Fisher Doll Ready. New Body Needed. 36 and Ready for a New Me :-) - Miami, FL

I am getting a bbl with inner thigh Lipo. My...

I am getting a bbl with inner thigh Lipo. My surgery date is April 21,2015 with dr. Fisher, coordinator is Shirley. . I am getting a new booty with Lipo, also paying extra for inner thigh Lipo. Ready for a new me! I am 175lbs at 5'2 and the coordinator told me I need to be 163lbs.
For all you ladies on a budget, for hotels go to Airbnb or vrbo and rent a home or apartment for you stay. So much cheaper!

Wish pic

Need faja and Lipo pads.

Does anyone recommend where to get the Lipo pads and faja? Is it necessary to change them for the stages. Thanks

Go my massager!

Wahl massager bought and tried. It's going to work great bc it feels good lol. eBay $35. Also got some bandages. Arnica gel at Walmart $7.56 and I got $2 off coupons from their website! Ladies, purchase from Walmart!

20 days left! Getting nervous

I'm still waiting on blood work from my dr, they didn't take enough blood to complete all so I had to go back. Cbc, urine, and hiv clear.

Wish pic

So ready

15 days left! Getting nervous

I'm so nervous and I've been watching too many surgery shows and freaking out a little lol

12 days to sx

I'm so nervous already.

Too fat! Rescheduled to sept 6

So i was 6 lbs too heavy so I'm rescheduled for sept 6

New review! Bbl scheduled nov 29,2016

New update for my bbl procedure with dr fisher. I had my date changed since the last one didn't happen due to weight issues ????

Wish pics


I'm Getting a New Booty to Go with my New Body :-)

I recently had a tummy tuck with implant exchange and love it! It's time to get a new booty to go with the bod. I'll be 37 and have my beautiful kids. I'm ready for a new me! I will be going to dr fisher in Miami and I've already paid since I was scheduled in April 2016 but couldn't get it done so to weighing 6lbs too much for their specifications! Does anyone recommend a place for massages?? I'm getting a new booty and lipo of the inner thighs! I'm 5'2 170lbs and hoping to loose a few more pounds but it's a struggle!

I would like some of that booty please

Versus the ugly reality

My ugly butt
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Ready to be a Fisher doll.

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