7 months post op- still super happy!

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Stats: 5'6" 117-120 lbs. Ballet dancer,...

Stats: 5'6" 117-120 lbs. Ballet dancer, choreographer, runner and mom of 4 with twins!

I knew I would be getting my tummy fixed when I took a shower a couple hours after I birthed my 8 pound twins (each). I looked down and almost cried. The twins had destroyed my beautiful ballet dancer body and I was never going back. Since then, every day of my life has been focused on concealing all that skin and putting up with my chronic lower back pain that comes from my stomach muscles being blown out. I have always known in all certainty that I was going to have a tummy tuck, but I never had considered having my breasts fixed. In the ballet world, the smaller the boobs the better! In fact, if you don’t have any breasts you look better in a leo and a tutu! Boobs just have never been my thing, until I was done nursing all my babies and I was left with flaps of sad skin that could hardly be classified as a boob! Last minute (a couple months before surgery), and after going back and forth in my head and weighing all the pros and cons, I decided to go with implants. You only live once, right? Best decision ever!
I am now 2 1/2 months post op and elated. Love. Love Love.

Let me sum up the experience:
Picking a Dr was the most important part for me. I treated this part with all seriousness and did my research. You only have 1 body so going with the best of the best is KEY! More importantly, my body is my instrument, I use it to dance and I needed someone that understood this. I searched every city where I had family or a friend that could care for me. I was willing to fly anywhere! Dr Gabriel came highly recommended to me so I scheduled a consult. The moment I met him I knew he was the one. All my fears went away and I trusted him completely with my body.
Before surgery I got myself in the best possible shape. I got down to the weight I wanted to be at, running 6 miles a day, drinking green smoothies and taking all my recommended vitamins by my dr. Dr. also told me to prepare my tummy muscles by doing pilates, which I did. He said it would help my recovery, which I am sure it did.

Pre-op: Because I don't live near Vancouver, my pre-op was a couple days before surgery. I was excited, butterflies! Can't believe I am here doing it! I went ahead with picking a size. I wanted a natural look and a size that I could dance with, run with, and still fit in size Small shirts. They let me “check out” some implants and try them out. I brought home 304cc…. I spent the rest of the day running with them, dancing with them, trying on all my clothes, and quickly decided 304cc was just too big for my little frame, my clothes, and my lifestyle. So happy I brought the sizer home!! I ended up calling the office the day before surgery, freaking out a little bit about sizes, they let me come in asap and try on more! Shannon helped me and she is just the sweetest thing! I ended up going a size down to 286cc which looks perfect on me! Dr. also had me on a liquid diet + laxatives the day before (now that was fun…)

Surgery day: Unreal! I wasn't nervous that much. My biggest fear was waking up during surgery... luckily that didn't happen ;) Just excited and wanting it to be over with so I can start the road to healing.

Day 1 post-op: Not as bad as I thought. Almost fainted in the hospital while taking a shower, threw up (OUCH), and a little hesitant to look down at the drain (only had 1). But my amazing view from my hospital room made it seem like a vacation! No kids + a view… sigh, this was better than I expected. A little throw up and my stomach feeling like it's on fire isn't so bad :)

Day 2 post-op: My Dr. calls me personally every day to check in! Telling you, he is amazing!! I am a little sore and religiously taking all my meds. I am writing all times and meds down on my ipad next to my recliner, where I sit and sleep for a week! Frozen peas are my friend! Tummy feels like it's on fire when I get up to walk to the potty, but not a single pain from the breasts. In LOVE with the breasts! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Super happy I did them! Not a regret with my size at all! I also had to wear a black “crotchless catwoman suit”, at least that is what I called it! Basically it’s a full body spanx that I wore 24/7. Around 3-4am every night the pain wakes me up, I take more meds and sleep.

1 week post op: Still walking hunched over and energy is low. Still no pain from my breasts. For some reason I had the laugh-so-hard-you-start-crying giggles really bad for weeks after surgery , and that hurts!! But it is nice to laugh throughout all this, even if it did make my poor tummy feel like it was on fire. I actually haven't stopped smiling since surgery day! A week out from surgery I transferred from the recliner to the bed.

2 week post-op: Feeling 50%. Dr. gave me the OK to head home. Still no lifting my baby for a while and no housework. I got a little annoyed at this point, I wanted to be 100% but had to remind myself to slow down. Still on heavy meds…. Maybe I am a baby but those meds made this whole healing process ten million times better than what I was expecting!

4-6 weeks post-op: Feeling 95%. I started running at 6 weeks post op. Having so much fun trying on clothes, swim suits, and just walkin around topless! Love it. Feeling amazing!!! Finally at 6 weeks I stopped taking all medications. My nipples did get a little over sensitive around now, but no biggy. Walkin around topless cured that. I finally shopped for bras at 6 weeks! 34C. Some of the stitches on my incision were irritating me, so I just massage them and that helps.

2 months post-op: Feeling 150%+! Feeling better than I have ever felt in my life. So glad I did this! I have more self -confidence than ever, it's unreal. My back doesn’t ache like it did when my muscles were separated. I can finally wear a white t-shirt and jeans without worrying about skin flopping out and a huge muffin top, now that is priceless! I still can’t get over these boobs of mine, I swear I am more obsessed than my husband!

I am now at 2.5 months post op, but it feels like I have had this body forever. I can’t even describe how happy I am. This was the best decision I have ever made, the best 12k I have ever spent, and the best outcome I could have ever asked for. I am elated and over the moon happy. I am sure I am pretty annoying too when I talk to other moms and try to convince them to get a mommy makeover.

*If you have questions please message me! I wrote this review to help woman that were on the fence about the whole thing. I hope this helps!

6 months post op. LOVING my results!!!

I cannot believe it has only been 6 months since my surgery, I swear it feels like I have had this body forever. I can't even remember what my old body was like.... until I look at those awful before pics then I remember how unhappy I was with my post twin body. I am just amazed at how this surgery has changed my life. Doing this has literally changed my life for the better! I can't think of 1 negative thing, not one.
I am just gonna make a list of all the awesomeness, just because lists are easier for me :)

-No more "muffin top". I can wear white t shirts and jeans without being self conscious! that is worth it alone!! Goodbye Spanx!
- My confidence is through the roof now. Maybe this is a good AND bad thing, I seriously think I am the hottest woman on earth now... no, really, I am. ;)
- I know you want to know about the sex life post surgery. Let me just say this, AHH-May-Zing. Uhhh-bsessed. Spectacular!! Now that I feel like some Victoria Secret model off of the runway I ooze sexuality (husband agrees), and let me say this, the possibilities are endless. I can finally get creative with the lights ON :) This has brought me and my husband closer together and has been such a positive thing in our marriage. I am actually surprised at how much this surgery has completely changed this part of my life, and I love it!
- No more back aches! Before surgery my lower back was always aching and hurting. Now that my tummy muscles are all tight and flat they support my back awesomely. Worth it!
- no more padded bras! I went more natural size with my implants and am so happy with my decision. They feel like ME. They are now a part of me and I feel like I have had these perfectly firm, perky full boobs all my life! I could never go back. I went to get sized at Victorias Secret and they sized me at a 32DD. I was kinda shocked, DD? Really? My husband now says to me, "ya, that's right, I get to go home to my DD wife!" So cute ;)
- My incision has lightened and almost disappeared in just 6 months. I went in every month after my surgery to have my incisions lasered, just more Dr. Gabriel awesomeness!

The list could go on for days. Dr. Gabriel changed my life. I would seriously give him a big fat kiss if I could ;)

Word of advice: invest in a good bra!

As I have mentioned before I am VERY active, which is why I went "smaller" with my breasts in the first place. Before my surgery, being an A/B bra, I never had to worry about any sort of bounce so I would just get the cheapest sports bra there was because it didn't matter.

Well, I recently realized why people invest tons of $$$ in bras (never got why when i had no boobs before!). Recently, every time after I would run my boobs would hurt a little. I just didn't get it. I know, stupid me! But the thought didn't occur to me that maybe my $5 bra I got at Ross wasn't pulling its weight (or in other words, supporting the weight! haha). So I just continued to wear the piece of crap fabric and every time after my run my breasts would hurt!
Then, Light bulb. Duh, I need a supportive bra to hold these so-called "DDs" when I run everyday!

Of course my sports bras HAVE to be pretty and cute (can't have anything ugly on this hot bod), so I went to VS. They just came out with new sports bras!! Just in time for my new additions! Their bras are SUPER CUTE! I went for the "maximum" support bras, and the ones I got are amazing.
Tested and totally approved!!! They are way supportive, breathable, love the gel underwire and I look so super sexy in them. Love. And now this is sounding like some kind of a commercial... I swear I am not getting paid to endorse these bras (wish I was... ). The ones I am wearing are the "incredible" bra and the "standout". I am sure there are tons of other sports bras out there that also offer super duper support, any suggestions? What sports bra do you swear by with your new additions?

Ps. still SO super happy with everything :)
Portland Plastic Surgeon

I don't live in the Portland/Vancouver area but was searching for the best Dr near family and that would work with an out of area patient. I also wanted a Doctor that performed the surgery in a top hospital. The moment I met with Dr Gabriel I knew he was it! His care has been fantastic from my consult through the after care, and I love his staff. He truly is an outstanding surgeon, a caring and compassionate person, a master of his skill, and a real artist! He gave me "me" back, I wouldn't go with any other Doctor!

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