Upcoming BBl with Dr Fisher....need a Recovery House - Miami, FL

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I finally decided to proceed with the surgery. I...

I finally decided to proceed with the surgery. I am scheduled with Dr Fisher on June 9. I was dealing with lia at vanity...but for some reason im dealing with ana now...however, both of them have been very nice so far.PLEASE LADIES HELP ME FIND A PLACE TO STAY!!! ...open for suggestions...their recovery house is to much :(

thanks ladies

Thank you ladies for all of the suggestions. ..they were much needed :) and for those who have had surgery feel free to drop a few do's and dont's for me ;)

Are massages necessary? ???

Hi real self ladies...i have a question that maybe some of you can help shed some light on. So, as i have been doing research on the bbl I've been getting mixed signals in regards to the infamous massages that are recommended after having this procedure. I have read where some doctors say the lymphatic massages are not necessary. Some have argued that the areas that are being lipoed don't need to be massaged because they are taking something out so that is not necessary. Also they say the butt should not be massaged after the bbl because it could damaged the sensitive fat cells that have been injected into the buttocks, thus causing poor results. Also i had a friend who had just the lipo...not the bbl...and her dr didn't tell her to get any massages nor did she get any and her results were great. ..and its been about 8 years now. So, im just wondering are these massages just another hustle???

sx buddies

If anyone is having surgery in miami around 6/9...im willing to have a sx buddy. ..separate rooms of course ;)

sx date change :(

Ok...so im really sad that i have to change my sx date. As i have already paid my deposit, my plan was to pay my balance in full at vanity on my credit card. However im in the process of closing on my home (by 7/2) and my realtor advised me against making any high purchases or opening any accounts. ....like really? ??? So when i tried to reschedule for week of July 13...DR FISHER IS ON VOCATION THE ENTIRE MONTH OF JULY. :(" in fact he is booked up till September. ..so freakin pissed. So im booked for 9/8... i will be calling vanity every week to see if they get any cancellations for dr fisher. ..anyone who have dr fisher and needs to push their surgery back please feel free to inbox me ;)


Dr Omelepu or Dr Fisher? ?????

bbl complications...dry technique

So i have seen more than 2 reviews on rs where patients had to go to the er after having the bbl sx and was given a blood transfusion (particulaly dr omelepu patients). One patient said a surgeon informed her that she had so much blood loss due to dry technique that was used in the bbl sx. After researching this, it does appear that vanity Dr's are using the dry technique based on the description of the technique. Many dr reviews said they no longer use that technique because it was not safe. It can cause severe beeding, bruising, and slower healing time. Im concerned about this. Has anyone else heard of this


They are trying to force me to pay for my surgery in full in advance when before i was told i could pay my remaining balance when i get there...smdh. they are a bunch of money hungry bs... nonthing but a scam. Those doctors need to do something better than the cordinators you are forced to deal with

Fisher or Hassan....

Ok ladies...originally i was all team fisher. I loved the full round asses he gave. But lately im noticing some square looking buts that he is creating. ..im now falling in love with dr hassan's work. Im scheduled with fisher 9/8...but im really considering to switch. . Any suggestions ladies????

dr del vecchio????

Has anyone seen or ever heard of this Dr Del Vecchio. ..he does some awesome work....i might need to stay off of this site because im so close to changing my doctor :"(
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