I will be an O doll in 2 weeks!!!!

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Hi sexy ladies, I am new to Real Self, and I would...

Hi sexy ladies, I am new to Real Self, and I would love to take you on my journey with me. I am 33 years old. I am recently divorced with 3 children. I work out at least 3 to 4 days a week, I run 3 miles 3 days a week also. Running is my favorite exercise. I recently loss about 20 pounds, and now I am looking forward to being the best sexy I can possibly me. I cannot wait for my scheduled surgery that I set for March 25, 2016. 2016 will be my year, not just because of my new sexy BBL, but because of my new mind frame, and my new outlook on life. I am truly excited!

I'm excited

This is just a few pictures of me in clothes. My body is ok...I guess, but I want no stomach and an ass that is out of this world. Lol! I see so many great post ops...I pray mine will be the same. March 25th needs to hurry. Lol!

I'm going big! They are going to judge you anyways!

I want to go all the way. I want a huge butt. I might as well. When people find out what I've done...they are going to judge me if I go small, natural, round, big, etc. So give me the biggest, juiciest, booty my body can hold. Yessss!!!!!!!

Dr. Hasan reviewed my photos, and he stated that I am a perfect candidate.

Dr. Hasan stated in his review of my photos nit to gain any weight nor to lose any weight. Well I will just continue to exercise and eat right, but keep everything in balance. I won't tweak anything. I'm ready!

How I want my booty!

I finally found how I want my booty to like. Just like the lovely Ms. Yaris!!!!! Xoxo!

I have less than 2 months left.

March 2nd is the date. I am getting so excited.

Dr. Hasan

I'm scheduled for March 2nd, 2016 with Dr. Hasan, and I need to know for a fact if he will be back in office by then. I'm getting worried! I don't want to switch doctors. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Switched from Dr. Hasan to Dr. O!!! I will be an O doll on February 22nd!!!!!!!

I have 3 weeks left and I am so ready. I initially was going with Dr. Hasan. He was my choice for over a year now. He has done work on my biological sister, and I think he is great. I just do not want to wait for him to come back to work. Who knows when he will even come back anyway. Smh! Well Dr. O is my choice after tons of research and before and after pictures. I am convinced that he will give me the tiny waist and big juicy booty I am hoping and know I will get. 3 weeks left. Hooorayyyy!!!!!!!!

A new Mcadoll over here!!!

With all the drama revolving around encore I decided to go with Dr. Mcadoo. I have no regrets. He was awesome and with all the bullshit I encountered he made it well worth it. He is an artist!!! And I love my results. I will post more pics along the way. Mcadoo is the man. But big and waist is snatched.

I love my results Dr. Mcadoo

Day 1 Dr. Mcadoo

Dr Mcadoo doll

Day 1 results

Dr. Mcadoo doll

I'm a one whole week today. I just finished walking my daughter to school and it took me about 30 minutes. I'm slowly coming around. I had my first bowel movement yesterday and it was pure hell. I am so relieved now. So please take a Metamucil day one post op. I'm still swollen but I'm loving what I see so far. I hate the fact that I cannot enjoy different sleeping positions, but I'm going to fight through. I will post more.

10 day old Mcadoll

Dr. Mcadoo made hips that don't lie...lol!!! I love that man. Well I am 10 days post op, and everyday it truly gets better. My only complaint now is my sleeping positions. My bae and I tried to have sex, but umm, in going to wait 4 weeks like Dr. Mcadoo stated. This Bbl was soooo worth the time, pain, and money.

Dr. Mcadoo is awesome

I love my shape so far...I am two weeks and a few days post op. The attention is real...I'm used to attention, but now it is magnified. Smh! Lol! Everyday the body looks better. I found the perfect massage therapist for post op where I'm from, and the massages are so worth it. I go once or twice a week. My bruises are diminishing, but I have a few left. I'm using arnica oil and coco butter 3 times per day, and it makes me feel better. I feel like my swelling is going away, and my butt went down a little, but I'm digging the shape overall. I love it!!!!!

4 week old Mcadoll

I'm actually going on 5 weeks and I love my body. I'm still not sitting. Well I sit, but I use the booty buddy. When I do have to sit I sit on back of thighs with back straight up. My swelling has gone away significantly. All of my bruising is gone. I started working out. So I'm back.

5 weeks now

I'm finally sitting...

5 weeks today

Who said Mcadoo doesn't produce results?

Dr Mcadoo

Feeling normal at 5 weeks

Dr Mcadoll

This doll loves playing dress up. Lol!! Im going to start waist training. I'm loving my results so far. I love dr Mcadoo

Dr Mcadoll

Almost 3 months and loving my body!!!!

Almost 3 months...

Dr Mcadoll at 3 months...I love my results so far.

Mcadoll right here

3 months in a week. I'm still loving my results
Miami Physician

Dr. Mcadoo was my doctor and I love him.

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