12 areas of aggressive Lipo with fat transfer - BBL

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I had my consultation Saturday at Vanity in Miami....

I had my consultation Saturday at Vanity in Miami. Dr. Valls stated he can give me an aggressive and tight waist and lower back and transfer all the fat to my buttocks. I advised him of needing fat transferred from entire back, stomach, lower back, love handles not to mention in btw my under arms and inner thighs ..................YAY!

Switching back to my original Doctor Fischer

Wow!! Had consultation Saturday ... Very nice and professional Doctor and honest. He advise me I'm to athletic built and he can not due a BBL due to not enough fat..... He stated he can give me lipo with 12 session but no BBL ???????? I advised him I was 120 and gained 40 pounds for this procedure and I can't believe I not have enough fat WOW!! I told him thank you for his honesty and thanked him for the honestly and consultation . I advised Consultant that I'm going back with Fischer but part year
He advised me I had to gain at least 50 pounds and no working out do to no fat ... Dr. Returns end of August and my consultation of 2014 remains in computer ???? I'm looking forward to seeing Doctor again ???????? I truly liked him but didn't have enough fat .., I'm praying this time he tells me I'm good ... Praying

My Dream lower back and butt

I'm praying that Dr. Fisher can give me this look.... ????????????????????????????????????????????????

Tight stomach and small waist

My wish pictures to show Dr. Fisher next office visit end of August ......

Called Vanity today 7/20/15

I text my Rep this morning to find out she quit working at Vanity NOOO!!!!!!!! She said she will call me tomorrow. I then called Vanity and explain my Consult has quit and now I need a consultation with Dr. Fisher as soon as he returns. I explained everything to her and advised I did pay $1.000 cash deposit and I need a consultation appt. Lady advise me Dr.Fisher returns 8/7/15 but has several surgeries but to call her that Monday 8/10/15 and she will have an appt. for me. I advised her if I don't have enough fat then I want my deposit back and I'm done with Vanity because I've gained 40 pounds and feel fat and none of my clothes is fitting and I mentioned Dr. Fisher advised me last year to gain 30 to 40 pounds and now weight 160 pounds a and last year I was 120 pounds........ She advised me that 40 pounds extra is perfect :) I will you ladies posted on 8/10/15 :-/

How do I changed doctors name??

I'm new to Realself and been trying for days to change to Doctor Fisher ... Can someone help me out?? Thank you in advance!

Looking forward to See Doctor Fisher

I spoke to my Consultant with no problem today :). She stated my appointment will be the 2nd week of August after his surgeries :) She mentioned if I have enough fat ; ) I can get surgury an earlier date!! YES!!! I Cant wait to see him :)

This was 2014

This is me .. When I visited Dr. fisher in January 2014 I was 120 pounds ;) I had like no fat lol.. I love working out!! Now a year later after working out 6 days a week Cross fit, Boot camp and Orange Theory :) I'm at 160 pounds. I'm not happy about feeling flabby and fat :( This month when I see Dr. fisher If he tells me I need more fat ;( I'm going to lose these 40 pounds by November and get Butt implants ;) Im going to try to stay home here in MIAMI but if not I'm going to Dr. Hughes or Dr. Straton because I truly can't keep gaining weight :( I will have to get my $1,000 deposit I gave Vanity two months ago in cash ;)


I received a call from Vanity and she stated Dr.Fisher is back and I can see him................I cant get time off without approval but was approved for Monday OWEEEEEEEEEE....................................:) I'm praying that Monday on 8/17/15 that it's a Gooooooooooooooo and I HAVE ENOUGH FAT :)
I've decided if Dr. Fisher states I'm still too skinny .....AFTER GAINING 40 pounds it's a done deal!!! Butt implants here I come with either Dr. Bass $8,500 , Dr. Gershenbaum starts at $12,000.00 or keep researching thru out the Large State of Florida :)
I've decided I will not be traveling out of state for surgery.
Praying next Monday is a good day for me :)

Consultation with Dr. Fisher 8/17/15

YES!!!! I have enough fat 162 Pounds!!! Owe!!!! I only waited 30 minutes lol.. I ran to Cuban Bakery and bought a Cafe Con Leche and a Culata ( cubian coffee ) I walked back in Vanity and My Consultant called me in YES!!!! Very quick as usually :) Yes, Lots of females lol.. and my Consultant looks like an actual Barbie just beautiful ;) I had a Great Consultation once again!! Doctor stated Your Good and let's set Sugury before you loose your fat lol... I was like ok Doc You Got jokes lmfao.. I didn't have any questions due to last year consultation :) We just talked and finally advised him I have an exam in November and won't be able to have surgery until December :) I finally got my day which is his last day before he goes for a two week vacation ;) I'm having surgury 12/15/15 If God Permits!!!! I'm soooo looking forward to my surgury ;)

Need to decide by December ;(

Haven't been on here for a minute. I'm so Undecided if I'm getting butt implants or fat transfer bbl then butt implants just confused ;( I'm going to visit Vanity in two weeks to sit and talk with Doc. I truly feel I need butt implants but then again my just need fat transfer with BBL .. I'm soooo torn :"(

Surgery rescheduled due to Conference

Received a call from Ana stating my Surgury needs to be rescheduled due to Doctor's Conference .... I rescheduled for February 26th 2016

New Sugury date 2 /28/16 might change to April

I'm thinking of just getting Lipo in 12 areas and adding arms due to the recovery time for fat transfer. in addition, it seems like I'm losing inches and fat since working out for my physical exam in the end of February :-( I might just move surgury forward to March or April and see if I can gain lots of fat before surgury :-) I truly NEED to get fat transfer done ... My Butt need some fat no doubt .. I'm torn .... kinda disappointed and not happy at this point but it's business before pleasure .. Hopefully , I will have a nice full Butt for Memorial weekend ( End of May) ;-)

Changed my surgury date today

I received an email asking about my medical history etc. I can not have surguery on 2/16/16 due to training all week ;-( Of Course out of the day or week . I've reschedule Surguery for 4/1/16 or might be able to get it dond end of March depends if I'm done with training. They were very nice and understanding ;-)

New surgery Date 4-1-16

Just filled out all my Pre Op paperwork and just waiting for blood work etc , I hoping and praying it'll go thru this time ;-) If God permits ???????????????? I'm so looking forward to getting my Butt back and a deep Shelve lower back ... Keep you all posted on next follow up appt. in the end of Febuary .

Changed surgery date for 4/29/16

Omg! I went to Vanity and gave them
A deposit for my surgery . I ended up rescheduling from 4-1-16 to 4-29-16 due to work. I'm praying it all goes well and I can finally get my surgery done. I'm going for Blood work on 4-1-16 and Pre-Op 4-22-16 hoping I'm good for Mothers Day and Memorial Day. I saw two girls come in from airport and they had the boppy pillows which I was advised by two girls at Vanity that they have better new improve Pillows Instead of those huge pillows lol it did look Ghetto Jaja .. The girls where having surgery Dr. O not Dr. Fischer . Anyways , looking forward to 4/29/16 still have a balance remaining hopefully paid in full soon .

BBL Pillow vs Boppy Pillow

I was advised to use this BBL Pillow instead of Boppy pillow by Couple girls at Vanity.... I'm torn because I wanted to buy the inflated donut instead but they advised me different. Hmm?? I will continue to research and thank god I have until 4-29-16

APRIL 29th , 2016 Surgury time!!!

Praying that I can finally have my Surgury on 4/29/16 ;-) I'm praying it all goes well .. I can't believe already March and I'll be going to pre-op and blood work ... I'm kinda scared and happy lol lol

Pre-op 4-8-16

I decided to get my Preop with my Internal medicine doctor. Ana emailed me the lab order and Pre op paperwork requesting EKG etc. I just prefer to let my doctor handle everything and make sure I good to go. I can't believe just next month . Finally after 3 years trying to get my bbl done with Doctor Fischer. I will keep you all posted. I did gain 5 pounds and hoping to gain another 10 more by 4/29/16. Good Luck to all the future Fischer Doll !!!

Preop tomorrow 4/8/16

Going for Preop with my Medical Doctar and might have to go to Lab Corp. on 4/9/16 for blood work not sure. I'm praying Doc. Can do everything at her office tomorrow . I will be visiting Vanity two weeks prior to surgury on 4/18/16 to make suture everything is received and I'm clear . I'm so excited but nervous too ... Praying everything goes well and my Surgury is a great success on 4/29/16. Omg! I've gained weight not sure how many pounds but will find out tomorrow jajaja .. I know my jeans don't fit and I'm feeling like Sponge Bob .......

Per Doctor GAINED 15 pounds

Wow! I gained 15 pounds Jajaja.., I'm official 165 FINALLY!! 4 years later trying to get this done with Doctor Fisher and not fat . I feel huge ;-( My doctor today couldn't believe I really gained 15 pounds Jajaja.. She had to check my weight 3 times . Lol lol Well, I gained weight by eating Fast foods, Dunkin Coffee and muffins and the worst candy and Panda Express noodles everyday for two months. I'm waiting on my blood and praying I'm clear on everything . I'm not taking anything extra just my normal vitamins . Keep you ladies posted . Omg! I'm HUGE I can't fit any of my jeans .. I'm torn ;-).
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Provider : Dr. Fisher I will be seeing him for another evaluation after gaining 40 pounds . Hoping this time I have enough fat... Looking forward to seeing the Doc by the end of August or in the beginning of September upon his return from vacation.

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