Fisher gave me that big ol booty Miami, FL

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So I have been addicted to Real Self for over a...

So I have been addicted to Real Self for over a month now...have started my own review several times only to stop in the middle, but now I really feel like it will be beneficial to do one. Finding a Dr has been so stressful! I know exactly what Im looking for however not finding the results I like in many drs. After about 3 weeks of looking thru drs and making appts for consultations only to cancel becuz I wasnt seeing good before and after pics...I decided to go with Dr. Fisher! Yes I am extremely scared....and this feels so surreal as its something Ive debated for quite sometime! Jessica has been great at answering all my questions as well as you lovely ladies on here! I am scheduled for Jan. 30, 2015! Seems SO FAR AWAY! Im already counting down the days, just praying everything goes good! The things Ive been reading about the fluid still being on the lower stomach and having to be drained after the return home makes me very nervous! As well as the reviews of the RH as I choose the full package! I am very conscious of my weight and when sending my before pics and my wish pics to Jessica she states Dr. Fisher will need me to gain 15 lbs to get the results Im desiring....O my thats very scarey to me! I have plenty of fat they can use now lol....Ive read so many other reviews of women my same height and weight and they got great results without having to gain SO...Im not promising anything on that! I am 5'7ish 160lbs. Ive read the closer you are to your ideal weight the better your results will be but Jessica states first she told me I would have to gain 7-8lbs then it increased to def 15lbs. I will post my before pics later tonite. I Love reading everyones reviews it helps SO SO much!

Preop pics ugh

Trying to add some pics however on my phone they show sideways hopefully I can fix it!

Just a few wish pics

Hurry up January!!! ????

90 Days!!!

I am reading reviews CONSTANTLY!!! I think I will be crazy before my actual date is here! ugh! I see most people wait til the last minute to get their plane tickets LOL I got mine already cuz I was scared they would be booked for the flight I needed! Now im starting to think I rushed on that...but o well thats one last thing to worry about!
So I have also been concerned about the weight gain....15lbs scares the heck out of me...but Im doin a great job at puttin it on LOL. I havent weighed but I have stopped working out (which I think was a bad idea so Ill be starting that back up next week) and I can tell in just 2 wks a HUGE change in my stomach! 90 days is SO FAR away! I have purchased a couple maxi dresses and skirts which have no idea what size ill need so hopefully they will be fine after surgery. Still have lots left to get but plenty of time. Im not sure how to use the boppy pillow and know alot of dolls havent even mentioned using one so...wondering if i even need it? Love all your reviews and the info you provide! Cant wait til this is over and im recovered enjoying my new BIG booty!!!

Can't wait til I reach the other side!

All these supplies to buy! Are they all necessary? I got a list from Jessica and she said all the other items people get aren't necessary....I just wish someone would get all supplies and just let me show up lol!

The checklist sent from vanity

These are the supplies I was told I would need...nothing more nothing less....

Feeling hopeful....

Received a call today from Jessica. Ill be honest everytime I see the number my heart drops...just always hoping they arent calling to say we need to reschedule sx date. lol She is usually just calling to see if I have questions and how things are going. This makes me feel really good as most reviews Ive seen state that once you paid in full you dont hear from them at all! I paid in full a month ago and she has either called or texted me every week since. Now if things stay this smooth once I get there I will be one SUPER happy FISHERDOLL :) Hope everyone is having a great day and for those awaiting sx I feel your anticipation....for those who have already had theirs...hope youre recovering well and enjoying your new BOOTY!

Just alittle undecided...

Hey ladies...been reading A lot of your reviews and needless to say I'm super scared and hoping I'm making the right choice by having the bbl. I love love bootys and would love to have my own but I want great results and I'm scared I might b the one that get none lol. The gaining weight is depressing me....I've gained 5 lbs but feels like 20! I have been working out but just lifting weights and working on legs and arms so it's rather boring....I'm sure I'll go thru w it for the simple fact it's paid for and I guess any booty more than what I have is better than my drop top lol. Love all the reviews...please keep them coming...I have a long way to go...78 days!

Brown arnica gel

Hey ladies! My supply list states brown arnica gel...? I haven't seen that...anyone tell me where to find it? Thank you!

Did I really just cry?!? ????

Just got my first email from Nubia explaining the recovery home package and I literally cried....I'm so excited and scared at sametime! Was wondering if the recovery home is better or extended stay america? Anyone have any input on that? My sister will be with me.

Added Arms....

So I have decided with this weight gain that my arms have gotten out of control! So I called Jessica to see about adding arms....$500 if i pay by friday. Have any post dolls had this done and if so was it worth it? Id hate to waste that money but if its worth it I am more than happy to pay it!
***51 days***

Alittle frustrated with communication....

Alittle frustrated with communication w my coordinator now. :( Texted her 3 days ago regarding getting refund for care giver ($250 for one day) becuz Im gonna have my sister with me and she can feed me, help me up....etc. I dont see a need in paying someone to do nothing. I have texted every morning for 3 days with no response. Have never had an issue before!
Another question for those that have stayed at the hotel vs the RH...does the hotel have laundry services?
Thank you in advance for the answers!

42 days!!! :)

Decided to call...

So I decided to call Vanity as Jessica I guess felt the need to NOT respond to my last 3 text messages. I was inquiring about a refund on the caregiver portion of the RH package. It shows 250.00 which I wont be needing a caregiver as my sister is going to be with me, However they wont refund. Said it is included in the package :(. That doesnt make me happy and she didnt seem to care my first negative incident I guess....
OAN I weighed over Christmas vacation ...Ive definately had no problem gaining the 15lbs! Currently 174 :( and so miserable! I dont want to wear anything but big oversized clothes.
31 days left and I CAN NOT wait to get this recovery process over! I am still buying supplies here and almost bbl pillow came this week :). Just awaiting the time to do labs and get that all cleared....does anyone know when the lab work has to be done?

What to eat after surgery?

Hey ladies wondering what besides pineapple, Gatorade
And pineapple juice is good for eating after surgery? I'm wishing now I would have went w a RH that included food. Just making my list for stuff to buy upon arrival....

Here's the pillow I ordered....

Another RS sister recommended this pillow. Not sure she used it yet as I havent ...hoping it will work alil better than the boppy. I ordered off eBay total under 12.00

These days are flying by....

Seems like yesterday I had 99 days it is 23 days and Im so anxious already! My coordinator Jessica has stopped responding to my text messages which she used to respond right I have to call...which im not having many questions just had a question to whether I needed an EKG becuz it was not included on my lab order. I called and spoke with Yisel...and YES I do need an EKG it just wasnt included...glad I called or else I would be paying 2 fees for dr. Going today on my lunch to get those done. Ready Ready Ready....Scared Scared Scared! LOL

Labs cleared and SO READY!

Labs and EKG came back great! Yisell called yesterday to tell me I was cleared for surgery and I will be getting final pre-op instructions about a week and a half before surgery. So ready for this experience to be over and ready to enjoy my new booty!
Im really disappointed still in my coordinator :( I texted Jessica AGAIN today (about an hour ago) and no response...just a simple question....I realize its saturday BUT when I first started talking w her she was texting me on SUNDAY soooooo....comes to show once you pay and are almost ready for surgery your just another person....
OAN...Im LOVING all the results Ive been seeing! Im starting to think maybe I shouldnt have gained the requested 15lbs tho cuz some of the results that have me so wowwed are the ones that look like they hardly had any body fat! GOSH AMAZING! Everyone looks great tho! Excitement is taking over...glad to wake up and mark another day off the calendar to be that much closer to surgery!


Hey dolls Im SUPER excited over this way! 2 more weeks!!!! Im stressin over the little stuff right what to use under my legs on flight home LOL....BUT I came acrossed another doll that had surgery a while ago and in one of her pics she was chillin on a blow up float! OMG that seems like a great idea to me! So Im thinkin about getting this donut one...even has a spot for legs to rest....wonderful idea right? :)
Dolls I hope all of you that have already had surgery are happy and healing wonderfully and those awaiting your date GOOD LUCK! See yall on the otherside!


Just seen where another doll posted 2 months ago that she got her FREE boppy pillow by using code 1CC5FEDE6 at!!!! Thought I'd try it and sure enough code still worked! Pillow must be 39.95 or less and you just have to pay shipping which was 14.99. Shipping alittle high but think it still comes out cheaper than buying a pillow even at walmart. So ladies feel free to use code and get yours as well!

Ready for....

Ready for more FISHER results! Am I the only one feeling this way? Seems like he's been on vacation more than working and I'm wanting to see more of his results so I can get more excited about the fact I'm in my final days before surgery!!!!


When I received my list of what I would need from vanity I was told to follow the list and all other items would be a waist of money....well bromelain was not on the this a neccesity and if so when do I start taking? Appreciate the help, yall are the best!

Still stressing over what to use for flight !!!!

Please help again ladies! Those who have flown home what worked?!?!? I've got the boppy I've got another pillow thing which I posted a pic of I've thought about the swimming noodles w towel over them but I don't wanna carryall that on plane lol so if u been there please tell me worked! Thank you!

ANSWER to taking IRON PILLS week prior....

I called Vanity today and spoke w/ Yisell she said you can continue taking iron pills til day before surgery. And I also asked about caffeine she said try to stop caffeine 2 days prior to surgery.

****Ill be a FISHERDOLL this time next week!!!****

New preop pic :(

LAdies I'm super depressed right now...I hesitated on posting new pics after my 15 lb weight gain but we are all in this together so here they are. I promise if I had this to do over I would not have stopped working out nor would I have gained weight. I kno dr fisher could have done good w my previous weight now I've got bigger arms, legs and thighs w more cellulite! I'm gonna have alil of fixing to do after the surgery. My waist measures 37 1/2 and butt 43 inches. (If I did it right)
One more work day then flight out on ready!!!! Praying fr fisher fixes this mess of a body! Yall can compare these pics w my first preop pics to see the weight gain.

Ok it's real now ladies!!!!

As I'm sitting here at Houston airport waiting to board I get a call from vanity. Dr fisher wants to do surgery TODAY!!!!!! Ok so my nerves have finally taken over its so real now! I'm sbout to get the booty I have always wanted!!! BUT should I be concerned w the time? I kno of 2 other sx today will he b ok to do mine at 5?!?! Ladies it's real now! I'll be so rushed to get to Walmart and get rest of things I need get showered and to office. On a better note I'll heal quicker lol

Sorry I haven't updated ladies....

Unfortuantly I am been super nauseous becuz driver didn't get my nausea meds! I feel awful! Finally got them just waiting for them to start working! I haven't not redponded to every post as I haven't been able to read them. I promise I'll do my best once I better. I said I wasn't gonna post bloody garment pics but I kno yall are anxiously waiting. So here's a few I'll fill u in on my entire experience soon! Love yall for your support it means a lot!

Finally updating yall....

Starting from beginning.... I left on jan 29th and was to arrive in Miami at 2:05 pm. While I was on layover in Houston fishers assistant called and said they had an opening that day at 5! I instantly became nervous lol. It was finally real! I was Leary of having a late surgery but had a good talk w dr fisher before hand. Flight was great actually landed 20 min early and victor was already there to get me. Ok so yall didn't warn me how cute victor w
Is!!!!! He took us straight to Walmart and I couldn't even concentrate on what I needed cuz it seemed so surreal an plus victor went in w us lol geesh! Got to hotel about 3:45... He was picking us back up at 4:30.... Showered quickly and headed to vanity! Was there at 5 pm and did not have surgery til 9:30!!! I kept asking him if he was tired? I said I have no problem coming back in morning but he insisted he was fine. Then I met PETER!!!! Omg girls Peter (the anethisologist) was SO handsome! I just kept thinking omg he's gonna see me naked lol! So so cute! He put Iv in and that's all I remember! I woke up shaking and saying to myself I need to make for my babies they need me! The pain was unbearable!!!!! I couldn't believe all the blood I lost! The hotel floor was flooded! The "nurse" made me soup and pretty much my sister did rest. The 24 hr nurse I was suppose to have Prob spent 30 min total in my room! Ladies please do not do this alone or w anyone that has a weak stomach! I stayed at the extended stay America. Nice room however only one bed have to pay extra for another bed....u would think 1500.00 would b enough smh. Communication w driver and Greta aren't very good. I was scheduled for massage at 1:00 he got there early and I was so nauseous I couldn't hurry out there he seemed alil upset but I was sick and could careless! After I got to clinic they said massage not til 2! So they laid me in a room freezing for 2 hrs. I asked for how many cc's and they said I had to fill out paperwork to have info released. I also asked for my extra garment that Jessica promised me for paying in full upfront. They didn't know anything about that so ladies please print every email! I luckily had mine! Massage lady talked on her cellphone most of the time while massaging me. My butt and back don't hurt too bad but my stomach is sooooo sore hurts to even barely touch! 2nd Nite I slept from 10:30 til 3 then got up for alittle bit took meds and back to sleep til 10! I needed the rest I was so exhausted from going straight to surgery from flight in. During my consultation w dr fisher he asked had a gained and lost weight a lot cuz I had a lot of loose skin on my stomach and may need tummy tuck if I wasn't ok w it. Right now it looks like I can deal w it. I was going to get my arms done but decided against it. He said they would look better but would have sagging skin and I think I'd rather workout to make them he said he would do my upper bad instead. Doesn't look like he did much to upper bad I think I'd rather had my 500.00 back lol. He lipo'd my stomach like crazy tho!!!! I've had no appetite... Make myself eat then it makes me sick again :( walked down street to Wendy's to get a salad today and it was too much felt really weak when I got back. Dr fisher says I should be pretty much back to myself tomorrow i sure hope so. Thank u ladies again for all your support! Happy healing to those healing and good luck to those about to take the journey!!! I'll post some more pics for yall on next post.


Haven't really felt like pics much but here's a few

I feel good!

Hey ladies! Dr fisher said I'd be good today and he was right! I've decided the pain meds is what is making me feel sick so I'm just taking Tylenol extra strength now. The itching has started lol mainly on my butt. Sis and I walked to Walmart to get some was nice. Just amazed at how rude people are here!

Happy birthday to me!!!

Ugh just did a full update and real self messed up so long story short til later....I'm feeling wonderful and headed to the mall for my birthday outing. Yea not so much fun but plenty time later! Got lots of compliments on my booty today at vanity that made me happy! Believe me pictures do lie lol

Triangle for back

Hey ladies, can anyone tell me what the triangle piece is called for your lower back? Dr fisher told me today they would give me one and of coarse they didn't becuz they are so unorganized it's unreal! I'm so ready to be home...vanity has had my nerves all day! If any of u lovely ladies can help me I'd appreciate it! Thank u


I'm very emotional right now and reaching out to you ladies.....I kno I have read where ladies have returned home and has seromas...can you please tell me what you have to do to remove? I believe I have one in my lower back and were I live there is only one plastic surgeon are they the only ones that can remove them or is this something that will go away? I'm so upset right now I feel like my drain should have been removed the evening before leaving vs morning before. Things are just not done correctly at vanity. Now it will probably cost me more money and possibly more days off work. :(

Pics I sent dr fisher

Can't really tell but this is what I sent....swelling or seroma...?

Triangle I made

Not sure mine may be too wide but it seems to be helping. Really dreading wearing all this padding to work. I removed garment tonite and swelling is still there but feels much better. I'm concerned about the dents in my stomach but I'll wait to post pics and ask opinions. I tried to take the pic myself but didn't turn out so well lol .


Thought I'd post a few new pics for you ladies. I'm having a hard time finding somewhere to get my massages. Are yall asking for a special type? I am asking for the lymphatic massage and can't find anyone. Is that what in should b asking for? I'm so disappointed in my lipo. He did great on giving me a waist but it's like he didn't lipo my upper stomach at all. I have 2 huge dents which he said would go away. I just don't kno. Booty looks much better in person than in pics. I would feel so much better having at least one massage! I had just taken off my garment in the pics so that what all the lines are.

Called Vanity....

For the ladies wanting to know how long to wear foam and board...I just called Vanity and they said a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats the first time I've heard that! I thought Fisher said 3 weeks...I mean I dont mind wearing them when im at home but i cant find many clothes to cover my ab board for work lol......

Waist Cincher....

Ive noticed alot of girls use the Ann Cherry waist cincher....does the style just depend on personal preference? Im showing different style numbers....Even tho I cant wear one now im ready to get it ordered so Ill have it when its time :)

2nd Attempt to Update yall!

Gotta love posting a LONG update from phone and get ready to add pics and it deletes everything! Im gonna update from computer then add pics seperate lol.
26 days post and let me tell you I still get so aggravated w/ the swelling! Its unreal! My stomach looks deformed in areas and I really dont think its going to get better unless i can lose weight....Im very disappointed in that becuz in researching it states that a Dr that is good in lipoing will not leave a stomach looking like this. I knew Dr Fisher was tired but anywho. Ima be patient....
I switched to my smaller garment last 38. Whoa its tight lol. I couldnt fit my foams in but I did put triangle and ab board. Needless to say it was a very sleepless nite...I woke up at 3 am and put my other garment in washer lol. I do still have the smaller one on today but without any boards or foams.
I go today for my first massage since being home. Ive had alittle issue finding someone that will do it. But Im so ready! My boo tried to massage me but bless his heart he was alittle too rough lol.
Ive been driving since 2 wks out....I sit on a swimming noodle that I cut into 3 pcs and taped together w a towel over it....I also use it at work to sit. Works pretty good but w the driving my back does start hurting...I limit my driving to work and taking kids to school...
I went back to the gym last nite...starting out slow...did treadmill on incline of 4 at 3.5 speed. I did 2 miles and it wasnt too bad but I just kept praying I didnt lose my booty LOL. #thestruggle
I havent been eating the healthiest like I said I was going to after surgery so Im hopin the belly dont come back...I just gotta get a grip!
Hmmm....cant really think of anything else right now...If yall have any questions ask away! Hope everyone is doing great!
Gonna post pics in next update just cuz its stupid and wont let me do it together lol.

Pics 26 days post


So I was just curious how he's a woukd fit so I tried on a few pair...hmmmm. I still wear same size as before surgery just fill them out in the right areas lol. Is it too early for me to a actually wear jeans?!? I wasn't sure of the time frame. I measured last nite..waist is 31 inches and butt 44. I'm sad butt was 46 after surgery...please don't go away anymore!

Pic w one pair of the jeans

3rd times a charm...

Sorry its been so long....

Hey ladies! Ive been promising an update but was tryin to wait til my 3 month mark...its actually next thurs so a week early wont matter. Since I havent updated in a while it will be lengthy so Ill update then post pics seperate since the pics are on my phone and we all know how it does sometimes when you write a long review and it messes up!
Gosh where to start! I started sitting without swimming noodles at work and driving around 8 weeks. I would sit more on my thighs but now at 11 weeks i pretty much just sit. Its been a real battle this healing process is NO JOKE! My emotions have been all over the place...there are SO many things I wish I would have known before surgery that I know now BUT no way to know upfront. First things I WOULD NOT HAVE GAINED WEIGHT!!!!!!! My arms and thighs are out of control and its so hard to start eating healthy and working out again! (Plus im 40 now and things dont change as easily now)
I have stopped wearing my garment at nite as of about 4 nites ago. I was wearing my Ann Chery waist cincher all day everyday until yesterday and i have decided to start sleeping in it and wearing nothing during the day. (Just a trial) I still have swelling when I dont wear anything and its so frustrating. The numbness and tingling is still there on back and sides. My stomach still have the dent...I tried to take a picture to show u, however I couldnt really get a good angle taking myself...believe me its there and VERY noticable! I def need to start doing ab work. I have been going to gym on and off (like i said hard to get back into it) I started w light cardio now I am doing a body pump class which is using weights. Nothing bothers me when working out...havent started running yet as I have too much going on on the back side LOL! (no complaints) I measured and seems as if butt is staying steady at 45 inches which is only about 1 inch less than when i got home from surgery but it does seem ALOT smaller. Waist is about 31 inches. (would like it to be about a 28) I would definately love to go back and get more projection as Im alot wider (hips) than ladies please let dr know what your wanting before hand. I said this was something I was only going to do once so Im trying to stick to my word but its hard to not have the booty greed! Some days it is bigger and looks better than others...crazy I know but it does. If you ladies have questions please feel free to ask! I cant really thing of anything else right now to cover....Im posting just a few pics so you have an idea what the booty looks like 11 wks hard to master taking booty pics yourself LOL.....Love yall ladies and good luck happy healing to you all!!! I will def check in here and there w updates on healing and pics for you...maybe once a month!

Pics 11wks

Today is a super bad day!

For some reason today my stomach and back are VERY sensitive to touch....I will be 3 months post on thurs. I would think by now this would subside. I still sleep in my waist trainer at nite and wear nothing during the day but as soon as I take off trainer I wish Id left it on....depending on what i wear during the day I will wear during day still....

Just checkin in....

Hey yall just doin alil update....I'm about 5 months post now and honestly I'm so torn on what to do about a round two or tummy tuck... This was suppose to be a one time surgery but for whatever reason I still have a dent in my stomach and one side is bigger than the other, so disappointed. I've emailed pics to dr fisher, he had called me and basically just says a tummy tuck is what I need. I hate to not trust him but I really think I need another opinion on why I have the dent....looks like uneven lipo to me. As far as my butt it's so much better than what I had but of coarse I have booty greed and would love more projection. I have not been eating very healthy it's so hard to get back on track after having to gain weight for the surgery. I still wear my Ann chery waist trainer to sleep and sometimes during the day. I'll post some update pics.....happy healing to everyone and to those waiting good luck!

5 month post pics

Better pic of stomach :(

Duplicate stomach pic...

Almost 7 months post op

Well ladies I've been promising an update w pics so here goes. I'm still not completely happy with my results and would love a round 2! I have days I say I'm just gonna deal w what I got and other days I want bigger booty and smaller waist and stomach. I don't feel I should have to pay full price considering my lipo was done unevenly not only on my stomach but lower back as well. I will be sending updated pics to dr fisher soon to see if he will offer a discount. I still have lower back swelling when I eat salty foods. The procedure isn't as bad as the healing over the next 6 months after! It's crazy! I lost a lot of volume in my butt and I am dealing w the big arms and legs from gaining the weight for the's a battle. Ive been reading so many are wanting round 2. It's crazy w the price it costs that so many have to do round 2!
The pics I'm going to post are so upsetting but I posted side by sides of before and after so u can see the difference without looking back. Thank you all for following me!

Need advice ladies :(

Well I got email back tonite from Dr Fisher stating he can not fix my stomach with more lipo that I need a tummy tuck cuz it is loose skin. I am so upset! He did tell me I would have loose skin but in my opinion it's uneven lipo! One entire side of my stomach is bigger...I need y'all's advice and honest opinions on what yall think. And if I should go to a different dr? If so who???? :( I'm just very upset right now and not sure what to do.

Well ladies it's been awhile....

Since I've posted...I've been trying to love my body but I just can't! Started looking on here again and have decided to have round 2 done or at least I thought! After sending pictures to dr Blinski I've been informed I need a full tummy tuck and more than one procedure to fix my issues. I wish I had found him in the first place! He actually calls you himself and not have coordinators call! He asked me to send him pics so I emailed them and within 15 min he called me and this was in the evening after hours! I missed his call but he left a very detailed vm. I will call him tomorrow to follow up and see his recommendations but he said more than one procedure needed. So sad considering I thought dr fisher was the bomb! I am posting the pics I sent dr Blinski ...I had my bbl with dr fisher Jan of all y'all can see my frustration. I don't look bad in some clothes but these pics almost made me cry! So I guess I'm back to start this process once again and this time I hope will be worth it!

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