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I had my first child at 19, and gained 40 lbs,...

I had my first child at 19, and gained 40 lbs, seems like I never quite lost all the weight with each child, and always seemed to gain about 40 each time. I have not liked my boobs for quite some time, but now with menopause, they seem to have grown in leaps and bounds. I use to be a 34C, and have been all over the board but recently in my Wacoal bra, I am a 34G !! UGH. The shoulder grooves have been there forever it seems, and the weight of my girls have lately taken it's toll on my back, with annoying pain between my shoulder blades. Sometimes the grooves in my shoulders ached so bad, I would have to move my straps one way or the other to actually get some relief.
I got the courage to talk to my husband about getting a reduction, and he's all for it. We have great insurance, and he said if that was covered "go for it". Then I was concerned about being out of proportion, so I will add a tummy tuck, which isn't covered, but he's fine with that now too.
I have stalked this site since I have googled my questions, and this site came up. It's been one of the BEST things I've found, and yes, I'm quite obsessed with all the stories.
I am hoping to end up with a C cup, I've been in to see the PS twice now, once for just the reduction, and the last time was to consult about a TT, and to see if I can do both at the same time. NO implants will be put in, as I do NOT want those for me.
The first consult (July 30th) the PS talked about the anchor procedure, and I saw pictures or their patients. I also had my pictures taken, which is just horrendous, but needed for insurance purposes.
The second consult (Oct 22) was for the tummy tuck questions, and more pictures were taken UGH.
I also have a gall bladder scar that has to be taken into consideration as the PS has to work around that, so he said my scar might start a bit higher than the real low kinds, which is fine, since I won't wear a bikini at my age anyway. Dr. then talked about the lollipop procedure, and I've been stalking that procedure now. LOL I can't seem to upload my pictures, and I'm not sure why, so I'll continue working on that.
I'm very active, and have a physical job, so I'm planning on taking the month of Feb. off, which seems so far away, but will probably get here quicker than I realize.
When I first went in to see the PS I was 160 lbs, (I'm 5'4"), and now I'm at 155, hoping to get to 150 by surgery time.
I'm extremely nervous, and am starting to have dreams of a botched surgery, but I guess that's just normal. I'm also hoping I'm mentally prepared for the change in my future body, as for years I've covered up my body, and IF I wear something slightly tight, I usually have a sweater, or a vest to help cover me up. I also feel extremely guilty for doing this, and will have to work through that too.
Otherwise THANK YOU Ladies for all of your pictures, and suggestions and stories, to help all of us futures get through this!!

55 years old

Here are my photos UGH!!

I believe my photos made it this time.

This is difficult to post, but I know how much it helps me to see others and how dramatic the changes are. It's helpful to compare.

Desired size

Do you just take photos into your PS to say..."this is what I want" I have seen so many posts on here about how the PS can't really give you a B cup, or a C cup...just wondering.

Shopping for wish bras

Wow I can't believe just the thought of these fitting soon. The tan ones are a 34C and the white ones are 34D. My body changed so much after my first child and really was never the same. NEVER would I change the fact I had my children but I would have taken care of my body better. I guess I thought I would just lose it and go back I didn't realize it would stretch out so much that no matter WHAT I did it doesn't go back!! At 19 I guess I didn't think about that.

Boobs are too much!

As I start to analyze my body a bit more, I realize how much I don't care for my breasts!! I really can't stand the way they look. I can hardly wait till I have my reduction! I took my measurements today, and my total breast size is 40, while under my boobs is 33. WOW, that's a lot of extra!! The tummy I'm a little more concerned about only because it seems it will be more invasive, and longer to heal. I have the month of Feb. off, and really hope that's long enough to be able to go back the first week in March. I do have a pretty physical job, on my feet the whole 8 hours, with some lifting involved. Well just praying all will go well. Praying that this is the right decision. I did tell another co-worker this last week, and she was so supportive. She even said on my frame I do have some "big ones" LOL so that was REALLY nice to hear.

37 days till Pre-op, 50 days till surgery!!

Reading some others postings, I bet it is a little difficult now for us to buy clothing? I have always bought to hide breasts and tummy, or worn double shirts, and it just might be a little difficult to realize I don't have to shop that way anymore?
I got a zip up bra at Walmart the other day in preparation. I also will start more/extra protein on Jan. 10, to get my system ready. Still hovering around 158-160 lbs right now.
None of this seems real yet, I am sure when I go for my pre-op and pay for everything, THAT is when it will feel real LOL.
Does everyone's thighs swell up when you have a mommy makeover? I have seen some postings on that too, or did some of the ladies have something done, so it makes them swell? Just wondering.

Lunch Ladies

I recently went to lunch with some dear friends I don't see too often, and told them of my procedure coming up. They were really happy for me, and both had said they each knew of a friend that had had a BR in the last year. Interesting to me....I'd love to meet a person who has had this done before my surgery. Just to ask...but I guess all of you ladies are just as helpful!!


I'm almost one month away from my procedure, and I'm writing all my questions down, to take to my Dr. on my pre-op visit. I DO know he uses Exparel, so I'm happy about that, since all of you have good things to say about it.
I've written down a recipe for a "anti-inflammatory" smoothie, in which I'll put my protein powder in too. I'm starting to do more "dips" to get my arms strong, but probably should do lunges more, because of the reduction, I won't be able to use my arms.
I truly want to be tiny, so I'm hoping with the lollipop procedure, that can be achieved. I've even saved some photos of some Real Selfers that I "love" and want to show my doctor to ask if he can achieve all this. Getting excited, but also nervous!!

Unrealistic Expectations?

It seems like a lot of ladies lately have commented that "they wanted a b/c cup, and are at a DD" Is it our unrealistic expectations, or do PS have this "gotta see them" so they keep us bigger? I am also getting a tummy tuck, so I'm hoping that when I say "keep me in proportion" I'm hoping I really can get a C cup?
I can't wait to go to my pre-op, and ask all these questions!!

Can I use rice to help with a size, even for a reduction?

I tried using rice yesterday to get an idea to convey the size I'd like to be for my PS. It's difficult to tell, since it seems like I have 5 cups of rice right now! HA HA HA. In less than one month I'll be on the flat side!! My back won't hurt anymore, and the shoulder pain will be gone. The bruises in my side boob will start to fade, and hopefully I can give some words of wisdom, to those who have yet to go under. Getting pretty excited!!

Getting closer

Well I'm getting prepared, I went and bought a front zip up bra. I bought the Green Lakes Gelatin that was recommended by a fellow RSer, and I'm going to start adding more protein shakes to my regime. Pre Surgery checkup is Jan. 19th and I'm getting pretty dang excited. I've also started having PS dreams. Most are good, some are...."why didn't they do anything." Those are funny!


Oh boy, had my Pre-op today!! I was SO nervous, I had dry mouth, and was shaky!! The office and my Dr. was so calming. They both reassured me that this was all normal. I was given all my meds, two to fill in person because they can't fax them. The vitamins to get and start (continue) to take. I talked about size, and for me I just said C. I'm thinking B might be too small? Then he said bigger C or smaller, and I said SMALLER definitely and he said "I will do that" so that made me feel so much better!!
My upper tummy won't be lipo'd I think that's normal, but I worry there too, because I can grab fat there. UGH. I also asked about dog ears and the such, and IF there is any, it's a fix in the office after 6 months no charge. Also he has now decided to go with the Wise reduction, not the lollipop, which is fine with me because skin is REMOVED. My TT scar will be a little higher to accommodate my gall bladder scar which he will totally remove!!
I'm STILL scared to death, but excited just the same!!
OH and I will have the patch for nausea, and then also a perscription. Now just protein it up, and do some more stretches. Start DVRing more movies, and I'm good to go!!
My husband went with me, and that was actually reassuring, and I'm SURE he has not wanted to say a thing, but I do believe he's pretty excited too. After I mentioned this whole procedure, he has told me "you work hard, you deserve this" since I do feel guilty spending so much on ME. He really hasn't said anymore than that, but today he had a smile on his face after I showed him some "wish boobs" and he smiled.
Hoping all goes well. For those that pray....please pray for me, and all of us gals who are, and will be going through this. Especially us "older gals" we aren't spring chickens that just bounce right back sometimes.
Thanks for listening to my rant!!

Telling my "Kid"

So my middle daughter lives locally and she's been my confidant. I went to visit her today to take her my "wish" boob pics and she said I need to show these to the doctor. I showed her "cottage girl" 's photos and she said YES that would work on me but show the doctor SO I will do that the morning of surgery. The office called today to get my family leave all taken care of and I asked that question she said day of is fine. IF I were to have a Aug then yes but they will take me down as far as they can! I still will show him my pic. Also they provide the bra and then another bra at my first post op apt! YEAH!
Also my daughter said I should tell the other two kids and I was concerned. It just seems so selfish but I told them and they were both SO happy for me!! Great kids!!
I got all my scripts today and soap and laxative just in case.


5 Days of work! This time next week I'll know my surgery time!! I'll be mentally and physically preparing for surgery! Since I've told my kids AND my 88 year old Dad, (who was AMAZINGLY supportive!!) I am not nearly as stressed!! All these were SO supportive, and said "GO FOR IT". I guess I was not telling them because I STILL feel it's selfish. Well actually to be honest I did NOT tell my Dad I'm having a tummy tuck. My kids DO know tho.
I have selectively only told a few people about the tummy tuck, but those that gave an "attitude" about the breast reduction, I just left it at that. Those that have supported the breast reduction I have told about the whole surgery.
I doubt those that only know about the BR will be aware of the tummy tuck, so I'm fine with that. My children know, and they are SO supportive, and are glad that I told them, and my girls are especially excited because probably by the time they are my age, they will also do the same thing!!
Have any of you Real Selfers had "issues" with the people with "attitudes" ? Did you do as I have and only said a BR without telling about the whole surgery? Did those with "attitudes" notice after? Did they grill you? Or just say wow " you lost weight"? Thanks for helping me out!! Have a Wonderful Sunday!!

3 More Sleeps!!

I got the call today report to the surgery center at 5:30 AM Monday Morning!! Oh My Gosh it's here!!! Scared, excited, nervous, happy, worried. All bottled up and I'm just trying to enjoy these last days as myself, and praying I'll love the new me!! I will miss some things but not the pain, or holding them in my pjs going up and down stairs. Deep shoulder grooves or shirts that are so baggy that you can't tell what shape I am !! I just want to have a really successful surgery!!

WAHOO It's down to the wire

Oh, I'm a ball of nerves!! I'm nesting today, as we have dogs, and the surgery center said, "if you have dogs, make sure there is no dog hair". Well I'll try.....I'm cleaning, striping, vacuuming top to bottom today, it will also pass the time by quickly.
I already showered with hibicleanse and no lotions, deodorants, or conditioners on. I report to surgery at 5:30 AM YEAH, I'm REALLY happy about that. I'll take my phone in, if I can, to take last minute, "goodbye tummy and breast" pics. I'm AM excited, just really hoping that all comes the way I'm hoping. I read SO many reviews on here, about "I am not small enough, I'll need a revision", or "I'm still a D, and wanted a C", so I think that's my biggest concern. I'll really stress to my doctor, which I did at the pre-op, and I had a good feeling there.
Also because of my Gall bladder scar, he said my TT will be "a little higher" which I don't mind a bit either, but he said, "I'll pull you tight" and all I can imagine, is me hunched over for ever!! That he pulled me so tight that my boobs sag again, HA...
One question to all of you who have been through this...do you dream during surgery? If I nod off, thinking I'm in Bora Bora with a bikini on, will I dream of this? LOL
I'm rambling, but thanks for reading...

Washed and Ready!

Got all my sheets washed and did a mock set up for my recoup time. Got my walking poles out and folded up my gel bed to use for propping up my knees. It's REALLY comfortable! I'm sure when I've been there for a week or so it won't be though. Had my husband "help" me into bed. I am afraid I could be grumpy so I told him that and I'll leave him with the "14 emotions you'll experience during your mommy makeover" that I printed off here on this site. It's cuter to watch but he'll get the gist.


I'm so scared! I suppose I didn't HAVE to do this. The pain in my shoulders and back I could have lived with.

It's DONE!!

It's just after midnight and thought I'd give you an update.
I was so scared I almost backed out. But I didn't. Dr Champ listened to me and obliged my last picture. Ha ha it was a 4.5 hour surgery. I've been resting all day never one here is just amazing. So nice and helpful. I get to see everything tomorrow too. Well I'm still pretty tired so g' night everyone!!


I'm so thankful!! I feel GREAT, from reading on here though I have things coming ahead.
Dr and his assitant came in and I got to see everything!! I'll add pics when I get home tho. He took out a little over 400cc in each with my right a little more. I had the superior pedicule so I will have the horizontal scar too (anchor) I don't care. My gall bladder scar is way lower and they didn't undermine that as it could have made all that skin die. So possibly there could be a revision if there is any unevenness but a gain I'm fine. I get to shower here in the hospital too. I'll have help and they will possibly give me tricks on how to deal with the drains. Thank you EVERYONE for the prayers, encouragement and good thoughts. It really helped!!

First look!!


Hunchback of pain

I'm doing pretty well and during the day only take 1pain pill but at night I'll take two. Possibly tomorrow I won't need them but if you have a cough YIKES. I HAVE NO pay in my breasts and just went to stare at them. Ha ha

All is well but just to make sure

I went in for a look see and I told my Dr I just want to show everyone!! Lol he said everything looks great but there's a bit of red on my TT incision so he prescribed an anti biotic just to be on the safe side. I LOVE my Dr!! Another appt next week he said I'm swollen and I didn't think I was on my breasts yet but he said yes they are too. I only took two extra strength Tylenol today early this morning (6 am) so after all my adventures today I am taking one pain Med and gonna sleep.
If any of you are having second thoughts like I did ....DONT!! This is SO worth it! My feelings about me are indescribable !! My husband says wow they're perky!! I'm tired but in no time I'll be shopping. Can't wait!!!

Had some visitors

I sat up with my visitors for a couple of hours. I can feel it now. No major pain but just little sharp jabs almost like electricity reviving my breasts. LOL I am doing really well actually. Still taking all vitamins and drinking protein shakes. They really fill me up! My doctor said "eat healthy lots of protein and vitamin C" so that's what I'm doing. No more pain pills for me just taking extra strength Tylenol. The drains seem to be more of a bother. No problems just in the way. I feel like I could walk more but the drains are just so in the way. BUT I would rather them stay in then have to be aspirated at the doctors office, so... I just deal with it. Since I'm not "doing" much I don't shower too often and that's fine with me. I can rest. Happy Friday everyone!! For those that had surgeries today you'll do just fine!!


I'm not sure WHY I responded 3 times. It seemed like it didn't update but obviously it did. It's different on my phone then it is on my computer. Note to self!

Second shower

Took my second shower at home with no issues and all by myself. I'm slow but I'm not going anywhere! These pics that I have are upside down but hopefully I can rotate them. I'm not sure what happened? I'm loving this journey!! It's so worth it!!

1 week post op Appt

I went to my appt today and was SO hoping to get all my drains out. Well I got 3 out so I'm THRILLED!! The one that's left is on my left hip. Breasts are healing so well!! Steri strips were replaced and all looks good. I also can walk SOME and SLOW!! I live in a neighborhood so it's perfect.
My tummy is doing well but there is a deep reddish color that my PS is aggressively treating with antibiotics. I had a gallbladder scar that he told me could cause some issues and he feels the blood is not getting there as quickly as should be to help heal. It's in my pics and I'll take some possibly tomorrow. I'm not too concerned as I see that he is taking care of this issue quickly. He and his assistants made sure that if I need to call please so! I also got a new binder and some more packing for my belly button. Rest up everyone, drink that water and don't stress about anything more than what's for dinner!!

Like a kid in a Candy Store!!!

I am SO elated and can't even begin to say if in doubt...DONT BE!!
I am trying on all of my shirts and tops and it's like I'm re buying it all!!! THEY FIT!!
When I usually buy a top (cotton) I'm like okay "just don't dry it and I'll be fine" NOT ANYMORE!!
I have some walking clothes too that have a lower v neck, that when I had my sports bra on, the cleavage would look like a butt crack up to my neck!! Well not really but we FEEL like that!! So my sports bras will probably fit because there was SO MUCH spillage AND major cleavage !! I'm over the moon ESTATIC over this !! I use to wear sweaters or vests ALL the time and now.... Well anyone need a vest?!!? LOL.
I mentioned that because of my gall bladder scar doctor had some concerns. Nothing has happened yet and he's hoping to keep everything at bay BUT there is a chance some of the area could die. The blood flow has to go around, so it's not looking great but it could look worse. I'm being treated as if I had an infection to hopefully head it all off. I go weekly now and am told if ANYTHING comes up CALL! I'm not too worried, I was told ahead of time and the location of my scar was too high after all for him to encompass it all. SO we will deal with things. I keep my compression on, I have a pad I put over that scar, when I shower I use the hibicleanse and I let it air dry a bit AND I'm praying that nothing major happens. I feel I'm in really good hands so I'm not really worried.
Here's some pictures and HAPPY DAY everyone!!

I think I'm looking good!

I don't really think my skin is going to die? I don't know how it goes but I'm thinking by now it would look worse? I just don't know. I go again on Tuesday, I'm sure my last drain will be pulled. Dr has not removed any of the Steri strips on my tummy so maybe he will do that? Still on antibiotics that give me some nausea but no real sickness yet!! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!

Is this normal?

Hi ladies all is going well. I probably have been over doing it a little I get SO exhausted when I do that by the end of the day (5pm) I feel like I've been hit by a truck!!
So I have a few questions:
Do any of you have a small hard spot above your belly button? I'm thinking it's the scar tissue healing and it just is hard right now?
When I bend over to pick something up my boobs feel like they could blow up? Is this just swelling?
I LOVE massaging my tummy at night while watching TV does everyone get a professional massage? Is it that much better?
ALL my clothes fit and they are LOOSE I'm LOVING this journey!!
I still don't feel "like myself" how long does this last and what can I do to speed that up?
Thank you for the help. I go to the doctor in Tuesday and I'm VERY grateful no problems with my skin!! No open wounds! I keep a pad over that area and I think that is helping?
Have a wonderful day!!!

Dr Appt

Hi all ! Updating my questions from above I hope I get them all in.
My Dr said I can now do as much walking as I feel comfortable with. I can raise my heart rate a bit. NO full on exercising till 6 weeks. The bump I have IS internal stitches healing I have another appt in 2 weeks so IF it's fluid they can drain it. My MA said it could be the Botox that he uses for pain too.
I am SO excited with all this I hope all of you have as great surgery and recovery as I have had!
The spot that we have all been careful about (because of my gallbladder scar) is really GREAT! Still some underlying discoloration, and IF it does create an open wound it will now be the size of a 50 cent piece instead of a piece of pita bread!! Remember gals your Vitamin C!!! Inthinknthats helped immensely and I still cover it with a pad and wear my compression so all of that must have helped.
Till next time.

Clothing update

Trying on things I have held onto for WAY too long but now I'm glad I did here's a few pics with clothes ON! Ha ha

So WHY did I save this?

Funny how we save things I bought this all in one "fat sucker" probably 8 years ago, I only wore it for weddings and such. Since I haven't found a good Spanx yet I thought I'd try this on. I looked at the size 38C. Lol it's too big in the top!!! Oh you should have heard me this morning!! I was ESTATIC!! The bra does NOT have underwire either which seems hard to find now a days so it's perfect!! I don't have much of a shape but that's okay for now. I am still wearing a pad over the area that has been a big concern. No issues and I want to keep it that way!! This is my last week home before returning to work next Monday, boy it will be interesting I'm sure!! Happy Monday all!!

Well rats

I went to the bathroom and my surgical tape ripped off and there on my tummy was a VERY TINY open wound. SO called the PS office and I'm on my way as I type this! (Husband is driving!!) I feel I've caught it early and I'm kinda glad the tape ripped off. I go to work next week and don't really want any issues (other than being tired)!! I'll try to take a pic if I can.

Okay I possibly over reacted

The open wound yes was open BUT it had NOTHING to do with bad blood flow from my gallbladder scar. It's just a "normal" superficial wound that can happen to some. The area is fine, they put some medicated powder stuff on it and covered it and said its good to go. I have an appt with the doctor next week so I'm glad about that. Here's the pics sorry one is blurry.

Open wound pics


Work is actually going well! I still wear my binder. I go to the PS tomorrow and I'll ask about that. I still have a small bump above my belly button so hopefully I'll remember to ask about that. My open wind is closed and I'm feeling good about that! I ordered two more zip front bras from playtex from Amazon. I LOVE these bras and there is not padding but the material is a little thick so I like that. I got a hook front bra from Walmart for 5.98 but the pads seem too much if I take them out its too flimsy so I'll machine wash and dry to see if it softens up the padding. All is going well!!

Tape is OFF

I went in today to see Dr. all is well, the bump (above my belly button about 2") Is from the tightening of the stomach muscles, it WILL go down!! In looking at the open sore I had, it probably was from the tape because it really wasn't a open wound from the scar, YEAH!! Dr said to massage my scar areas, and there is no need to buy any special scar cream. I have decided to try coconut oil, and see how that goes. I'll take pics of my beautiful scars tomorrow!! Yeah, I'm so happy!!

Scars are healing well!

Here are some recent pics of my scars. A little irritation on the left breast and the tummy scar is taking its own sweet time but like my PSA said its all below the gall bladder scar so it's just taking time.

Feeling great!

I want to say, that when I woke up today, I felt "normal" like I didn't really have a surgery, until I looked in the mirror !! I don't have pulling, or feel like I NEED my compression garment. I do still have a hard part in my tummy tuck scar area, but nothing is HURTING!! YEAH!!

A few days over 3 months

Hi all! Life is AMAZING! I still can't believe this is Me sometimes! This has been the best thing for me to do! I am so thrilled. Hope all you ladies are healing well too. I am including some new pictures. I LOVE my new breasts! I have not officially been measured but I do believe I'm a 34D I wanted to be a C but I think for my body type the doctor did well and I'm not disappointed at all. I will have some revisions done in July so I'll check back in then. Some dog ears from my TT and my doctor wants to even out the scar. I was like "eh, I'm fine" then my daughter told me MOM you paid for this if HE wants to fix it, make it perfect! So I'll do that. The TT scar under my gallbladder IS getting better but it's a VERY slow process. I can see the color getting better tho. Doctor said to massage it and so I do it daily and several times at that. I do think that is helping. Have a great day ladies !

Slight revision

Hi all everything is going GREAT! I had some small dog eats from my tummy tuck that was revised by my Dr on Thursday. It was an in office procedure and only took about an hour. One side was a little more needed than the other but he gladly did both with no hesitation! Dr Champaneria is wonderful and I never felt concerned at all. I go back for a look see on Tuesday and have been wearing my CG daily since the procedure. Don't hesitate if you need a revision. It's ALL worth it!!
Portland Plastic Surgeon

If anyone is looking for THAT PS in the Vancouver Area, Dr. Manish Champaneria is THE One! From the first time I stepped into their office, to start the process, it has been wonderful. The pre-op help, and answered questions put me right at ease. Now through post op, and the after care, it's just amazing. YES!! you will be scared, but in the hands of this skilled doctor, and his team, the results will be SO worth it, and the aftercare will be just as amazing. Give them a call, you will NOT be sorry that you chose Dr. Champaneria as your Plastic Surgeon.

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