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( sorry my engligh im french ) So i decided to do...

( sorry my engligh im french ) So i decided to do a BBL at Vanity cosmetic surgery with Dr Fisher. I Paid in full yesterday and now Alexis my coordinator told me since its a wire transfer it takes a day she will send me my invoice showing that i paid in 24h .. i'm going to call them to see after 24h because i feel like you always have to remind them for stuff or they dont do it .. i really love Fisher results so thats why im taking the risk and going with Vanity i just hope i dont have any problem like them rescheduling my surgery date or anything because my flight is book and my recovery house too (i'll be staying at Claudia's btw) she's 145$ a day.. i will arrive in miami the 2nd novembre for my pre-op and the 3rd im supposed to have my surgery.. i starter taking my iron pills yesterday now i have so much things to by like maxi dress, boppy pillow, lipo board, lipo foam, antibacterial soap. So i decided to do my blood work in canada also just to make sure im good and dont have any surprise in miami, they sent me a rx and Monday i'll do it .. i hope my hemo at least at 12 !!! Im 22 days left i cant believe im doing this its so weird to me i dont know what to expect but around me everybody already did surgery like my younger sister did her breast when whe was 18.. and i feel like now its my turn i want to be on the top of my shape .. ill be posting pictures.. i want to know if anybody had a problem with fisher last min rescheduling this past months !? Btw im 5f6 1/2 153pounds ( currently at my fattest, im normally 135 lbs ) so after the surgery i want to loose 15-20 lbs


Regardless everybody says .. for the moment i dont feel like since i have paid they have been taking me for granted .. they keep answering me every question i have quick and following all step they sended me my patient portal link today.. Alexis and Ana are sweetheart... buuuut im really prepared to anything because i have been reading alot of things saying like when you call they dont answer and things like this well so far i'm feeling in great hands !


So my surgery the 3rd and i have to go for pre op the 2nd between 9am to 12pm and i just noticed i booked the wrong flight on the 2nd. The flight i booked arrive in miami at 4pm which is way to late so ill have to change flight for 300$ more -_-" at this point i dont wanna spend any more money lol but i mean its fine ill do it .. 300$ is better than rescheduling for almost 1000$


I'm wondering when they taking the drain off after surgery !? Ill be staying 6 nights 7 days so hopefully they can take them off before i go back to canada

Before pic vs expectation

So here is a pic of me now and another photoshopped to show what im looking for.. more volume on top and less outer thighs, i did added lipo for outer thighs..its really the area i cant get rid of even when training !

Going for my labs in canada

So today im going to do all my blood work i hope i get the results that im clear.In Quebec it's all covered so i wont have to pay nothing.. i've been slacking with the iron pills to 40mg a day and i started at 60mg well today back at 60mg i really want my hemo at 12 im taking floradix iron pills

Tonight i had a dream, it was so weird because it felt so real. I was talking with a girl from miami and i told her i was going to do a bbl with fisher at vanity and she responded to me that fisher didnt worked there anymore and then i was like no he work there im sure then i go to his page on realself and i see he changed clinic and i was so shocked because vanity didnt wanted me to be refund and i had to choose another doctor ! Omg nightmare .. i hope this wont happen lol because last time i had that type of dream it really happened -_-" !!!

Anyone who had surgery with fisher...

Hey girls.. im wondering if you see dr Fisher at the pre op or you see him only the day of surgery ?


I am concern about having money on me because ill be staying at a recovery hous and i knkw i need to have cash on me since ill have to pay last minute things like medication etc.. anyone have tips to give me ? Do yall give your cell phone and purse to the nurse (from the recovery house) that will come get you after surgery or you keep it at the clinic with you ?
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Havent meet him yet

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