35years, 2 Kids, I have been Hasified!!!!! Yayyy!!!!

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Hey Dolls, I have been stocking a lot you for a...

Hey Dolls, I have been stocking a lot you for a while now, some stories made me excited some scared and others nervous. The last story I read has me shaking in my knee. So many stories about Vanity????. I have just paid my Deposit. I really want to be a Hasan Doll, but my coordinator told me he will be out for a while and don't know when he will return. So she suggested Dr. Orlando LLorente, I never really heard much about him,so not sure of his reputation or work. Dolls please help help help advise me please should I go a head with this doctor. My next choice would have been Fisher but he is booked up to October Confused.

3 months pre op hooray

What's up Dolls so I spoke to my coordinator today from Vanity and she assures me that Dr. Florence is a real talented doctor and he will give me exactly what I want she also told me that he 20 years experience and is board certified. I really would like Hasan or Fisher but I don't want to wait until October for Fisher to get my high tech body. I want to be right in October for my birthday.

Fisher Doll

So Dolls end up happening that Dr. Llorente will be on vacation so now I am going be a Fisher Doll his price is 500 more so I will now be paying 5000 in stead of 4500. I guess that is ok since I will be getting that beach body. My date has also moved to September 29. Ladies any advice in how to prep myself before my life changes for the better. Eg. Products to make my recovery easier.

Missed Period

Hey dolls been missing in action for a while so busy with work. Listen dolls listen I have a major issue, i am booked, deposit is already paid, i am set and ready for the new me, until I have missed my period. I am so boomed right now I am really hoping that my period is just late or I am changing cycles, this is just so scary right now I was losing weight so good, I don't know what to do. A friend told me that I should take something to bring my period down since i am only a couple of days late, but would this interfere with my procedure in September? Dolls Help I Need Your Advice!!!!!

Late period Hasan Is Back!!!!

So Dolls it's been so crazy busy for me. Four days later my period came on, what a scare. Boy did I rejoiced, I thought my body days was put off for about a year. Thank God I'm on the go again.

I called Vanity and Hasan will be back in July 17 and he went up in price, he is now $6000. I wonder if I should stay with Fisher or transfer back to my first choice which is Dr. Hasan. Fisher charged me $5000 but my appointment is in September and I would like to move up my date to August but Fisher is only available in September on ward but Hasan has open slots for now until everyone finds out that he is back. Doll what should I do?

1 more week Hasan Dolls PreOp!!!

Hey dolls, I know it has been a while but I am now on a permanent vacation, and able to update you ladies more frequently on my journey. yayyyy !!! I know that sounds crazy but I am happy I don't have to rush back to work after sx. I can take my time to heal properly. I have one more week to go and I am having anxiety, my feelings are fluctuating.
Ladies I had more drama when it wasn't my husband when it wasn't my husband it was Vanity.lol why you think these men so jealous, lol ! At the end off the day I am still getting my body right!!!!!

My plane ticket bought recovery house booked. I will be staying at Miami Escape Recovery house. Labs done but have to do them again according to Vanity.

Don't know yet who where should I get my massages... any suggestions?

Here are some pics of my present body.....

Pre Op Pics

Here are some before pics dolls and wish pic.

More Pre op pics

Pre op pics dolls

8days 14mins 43 sec to go whoop whoop!!!

Dolls the time is drawing near, I am set to go. I will pay the balance of my recovery home when get there. So I will be leaving for Mia on Sundays. I will give you Doll the 411 every step of the way.

So wait!!! Y you think, I had to go on Instagram and saw Dr. Blinski AkA Dr. Fixit work..... omg this man is totally off the chain!!! I have not done round 1 as yet and I am already thinking of round 2 with Dr. Blinski. Doll he is amazing!!!!

Here are a few wish pics..


Dolls I need help on who go to for massages, please can any one recommend someone to me please????

1 week pre op

Hey dolls, I am counting down the days till my sx. I am so mad, my items I had ordered for sx has reached all except my ab board the package is here but no ab board inside of it. The shipping company do not know what happened to it, but I told them they better have it before Sunday. They don't want see the beast come out in me. I need my ab board and I need it now . They told me that they will reorder it for me. They don't have it ready by Saturday, they will know. On top of that Vanity called me in reference to my lab. Asking when am I going to do labs. So I told them that I had done it already and faxed over to them. This is the third time Vanity has called me about labs, I said to them, you all don't keep or update information in your system about your patients? Well anyway they are saying even though my labs are good, I have to redo them all over again when I get there. I don't want no mix up when I get there so they better get it right. Anyway dolls that's all for today, talk later!!

Weight Loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Dolls, whats up? so I went on the scale today and i lost weight yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! so i had weight 168 last month within 3 weeks i am down to 161. So what i did was drank epsom salt( 6 tea spoon of epsom salt and 8oz of water and stir till it dissolved.) man that cleaned me right out and i started eating smaller portions of food and regular exercise. Lets go Dolls, Lets get that Body!!!!

2 days Pre Op

Hey Dolls so I am now 2 days Pre Op. This becoming even more real, I can't sleep and when I do sleep I am dreaming about the way I see myself looking. I still don't have a boppy or bbl pillow as yet and have not decided on who will be doing my massages. I guess I will figure everything out when the time Comes. I am a spontaneous person so I can make up my mind at any given time. I will be traveling to Ft. Lauderdale and driving down to MIA. I can't wait to touch down!! It has been so rough for me dolls, my husband and I been arguing for weeks now and also had a bad argument with my mom. SMT! Do you Vets have any advise leading and coming out of sx? Happy healing to all you Pre and post op Dolls!!

10 Am Mia here I come

Mia here I cone, just a few more hours and I will be at the airport. So y you think that I am getting an email from Vanity stating that I must purchase my garment for $120? when my co-ordinator Leo stated that I will be getting a garment for free. Anyway I bought one myself wasn't depending Vanity. O also the shipping company also what's app me saying that the apologize that they were unable to get my ab board to me in time, if I can send them my banking information so that they can reimburse me. So I now have to get another ab board and 2 more loop foam. My husband and 2 kids will be with me, so that is a good thing. I am going to eat bad one last time before being a gym fanatic lol. Fried chicken and fries for dinner kml. Please don't judge me kml........... but I want my waist to be about 26 and booty 40- 46 hahiiii... bam bringing sexy back i say!!!! Lol later dolls tomorrow you will be hearing from me!!

305 are you ready

I hope the 305 is ready for this New body , damn I might need to hit up KOD kml after this new booty Hasan will give me.... plane boards in the next half hour. Another step closer to my bbl journey!!

Successful! !!

I am safeeling doll at the recovery home. Sorry for any miss spell typing with one eye open. Update you dolls later.

Have not seen myself as yet.

See myself may be tomorrow


Hey Dolls I am GoI'd just was able to walk around just lil. Lil sore and hurt coming out off bed but once I started walking I felt a lot better. Miami Escape Is off the chain looks exactly like the photos online . More up date soon

How do I feel

I am feeling good now much better than earlier just a little sore. For me it is not bad at all my C sections was worst.

3 days post Op

Hey Dolls, I am feeling well . As the days go by gets much easier. Only thing is that I am stiff and it's hard getting in and out of bed. I have to drink a lot of fluids and walk alot it feels much better once you get out off bed. I will recommend that you start to move around a few hours of your surgery unless your doc instruct you not to do so. But while in bed move you feet up and and down to help strengthen it and try to push yourself up as much as you could to help with the stiffNess. But every doll is different. DR. Hasan do not use drains so it's a bit messy. I am trying to remember as I type. Miami Escape Is very comfy, Brenda Dani especially Morley they are so sweet. I love love love hips that Hasan gave me!!!!

Miami Escape

Miami Escape treating their dolls like princess that we are!! We were all given roses by our Driver Chris, he is so wonderful. Miami Escape treat their dolls top notch, big up to Sam who just started today boy she know her stuff. Pick her brain dolls she is full of knowledge of post ops. Brenda she is quiet very helpful she has such a genuine smile and if she is busy she does her best to get to you as soon as possible she knows her stuff as well. Molly such a kind and humble sole, she does everything in her power to ensure that you have everything that you need she has such a positive spirt, very decent young lady . DannI of Danni there are no words to describe you. You are one of a kind I would like to thank you so much for going above and beyond to accommodate me. You are a blessing and all in your future is nothing but good and prosperity. You Danni God has his hands on you. May you continue to be blessed! !! The Dolls that was my roomies , everyone looked out for one another couldn't ask for any more. Future Dolls you will be so comfortable here and safe you feel as if you are home away from home. Once you are here you automatically because apart of this great family! I highly recommend Miami Escape to any future doll. Thank you again Miami Escape! !!!!!

I will be real about Bbl! 6 day post op

So ladies the pain for me has not been extreme but let me tell you the soreness and the swelling is extreme. The worst part about getting this procedure I'd being comfortable, nothing you do makes you feel comfortable. If you fix in a certain position you feel ok for a while the you feel uncomfortable again. I just can't wait for this part to go away. The only time you feel really good is after a massage and shower. After an hour or so you right back to being swollen.
It hurts takings of my Garment and feelsee uncomfortable so when I do ladies I will post more photos.

1 week post op

So dolls I felt as if I should have gone bigger, Dr. Hasan asked what size I wanted I told him med to large. I wish had said large to extra large. What do you think dolls had my 4th massage today so feeling a bit better. Here are some pictures

Pics after 5th massage

Starting to take shape but still swollen a whole lot Marian she is great and she has a lot of rewards in this type of massage. I wish I had went to her from day one she also molds your shape.

Front pics

Someone had requested to to see the front of me, no lie I felt some kind of way showing at first because I did not like my tummy but now I can see where it is coming together well. Still not sleeping comfortable just cant get a comfy position. But I found that laying your tummy on the pillow helps a lot with the pain of getting up out off the bed. So I have been laying on 2 pillows and my tummy on one.

9 days post op

Hey dolls, the days are getting better still uncomfortable but hey. I am getting tired of stay one place, tired of being home. So my tummy is starting to look a lot better whoop whoop???? I thought I would have had to wait until I get a tummy tuck to wear my belly out. Trust me massages work a lot. This is worth it I am loving my body dolls.

10 days Post Op

Hey dolls today is such a better day. I am still in Florida. So I will visit Vanity again. Still have some fluids, I got into the habit of draining myself . I will take an updated photo of my tummy later but I do have a photo that I will share after my 7th massage. When I return home I will rub myself with raw Shea butter mixed with coffee beans for my stretch marks. I know it's soon but I also wore my waist trainer today for about 6 hrs.

19 days post op Back home

Hi Dolls, it's been couple of days and I just left Florida. Was there for two and a half weeks after my surgery. I am doing well still swollen my butt is getting soft. So dolls my flight was delayed for 3 hrs. I bought a cushion from Vanity trust me it was a waste of $50 I was so uncomfortable but I use it only for taking of and landing the rest of the way I kneeled on the floor. My tummy is looking really good y'all I will post some pics. I measured my butt and was a 43 was a lil disappointed because I wanted nothing smaller than 47 but it looks so natural that I'd the only good thing waist now is a 32 I am hoping to get it down to a 26 or 27. I did not use an ab board only lipo foams and triangle for my back. My period came on so had to wear panties ladies watch the panties you wear it can cause dents in hip area. Talk soon dolls

1 month post op

Hey Doll it's been a while, I am so struggling with this recovery thing. So I had slowed down with draining, and now while my toddler was sleeping he kicked me so hard on my left waist. It has swollen to the roof and the pain is so bad. And I have started to drain a lot again, sad thing is I am not in the US to even get Drained right away. The doctors on the islandside are afraid to touch cosmetic patients. So I have to try get to Vanity asp. My butt is still 42/43 I really wish it was a 46 . Waist 31 it went down a lil try to get to a 27 waist. Do any of you dolls know what I can use for stretch marks? Will post pics!

Updated pic 32 days post op

Updated pics for you dolls. Today I fly into Miami and now at Vanity to be draiNed.

More pics

More pics

2 month Post Op

Hey Dolls so I am now 2 months post op and my body has went through so much changes. Recovery is such a roller coaster. So many night I slept without my garment and I boy did I pay the price in the morning swell ville. My button has grown 2 inch so it's now a 43 now. I am loving my shape and I the attention is crazy can you dolls imagine when I get my tummy tuck and breast done. Lol hurt heads I say!!!!! Lol , here are a few pics

Round 2

Hello dolls, I am going for a round 2 but only this time with Dr. Cabral in DR. This Dr. Is work is crazy I will be doing a tt+bbl and breast lift. I am so excited and scared at the same time, I am looking to do this the ending of the year.
Here are a pics of me now! I muse say I love Dr. Hasan results. But I need a tummy tuck and muscle repair. But I definitely want an upside down heart shape but.
Dr. Anthony Hasan

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