Vanity- Dr. Fisher- 3 MONTHS POST OP!!!

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I live in NY and starting prices for a BBL is...

I live in NY and starting prices for a BBL is $8,000. I have read good reviews for Dr. Hasan with much cheaper prices. Vanity contacted me and gave me a price of $4,500. It included surgery and 5 massages. I locked it in and put a deposit. I have a date in mind for sometime in late May. I have to confirm the days off with my job first before booking flight and hotel. I am really excited and it's all that I am thinking about! Any tips/advice from anyone that has gotten surgery from Dr. Hasan? It will be greatly appreciated!

Pre op - 2 months away!

I'm 21 years old, with no children. When I was a kid I was very overweight. I can't get rid of a lot of the fat so I can't wait for it to leave my problem areas and get put into my butt. Since I put down my deposit, surgery is all I'm thinking about. I'm too excited. May needs to come quick! Does vanity provide garments? If not where is a good place to get them.

My receipt


Even though my surgery ain't till end of May, I want to start buying supplies. What size fajas should I purchase?

Switched from Dr. Hasan to Dr. Fisher

Hey girls! So I was reviewing some post op pics of Dr. Hasans work and wasn't seeing much of an hourglass figure. Hips are as important to me as a big butt. Dr. Fisher does seem to do pretty curvy hips so I paid a little extra for Dr. Fisher. I want to be completely satisfied with my body after this surgery. I'll be going May 22 for surgery!

Perfect hourglass figure

I'm hoping my end results look close to this. This is perfect!!!!!!


Has anyone used the vitamedica kit before and after surgery? I've read good reviews on their website on how it really helps the healing process after getting surgery.

Less than a month away!!!

So I booked my flight for Miami the 21st and will be getting my evaluation. I'm scheduled for the 22nd for surgery!!! I am so excited! I hope all goes well and I don't have to deal with any set backs. I did buy some arnica pills and was planning on taking them a few days before surgery. I asked my patient coordinator if dr. Fisher recommends arnica pills and she told me no. I thought it would help with bruising but I have to go with what the doctor says. I just want to recover as quickly as possible. The only one who knows about this surgery is my mother. I've been in a relationship with my bf for 7 years and I'm not even telling him. I'm planning on just telling him I've been working out a lot and eating a lot of protein, that since he hasn't seen me in 2 weeks he was able to see a difference in my "results". I still need a few more supplies, I've already bought the urine funnel, mederma, neosporin, vedette 340 in size large and extra large and maxi dresses. If any of you girls have any suggestions please let me know! Thanks!

2 weeks away from my big booty!!!

I'm exactly 2 weeks away till having a flat stomach and big butt. I just pray everything goes well and my results come out as I plan it to be. I'm adding a photo of Stephanie Santiago. Her results are amazing and hope I can come close to her.

Free supplies

So I wanted to help you girls out by saving you some money. I like to coupon a lot and I prob spent $10 on all of my medical supplies. Mederma cream alone cost $30. If you have the time check drug store circulars and collect coupons from your newspaper. If you go to medermas website there is a printable coupon. I bought mederma cream, stool softener, gauze, arnica tablets, anti-bacterial soap, band aids, baby wipes, Tylenol, hydrocortisone anti-itch cream and a few more things I can't remember. Basically got my supplies for free lol. Also most drug stores (cvs,walgreens,rite aid etc) accept returns even without a receipt and will give you store credit. So if you're thinking your wasting money buying stuff you might not use, just take it back to the store when you're ready to go out again. Better to be prepared!!! Surgery is next Thursday! :)

Transportation to Vanity ??

So next Wednesday, exactly a week from now I am flying into Miami. I want to rent a car but I am going with my mom and she has no experience driving on expressways. My hotel is only 10 mins away but I'm going to be going back and fourth to Vanity at least 7 times (evaluation, surgery and 5 massages). Does anyone know any reliable and cheap transportation services?

Perfection ????????????

Fresh pineapple juice

I'm less than a week away from surgery! I cut open a fresh pineapple and blended half if it with water and some agave syrup (natural sweetener) I'm gonna be eating pineapple and drink pineapple juice for the next week to increase my healing process! Hope it works! :)

Frozen pineapple from Trader Joes

My butt right before surgery

Took a pic of my small butt and once I get home after surgery I will take a pic with the same panty for clear comparison. It def needs to fill up this panty lol


Arrived in Miami today!

So far so good. Very happy with my choice in hotel. Uploading pics if my room now. It's very spacious :) There are restaurants surrounding the hotel, Italian , Cuban, Burger King and a few more. I'm decided to rent a car and hope my mom can drive!!! Then I will be on my way to vanity for my pre op!


Just came back from Vanity

Hey girls! So first off, my doctor in NY was suppose to fax over my lab work and was told it was never sent. So today I went in and had blood work done and dr. Fisher will look it over tomorrow. I did not see him today. He was not in. I also had told them I bought my own garment (paid $60 on eBay) and was told I can get a refund. I filled out a refund sheet and now awaiting my refund back on my card. I had no issues with the refund at all! The wait was about 10 mins. They took me in right away! While I was waiting I did see a woman and I believe she had bbl done and she was coming out of her car walking very slowly into vanity. My moms reaction to that wasn't so good. She asked me if it was worth it. Umm yes of course it is lol. My surgery is tomorrow at noon. I did some food shopping. Bough a lot of water, Gatorade, fresh cut watermelon and bananas. I'm so excited. I hope I'm able to feel better after a few days. I don't want my mom to see me suffer :/

Today FINALLY came!!!

Today's the day! The day I've been waiting for!!! Yay! I'm scheduled for noon but want to be early bc I was told I was having my pictures taken before surgery. I woke up at 6:30 am bc of the excitement! Hoping everything goes smoothly. I hope I will be able to update you girls with pictures when I get back. The only thing I'm scared of is my mom driving back to the hotel and feeling nausea after surgery. I was told surgery will take about 2 hours and I'll be in the recovery room for about an hour. I was also told that my massages will be done when Dr. Fisher feels I am ready for it. I thought it was always a day after. So that's all for now. See ya on the other side! :)

Yes I got a big butt

Just wanna do a quick update bc I'm very uncomfortable right now. Everything went great. I had my first massage and had great curves. I also showered today and felt so good. I'll post some pics from this morning. Tomorrow I'll take nudes and give more details. :)

1 day post op!

So yesterday I was suppose to have my surgery at noon but the girl before me, her labs weren't right so they bumped me up to 9 am. I met dr fisher. Super nice guy. Just like everyone says, he really put me at ease. I met the anesthesiologist and before I knew it I woke up in the recovery room. I was laying on my back which I was bugging out about and wanted to turn around. I also woke up with pain in my eye, as if the scratched my retina or something and I couldn't open it all day. It was the most painful part. My eye. I did not feel and nausea or dizziness. All I feel is soreness, as if I was working out ALL DAY yesterday and can't move easily. I sleep a few hours and wake up to pee and drink some fluids. I walk around for about 15-20 mins after I pee. I can wait to feel better! But u have to say I'm thankful I didn't get it as bad as some people. I go again 8am for massages. They aren't so bad. The front stomach hurts the most. But my masseuse is super sweet. I get my massages at vanity.

Just came back from my second massage

It's not as bad as I thought. The worst part is the tummy area. It's more if a burning sensation but watching all that fluid pour put feels so good. I still have a lot in my stomach. Pain is def decreasing I can walk better and and stand up for much longer.

Butt looks bigger in person

Tummy looks better than I thought

I thought I was gonna have much more saggy skin


So I was prescribed Vicodin as a pain killer. It helped me with the pain the first 2 days then I started getting horrible migraines. My head was throbbing. I looked it up and it said narcotics actually cause painful headaches. So I stopped taking my vicodin and I take 2 Tylenol extra strengths every 4-6 hours. It helps a lot. I have no pain in my but and very little pain on my stomach. I started taking arnica tablets to help with my soreness. I am able to get on and off the bed by myself now.

1 week post op!

So today I went for my last massage. Not much came out but I feel I still have more fluid (more on my left side). I had my stitches taken out and left vanity. Hoping I don't ever have to go back! Felt good to walk out of there! I don't have any pain anymore just a little sore and my stomach feels sensitive. Can't wait for the swelling to reduce and my butt to fluff. It's rounding out which I'm happy about. I'm leaving tomorrow and dreading the 3 hour flight home, 3 hours is still 3 hours lol.

My butt in leggings :)

So I'm off to the airport soon and decided to wear leggings for comfort and I LOVE how my butt fills out my leggings. My butt it's still very firm to the touch. Also I just wanted to say that I never paid the extra money for Fisher. I paid the price for hasan :) so I got a deal :) I guess they forgot to charge me and didn't realize I never paid it

Waist training

So I bought an Ann Chery waist cincher size medium a week before my surgery. I couldn't even get it half way around my waist. I got it to fit today and fits really tight but it feels good. I'm still very swollen in my stomach and back area and my vagina is still swollen (looks like I have a huge camel toe lol) I also tried on a maxi dress and my curves look amazing. My butt is still very firm to the touch

What a difference

1 day before surgery vs. 17 days after surgery...still waiting for that FLUFF!!!

1 month post op!

Hey girls! Yesterday I was exactly 1 month post. I haven't had a chance to update lately. I've been working a lot. I'm leaving on vacation to France in 2 weeks so I'm saving up as much as I can before I leave lol. As for my body, I love it. I'm really happy with my lipo areas. He really sucked the fat out of me esp the nasty love handles I had. I'm now down to a size small in my waist trainer. I love the compression of my waist trainer. It feels really good to have something super tight against the lipo areas. My fluids are completely gone. So happy I didn't have to get manually drained. With tight compression over time it goes away. My butt is softening up slowly and starting to fluff and round out better, not completely yet. My bf loves it. We couldn't wait 6 weeks to have sex lol. I had sex at 3 weeks post and had sex almost everyday since lol. I really missed it. Sex really does become better when you feel sexier!! My pain has subsided. I really don't have any pain only a little sensitivity on my lipo area. I still use support when I sit. I'm gonna try and use support until I leave for vacation which would make me 6 weeks post. I'll post pics up soon!

Booty at one month post

Took pics of my own butt bc I had no one here to take a pic of me

2 1/2 months post op!

Hey girls! I know it's been over a month since I last updated, I was in Europe for several weeks. I'm doing great! I didn't sit on my but until I really had to at 6 weeks post on a flight to Paris. I'm pretty much feeling normal. I have very little sensitivity on my back area from lipo. I wish by but was a little bigger, might be getting second round in the near future. I wish I had lipo done to my arms bc it looks extra fat with my slim body. I'll post pics soon!

Hotel- Hyatt Place Miami

I'm getting a lot of questions on where I stayed. I stayed at the Hyatt Place Miami. It's close to the airport and about 10-15 mins away from vanity. At the time I paid around $75 a night. It was very spacious and comfortable with a lot of nearby restaurants (Italian,Chinese, Spanish, Taco Bell, Burger King etc) and hertz rental car. Its a shopping center across the parking lot from the hotel. Shuttle to and from airport is included and breakfast.

3 months post op

Still wearing my ann chery waist trainer, size small on the last set of hooks. I love it. I strongly recommend it!

Fitting in jeans

So I had to either donate or give away all of my old jeans. None of them fit over my butt lol. I'm having problems looking for a good fitting skinny jean that fits just right. Does anyone know of any good brands that fit slim legs and a big booty? Preferably brands that I can order online. thanks in advance!
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