BBL, DR JARIAL.... 5'9", 170lbs, 34y/o, Miami...5-24-16

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Please inbox me if you need a buddy to travel to...

Please inbox me if you need a buddy to travel to Vandidades, Miami. This will depend upon whether i book my procedure or not. Talk to me ladies....... Obviously I havent had the procedure dont yet but this system requires I write something so I am literally just rambling right now.......very very excited about possibly getting this done in the next month or so.....What can I say, my husband is spoiling me for an early Christmas gift, What more could a girl ask for...LOL

Got a WONDERFUL quote from Vanidades....$3200......any others???

This is the second time I have received a very low quote from Vanidades.......I would love for Dr. Ghurani to do my BBL.....just wondering if anyone else has received a low quote like this and if it is the old bait and switch in the making.......??.?.

Rafael Salas.....May 2016....Finally gonna do it

Im not about to write a bunch of rubbish....people wanna see the proof, and the proof is in the pics...Here's my before pics! I weight about 175Lbs in these photos and may try to gain a few more before my sx...

Wish pics

More wish pics

Faja and ab board came today

Faja and ab board came today.....yaaayyy. im actually getting a bit nervous. Im 16 days out and it's about to get REAL! Ive been attempting to gain a few pounds, hope it works out in my favor!

Blood Work???

So, I am planning to get my blood work dont next week? How do I go about doing so?? Can I just walk in to a Labcorp, or does someone have to supply me with an order to get it done? ????

Tried on Faja and ab board

These pics show the reality of my lack of curves....HELP Jarial HELP!!!

Random Pic

This dress would look so much better with aome curves

More wish pics

Sitting at work on Mother's Day and my kids are with Pop Pop.....stalking some booty pics....heres what I found!

2 weeks away......

Just taking some random pics of my block of a body......time to make this change!!

The naked truth

Two weeks and counting.....May 24th with Dr. JARIAL at Vanity/Broward Clinin

Blood and done!

It was pretty simple and straight forward. I set up an appointment with the local Quest diagnostics lab. Let my coordinator know when my appointment was (Claudia). She faxed my lab work order to the lab just before I arrived. It cost me nothing!! I didnt have to wait, they took about 4 valves of blood and I had to pee in a cup.......20 mins! 48 hours later, I got a call from Claudia to say my bloodwork was good and Im all set for sx. I highly advise getting your bloodwork done at home so you dont arrive just prior to your sx and find out your iron levels dont measure's not worth the stress. sure! Less than 10 days to go!!!!

Realistic results????

I found these before and sfter shots and compared myself to thebefore shots....hopefully I can achieve the same or similar final result.....

I am here...the time is near!!!

Landed in sunny FLL this morning and just finished my pre op with Dr. Jarial. He is such a nice man. He was professional, detailed, sensitive, and down to earth. The two young ladies at the front desk were kind and courteous. I only waited about 15 mins to go in with the doctor. I wasnt pressured to take care of my was a overall good experience. For my thick sistas out there looking to get lipo...i was informed by the Doc today that Florida has a 4000cc law. It states that no more than 4000cc's may be removed from a patient due to the number of fatalities in the if your doc tells you to loose weight.....its for your own good and for optimum results!! I, however, jad to pack on a few pounds for optimal results. I was also given my arrival time for tomorrow 11am....thats about 24 hours from now. .....GET EXCITED!!!

I made it!!!

Surgery day went great. I was told to arrive at 11 a.m. we got there a little bit early but were taken directly to the pre-op room to change. Dr. Jarial came in about an hour later. I could hear that he was finishing up the other procedure when we got there so I didn't mind waiting at all. He came in with a smile on his face took some pictures and did some markings. He addressed every question and concerned that my husband and I had before the procedure. I felt very safe and as though I was in the right hands. Dr. JARIAL was again professional realistic and kind. Then the time came to go to the operating room. I was led there by the anesthesiologist, Gabriel. Also a very nice man who explained everything that he was going to be doing for me that day and made me feel very comfortable. I laid on the operating table and he began my IV. He told me he was placing the medicine into my system, I got a little dizzy and that's all I remember. I woke up in very little pain and the nurse asked me to roll onto my side so that she could get my garment all the way up. I cannot remember the nurse's name but she was very kind as well. I was shaking quite a bit and they told me that was due to the anesthesia. I did not feel alarmed at all. Not sure how long I stayed in the recovery room but by the time I was fully awake the nurse came in with a wheelchair and guided me to my knees on the chair and wheeled me to the car. They set up the papers on the back seat for me to lay on told me I looked great and sent me on my way. The ride home was interesting I was not in pain just a little bit uncomfortable. We arrived at the hotel and I layed down on my stomach. My husband left me at that time to go and fill my prescriptions. While he was gone the pain started to kick in! At that time it felt like my butt and hips were on fire. I was in need of some pain meds, surprised the block wore off as quickly as it did, I text my husband and told him to hurry up LOL. He arrived shortly after with my pain meds that I took immediately and it took about an hour for them to kick in. It is now about 10:45 in the evening and I am literally in no pain. I was also given an antibiotic to take which I took earlier and the combination of the two have me feeling quite relieved. I have gone to the bathroom several times and it helps to sit backwards on the toilet. I did not purchase the female urinal but sitting backwards works perfectly. I have been frequently walking here in the hotel room from one end to the other and I honestly feel great. I am very surprised that my pain level is as low as it is. There is a bit of soreness in my lower butt but other than that I feel fine. My husband has taken a few pictures of me and I will be posting them along with this review. I definitely have that S curve and he gave me the scoop back just as I desired. My hips are shapely. I am very swollen I have a drain in my side and I Am leaking quite a bit from the front and the back. They gave us extra pads to lay on the bed which seem to be working quite well; my only concern is how am I going to wash this garment LOL. Dr. Jarial called me this evening to check on my progress, I was very impressed by that. He asked how I was feeling and if my pain was managed he also asked about my draining and reminded me to come in tomorrow for post-op. He told my husband after the surgery that he put 1100 Cc's on each side. My butt does not look super huge, which I am happy about, and I can't wait for the swelling to subside so I can get a better look at my results but so far I am happy. I can't understand why dr. Jarial does not have more reviews on realself he is a compassionate and caring doctor and I felt the entire time that I was in good hands. IMPORTANT : my surgery took place at the Broward location in Plantation, Fl. I assume its smaller than Vanity in Miami, much less hectic, they are so much more personable. My surgery coordinator Claudia was great!!!

Ppst massage number 1

Swollen....uuuggghhh...but not in pain....sore as hell!! The side profile shots standing up dont look all that great because of the swelling in my back where he gave me that V just above the padding in my garment to apply pressure there.

First shower....feeling good....

Im still very swollen, cant wait for my waist to go down, also to get this damn drain out....its just annoying. Got another massage tomorrow. ...cant wait for that!!

Mixed emotions

Im so confused right now. What is swelling and what is real? I feel like certain angles i have a great shape and other angles I look the same as I did before surgery. Im still wearing this triangle in my lower back and he said he liposuctioned that whole area really good and got the most fat from there but after 3 massages its still puffy and Im worried about my scoop back. They did tell me when I had mt drain taken out that my garment was way too big, so I got a smaller one and I feel totally compressed in this thing! I mean my cooch is poppin out the pee hole and all. I also felt like it was smushing the butt so I cutt the cheeks out and now Im afraid this will cause me to have a shelf.....i DONT want no shelf! Any advice frombthe vets out there?? Im 5 days post op, am I just being impatient or what???

Update 16 days PO

First of all, let me say that I feel absolutely great! Im super excited about my results so far. I still have a bit of sweling in my lower back and my abs are rough..but flat. I love my shape and cant wait for my permanent result!! Here aome pics, but they dont do me justice....

Side by side

Quick photo to show the difference.

4 weeks Post Op

Overall, i feel pretty good. I still have some stiffness in my tummy and i have deleloped a small seroma which I am having massaged today, I guess thats what happens when you dont get a professional massage for 3 weeks! My nack is still a bit sore to the touch as well. At night I wear my garment, which I am having altered because it is clearly too big, and I put my squeem over it with my ab board and triangle underneath. If I could change anything, I would add a bit more volume to the lower half of my butt to make it more round......Revision....maybe?????
Pelayo or Ghurani

Dr. Ravinder Jarial

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