Fisher Doll Ready. New Body Needed. 36 and Ready for a New Me :-) - Miami, FL

I am getting a bbl with inner thigh Lipo. My...

I am getting a bbl with inner thigh Lipo. My surgery date is April 21,2015 with dr. Fisher, coordinator is Shirley. . I am getting a new booty with Lipo, also paying extra for inner thigh Lipo. Ready for a new me! I am 175lbs at 5'2 and the coordinator told me I need to be 163lbs.
For all you ladies on a budget, for hotels go to Airbnb or vrbo and rent a home or apartment for you stay. So much cheaper!

Wish pic

Need faja and Lipo pads.

Does anyone recommend where to get the Lipo pads and faja? Is it necessary to change them for the stages. Thanks

Go my massager!

Wahl massager bought and tried. It's going to work great bc it feels good lol. eBay $35. Also got some bandages. Arnica gel at Walmart $7.56 and I got $2 off coupons from their website! Ladies, purchase from Walmart!

20 days left! Getting nervous

I'm still waiting on blood work from my dr, they didn't take enough blood to complete all so I had to go back. Cbc, urine, and hiv clear.

Wish pic

So ready

15 days left! Getting nervous

I'm so nervous and I've been watching too many surgery shows and freaking out a little lol

12 days to sx

I'm so nervous already.

Too fat! Rescheduled to sept 6

So i was 6 lbs too heavy so I'm rescheduled for sept 6

New review! Bbl scheduled nov 29,2016

New update for my bbl procedure with dr fisher. I had my date changed since the last one didn't happen due to weight issues ????

Wish pics


I'm Getting a New Booty to Go with my New Body :-)

I recently had a tummy tuck with implant exchange and love it! It's time to get a new booty to go with the bod. I'll be 37 and have my beautiful kids. I'm ready for a new me! I will be going to dr fisher in Miami and I've already paid since I was scheduled in April 2016 but couldn't get it done so to weighing 6lbs too much for their specifications! Does anyone recommend a place for massages?? I'm getting a new booty and lipo of the inner thighs! I'm 5'2 170lbs and hoping to loose a few more pounds but it's a struggle!

I would like some of that booty please

Versus the ugly reality

My ugly butt

On my way to Miami

Ready to get this big booty!

2 days

Horrible pain!! Dr said for the first 2 days drink 2.5 gallons of water bc everytime you try to get up you will faint and he wasn't exxagerating! First day I was freezing so bad. So I started drinking water and eating bananas laying down. After about 3 bottles of water I started to feel better, I was able to go to the bathroom easier without fainting. This morning I woke up early needing water and pain meds and my husband was asleep, by the time I woke him up I felt dehydration and when I got up I was dizzy and shaky. Went to bathroom then sat down on the bed while my man fed me soup and drank a bottle of water! The lipo on my legs feels a little better and my butt does too! Dr said it's ok to sit for a few mins bc it won't change anything .

First massage

I feel better after the massage! Tomorrow I will get the massage with arnica gel for the bruising. My hands and face are very swollen from laying on my tummy! The more I walk the better it gets till I sleep again. I highly recommend you bring a big inner tube to sleep in or sit in, I wish I had one. I brought a pillow for sitting and a boppy pillow and I can tell you they don't work. I was still on my butt.


Not too happy about the shape but I do look better. Here's some pics for you. I asked for a bubble butt. Lol




Not a good shape ????

Very sore.

I am sore due to sleeping on my tummy. I got up showered and had my husband massage me and felt much better! Still no sleep, every 2-3 hours and today I slept maybe 5 off and on. We also have a 2.5 year old tired of the hotel room!

So I went on RealSelf and saw burns on a couple of people. Just want to let you know, dr fisher has told me that is due to tight garments where everyone is trying to make themselves super thin waist but not realizing what it actually does! Take your time, your waist will be small regardless.

Eres (vanity)

To be honest I don't think I will recommend them! I called on the phone a few days before surgery and asked how long I need to stay and if Monday was long enough, which would be 6 days. Ana told me yes that I only need 3-4 days to recover. Dr fisher asked me when I was leaving and when I told him Saturday he was not happy with it, annoying and frustrating. I got there at 7:30 and signed papers and mostly just sat there waiting for someone to say something, they then eventually said your waiting for the dr. 10:00 finally the dr came in and talked to me, yes same day consult which is odd. He was very nice and funny and seemed to understand what I wanted but told me ups and downs and what may look like and all. I brought my own garment which was already too big for me but they said it was too tight, so basically buy one from them! Then the made me buy the arm garment. When I woke up it did not fit at all and I cannot wear it due to cutting off my circulation! Hhmmnn! I scheduled my first massage 2 days after my surgery and the girl told me to be there exactly at 9 don't be late. I was there at 8:45am, spent over an hour in traffic. Then about 9:10 they come tell me the girl had an emergency and they had to reschedule and come back at 4, I asked can't you fit me in now? She said no to come back. So I'm staying 30 mins from eres and I've already told many people that, but they don't care. When you are there they are nice but just leave you waiting and don't tell you nothing!!! One day I waited for a massage for 40 mins, of course that day they could push patients back! The dr has not checked on me at all. The manager sent me an email asking how I was doing. And I got one call from one of the other girls working there.

My previous surgery at imagenes which is down the street, dr Stephanie stover gave me her personal number and checked on me often as well as other employees. I do recommend her.

Cell saver

I think it's a waste of money! It's just another way for them to make extra! Dr fisher told me they rarely due it but offer it.

Dr visit

Went to eres at 10, they took out sutures and said they needed pics and that's it. I said, " will I get to see the dr, that's the whole reason for coming to the post op" she said no he went to surgery! I was not happy so she said let me see how long, bs bs bs, she told us 40 mins! 2 hours later he finally came in. Told me I shouldn't have changed my garment and I told him I didn't. He said my skin is very tight especially around my waist on the sides and needed to pull up the skin then put the lipo foam in the creases. He said my butt skin was tight and he put in all he could do. He said full recovery is 6 months! No sitting for 3 weeks no lying on back or sides either, no lying in a chair w butt cut out or in an inner tube bc you are just going to mess up one thing or another! Damn this procedure!!! Lol.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Ready to be a Fisher doll.

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