40 Years Old 5 Kids/want to Gift Myself W/new Look - Miami, FL

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I am new to Realself. Have been reading all the...

I am new to Realself. Have been reading all the reviews for a few months now. I had a BBL back in 2006 but very little fat survived. It looks as if more doctors are performing this surgery w/long lasting results. I am thinking about going to Vanity and I want Dr.Hasan to be my Dr. I spoke to a lady there and she referred me to Dr. Valls. I am wondering has anyone heard about this dr. As I have never heard any reviews on him. Please if you know anything please let me know.
I want my procedure in April of next year.

Surgery date booked

Ok, so I chose Dr. Hasan to perform my surgery. My date is booked for June 16, 2017. I am excited and scared all at the same time. I had what they called microfat grafting to my buttocks back in 2006 and it wasn't successful at all. I am fat in all the wrong places. I think back now and all the things they do now, that doctor didn't do. There was no sculpting at all. I have followed several Hasan dolls and they look just the way I wish to look. Dr. Hasan is in Eres and my coordinator is Ana and she is so nice which helps me mentally. This is something that I really want but I can't help from being afraid. I will put up some wish pics and pre op pics really soon. I am trying to stay at Claudia's house for recovery anyone know her website address.

Journey Begins

I am 5'4 and I weigh 195. Dr. Hasan won't touch me unless I am under 175. I was wearing 210. I lost 15 pounds already so I will continue to do my part to get this weight off. Me paying my deposit is more encouragement to keep it up.

HELPPPPPP! Recovery House

I am trying to book Claudia's house but when I call I get a Spanish voicemail (I don't speak Spanish). When I text I keep getting the same 11 responses. Her reviews are so great that is why I chose her but it seems as if I am going to have to find someone else. If anyone know how to contact her directly please let me know. Thank you

Surgery Date Change

I sent an email to my coordinator to change my date from June 16, 2017 to June 1, 2017. I don't expect her to respond to my email until Monday. Hopefully I will be able to get that date. My son is graduating from 8th grade at the end of June and I want to be able to attend the ceremony and take him out to celebrate. I will keep you posted. Have a good weekend RS.

New Surgery date confirmed

My coordinator confirmed my new date which is June 1st. I am really excited. June couldn't come fast enough. I still have 23 more pounds to lose before Dr. HASAN would even touch me.. I am doing pretty good with that tho.

Time is getting close

Well I am scheduled for June 1st and all is well. Gonna take some pics this evening to upload. All my wish pics are lost in old phone so I have to research again. I am still researching a RH. Still undecided with that. This whole process is nerve wrecking and I can't wait until this is all over. Ugh


I just moved my date to May 17th because my menstrual cycle changed and now I get it on the first. My flow be heavy so I had to change that. Now I have to focus on everything a little quicker. Guess you can say I am a little nervous but excited all at the same time.

Pre op pics

More Pre op pics

Faja question

How do you determine what size faja you need ?

Trying to get ready

How do you determine what size Faja to purchase before your surgery?

Time is getting close

My flight is booked. I will fly out to Miami on the 15th. Don't want to chance missing the preop appointment. I am staying at Xanadu RH. They will pick me up from my preop. Everything is moving smooth. I pray it continues. I haven't started purchasing any supplies yet so I will start that soon. Wish me luck Dolls. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. Good luck to all the future dolls.

Time going fast

Well I just had my 41st bday on the 23rd. I haven't weighed myself because I just want to get the weight off. I feel like sometimes when I look at the scale and don't see what I want to see I tend to beat myself up. However I will weigh myself towards the middle of April only because I don't want to lose too much weight. Well Dolls keep me in your prayers as I am nervous and excited all at the same time. Surgery Date is May 17th. Have a good weekend all.

My date is pushed back

So I got a call yesterday and they said that I have to much weight to lose in such a short time so they pushed my date to June 20th. They said that my body would be stressed if I try to lose to much to fast. I appreciate all of that. I was a little disappointed but I am over it because it's all for my safety. I have dealt with several people from Eres and they all have been very informative and patient with me and that means a lot to me. My journey continues. Good luck to all future dolls
Dr. Anthony Hasan

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