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Hi ladies, I'm 31 yrs old, 5'9" and ranging from...

Hi ladies, I'm 31 yrs old, 5'9" and ranging from 168-177lbs depending on the day. I have a toddler at home and like many people on this site I thought about this surgery for years before I decided to go for it. In the beginning of my research I only knew of folks going to DR and I was okay with that, I wasn't actually focused on getting a fat ass - that was a bonus. I wanted the lipo done on my stomach to make it completely flat and figured why not recycle that fat into my butt! Haha. I love fitness and had a great figure prior to being pregnant (yes, I still wanted lipo - you can always improve on your figure, no matter how good it looks!) so when my husband wasn't onboard because of all the deaths occurring in DR I was okay with putting it on the back burner. Then we got pregnant and I went from leading a 85% paleo lifestyle to eating every carb God ever made! No amount of exercise could save me at that point. I lost most of the weight but never got back to being 155lbs since nor did I have the time to dedicate 5 days a week at the gym unless I wanted to miss out on time with my baby. So long story short I think my husband stopped being so fearful and no longer gave me a hard time about the risk factors and I started to seriously research where and who I should go to.
I ruled DR out after I found out you pay for every little thing and a friend said I should stay for a month to make sure I have no complications. That wasn't going to happen with my job. Then I found RealSelf and Miami... Hello goldmine of possibilities. I stumbled upon Dr. Fisher's work, reviewed the website, checked his credentials and price and was pretty much set at that point. I did entertain a NY or Boston doctor however, the price was insane and I personally didn't think the work was as consistent.
The look I want is more of a natural fat ass and not too big as it should fit my shape. I'm of course paying a lot of money for this surgery so I do want the change to be obvious but not outrageous. I've added some wish picks, I hope they help inspire people. It was hard for me to nail down what I wanted after stalking this site for a while since you get lost in the booty and stop being able to tell the difference between a normal fat ass and craZZy fat ass!

Wish pics

These didn't upload with my original post, so I am including them now!

Pre-op Photos and Helpful Tips to Achieve Your Desired Goal

Okay ladies, here are my pre-op photos (that blue wall makes you look terrible by the way! Lol) - as a recap, I'm 5'9" and the day these were taken (surgery day) I was 172lbs. I was actually heavier before August hit because I wanted enough fat for my surgery (will go into further detail soon on this point) but then it's August 1st and I cannot keep the pounds on! I literally ate anything and everything I wanted and it was still a challenge, lol. I kept thinking "if it's this easy now maybe I don't need the surgery!" But that was my nerves talking. You'll question yourself a lot throughout this journey, just know you're doing it for a reason and it will all work out in the end!

In any case, here are some tips that I think would be helpful in preparing for your surgery:

(1) take iron pills, even if your labs look great you do lose a lot of blood and the lower your iron is the worse you'll feel during recovery. If you haven't taken your labs yet it's even more vital to take iron because Dr. Fisher will not work on someone below a 12. I've read other posts where women get to Miami and hope their numbers improve and it's a real gamble. So much money is being spent on this surgery, airfare, supplies, hotel, massages etc. it's a shame to not spend the $15 investment to prepare your body for this journey.

(2) How much weight should you gain or maintain for the best outcome? This I struggled with the most. Many women gain 10-20lbs hoping this is enough fat to get that perfect ass. Well here is what I found out - in Miami surgeons are only allowed to liposuction out about 4-5 liters of fat, that is the equivalent of 8-10lbs. This is why Dr. Fisher has a max BMI cutoff of 30. My BMI going into surgery was a 25. Now remember I wanted a natural yet fat ass, nothing crazy huge just nice and fat (will post post-op photos in a separate post). So being 172lbs was perfect for me. I'm not sure if he lipo'd 10lbs of fat from me but he certainly didn't inject that much into my butt. So ladies please think long and hard about this! If you look in the mirror and say "if I lost 10lbs of fat I'd look great!" you're perfect and can probably just maintain at that point. If you need to drop 30-40lbs than maybe consider losing some weight to get the best result possible (it's not just the ass but a tiny waist that creates that beautiful hourglass figure) and if you could stand to gain 10lbs... GIRL EAT!!! Again I am only speaking from my personal experience and Dr. Fisher has his own style. Another surgeon could be very different. I personally wanted to be thin with a phatty :)

(3) Don't get a garment too tight. My garment came free from Vanity and they size you at the office. Let me tell you, I at first was shocked because they put me in something that wasn't tight, nor snug but actually comfortable. My garment is a 40 (XL) and I'm clearly not XL sized haha. If you've had any experience with fajas they are normally fucking tight! Well Dr. Fisher explained that early in his career he used to put girls in tight garments and they would experience more complications, so he's learned a comfortable fit is best! I am thankful for this because once the foams and triangle go into the garment it's plenty snug. I had women at my recovery home (will give details in a separate post) unable to wear their garment because it was sized by the surgeon's office far too tight. Tight garments can lead to burns and lose of fat. So as a reminder, do plenty of research, read the RealSelf posts of women who went to YOUR surgeon to see how the surgery and recovery is going. This will help you monitor your body and push for the best care possible. You have to be knowledgeable about this from start to finish - do not rely on someone else to ensure your body is well taken care of!

Day 2 Post-op photos & Recovery

These are a few photos I took two days after surgery. My butt looks so much larger and rounded in person. It's so odd how tiny these photos make it seem, oh well! Iol I was nervous my butt wouldn't be big enough and that my hips were too wide but once the swelling begins to subside and you try clothes on without your garment you can see how nice your shape really is!

By day 2 I was moving around much better and not in pain but definitely feeling stiff. I was lucky because I wasn't in much pain at all and hardly touched my pain medication (except for massages - I highly recommend use of pain medication 30 minutes prior to getting a massage). I was scared to use it at first because a lot of women said they felt faint or nauseous from them and I hate feeling nauseous! So I would only take half of a pill at a time until I felt comfortable that I wouldn't feel sick from them. I think walking around, drinking tons of water and starting to do things on your own really helps the body snap back! Also massages are the best - I would feel less stiffness and discomfort as soon as I was done. I won't lie, they are painful! However, you learn to mentally prepare yourself and take your meds. I had a massage every day after my first day from surgery and I didn't get one on Sunday. So surgery day was Tuesday and I had massages on: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday morning before going to Vanity.

Having a drain was very annoying and uncomfortable to sleep on as mine was in the front. But I'm happy to have had a drain because a lot of fluid does come out through the drain, you don't want that sitting in your body prolonging the healing process and hindering results. Now taking the damn thing out was a bitch! It stung like hell - Juliet at Vanity is a doll but she said brace yourself and just pulled that sucker out before I was ready haha. I can laugh now but at the time I wanted to punch her and then cry lol. Sorry to scare anyone but after all you'll endure you can deal with the drain! Beauty is expensive and painful haha.

Will I survive the lipo foams and an board?!

Ugh, soon it will be 4 weeks that I'm in this garment, foams, triangle and now ab board and it sucks! I look crazy in all of my work clothes and the board is extremely visible since I only have form fitting work tops and dresses. I've been telling people I had back surgery and now I'm in a post op vest with extra support in the front and back. Hence, the large ugly plate! It's so bad I'm basically wearing the same skirt, interchanging two flowing tops and 2 other semi relaxed fit dresses. I don't know if I can endure the garment even without the foams for another 6 weeks after I ditch my foams. How do you ladies deal with this? All the pictures I see the garment, foams and board look seemless - I'm not large at all, so why do I look like Big Bertha?! Haha
Once I reach 6 weeks I just want to wear a corset to shrink my waist down to 26", I had a 27" waist before I had my daughter - so I think that's a reasonable goal. Would me ditching the garment a full 6 weeks early negatively affect my results? I'd love to hear from the vets on this...

On a positive note - ladies please wear the triangle Dr. Fisher's office gives you (as seen in the attached photo) it defines your ass in the back creating a really nice curve and it pushes all the fluid out of your back, so it doesn't look puffy or swollen. I bought a back piece before I knew the office provides one and I have no need to use it. Maybe I will once I ditch the foams. That triangle though is a Godsend, loving the definition!

30 days Post-Op in a few hours!

I will be 30 days post-op tomorrow, September 15th and I'm so excited to finally be able to sit in two weeks and take these stupid foams, board and triangle OFF! Dr. Fisher will say you can start sitting in 3-4 weeks but at 3 weeks I still had bruising which means my body isn't fully recovered and even now my butt feels a bit sore if I bump into something by mistake. So I'm just not comfortable with playing with the Booty Gods just yet, haha.

Dr. Fisher said I would retain about 90% of my volume post surgery and I think that's about accurate. He injected a lot of fat at the top of each cheek creating a nice rounded effect and that has gone down, which was probably more swelling and fluid than fat. But my butt is still rounded. Otherwise, the shape is softening but not losing volume per se. I do have some flat spots towards the lower crack on my left cheek but I'll reserve any judgement for after I've been sitting and I'm past the 3 month period. Juliet, Dr. Fisher's assistant said I would see the most change after I start sitting - so who knows what that flat spot may turn into.

My stomach is flat but not as tiny as I want it. I suspect it's time to get a smaller garment but ultimately I think my body would respond best with a waist trainer or something that focuses compression on just that area. In any case I'll throw up another update with old and more recent pictures.

Oh as for the arm lipo - I fucking failed at taking care of that! The compression sleeves are itchy as hell and I'll have to let them shrink down naturally because they are still crazy swollen! :(

Post-op photos about 2 days after surgery

Selling Some Recovery Supplies

Hi Ladies, it's officially week 7 and I'm so happy to be sitting!!! I'm finally done with my foams, triangle and ab board. Not a moment too soon either, the end of summer became so hot, I was itchy, looked fat as hell and overall uncomfortable. Now I'm ready to sell off my booty pillow I purchased from Vanity, my ab board (also from Vanity) and a full back support piece that I never used. It turns out Vanity makes a little triangle out of chux to use in the back - however, you may need to purchase your own if you have another surgeon. Originally I paid $50 for the booty pillow which is really cheap and it's in perfect condition, the ab board cost $20 and it never directly touched my skin- I always had foam underneath, the back piece was $25 and not used ever! I'm looking to sell all 3 for $50 which will include shipping. If interested please send me a private message. Thank you and wishing you all a safe surgery and recovery experience!

Photo of Supplies for sale

Sorry these did not upload in my last post!

Let's try this in parts - items for sale

Other items for sale

See earlier post for details

Booty pillow sold!

So sorry ladies but I've sold my booty pillow, an board and triangle, thank you so much for your interest!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Fisher was as everyone has said, down to earth, straight forward and nice. I was his first surgery of the day and we had ample time to talk through the whole process. He was very interesting because we didn't get down to business for a while, our conversation started out talking about politics, the senate, welfare, education and daycare (he has young children too) haha. This was my first meeting with him as I didn't get to see him for my pre-op paperwork at Vanity the day before. I am actually not happy with this aspect though, I would have preferred to see him before the day of surgery just in case I had follow up questions or wanted to clarify my goal for the surgery. However, it all worked out. I just hate that he does so many surgeries per day that waiting to see him on a day that isn't your surgery date takes hours upon hours. Also, Ladies please, if you are going to Vanity - do not sign your paperwork without the blanks being filled in first or you fill in those blanks yourself! They can insert whatever they want and it will be difficult to dispute in court (God forbid) I made sure I either didn't sign until surgery day or I filled it in each blank space myself but I digress... After the small talk Dr. Fisher broke down the hazards, aftercare, the pain to expect, and a new treatment he is preparing to use to improve how we feel post surgery. I took lots of photos with his head nurse, and an additional set with Fisher. Then he marked me up and down - so I asked "what do you envision for me?" And he gave me the rundown. He told me what fat he could take out and said I had fat above my belly button that was under the muscle, so he wouldn't be able to get it out (which was fine with me). He talked about the shape of my butt and I had a few dents, haha - which he explained in the beginning would look worse but get better and better over time as my new butt healed. He also said I had a very common indentation on each side of my hip that he would fill in. I didn't show him any photos because I didn't want to confuse him by showing him a photo that wasn't 100% what I wanted. Instead I said I wanted "to be thin, with a natural looking butt that is large for my size - I want people to walk down the street saying wow she's so thin but has a fat ass for her size" hahaha... He said okay, we can do that. After all of that, they mark your personal effects with your name, and escort you into the operating room. I met with the anesthesiologist as I got up on the table, he was also very nice. I couldn't get my septum piercing out and he was totally cool - he said he would let me keep it in. The drugs are so strong I was knocked out almost instantly. I remember saying "this medication is strong" as I looked up at the lamp and it was lights out at that point! I woke up with my garment on (thank God, I was most nervous about how I would do this post surgery), I did not shiver from shock like many people have reported and my aftercare nurse basically picked me up, had me kneel in the same lazyboy chair I spoke to Dr. Fisher in as I sipped Gatorade until my recovery home came to pick me up.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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