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I made my deposit today of $1,000. My appointment...

I made my deposit today of $1,000. My appointment is July 8,2016. I'm excited and nervous. Now I have to make reservations for a recovery house. I think I'm going with Mayda. I will upload pre op pictures later. I'm nervous b/c I have read many reviews were women had a seroma or nerosis after the procedure. I really do not want this. I do not live in fla. So I'm worry about the flight home. I hope I sit by myself all the way in the back so I can lay across 3chairs.. lol.. I just pray I don't have complications. .

what scar cream should I use?

Hey Dolls! I'm trying to prepare for my surgery. I want to know what is the best scar cream for black skin? N by the way, I will pay my balance in full next week. So if any1 has an appointment n June n they need to cancel ,please let me know..b/c my appointment is July 8th n I want an earlier appointment. N I promise I will post pictures, I haven't had the time. But soon I will upload pics

has any1 heard of vanity keeping money n not performing surgery?

Ok I was reading sum review on right. I came across 1 girl who said that vanity was known for not performing surgery n keeping your momey! So has any1 heard of this b/c I'm suppose to pay my balance in full this week???

wish pictures


I can't upload my wish pictures or my pre op pics.. smh

ok here's wish pictures. my pre op coming soon

another wish pic

I have a question for my rs sisters that had surgery from dr. fisher

I want to ask all of the fisherdolls, when do the lumps go away in your stomach? How long do your butt stay hard? When will your butt be totally soft?

looking for a surgery buddy

Hi dolls! I'm looking for a surgery buddy . I am have surgery On July 8, 2016 with Dr. FISHER. I will stay from July 7 to July 15. I will leave on the 15th. I want to rent a condo or apartment and get a private nurse by the name of Amy to nurse us. She will stay with us everyday and her services includes cooking, cleaning our garments, helping us with whatever we need. Her service also includes driving us wherever we need to go (no extra charges). Is there any1 that's having surgery around this time? We would split cost in half. Which is way cheaper than a recovery house. Please respond in comments or dm me

ok. I think I have a surgery buddy

I checked out the price I land it's a lot cheaper to have a surgery buddy. I found a place where we would pay like $528 for a 8 day stay and nurse for two days. I also, found 1 for $600 n something for everything.
The nurse only charge $125 a day when you have a buddy. The nurse includes driving to and from appointments, store runs, help with showering n putting on garment, she cooks 3 meals a day (u have to buy your own food, but she will drive us to the store), she does massages (extra $60). So I'm waiting on my surgery buddy to see if she can change her date to July 8,2016. BUT IF SHE CANT ,is there anyone that is interested in being my surgery buddy for July 8 to july15, 2016?? . THIS IS ONLY IF MY SURGERY BUDDY CANNOT GET HER SURGERY DATE CHANGED

my measurements

Ok dolls, I have gained weight from 2 yrs ago.. ok here r my measurements
Bust: 36"
Waist: 37" smdh

Just couple of yrs my waist was 27" with a 46" butt. smh.. my goal is to have a 26" waist. I really don't know about the butt b/c 45" is kind of big already., but like I said I always had a little bit of booty.. so my results should be the bomb! . Also, I have some supplies that I will bring to MIA. I still need my bbl pillow n a hand massager from walmart. .. here's my list:
Maxim pads
Tooth paste
Baby wipes
Gauze pads
BIG panties
Medical tape
Flushable wipes
Anti bacteria Dial soap
Arnica really Gel/ tablets
Daily pill holder
Mouth wash
Soap holder
Q tips
Summers eve cleansing wipes
Band aids
***I still need
Bbl pillow
Ab boards
Compression for stomach - to put on top of my garment
Compression socks but I heard vanity provide them for u..
Ok I promise I will upload pre op pics b4 my surgery.

I made my last payment today

I made my last payment today. I'm so excited! I already paid for my plane ticket. I just have to get Bobby pillow, bbl pillow, ab board and ab foams. I'm also going to get an ab binder. ????????????????

more wish pictures

Does any1 know any private nurses

Hi, RS sisters! Does any1 know any private nurses? Right now I have Amy for a nurse but I want to have a back up just in case something happens. Please let me know. Thanks

What's wrong with some of these RS girls???

Ok, so last night I received an email with update post with rs. I came across 1 post that caught my attention. We went to the same dr. N we both did not get the results that we initially wanted. So I read her post and she was saying how she felt alone n how her family make jokes on her (or her results , I'm not sure). So I told her about my round 1. N I told her that the dr did a wonderful job on my smart lipo but not with the bbl. I told her I felt like my butt looked exactly the same before surgery. My measurements were like 1 1/2 bigger but n two yrs my butt went back to original size. N I told her I was happy with my results b/c I already had a nice size butt n my lipo was banging. Then I told her how I wanted bbl again n that I was going to dr. Fisher. So somewhere in my post she must got offended b/c she got smart n a nice nasty way . Then she asked me not to comment on her post. I then commented on her post again to let her know that I wasn't disrespectful at all to her n the only reason I reached out was b/c we went to the same dr n didn't get the results we wanted. But I was a litt smart too b/c I wanted to cuss her bitch ass out! But I really dnt like arguing on the Internet so there's no point. But then she makes a smart ass post tlkn shit n how that post was 2 years ago. N she already went to her round 2.. ok so now I'm like ???????? Bitch well if u had great results in round 2 then you u still emotional? N if u had this 2 yrs ago y the fuck do u have post from 2015 n the later months?? ???? n y did u create a new post that's not link to the old 1 , so that ppl will not get confused?
I didn't post this cus like I said I dnt want to argue on the Internet. But to all the rs sisters, if u do not want people to comment or ask u questions about ur precedure then don't make a fucking post! That's what RS is for. We all share our experience and give ppl advice n etc. So y get offended when some1 ask a question?? Smdh. I just stayed off her page cus at the end of the day it's her page n I wouldn't want som1 going back n forth with me on my page. BUT I REALLY WANTED TO GO UP THERE! She tlkn bout y I'm trying to read her I need to read her post again! Bitch, u need to read ur shit again! N u need more then surgery to help your dumb ass!!

I'm cleared for surgery

I got my results back! N everything is fine! Yessss! I'm so excited and nervous. July 8th is right around the corner.. ..

I'm at the Airport

Hello rs sisters! I am at the airport nervous as hell..lol.. tomorrow I will get procedure done.

Ok ladies, I'm going into surgery

I'm going into surgery in a few mins wish me luck will post both b4 n after pictures

I made it

1st off let me start off by saying vanity is ghetto as hell but I love them. My surgery date was scheduled for July 8. I was suppose to be in office July 7 to meet Dr. Fisher. I never got to meet him on the 7th. I brought my faja from vanity for $120. N yes the shopping center right next to vanity sell them for cheap. But I didn't know where it was at until I had already purchased it from vanity. Also, there's a lot of women that had work done in vanity, they look nasty except 1 girl. Thierry butts were huge with tiny legs. One lady waist was so small but she had broad shoulders. It didn't look right.
Ok so my appointment was at 6:45 am I didn't start surgery until 9 something. B4 surgery I told dr fisher that I did not want a huge ass. I want an ass that matches my thighs. I already had a nice size butt n I only wanted him to full it out a little. I also told him that I did not want a 24" waist b/c it would not look right on me.
He actually agreed with me about girl going too big.
When I woke up from surgery I was freezing. But I had very little pain but a lot of stiffness. They rolled me out to the lady I am paying to help me. Now ladies be careful who u pick to take care of u. This girl is nice, but she's not a nurse. I go to bathroom on my own. I have to keep on telling her to check on me. It's a good thing I wasn't feeling bad. She did help me shower. I almost fainted. I think b/c it got warm in the bathroom. I had to lay down. She did cook for me, and give me my medicine on time.
So when I saw myself I'm like I can't wait until I fluff . My butt is hard and it looks like it is very high. Dr. Fisher told me all the butt look like that until it drops. But overall I'm happy with the results. My surgery went well. I just get sleepy. I'm sleepy now. When I have enough time I will try to go more into details. Here's my b4 and after pictures like I promised

Don't forget

I'm still very swollen but I was aiming for a natural look not nikki manji. And I'm still draining. He did tell me I can't sit for 3 weeks. I didn't know that. When I called the lady said 2 weeks. N dr. Fisher doesn't like bbl pillows. But I will use it on plane n I will keep going to bathroom to stand up. N I have to use it the 3 week b/c I have to go back to work.

Day 3

I'm 50% myself. I have no pain at all. Still a little stiff tho

Sorry I deleted some pictures

I deleted some pictures because I don't want people to know who I am. Anyway, I just found out today that I had 1340 Cc's in the right cheek and 1350 and the left cheek. I can't wait until fluffing starts.. today makes the 4th day. And I feel great! I'm just a little swore but if I want I can run up and down the street. I have no pain. I really want to get rid of this drain. I have myself a lymphatic massage..lol.. I you tube it and did it before shower and after shower.

Maybe I should've went bigger and smaller waist

Ok so I look in the mirror and I look about the same size butt. I'm hoping my waist drops down to at least a 28" waist.. smh. Me n my big mouth . I told dr. Fisher I didn't want a huge ass. I told him just give me a little more b/c my butt was already big. And I told him that I didn't want a 24" waist. Smdh! I should've gotten a 26"waist. He said that I'm still a little swollen around my stomach and to give it a little while, my waist will start shredding. I'm hoping so..
Measurements as of today:
Bust 34d
Waist 33"
Butt and hips 47"

My waist is getting smaller

Hey rs sisters! I wanted to let you guys know that my waist has gotten smaller. I took my measurements today n I'm 31" in the waist. My hips n butt is still around 47". I'm so happy. I hope it can't get down to at least 27 or 28". But I really want a 26". At first , I wish I kept my mouth shut b/c I felt my waist should've been smaller n my butt should be a little bigger, but now I'm starting to feel better about my results. And by the way, I do my OWN lymphatic massages. I use my arnica gel and massage my body. I YouTube how to do it. I have little lumps in stomach. I think they will go away . N my butt already jingles when I walk n it's not completely soft. Lol.. I love it ! By rs sisters. Tomorrow makes 2 weeks po op

Feeling sad

At 1st I felt like I could've gotten my waist smaller n butt a little bigger. Then I was happy with results but I still wanted waist to go down. I tried on clothes again yesterday n my butt looks smaller. N I didn't want the shelf look. I hope the shelf drops some . I use to have an upside-down heart shaped butt but not anymore. I still think I should've went with a bigger butt n smaller waist.. smh. I'm pissed

I really don't like my body now

My butt look like the same size n I should've got my waist smaller.. smh. I wish I would've just let him do his thing but I was so scared to have an oversized butt that was too big for my legs. I mean I don't look bad but I expected more butt. N I don't like that shelf look. It makes my butt look funny n I use to have an upside-down heart booty. Maybe I will feel different about it later. I'm hoping so

A good day

Hello everyone ! Ok lately, I been having up and down days. I believe this week has been great. I had a few ppl ask me did I have on a butt pad. I was like hell no! Anyway , I'm good friends with 1 on those people. I never told her I was getting the precedure. I asked her y did she ask me that. I was wondering if my butt looked stiff, or shaped funny. I mean I wanted to know. She said no. She said she never seen my butt this big. My reply was , "oh , ok, nope this all me". Lol.. I can't wait until my butt gets fluffy. I'm hoping I fluff at 3 months. My butt already jingles when I walk. So I know when I fluff ????????????.. my waist is a 31". I need a smaller faja. So I'm going to let a seamtress fix it for me. Because, if I buy a smaller faja then it will be too tight around the butt n hips area. Anyway, my butt is at 46 1/2. It dropped a 1/2". I hoping it doesn't drop anymore. I still want a 26" or 27" waist. Hell I even take a 28" waist..

I'm really starting to love my shape

I'm starting to love my new shape . But I'm ready to start laying on my back n sides again
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I would recommend Dr. Fisher to anyone. I think the clinic is ghetto as hell but I enjoyed them, especially Dr. Fisher assistant and Danielle the girl who sell garments she has a fat ASS! AND IT'S SOFT

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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