and i like the fact that you can be in touch with the dr not loke fisher that you have to wait the day of surgery !! I would have had my breast and my butt done omg at this point i feel like im about to loose my money at vanity ! Alot of girls tht had a bbl have had to do it again or have done butt implants after before the fat goes down after 1 or two year .. now i really feel stupid.. and ive heard so many story that vanity dont refund ... here is my question .. anybody have ever being refunded by Vanity and how long did it took ? If i change Dr i still want my surgery to be done maximum next month

Flying to miami in 4 days

Omg im so stressed now ..i cant even sleep at night lol ! Im excited but so scared at the same time. I keep having some " what if !?" In my mind.. im not even really prepared since im such a last minute person ! Monday im going to get my labs results and do last minute shopping for the surgery & start my luggage .. so far ive been talking to a friend who had a bbl and she told be that bbl is better than butt implants since u have less risk of getting infection .. now im back and im more than happy about the decision i made but im aware that i might have to go for a round 2 (as 90% of the population who have done a bbl) in about a year or two ! I havent buy another faja .. is it really important !? Like the faja ill have after surgery can i just wash it and re-use it or i really need a second one .. i wanted to keep the same while in miami then buy a new one after when ill have to get a smaller size

Labs are good =D !!!

So my labs are OK.. my hemo is at 12.8 and surgery is in 4 days so i stopped taking vitamins but im going to buy more iron pills so i can make sure i dont go below 12 .

Miami pre-op

So im here in miami waiting for my pre-op shaking already ( its so freaking cold here ) lol im so nervous and im sitting there like what did i got myself into and i didnt needed that etc etc lol

well my plan for surgery is to not have lipo to my belly since i dont have alot of fat there and i hate the fact that most people lose definition of their abs after having lipo but i hope fisher will find enough fat to build me a nice round butt.. i dont know if he ask me to do lipo to my belly for more fat i might have to do it and lose my athletic belly =( if its between this and having a butt !

Btw i find eres aka vanity so unprofessional they barely speak english .. i speak better than them and im french like really !? The nurse that did my lab work just took my blood and did a sign of hand saying you can go.. i was like OK !? What do i have to do now ? I almost left when the receptionnist told me to wait in the other room like how do you want me to know if you dont tell me anything

And they make you sign bunch of paper stating that if you go to surgery the same day they are allowed to change your surgeon last minute and you have to choose someone else omg im so stressed now i just signed everything i hope they dont call me with bad news =( if i have to switch im going with hasan thats it

Wish me luck dolls !


Surgery confirmed tomorrow with fisher at 6:15 AM ! Im sooooo stressed i have pimples everywhere on my face that keep popping out of nowhere loll


I woke up shaking like crazy i was still shaking a bit when arrive to the recovery house ill update later im really tired

Post op day 2

so yesterday i went to the clinic they daid i cohld take a shower but i felt so dizzy that i only had my massage.

Fist massage is really hurting like at some place it feels like burning .. i could hear the fluid moving in my back ( still can this morning ) claudia and her assitant placed the foam and ive been sleeping almost all day ... claudia is such a sweetheart and her assistant they wake up at night to make sure im good and to give me the medecin a need they always come to help me even during night when i have to go to the bathroom .. i started going to the bathroom alone because im getting better now

I so dont wanna leave with seroma and even tho we have free healtcare in canada Fisher told me if i still have seroma they wont help me get rid of it ill have to go see a plastic surgeon which will cost alot so until then im thinking of staying longer at the recovery house.

My face is really swollen but it's slowly getting down

And really i dont know what to think about that surgery now i feel too big but im going to wait until im less swollen and iwanna lose pounds because i feel like im massive now -_- .. i paid for lipo to outter thighs and i said to fisher to not inject fat to my thighs i feel like he did put fat to my thighs they are bigger i already had hips and people loved my hips its the only compliment i was having from people my hips now i look like a hippo -_-" ! Im gonna try and talk to him before i leave ..

Omg the fluid in my back is so annoying i can feel it moving =(

I never had any surgery its my first i so wanted to dk my breast to but for real im not going to do anything more thats my first and last surgery

Right now im not satisfied but maybe after recovery ill go to the gym and ill have the body i want
The day of surgery i was 150 and but normally at 140 i always had abs now i feel like the lipo will not give me the abs i had before no more abs no more nothing At this point i wish i could go back and ive done something else with my money ...

Second massage

Just had my second massage ! I was able to handle it to the end .. i took a shower and i feel like improving i dont take any more percocet only tylenol maybe tonight before sleeping ill have one percocet .. i like how it makes me sleep so fast .

During massage i had less fluids ive been draining alot the drain makes the job easier im optimistic that by the time i have to leave i wont have any more fluids .

My flight on the 9th is a connecting flight for a total of 5hour and 30 mins but ill totally book a non stop flight for a 3:30 hours total i dont wanna have two take off two landing and another time i loose money -_-"

So if i can ive any advice dont book your flight too early and take non stop flights ! You never know if you will end up staying longer

Post op day 3

I like the result im just 3 day post op and alot of swelling went down and i know its gonna go down even more .. im kind of disappointed because i dont have the back projection that i wanted ... right now its fine but smaller than that i would be really sad and i know its gonna happen

Now i feel like if its goes even more down than that i would have waste my money ( 11k canadian dollars ) even my boyfriend told me is not that big but its nice and natural but i know in my head now its nice but its gonna do down again and it will be like i have done nothing and for all the suffering... was it really worth it ? Well only time will tell me now i just wanna get better

A round 2 is out of the question bbl is really a painful surgery if not the most painful of all surgeries lol if that. Butt shrunk no more butt for me especially bbl because to me paying all that money to lose the butt is a really bad investment( 11k i could have cashed down on a condo where i live ) so maybe butt implant are a better plan especially if you are fitt and like to go to the gym you can be sure you wont lose your butt if you have implants anyways..

So far the recovery as been so painful around my stomach i have burning sensation and i heard its part of the healing process that little nerve trying to reattach

I had my massage it was so painful again because im only on tylenol now . I havent been draining alot . The drain is so annoying i feel it in my stomach everytime -_-" and i have skin discoloration due to the lipo my stomach and back is darker than my actual skin color

Overall im feeling better im less weak and i can walk only thing i would say is the burning feeling because with the pressure of the foam sometime you feel it even more

Claudia and Frania are so sweet i love them i dont wanna leave i wanna stay here until im fully recovered lol they are really awesome i feel like im gonna cry when ill have to leave they really take good care of me . The food is good . They are available 24 hour. They always come with snack im always full lol ive been eating so much but more you eat more your recovery will be fast so i dont mind at this point. She cook healthy food she use to be 200 pounds and now she 100 something so its really part of her regimen to be healthy also she has medical knowledge she studied in so she knows everything that js good for you . And she is fully equipped: garment , foam , fads , arnica , boppy pillow everything ! Im impress the place is clean and relaxing love it and theres a big flat screen tv with all channel

Post op day 4

I have alot more energy today ! Im really starting to love my shape ! I want my but to stay like this omg the back projection that i always wanted lol !

Ill have my 4th massage today in total im planning to have 6 before leaving amd hoping i wont have seroma when back home

I have less burning sensation but still very much there !

Still have fluids in my back but really less and for the moment dont have any in my stomach i just have alot of inflammation around stomach and back

Im starting to bruise a little

Dr fisher did his job ! I love it.. im really going to thank him before leaving .. i was his first patient .. i made sure to come for pre op early in the morning the day before i dont know if it had an impact but i was pretty happy to be first ..

About vanity/eres i would never again put my money between them i love fisher but the day of surgery you should be excited but i was just worried that they push my date and dont refund me etc etc so no ill not take that kind risk again ! And they make sure you sign the paper the day before surgery so if the dr is not available you just choose someone else i didnt really felt secure about that. Like i came all the way from another country for that doctor and last min you want me to pick someone else or you keep the money !? Nooo way .. im happy it didn't happen its either you loose ur mpney or you go with a different doctor that your not really satisfied with the result hes giving

On that note, im planning of having my breast done in a year ! I wish i could do it like this summer but ill be working like crazy =(

Full stomach lipo

I didnt had alot of fat in my stomach to start and i had abs.. i just hope my abs will come back again

Traveling with the foam

So im leaving soon back to canada .. i was just wondering if any of u have ever passed security with the foam around your stomach ( under faja ) .. i dont want them to think i have something else since in usa they have the machine that you can see thru.. if they think i have something else and they make me loose my flight by checking me for hours i would be so mad so is it better for me to take out the foam just for the travel ?

Post op day 5

So i just got my drain taken out because im leaving tomorrow ! Woah it feels great not to have to carry that everywhere ..all my incisions are close but not the one that had the drain.. i feel like its still draining a bit but reaaaally little

Im getting itchy everywhere on my body but ive done some research once again tiny nerve are trynna reattach .. its so annoying and im still swollen and have burning sensation on both side of my stomach

Im tired of being on my stomach everytime im starting to have neck pain any advice?

I hate all the scars i have now around my body =( its not flattering anyone had use a cream /lotion that left almost no scar ???

Post op day 6 and leaving town

Im finally leaving miami i cant wait to see my boyfriend and my family .. improving each and everyday .. alot of inflammation around my stomach have gone i already starting to see my abs yay im so happy. I have really a thick skin but fisher really took ever last bit of fat

everyday the swelling go down and everyday my waist come skinnier .. i took a shower but i forgot to take new pic .. i will for sure soon top keep u guus updated

i really love my butt right now but im really a perfectionnist and my right butt have less back projection than my left i just hope i wont end up with a but bigger than the other lol

Ill update to let know how the flight went .. 3h30 night flight and im planning to stay up all the time lol or locking myself in the bathroom because its a boing 747 these plane are so small

Post op day 8

Wearing the foam and the triangle is really bothering me now i cant wait until its all done.. on the picture its not as big at it is in reality . I really love it, my boyfriend cant get its hang off of me lol is going crazy about it .

Its still hard bot getting softer slowly but surely. Its gettin so annoying being up or on my stomach all the time

I want my butt to stay the same size so im trying not to lose weight right now . The only problem is now my body is fine. Ut i have a mini double chin that i dont have when im at 140lbs ( curently 153) so its either i lose the weight to have more definition to my face or im thinking of getting Kybella injection.. well ill see

My stomach is still swollen at some place and hard. My but dont really hurt me but i cant walk fast or bend to low .. anyways for the first 2 months you dont wanna stretch you butt to much because the fat that have being transfered as to have blood circulate all the time or you will lose it so its important to walk slow , not to take big step , not bending to low . In a perfect world if you could just stay straight for two month youll make sure all the fat tranfered survived . But its impossible lol


The flight went support smooth it wasnt a full flight and i asked the flight attendant if she could save me a row if theres were one left she basically told me .. after take off first that get it will be there i found this so rude of her regarding my situation well i sat during take off and landing i put my blanket under my thighs so i would not have all the pressure directly to my butt and i was standing up a little bit every 10min to make sure my blood is supplying and circulation go through.

After take off i walked to the front and then to rear to spot a row and everything was taken but i saw a men sitting and the two other sit were free so i EXTREMELY POLITELY asked him if i coukd get the row that i ahd a surgery and i cant sit that its painfull and he can take my sit and for landing he can have his sit back because his luggage were there and everything as for my luggage were at my sit i told him i can give you 20$ if you want and i can show you my clearance letter to prove that.. he was super sweet he told me no you dont have to. Do it i give you the row i was so happy ..
forl landing i lifted my butt with my arm everythingg went. Smooth im so happy i booked the non stop even tho i have lost again money in flight

Booty buddy

Vanity gave me a paper saying all the does and dont and in aprox 1 week i can drive again. now im thinking of buying the booty buddy but i want you guys to let me know if i should buy it or no ? I wanna know if its worth it.. right now k feel like i cant do anything since i cant sit but maybe with this ill have a life again

Uneven butt cheek

My right butt cheek is smaller thAn my left one its annoying me -_-" !!! I thought it was because one were more swollen but now i can really feel the volume difference arggg...

2 weeks post op

So far im feeling really better ! Now im scared because the swelling is gone but now i have lump & bump on my stomach and hard spot ..i just hope it will go with time .. im trying to massage as much i can hopefully it will be gone i hate the time of stomach that is noticeable that had lipo =( im going to post pic tomorrow

My garment starting to feel loose im gonna have it altered i dont wanna buy i new one because i dont want a smaller one to be tight on my butt i like how this on feels

My booty definitely turns head im so happy lol i love it the shape is awesome dr fisher did amazing im in love with my body

Anyone have had lumps & bumps ? How long does it takes to have a smooth stomach and any tricks to make it smooth again ???? Help !

Lost of volume

Im so scared to lose too much volume .. after all i went through and all the money i have been putting into this procedure.. im losing volume each and everyday =( my boyfriend told me that its more round but same size as it was before and i totally agree with him since i have lost volume already .. so many people tell me it needs a round 2 but hell no im not gonna put 11k into this procedure again -_- !!! I know eventually im gonna drop 5-10 pounds due to the fact that im not on my natural weight right now and im scared to lose more of the butt by dropping pounds !

But at the same time i didnt do all of this to be back to what i was before so if ever i have to do a 2nd round ill go to colombia for sure or ill have implants in colombia

Scar treatment

Im using kelo cote gel cream for my scar so far i have seen good result and the gel is quite expensive but i rather spend more money for something that actually work

Mensuration.. im now at 34-28-43
5 days after surgery i was : 34-29-44

So i lost 1 inch so far

My dimples are starting to come back
My butt is les stiff, becoming softer and start to jiggle a bit

Im still at 153 my waist is skinny but butt is bigger but my face is still chubby and my arms are fat -_-" ... i hate to have a chubby face i really need to drop 5-10 lbs maximum after my recovery because i need definition to my face its two different person between when i can see my cheekbones and when i just have fat cheek and double chin ( nothing flattering) .. im that kind of person when i gain, i gain everywhere especially in the face =(

1 month post op

Its been a month now ! Im still at 44" and waist around 28-27

By now im supposed to be able to sit since fisher ask no sitting for 4-6 weeks .. im going to wait until 6 weeks maybe 8 weeks ..

I have a diner at the restaurant next week and its going to be only 5 weeks im going to be sitting for maybe 2 hours .. is it ok for me to sit after 5 weeks for just couple hours and then wait again and not sit until 6 or 8 weeks .. like is one night gonna affect my results ? Or ill have to cancel the diner with my friends
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Havent met him yet

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