Dimario!!! Staying home with my family. Philly bbl

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Finally it's time to have my dream body. I can not...

Finally it's time to have my dream body. I can not wait. I've picked my dr. Which is dr Osak. I've picked a wonderful recovery house cosmic care the manager keshma is a true blessing answering my calls, questions, calling me back just being truly amazing with this process. I will be flying in alone but she told me she will be with every step of the way. I was afraid but that has changed I feel comfortable like I'm meeting my friend. I don't want a humungus bootie. But I would like a fuller bootie with a nice shape and arch. Snatched stomach is a must. Down payment made on plane ticket.

Change is good...

I feel good about the decision I've made to stay home and not go to Miami. Yes everything was set up and damn near paid for, but I am glad I got a refund. I went to Dr Dimario's office and I was very impressed by the staff and the work I have seen from people and patients there. There is a comfort in actually seeing the work for yourself. And bring able to stay home with my family just in case. I didn't hesitate to ask questions from the people who I actually seen in the office and the workers that also had work done by the doctor. The staff is like family there and very helpful. When I met the doctor he was cool as a fan. Nice personality and understood everything I wanted. My appointment is coming up to get labs and a EKG done. They are very concerned with your health and I love that. I can't remember everything but I do know that 12 massages are included in the price. When I go to my meeting on the 3/21 I will post what's included in the price.

pre op visit

1 month before my procedure its getting real. Hearing a lot of negative things but I know this procedure is what I want. Appointment went great I took my fiance with me to meet the doctor. He took another look at me gave me my scripts and instructions.

Blood,Ekg, pre op papers,all done money paid...

9 day count down. I'm getting more afraid by the day. But hey it to late. I'm all in. I have a nurse to take care of me. Most of my supplies I have going out to get more this weekend. I'll post before pics the day before surgery.

New wish pic

Before sx

I'm still in some pain but I will update soon.

anxiety attack last night!!!

Last night I just couldn't take not being able to sleep. The tight faja, the padding. But someone told me a secret and now I have body pillows feels like I'm sleeping on a cloud. Thank god. Walmart $12.88 have to get the thick one.

5th week

booty buddy

The booty buddy from Dr Miami was my best friend from week 2. If you want to make your life better get one and thank me later.
Carmen Dimario

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