23 & wanted a better body! Sept 22 was my date - Miami, FL

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Hello after being on here for several months I've...

Hello after being on here for several months I've desired to finally write a review to share my story. I've been considering this procedure for a while. I finally got my date and I've almost paid everything in full. I'll be posting up my pre op pics soon! I don't think it's hit me yet! I can't wait to officially start my journey!

Pre op

Yuck I hate seeing myself like this. Not all my life have I've been this shape. I use to be very skinny and have somewhat a nice body a little over a year and a half ago. I made stupid decisions as far as not eating right drinking alcohol and not exercising. I have one thing that really bothering. My arms as well have gotten bigger with my weigh gain. Should I exercise my arms now or just wait until after recovering to just start working out. Any suggestions? Not getting lipo on my arms for sure!

Before weight gain! "Wish pics"

Before I gained 30 pounds. I see these pictures and it kills me. I can't wait to be back here with a bigger booty as well. It's crazy how weigh gain can change your whole body shape. I've promised myself one thing I will never go back to my old habits after this surgery. So if I really had any "wish pics" this would be it but with a little junk in the trunk to go along with it! :)

I have a serious question....

Please don't judge. One thing I am a smoker. Don't smoke cigarettes but I do smoke weed couple times a week. How long before my surgery should I refrain from smoking? Any advice.

Is it just me or....

This wait has been dreadful. Still have a little over a month to go and all I do is think about this surgery!!! I'm at my heaviest right now and I'm tempted to start exercising heavily to lose weight but I know I need this fat. Ughh does anyone else feel this way?! Lol also took some pics about how hideous I look in a dress. I refuse to go out anymore. I just wanna go into hiding until after my surgery. Looking at my Instagram feed and seeing all these hot chicks def makes me even more anxious!!!

1 month left!!! ;)

Went shopping didn't buy anything! I need this waist to be snatched!!! Anyways super excited I have a month left!!! Ish is getting real. Good luck on your journey ladies!

Our bodies do the craziest things!

Just got back from the ER had to remove an abscess! Literally appeared in my groin area from one day to another. Doc had to cut it open and let it drain out. Won't get into details cause it's freaking gross but you can imagine. As selfish as this might sound but prior to going to the ER I felt the ball (size of a marble) under my skin and I all I can think was no way this can't be happening less than a month before my bbl. That's why I went to the ER besides the fact that it was really painful I just wanted it out of my body for I can heal and not deal with this any closer to my date. I really hope this heals fast and without any further infections.

One week left til I become an official Hasan Doll!!

Well I partied my ass off this weekend. Lol fight night couldn't help it! Anyways I'm prepping, already bought a few items for my post op. Not over doing it with buying things I don't need. So far I got wipes arnica pills water bottles stool softener and an ab board ($20) I already have old under wear and sweat pants and ish like that. Ima just throw away the current sheets I have after I'm done with it. Also my Boyfriend best friend and sister have coordinated their days off at work for I can atleast have them help me the first week. Love them I know I'm blessed to have such a supportive group of ppl in my life. Anyways ladies I'll update again on Sept 22 and let you guys see the results! One weeks post op I'm at 142 pounds. Also I'm 5'1 and I haven't measured my waist or butt I'll update you guys with that info when I do that to compare.

Tomorrow is my big day!

Ladies im so nervous I must be there at 6 am tomorrow for surgery. I keep looking at the time in my phone and subconsciously I have a countdown going in my mind. Lol anyways I wanted to share something with you girls. I know some women have had problems with vanity's customer service and I feel for them but my experience has been the complete opposite. I don't want those reviews to discourage other women from going to vanity. Ladies my coordinator and has and assistants have been nothing but sweet to me and have been calling just to check up on me give me instructions and advice. All my emails have been replied to within 24 hrs and I believe considering the amount of women they are servicing i believe they've been doing there best to at least change their ways. I had an emergency (money) last month and wasn't able to make my last payment too Friday! I explained my situation and they didn't give me any of and or buts. Also I was sick with a cold for about two weeks and I was honest about it and they gave me advice and checked up on me a couple of days later to see how I was doing luckily the cold had past! Now the big question will be how my post op care will be but I trust hasan and his staff will do the right thing. Anyways ladies good luck on your journeys. God bless.

Can't post any pictures

Website has been down since Monday :/ I'll update once website allows me to post.

I wanna be as detailed as I can...

Through out these past 4 days I've been referring a lot back to this website for tips and advice. The Day of surgery I went in at 6 AM and woke up in the recovery room around 11 AM.I left shortly after that because I felt that I was well enough to go home and honestlyall I wanted to do was to be in the comfort of my own home. As soon as I got home all I wanted to do was look at myself in the mirror I was walking around for at least 10 to 15 minutes then I started getting a little bit week so I laid down the first day I didn't feel much pain just discomfort. I barely ate the first day just drank plenty of Gatorade and water because I was really dehydrated. Tuesday and Wednesday which was day one and two was honestly the worst. I thought like I couldn't sleep longer than an hour and a half and if I went more than four hours without my pain medicine felt like I wanted to die. I still have not gotten any massages my first massage will be on Saturday. I was able to shower the second day and I also showered again today but taking off the garment and putting it back on has been one of the hardest thingthat I've had to do physically. Today is my fourth day and after I took off my garments to shower I almost fainted I felt like my blood pressure went down I laid down on my bed immediately drank some water I felt better soon after I got up and took a shower I was able to actually wash my hair today. Here's a tip for you ladies I know a lot of you want to buy a female urinal or have bought it already I didn't buy that I've been using plastic cups that are disposable I Pee standing up into the cup and just dump out the urine in the toilet and that has worked perfectly for me. I still have not gone number two so I'll see how I figured that out LOL also my appetite today has been a little better I've also been drinking smoothies with spinach strawberries papaya pineapples blueberries etc. I have not been eating any carbs nor anything that has soft I've also been drinking protein shakes I bought some that are from the Brand special K does protein shakes are probably the only thing that I've consumed that has sodium but I need the protein after your surgery you are instructed to eat a lot of protein fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water again ladies water is very important. I'll update soon thank you for taking the time to read this.


Pics finally uploaded

pics aren't uploading from my phone decided to try from my mac and it worked.

My first week post of diet

After I got out of surgery I suggest to drink plenty of fluids! I drank Gatorade and water non stop trust me your body will ask you for water with that cotton mouth you will consistently have probably up to the next day and the following. Besides plenty of liquids my sister made me a soup with pieces of chicken and small pieces of potatoe (sopita Maggie) ate the same thing the next day. If anything I had less of an appetite the second day. On day three I finally started eating more solid food for breakfast I had an egg omelette with ham tomatoe and onions and avocado on the side. I was soooo hungry. Later that day u made myself some smoothies I was still full from my breakfast. Smoothies have consisted of spinach papaya blueberries strawberries and pineapples. I've mix and matched the fruits but they all tasted really good. All I put was water and ice. I used an oster brand smoothie maker lol kinda like the bullet. For dinner my sister made me a chicken breast with a small salad. I ate probably half of it. I swear eating solid food with this garment has been difficult. You get full super fast. Btw everything I've been eating has been low in sodium! No salt or fried food! If you eat that you will regret it! It makes the swelling worse! Day 4 and 5 I ate more protein such as chicken tuna and eggs. Today (day5) I had my first meal with carbs. I boiled sweet potatoes and made mash potatoes from it added a little bit of organic butter and almond milk ate it with chicken and Asparagus. Felt great to eat some type of carbs! Honestly u can't wait til my chest day. Feels good to eat healthy but everyone needs a break! Hopefully at the mark or week 2 or 3 I'll treat myself. I've accepted that this will be a lifestyle and not just a diet. I mean that's what got me in trouble in the first place. I doubt I'm ever going under that knife again (plastic surgery) so I gotta maintain what hasan gave me! Anyways ladies feel free to ask me anything.

Quick update not so happy :/

I was a little rebel this weekend and I stoped wearing my lipo foam. I was only wearing my garment and lord do regret it. I took it off Saturday morning before going to get my first massage. I took it off because I woke up in so much pain. I felt that I needed relief from all that compression. Yesterday my waist was fine still tiny. Then couple of hours ago I decided to take a shower and put the lipo foam back it but when I took off my garment I was puffy! :'( my waist looks like it had gotten bigger it was no longer tiny! I've learned my lesson and not taking this thing off either. Not only that but I ate some things that had a lot of sodium so I'm sure that only worse. Anyways back to my strict dieting tomorrow. Too soon for me to tell my final result. In the bring side my butt isn't as swollen as it was initially and honestly I'm not mad. I'm 5'1 and having a HUGE butt would of been a little too much for me. It's still big don't get me wrong. It's perfect for me! :) today was my 7th day post op. I'm feeling better. More active. Nothing crazy but def more mobile and independent. Yet I still need people to pick up stuff from the floor for me. Lol I'm clumsy so im sure my boyfriend and sister are annoyed already lol.

Second massage update and pics

So had my second massage today only to find out I have a seroma at the bottom on my abdomen. Now I'm gonna get my massages everyday this week and I might end up buying a second set of massages at vanity. Only cause they're giving me a good deal. The lady told me that worse case scenario I would have to get it drained out but since it's small massages and compression should do the trick. Kinda scary but she calmed me down and told me it happens and not to worry. Of course as soon as I got into the car I started googling this procedure to drain out the fluid and from the looks of it doesn't look fun! This explains why I'm puffy as well. I knew something was off. Ladies compress as much as you can to avoid this! I don't feel I'm as puffy as last night that's for sure. Also I started wearing my ab board after the massage the lady told me that I needed to start wearing it. Anyways overall she told me that I looks good and that I'm healing nicely. Another thing I've noticed the lower part of my back is super had. I asked her if that was normal and she said yes it's due to the inflammation and also because Hasan works a lot in that part to give you that curve we all want. Today after seeing myself in the mirror at the clinic I started feeling good about myself again lol still bruises everywhere. Especially one huge one on my leg that formed DAYS after surgery but the arnica is def helping. I'm taking arnica both in pill form and I put some arnice gel on after I shower. Anyways here are some pics I took at the clinic.

Bruises on my legs?

I didn't get lipo on my legs yet I got these nasty bruises on my legs...did this happen to anyone else? :(

Seroma drained 3rd massage

My seroma was drained today. Nurse re opened the two drain site in the front since my seroma was in my lower abdomen. I was standing then she started squeezing and omg sooooo much fluid came out. The human body is incredible man. I was told it was a small seroma too I thought the fluid wasn't gonna stop coming out. Lol anyways I'm glad that's over and done with. She out extra compression in my garment. I look crazy lol I'm now wearing two lipo foams one on each side of my of my waist two compression pads lower abdomen and my ab board. All in my garment! Idc whatever it takes. I love this body of mine now. I feel good took some more pics and my bootay looking nice. I LOVE HASAN! I'm more happy with my decision everyday.
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