25 Years Old 2 Kids Ready to Get This Waist Snatched. Hassan Doll. Miami, FL

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I have been stalking real self for months now I...

I have been stalking real self for months now I was sure my mind was made up I was going with Dr. Duran but after delayed response time and checking out a surgeon in my city (they told me they didn't do BBL but they would do my lipo blah), after this i put my search on hold until I seen a hasan doll I just knew it was right. My experience with vanity didn't start out great my coordinator was Shari in 3 weeks I only spoke with her once after multiple attempts of reaching out. Tuesday I called to get a change of coordinator i have spoke with her everyday since. I think I'm getting ahead of myself massages booked, deposit made, items being ordered all in three days. I'm so excited but I'm trying to drop 10 lbs before, HELP!!!

Wish pics

I want the hour glass shape not all the extra hips I have a lot of those, I want the big butt but not 2 much.

Transform Me !!!

Most of my life I have been below 140 lbs but after my second child I couldn't seem to bounce back. I'm ready for a change. Here I come Hasan.


I'm looking for reasonable price hotels near vanity, or would renting a vacation apartment be cheaper?

Weight loss

Spoke to my coordinator and Dr Hasan said I only have to lose 5 more lbs I want to lose 15. I thought it's best to be closer to your goal weight after surgery I want to be less than 160 I'm 190 now. I know I would still have enough fat to achieve my goal butty lol.... Help! Should I lose the 15 lbs or just 5 lbs?

Surgery buddy

I think a May have a surgery buddy hope all goes well, I'm going to make 2 more payments and that's one thing I can check off my list.

The count Down is real


I've always had hips but not the butt to go with, waist training this early morning 3:04am to be exact .

I just dont know what to believe

Right now Im not going to stress about it.

23 days Miami Here I come

Im not down to my goal weight but I am at the required BMI so I guess thats a good thing.

Change of Doctor

So as everyone know Hasan canceled for all march so I switched to Mcaboo. Im seeing alot of his current work on Instagram on his patients pages and I am actually impressed. I was really down and didn't know what to do in the beginning now I'm back in a happy place.

8days pre op

Ready to be snatched, I have faith in Dr McAdoo/

Almost time for take off

Boarding my flight in a few hours excited, nervous, and my first time feeling kind of scared

Made it to the other side

Hi Doll,

I went in for my pre op appointment on Tuesday. I didn't get to see the doctor because I came almost at closing time but they let me feel out all my paper work my surgery wasn't until today so I was able to do all my last minute things on Wednesday which Stella came and got me took me grocery shopping etc. She has been nothing but amazing highly recommended. I was scheduled to be at encore at 4:30am I went back at 5am. Dr. McAdoo is great and very kind.. Everything went si fast I didn't know I was being put on under I woke up a little shaky car ride wasnt the best but when I got back home took a Tylenol extra strength ate some home made soup Stella made I didn't feel any pain able to just stand up a few minutes etc. FYi I was prescribed percocets but I choose not to take them in the pass the have made me a little sick to the stomach. I'll post pics tomorrow during post op.

Pic from 1 day and third day post op

He did his thang most definitely delivered

My results

In not for sure if I like my results yet, my butt has went down some which I think it's a good thing cause it was way too big. I do really like my stomach but it seem as if my first garment isn't getting any loser should I be concerned?

5 month update

I have not been on here in a while but I need to give credit where credit is due... Everything I wanted and asked for Dr. McAdoo has delivered wouldn't ask for anything more I will highly recommend him....On another note I'm looking get a few other things done, I'll keep you doll updated.

5 months post op

My stomach is actually really flat this was how I was standing...
Miami Physician

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