22 Y/o with No Kids Bbl - Miami, FL

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Hi guys Right now I am looking for the bst dr to...

Hi guys

Right now I am looking for the bst dr to do my bbl. like everyone else I've been on here day in and day out. I've seen amazing bbl and ran into great profiles on surgeons but I still haven't decided on who I want to go with. I wanted to do hasan at vanity but I've heard he doesn't take interest in finding out what you want exactly. I want someone that can look at my wish pic and aim to make it as close as possible. Don't tell me it's not possible because anything is possible. I've considered Dr Duran but it's too far and I just read someone review talking about a blood clot passed thru her lungs. Huhh?. Right now it's fisher I am considering. I'll keep updating.

TIP: for all the ladies who are having a hard time coming up with the money. If your not already you can enroll in community college take a couple of classes and pull out a student loan for up to 6000 maybe more. I'm only getting 3000 a semester. Plus what ever left over from financial aid goes to you as well. I don't buy my school books from the school because they charge an arm and a leg. I get them online cheaper which put $1000 back in my pocket.

My body now

My ugly body lol..but whatever

Wish pics

So I've been had these photos in my iPad for a min. All of these girls body is on point. I'm really going for a small waist with nice tits and ahs look.lol

Here's some pics of my young sexy body..

Just showing pics of my use to be body.. I'm really looking forward to getting it as close to being perfect as possible lol.

Got my quote!!!

So I received my quote and it came out to be what I estimated lol. I've spoken with Ana from vanity and she seems pretty alright. I will be putting $1000 down tomorrow. Of course they said fat ass needed to lose weight. So that my mission for the rest of this year. I'm kinda sad because mom think I'm going for breast reduction. She don't know it's for a sexy ass. She'll understand when she see it lol.. But she's coming with me. I know I might have to force her, but I just feel like I'm secure when she's around especially for something like this. I really do salute the ones that have did it on their own.


So do you get a date after you pay your deposit or after you pay half the procedure?

Got into it with Vanity n

Not going to dr fisher anymore. I'm sticking with the dr who's doing my breast reduction which is dr tania medina!!
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