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I am looking to get a BBL done by Dr . Jonathan...

I am looking to get a BBL done by Dr . Jonathan Fischer but VANITY is making it way to hard . I received a quote of $5K for Fischer and $3800 for Mcadoo . I decided to go with Fischer because certified with the American Board of Plastic surgery . I understand that it doesn't mean that a surgeon is not qualified , but I have had plastic surgery before and I like the fact that he took the steps necessary to become registered. Also his results are the BOMB.COM !!! I hope to have my procedure done Feb 2016! I will be making my deposit today ! Hope everything goes well . Wish me luck .

Before pics

Just trying to tighten everything up . Excuse the mess in the backround !! Deposit paid and date set . I got all my pre op instructions and login info for a cosmetic site that will allow me to keep progress of it along the way .


By the way my before measurements are 36-30-45. I don't really want my hip measurement any higher just want my butt and hips to be more rounded out and to sit higher . Also I would love to have my 24 inch waist back . I put on the weight so that I can get this procedure done . all my weight seems to be going to my butt and waist . I can recall having a 25 inch waist and 39 hips about 7 months ago WHOA !! I just don't like how everything's looking . All in all ladies no matter how u look or feel before or what anyone says IT IS OKAY to want to get a procedure done . Don't look for approval within others and make sure you are doing this because you want to and not based on societies idea of what beauty is . At the end of the day you are the one who has to go through this mentally , physically, and emotionally . For those of you who are doing this alone dont loose hope . We are all queens and beautiful in our own little way . Good luck ladies !!!!


Ok just wanted to give an update . So I did my research and prior to making my decision . I am confident in the surgeon I chose. I am not comfortable with traveling outside of the country to get surgery . I understand that going under the knife itself is risky in general but going to other countries only heightens the risk . I dont want to experience any traumatic complications and I am confident that FISCHER will be able to meet those expectations. As stated before I already paid my deposit and decided on doing UBER on the side to pay for the surgery so that I don't have to use savings or financing . I haven't decided on where to stay but it wont be a recovery house . Any suggestions would be nice . Also i have been doing squats and crunches to get my thighs , butt, and core firm so that when I get the surgery it only looks that much better. I have not been eating clean b/c I don't want to loose much weight but I will do that in addition to exercising once surgery is done . LOL sorry for the rant .

Date scheduled flight booked

It's official my date is set and flight is booked. I had to reschedule my appointment from feb to Oct 4, 2016 . I scheduled my flight and will be traveling alone . I am flying out on the 2nd so that i can make it to my pre op appointment . My round trip flight and room for 2 nights came to 504 . I had points so I only paid 404 . I will be staying with new body recovery . If anybody is flying down the same time or getting surgery done then and staying there let me know so we can buddy up may be cheaper than the recovery house . ????????

Almost time

Hey dolls . It's been a while and I am happy to say that I will be getting surgery on Tuesday . Wish me luck ladies and keep me in your prayers .

Surgery tom

Ok so I am scheduled to go in to get surgery at 1130 . I went into the office today around 940 and left around 11:20 . I got fitted for my garment , weighed , scheduled massages , and signed paper work . That place was busy . I witnessed some of the chaos that everybody warns you about at vanity but luckily I didn't experience it myself .

I made it

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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