I'm Already Curvy Just Missing That Nice Round " BOTTOM" - Miami, FL

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My goal is for my butt to match my hips and thighs...

My goal is for my butt to match my hips and thighs.I just want a slamming ass body.I have always had hips and thighs so adding a butt would just make me feel complete.I recently had a healthy baby boy who I am happy to have but with that pregnancy I gained 70 pounds and I've only shed 30 pounds of that so far.Having kids change u mentally and most definitely physically. I was between 130-140 pounds before my pregnancy and at the end reached 200.I am left with unwanted weight and a rounder stomach.lol.I have decided to take my body back and do something I've always wanted.So I ended up here!!!

Traveling from out of town

I am traveling from out of town so I really need tips about my flight back home.What would be the best items to buy to sit on for long periods of time?My flight should be anywhere from 4 hours.

Second week of March

I'm looking for anyone that is getting a bbl the second week of March.Just wanted to split cost for a recovery house or maybe can just get answers about a private nurse.Plz help Dolls!!!

Recovery Homes

These recovery homes are so expensive...Dolls can u help me find a decent one?ugh...
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I have not talked with Fisher as of yet but I've been interacting with Anna and she is wonderful.She has answered every question I had and she's very knowledgeable at this point.

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