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I am 44yrs old. I have two kids. My son (22)...

I am 44yrs old. I have two kids. My son (22) weighed 11.5, daughter(17) weighed 10.5. Like just about everyone else I have read about, my body has never been the same since having the kiddos. I have my pre-op tomorrow (5/23) and I am very excited. I have full TT, lipo/flanks and a BL planned... but...tomorrow at my pre-op I plan on changing my procedures to add a small implant. I don't want to regret not doing it. I don't want to be huge. I just don't want to be disappointed.
195 lbs
current bra size: 36D (I can fill the bottom of the cup but definitely not the top part) It's more of a puddle in the bottom of the cup.
So the journey begins....

Went to my pre-op yesterday. After talking over...

Went to my pre-op yesterday. After talking over the BL vs. BL+Augmentation decided to stick with just the BL, TT & lipo/flanks. I received all of my instructions & my perscriptions. When I checked to see when my last mammogram was I discovered it was 6/09 so I scheduled one for this week so that I will have a current one for another year. The thought of going for a mammogram anytime soon after having incisions makes be queasy to just think about what that will be like.

When I think about what it will be like to see my tummy after the TT I can't even imagine what it will look like...I am pretty sure I will cry out of sheer happiness.

I will get some before photos up soon.

Still waiting impatiently for the day...

Still waiting impatiently for the day...

I am so excited for this week. I have to make it...

I am so excited for this week. I have to make it through 3 days of work.

I went to get my perscriptions filled today. I need to go get my groceries that I want in the house while I recover. My husband will be out of town when I have the surgery. My mom is taking me and will bring me home and stay with me the rest of the day. My daughter (17) will be home all weekend with me and I have a few friends that are going to come and sit with me. I am most worried about getting in and out of my recliner and getting down and up from the toilet. I also think I am going to start my period right after the surgery. That's going to be just great! (huge sarcasm).

I am going to have my husband take 'before' pix of me tonight so that I can post them.

I am ready and excited. I think I have everything...

I am ready and excited. I think I have everything ready. The nurse called me today to go over the "do's" and "don't". I need to be there by 7am. I am nervous about weird things...like being dependent on people to help me. That is something that I am not use to. I am worried about being able to put the footrest down on the recliner once I get it up. I am worried about sitting down on the potty and not being able to stand back up. I am worried about my drains leaking on my furniture. See...am I a freak? I am really pretty normal, I swear!

Well, I need to just bring the rest of my stuff downstairs so I don't have to go up there for a few days. I will post an update as soon as I am up to it.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Good morning! I am up and all ready to go. Just...

Good morning! I am up and all ready to go. Just sitting here waiting for my mom to get here to take me. It's funny....as I sit here with my track jacket, no bra...I think..."well saggy boobies, it's been nice knowin' ya!" Ha. And the most exciting thing.....I will have a pretty belly button!
I am pretty hungry since I last ate around 5:30pm yesterday. I will take 2 Xanax at 6am. Have to be at the OR at 7am. The nurse told me I should be in the "I don't really care what you do"-mode by then.

Hi everyone! Ok I made it through. Thursday was...

Hi everyone! Ok I made it through.

Thursday was the big day! I went it at 7am. They got me all ready to go, got me on the operating bed and told me it was time to start my dream....that was it...I was out.
The doc said I did really good but I sure have a hard time coming out of the anethesia. I was very queasy until about 9:30pm that night but I never got sick.

I am now 3 days post-op. I have 3 drains and 1 pain pump. I have really had a pretty good few days. I don't feel any pain in my abs and I keep having this terrible dream that they didn't do anything to them and when I get unwrapped I will still have the same ugly tummy. The most painful spot is right above my pubic bone where the incision is..but I think it might be where my tummy drain line is. The lipo areas on my flanks is sore and bruised but tolerable. My boobs don't hurt at all and I can peek down in my binding and see them. YAY!.

My mom and daughter are here to help me and they have been just awesome! I am getting up every hour to just walk around. The little walks around the kitchen are getting longer and longer without getting shaky and weak. I haven't had a BM yet but I have been taking a Colace 2xday since I got home so when I go hopefully I don't have to strain. I'm nervous about that. I have been eating very light so I don't feel bloated.

I will post pictures as soon as I download them from my phone.

I am rating as Undecided because I haven't been unwrapped to take a look yet.

On Monday (Day 5 post op) had the drains from...

On Monday (Day 5 post op) had the drains from boobs removed. They were pretty much dried up. Having them out was a huge relief.

I have been sleeping in a recliner. I can't put the footrest up or down by myself so I get help with that. I have to put extra pillows under my calves because the little bit of padding that the chair has makes my legs fall asleep.

Tues (Day 6) Weaned myself off of the oxycodone over the last 24 hrs. I am dealing with what slight pain I have with about 600mg Ibuporfen every 3-4 hours.

On Wed. (Day 7) has my official post op appt with the Dr. I got the tummy drain removed. It was becoming very painful so I was thrilled to get that out. I still have the tape covering all of the incisions. The tummy binder is really tall for my short waist so that has been a struggle but I have been able to fold down the top about 3 inches and that has taken up the extra fabric that was bunching up at the waist and causing lots of rolls and it was painful to my tender skin, especially where the lipo was done on the flanks. Pretty bruised in that area as well.

I am dealing with a bit of an infection in my belly button. It because I have kept my tummy bound up and its hot and dark in there. I am going to clean it with hydrogen peroxide and put some hydrocortisone cream on it 2xday (per Dr) and expose it to the light of day a few times a day as well.

The front of my tummy is still very numb...can't feel anything there!

When I got home from the post op I took a full shower. That felt really good but it was a scary feeling to be with out the bindings. My mom washed them while I was showering so when I got done showering I sat in my robe holding my tummy to put pressure, which feels better than just letting it all hang out. Also, moved from the post-surgery breast binder to a soft sport bra that hooks in the front (walmart). It feels nice and it has firm enough support. My boobs don't touch my ribs anymore!!! NICE!!

Fri (Day 8). I am gaining energy as each day goes by. I took a shower this morning, peeled the tapes off of the incisions (Dr said they needed to be gone by Monday anyway), dried my hair and got my binding and sport bra back on.
My mom has stayed with me every day and night since my surgery. She has been just amazing and helpful. I think I have recovered much better having had her help. I would recommend to anyone going into a MM.....make sure you have help as much as possible. It has been so nice to just be able to recover.

I am officially sending Mom home. She has been such a great help and support but its time for me to start dealing with my day by myself. I will sleep in my own bed with my husband (YAY!!) for the first time since the surgery tonight. When he gets up for work in the morning I will have him help me get out of bed and to my recliner, where I can go back to sleep for a few hours. I can get in and out of it by myself now. I am looking forward to sleeping my my bed!

Still pretty swollen but the incisions look pretty good. The vertical incisions on my boobs are a bit lumpy but my Dr says that over time they will even out.

The belly button infection is clearing up slowly.

Hope everyone is doing well!

6/20 - 14th day Post Op - Went to my 2 week appt....

6/20 - 14th day Post Op - Went to my 2 week appt. Everything is looking good. The infection in my belly button was a little yeast infection....likely from being on the antibiotics and being bound up where it was all dark and warm for awhile. Anyway, Dr told me to get some over-counter anti-fungal, which I have been using and the infection is almost gone...slowly. My breasts don't hurt and the scars are healing pretty nicely...with the exception of the right one, where there is a pretty good size lump at the bottom of the scar. Dr. said of it doesn't smooth out he will take care of it in the office, like removing a mole. Not worried about it.

At some point during this time I went to Victorias Secret and go fitted for a bra. I am now a 38C. It fits nicely. If anymore swelling goes away I will just buy a pushup bra but the girls seem to be rounding out nicely.

7/5 - 19th day Post Op - went back to work. I had plenty of endurance to get up, shower, get ready and be out the door by 6:30am for the commute. By about 2:00pm my pants rubbing on my half-numb tummy was driving me nuts. I wore spanx but they kept rolling down at the band just enough to hit me right at the belly button. That didn't feel good at all. Spent the rest of the day trying to tuck my top into my spanx and not let anyone see. Ugh!
7/6 - Worked again today...Decided to cut the waistband of the spanx just enough that it split a bit. That provided a nice little gap where my belly button could not be touched. Better but not great.
7/7 - decided I couldn't take the tightness around my belly today so I worked from home in my comfy clothes.
I usually work from home on Fridays & Mondays anyway so I get Thurs-Monday in comfy clothes.
By the end of both days it felt like I had a little innertube around my waist where my TT incision is. It's like the fluids get all stuck there at the incision like a little rubber band is keeping them from flowing freely. I hope that little roll goes away at some point. It's flatter in the morning when I get up and really swollen at the end of the day. I will keep positive thoughts.
Overall, my first week back to my normal life was pretty good.

7/10 (24days) - Went to Target and bought a bikini top. Brought it home and put it on and spent some time in the sun. It was very liberating to wear that around the house and not be embarrassed.
I really need to get back to working out. I lost about 9lbs while I have been off of work but I feel really out of shape and mushy. I am going to start walking this next week....starting out slowly. I am hoping that at 5 weeks I can start my P90X again. My and hubby are Beachbody coaches and I love my workouts. I went to Costco today and tried to lift a box of laundry detergent...not a good idea. I thought I was going to blow out my navel. I will take the workouts slowly but I need to get back to doing something!

My tummy tuck incision seems to be healing very nicely but on my left side I have a little roll of fat hanging over the incision. That hip also seems lumpy compared to the right side, I think its a result of uneven lipo. I will follow up with Doc when I go back. He wasn't worried about any of the lumps or bumps at my appt. because I am still so swollen.

Dr. wants me back around Aug. 11. That will put me at 8 weeks.

Hope everyone is doing well.
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