33 Year old, 5'8" tall, Mother of 3, Full TT, BA 495cc Sientra Silicone HP under muscle, with partial lift. Vancouver, WA

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I am a mom of 3, ages 8, 4 & 3. In my former...

I am a mom of 3, ages 8, 4 & 3. In my former years I danced professionally and was a lifestyle and fitness model for major athletic brands. Now that I am done having children, I would like to restore my figure to it's "glory days". I am hoping that it will renew my self-confidence and help me begin a new post-mommy body chapter in my life.

I am seeking a full tummy tuck with DR repair. (I can still fit 3 fingers in width between my abdominal muscles). I am also going to have a breast lift and augmentation. It is possible that I will need a full lift, but for now, my surgical plan is a partial lift. The surgeon will know more when he places the implants if it needs to be a full. During my consultation, we decided on 495cc's with gel and high profile. I want to fill up my deflated breasts. (Nursing three children does wonders for women...). I love my babies, but I am tired of feeling deformed. I am 5'8" tall and am eager to get my sexy back!


Wow! That was super sobering to open up my account and see all my flaws out in the open on a forum. I had a brief moment of panick, what have I done? Where's the delete button? OMG. Then, I settled myself down and remembered that I'm using this as a learning tool and a place to write about my journey. Vulnerability is part of that journey - no one's journey will be the same. This is one of the more brave things I have done. Yet it's totally nerve wrecking to feel so exposed...in the end this will be worth it!

Loan is secured!

Loan is secured and payment for procedures is ready to remit at my pre-op on the 22nd. Yikes! This is starting to feel real. I'm going to blink and the surgery date will be here.

Boob Greed is Real ????

I can't stop googling my stats and 495/500cc's Sientra... Really hoping I'm making the right choice on size. I don't want to go too small or too big for that matter! It's extremely important to me that I can remain active post BA. However, I want to have cleavage and fullness in my breasts. I know the lift will help with that too. Gah! I guess this is why I chose the surgeon I did, because he is known for doing exceptional augmentations...I need to just trust his judgement.

Started Shopping

Made a few stops today, in order to start gathering supplies I will need post-op. To my pleasant surprise, I was able to get some pretty good deals today. Victoria Secret was having a sale, so I picked up their "Ulimate" sports bra for recovery. (Had to guess on the size and got a 36DD, which I was told was equivalent to a 34DDD). I also found some high waisted, ultra firm control Maidenform briefs for only 5.98!!! It was an eventful day. I'll probably hold off on buying more bra's until the ladies drop and I know what size I'll be for sure. I need to get a few more abdominal support garments. I plan on asking my PS what he recommends at my pre-op on the 22nd. I also need to find out what kind of scar therapy/treatment he recommends.

Ready for this roll to be gone!

Caught a glimpse of myself in the car window last night, on my way to boot camp...I cannot wait for this roll to be gone for good! Yuck! T-32 days until surgery. :)

Roll pic

Said "roll" from previous post.

Phone call!

Got my confirmation phone call from my PS for my upcoming pre-op appointment. Yes, I will be there! I also was mistaken on my surgery date...oops! It's August 8th not August 9th. Eeek. Getting nervous. Must be my type-A personality feeling like there are too many loose ends to tie up. Less than a month until surgery.

Pre-BA & TT Swimsuit photo

Just got back from vacation, so don't mind the mess in the background. I wanted to be able to post a "before" swimsuit photo, so I can reference it when I get the post-surgery blues I've been reading about... I also want to take an after photo in it too! I'm starting to get nervous about the TT scar placement. I sure hope he can do it lower. I wear mostly low-rise swimsuit bottoms.

Goodness!!! I cannot wait to get rid of this belly and be able to work out harder! Not being able to engage my abs has been tough. 26 days and 1 more vacation until surgery...

Fun with rice sizers

Having fun trying out different sizes. My PS recommended 495cc's. The first two pics are 495cc's, the next two pics are 575cc's and the last three pics are 650cc's. I'm starting to think 495cc's may be too small... Kind of liking the look of the 575cc's.

Keep in mind I'm 5'8. I'm wondering if my height is swallowing up my implant volume? Again, I waiver on going bigger, because I want to be able to continue with an active lifestyle. Ugh. Why is this decision feeling so difficult?

Completing more pre-surgical checklists

Thank goodness for Amazon! Going to finish up with other items locally. Added the following to my surgery preparations:

1. Ann Chery Latex Body Aide 4010
2. 2 month supply of Scar Away
3. Kelo-cote
4. Arnica
5. Bromelain
6. Comfy button down PJ's
7. Round gel ice-packs for the new twins

Feels good to get a jump start. I'm sure my list of "must have's" will grow after my pre-op appointment next Friday. I plan to wait on buying bralettes and more CG until after surgery.


We are going camping 4 weeks PO...I hope I'll be okay? I know I'll need to hang out in my lawn chair most of the time and not do anything too crazy. It will only be for two nights and is somewhat close to home. I'll also have an air mattress to sleep on. Other families will be there too.

I'm hoping my drains will be out by then. Hoping to hear from other from others how I might be feeling physically at 4 weeks PO. Am I rushing things or could this be doable?

More Pre-Op shopping *insert monkey emoji covering eyes*

Adding my haul from Target. I tried to find useful items for post-operative healing:

1. Button down PJ's with long pants and short sleeved shirt (very roomy considering drains and incision lines)
2. Button down shirt for post-op appointments/outings
3. Ugly cotton underwear that I'll throw away when done
4. Bralette
5. Ricola for post-anesthesia scratchy throat
6. Various sizes of gauze to tend to incisions/drains
7. Antibacterial soap for downstairs bathroom
8. Hand sanitizer
9. Antibiotic ointment for when drains are removed
10. Mirolax
11. Colace

Off to a good start! Three more days until PS let's me know if there's anything further that I'll need.

Wish Pics?

I am the kind of person who intentionally did not create a birth plan, that outlined every detail of how I wanted my birth experience to happen. I guess I realized that each baby would have a mind of its own and despite my best "wishes/desires" it would happen how it was supposed to and no amount of planning/wishing for a certain experience would change the end result.

Why am I talking about babies and birth plans? Because it dawned on me that I do not have a desire to make a portfolio of wish boobs or tummy tucks... I realize my anatomy is unique (much like how each of the three children I birthed were unique). I feel like if I were to make a portfolio of "wish boobs/tummies" it would give me unrealistic expectations and ultimately I would be disappointed if my anatomy didn't allow for perfection. Does that make sense? So, I am relying on my surgeons expertise, that he heard my concerns/personal desires for my body and is going to make the best decisions for surgery regarding my unique imperfections.

Last hair appointment before surgery!

Cut and color day. It's weird thinking next time I get my hair done, I'll be on the flat side with boobs. ;). Tomorrow is pre-op. So, I'll be driving 4 hours today to stay near my PS office.

Pre-OP Appointment

Went great! Signed my life away and paid in full, so no backing out now. ;) Sticking with 495cc Sientra Smooth HP implants. Went over laundry list of pre-op (some post-op) items too. Not a huge amount of must have items from PS. I've already bought more than needed. (No surprise there).

They want me to wear the abdominal binder they provide for about 4 weeks. Then I can switch to something like spanx. She stressed not moving arms around much for 3 full weeks, as well as, walking "C-shaped" or hunched over for 3 full weeks. Said it was important to do this so my pilication can heal and reduce fluid buildup.

Will need to do preoperative bowel prep. (Looks like I'll be living near the bathroom the night before. Lol). No ibuprofen or ASA 2 weeks prior SX and 2 weeks after SX. Lots of herbal supplements I cannot take... What to look for as far as complications. Given sheets to track meds and fluid output from drains. General instructions about ambulation. I will get SCD's overnight to take home to help prevent blood clots in legs. Drains should be out between day 7-14 pending output. And scripts were given.

PS shopping list included:
Front closure bra
Bath wipes
2 bottles of magnesium citrate (bowel prep)
Protein powder/shake for days 1-4
Still softener

Day of, wear something comfy that zips up or buttons. Nothing to eat 8hrs prior to SX. I think that's about it. Bring on the mommy makeover! :):):)

Goodbye overhang!!!

I could not be more excited to get rid of this loose, flabby skin! I think this is what bothers me the most about my body - the skin is so loose it rests on my lap when sitting. Normally, I tuck it into my pants so I don't notice it as much. Ugh! It's mortifying. I guess that is what having 5 pregnancies, 3 live births, and nearly 10lb babies within 5 years will do to you.... So ready to feel like myself again and not be embarrassed to be unclothed in front of my husband anymore!

And ladies, what would we do without super padded bra's?;) I cannot wait until my gal pals will hold themselves up on their own. Lol


Trying my best to fit in as many activities as I can, before surgery. I'm honestly getting anxious about not being able to be active for a long time afterwards. I know it will be worth it, but nerves are starting to kick in.

11 days until surgery...

1 week until surgery!

Enjoying my last full day of vacation poolside. I cannot wait until this view is monumentally different. Today my son asked me if my swimsuit was full of mud...nope, that's just mommy's tummy. (He just turned 3, so I can't be mad at his innocence). Ready for my breasts to be larger than my stomach and to not look 5 months pregnant anymore.

Thankfully, this time next week I will be at my mom's house recovering from surgery. I told my husband I'm not so worried about the BA pain as I am about the TT pain. Trying not to let anxiety kick in about everything that could potentially go wrong. Instead, trying to think about everything that can go right. :)

Starting to pack! (5.5 days)

The next two days will be spent packing, running around to gather last minute items and visiting with friends I won't see for a few weeks. I leave North on Friday, where I will be staying for the first few weeks of my recovery. Saturday will be spent looking for an agreeable front closure bra and picking up prescriptions... My 6am wakeup call on Monday is fast approaching!

Random question?

I was asked to shave my pubic hair to 3 inches below the top line, prior to surgery. I'm thinking of just getting a Brazilian wax done on Saturday. Would that be okay so close to surgery? I just don't want to deal with shaving post surgery.

Surgery confirmation call today

*Check in at 7:15am Monday
*Wear comfy clothes
*Bring all medications with you
*Enjoy your weekend!

Check, check, check and check! 4 days to go....

Meal prep!

My amazing husband is prepping some high protein meals for post-surgery. They include:

*black bean and turkey soup
*chickpea salad
*3 bean salad
*veggie barley soup
*5 bean soup

I already purchased a case of premier protein drinks for the first 5 days post surgery. Trying to get fueled up and ready for recovery. :)

Tomorrow is the day!!!

Bowel prep is the devil. On a positive note, I'll probably have lost three pounds by the time it's over;).

See you on the flat side. :)

Made it through surgery

Was pretty cal headed into surgery. Thank goodness! Things went really well. I can't really see anything yet. In too much pain to try to look. I have a post-op tomorrow so I'll probably see more then. Just love my surgeon. He is awesome.

Did I mention pain?! Seriously. I'm sooo much better now that I'm in my recliner at home. Getting into the car was scary and my abdominal muscles cramped up pretty bad. So happy to have muscle relaxers! Already feeling more relief.

On another note, I don't even notice the BA pain. Just feels like I had a good pectoral workout. The tummy tuck pain is by far the worst!

That's all for now. Pretty loopy.

More pics in bandages

Hard to tell what is under there ;). I do know my boobs are much bigger. I can barely see around them to look at my drains. Ha!

Feeling lucky to have my husband and mom. taking care of me. The up and down out of the recliner can burn my abs pretty bad. Overall, not as much pain as I was expecting. Yay!!!

More pics in bandages

Hard to tell what is under there ;). I do know my boobs are much bigger. I can barely see around them to look at my drains. Ha!

Feeling lucky to have my husband and mom. taking care of me. The up and down out of the recliner can burn my abs pretty bad. Overall, not as much pain as I was expecting. Yay!!!

More pics in bandages

Hard to tell what is under there ;). I do know my boobs are much bigger. I can barely see around them to look at my drains. Ha!

Feeling lucky to have my husband and mom. taking care of me. The up and down out of the recliner can burn my abs pretty bad. Overall, not as much pain as I was expecting. Yay!!!

More pics in bandages

Hard to tell what is under there ;). I do know my boobs are much bigger. I can barely see around them to look at my drains. Ha!

Feeling lucky to have my husband and mom. taking care of me. The up and down out of the recliner can burn my abs pretty bad. Overall, not as much pain as I was expecting. Yay!!!

The photo did not post earlier

Love how glitchy RS is ????. Anyhow, this was the bandage pic. My post-op is today. Hoping to get a glimpse of my goods.

Added a must have post-surgery

Seriously, get one of these! My back was killing me from sitting in the recliner all day. Tried this back massager and I'm in heaven.

Day 2 thoughts and ramblings

Wish I had a better picture to show you the ladies are still wrapped together firmly. My sternum hurts and is swollen :/. Of course, I start to panick and Google symastia. Dr. Google is not your friend ;)

Day 2 was pretty painful being sore in lots of areas, etc. Word of advice, stay on too of those meds ladies!

I've been drinking a ton of water, so I've been having to get up and walk frequently. Good in that walking helps prevent blood clots, but bad in the fact my tummy hurts soooo bad whenever I get up to walk. My mom gave me a cane to use. So, I've been hobbling around with a cane. Funny sight!

My drains are being grumpy with me. My right one hurts the worst. They were placed very low in the public area which is good. They drains are wanting tto bleed at the insertion site. So, I've been wearing gauze around the tubing. I also put a pad on to catch loose blood. Thankfully, my drains are slowing a ton and not too much fluid being collected in the bulbs.

PS I m missing my morning cup of coffee:/

Small pic update

This was me in my sports bra, heading to the gym to work out (left). Right is my boobs still taped up and no bra (right). Getting exited to see the results without tape! Eeeekkkk

2nd post-op

Went fantastic! Got to take off all the foam tape, which allowed me to be able to see everything better. WAHOOOO. The nurse said I'm healing very quickly. I hardly have any drainage in my drains anymore. So, those will be coming out on Tuesday at my next appointment. She was able to change out the tape on my TT incision. (She said she's typically unable to do that so soon). The scar looks great and is healing beautifully. Thank you, Lord! I have one spot on my belly button that I need to put a special paste on three times a day. The nurse was pretty confident that would heal things up pretty well.

After the appointment I was able to get into my front closure sports bra...ahhhh. Comfort! I still have my rigid binder that I need to wear, but honestly it helps me feel more supported. So, I'll probably wear it long after I'm supposed to ;)

I can't stand straight yet, but I had my husband take a progress photo to share with you all. :) The left was a photo before I went into surgery. The photo on the right was from today. Loving the results so far

Belly button update

Truthfully, I didn't give my belly button much though until after surgery. I think it's going to be perfect once it's healed:). That cream (nitro-something) is supposed to help it heal properly. I apply it 3 times a day and will have it reassessed on Tuesday at my next post-op appointment.

I really appreciate how on top of things my surgeons office is. They are kind, warm and genuinely care about you as a patient. Grateful for my experience thus far.

Feeling frustrated

{Warning: Venting Post}

Darn near in tears walking to and from the bathroom. My back muscles are just plain angry and seize up every time I stand too long.

My Velcro binder is making me irritated. I put a tank top on underneath it, it it doesn't dig into my ins visions, but I can't breathe well and my binder bunches up and becomes very uncomfortable. (I cannot wait until I can wear a different compression garment).

I started my period today....

I keep having these "anxiety" attacks and have trouble breathing normally. I think it's from feel claustrophobic from the binder? It's very frustrating and unnerving.

My left breast is far more sore than my right. I sometimes forget that I can't use my arms like I'm used to and accidentally hurt my pectoral muscles. I can't even position my pillows behind my back!:(

Now, the things I'm thankful for:
*My husband and family for their support and endless repositioning of pillows
*My pain is being managed
*I can sleep at night (for the most part)
*I am healthy
*My children
*Pillows and warm blankets
*Back massager

Praying for an easier tomorrow. :)

One day at a time

One week ago today was surgery. The harder part for me right now is being on my back for so much of the day. My back muscles are so angry and walking in a "c shape" doesn't give me much relief.

I'm trying to wean off some of my artillery of medications. So, I'm down to one narcotic for pain every 5 hours, instead of two every four. Also spreading out my muscle relaxer out to 8 hours. I really think the arnica and bromelian have helped a ton!

My right drain didn't drain much today. So, I'm hopeful that at least one drain will come out tomorrow at my check up? If by chance they both come out tomorrow, I can go home (4 hour away), with my family on Wednesday. If they stay in, then I remain with my mom until they come out. Trying not to be too hopeful in case it doesn't work out.

Luckily, I have these three little helpers to keep me warm while I recover;). I Sam beyond grateful for my results! The healing/recovery process is a difficult journey, but my surgeon did an extraordinary job on my BA with partial lift and TT. I would recommend his expertise a thousand times over!

Poop talk

Hi RS family. I thought we should talk about post-op bowl regimen. With all the protein and pain meds, we can get severely backed up! Here is the formula that has worked for me to keep healthy bowels and have 1 BM a day (no it is not runny, but firm). LOL. (Must be the RN student in me that likes to talk about poop).

*Stool softener 3x day
*Metamucil 2x day
*Mirolax 1-2x day
*1 prune juice once a day
*High fiber dinner
*120-150oz of water per day

Hope this helps! :)

Goodbye drains!!!

Drains are now a thing of the past!! Boy did that feel good to type. One more step in the right direction for healing. This also means just two more days until I can take a shower. H A L L E L U J A H!!!

Having the drains removed was such a freaky experience. I didn't realize the drains sat parallel in the stomach, prior to surgery. They literally run from your pubis to the top of your stomach at the ribcage. When they came out, I could feel them pulling and wiggling under my skin. Tall about creepy! Nonetheless I had a great nurse and supportive husband who talked me through it.

My tummy is a little sore tonight, but I also walked waaaay more today than I have since surgery. Good news! I get to go home with my family tomorrow. Yayyyy!!! Next post-op appointment is in a month pending no strange issues. Whew!

Put down the measuring tape and back away from the scales!!!

Please, PLEASE, do not fall prey to the temptation to weigh yourself or do measurements 9 days post op! If you do, you will be disappointed. Drop that tape!!!! ;)

Typing this as a reminder to myself that I just went through a major surgery and that it can take 6 months to a year to see my final results. Ugh. Patience is not my thing. Deep breath. *sigh* Carry on...


What do you do when you still look like the hunch back of Norte Dame and you are off all narcotics?! Bored...

I went grocery shopping with my husband today. We perused the aisles while I used the cart to steady myself. Then, we came home and I registered for my last year of classes towards my BSN, RN. YAY! I also updated compliance records for clinical. Then I wrote and mailed paychecks (small business owner). Walked to the mailbox. Now, I am online shopping....

Yep, not a lot else to do but online shopping and watching Netflix! Ugh. If I don't get better soon, this could get dangerous ;). I decided to be productive and look for swimsuits. EEEEKKKKK!!! Our 10 year wedding anniversary is this spring and we are going to Mexico. I never thought I would have been able to be in a bikini. Thanks to my MM, I am looking for bikini's! How exciting is that?! Must take advantage of end of summer sales....I guess it is a somewhat productive use of my time. Ha!

I took a shower!!

Boy that was terrifying to take my binder off. I've become very reliant on it. I also was surprised I didn't need a shower chair. Just stood by myself. It was the first time since after the birth of my children that I looked in the mirror and didn't cringe at all the extra skin. Loving my new body! Thankful that I have a supportive husband who will walk through this journey with me!

My hair is out of control in these pics. Lol. This was the greasy mess I had to deal with before my shower. Recovery is not a glamorous process!

Just thought I should update how my body is changing during recovery. Love how low my scar is! I can stand pretty straight, but don't. The nurse said to walk hunched for 3 weeks so the lymphatic system has time to form new connections. It also allows the incision and MR to heal.

Side note, I've lost all muscle definition. :/ Excited for when I get the full release to head back to the gym and tone up!

Went bra shopping

My girls seem to have dropped quickly. I won't actually wear the bras I got until 6 weeks, but nonetheless excited! Officially a US 36DDD! Crazy. I don't feel like I look that big. Anyhow, here's a few sneak peeks. I want to do some online shopping for EU bras now that I know my size. I'll keep you posted what I like.

36DDD (495cc Sientra Silicone)

More VS goodness:)

Overdid things *sigh*

Well, the downside of not being in pain is not knowing your limitations. I did far too many activities the last few days and now I'm in bed swollen. Came home from church a crying mess, and scared that I might have ruined my TT. Thankfully, the swelling is somewhat subsiding already. It could just potentially be "swell hell" that I have read about...nonetheless it was enough to scare me back to bed and into resisting mode.

Moral of the story? Take it easy! A TT is MAJOR abdominal surgery. Don't do anything to compromise your healing, even though it's tempting to pick up things where you left off and try to get back into a routine. Rest is soooo important. I a currently learning to continue to rest and heal.

Losing weight & Check-in

Has anyone else lost weight this early on post op? I have read countless reviews that suggest weight gain is normal. At this point, I am down 7lbs from the day of surgery. I haven't changed my eating habits, I still follow a pretty clean eating lifestyle, but added protein. Maybe it is muscle loss? *sigh* I cannot wait to get back to the gym and gain back my strength. I know they removed a ton of skin, but with the addition of the boobs, I expected that my weight would stay the same.


Things I can do at this point:
*Drive my car
*Wipe myself
*Take a shower
*Walk pretty far without my back hurting
*Wear normal clothes
*Style my hair and do my make-up
*Get in and out of my bed by myself
*Move without pain
*Sleep through the night

Things I am still waiting to do/see:
*Go to the gym
*Stand up straight (Per PS not until 3 weeks)
*Be intimate with my husband
*Picking up heavy objects (Not being able to pick up my babies has been hard! :'( )
*Twisting my core
*Coughing or laughing hard
*Wear underwire bra
*Lay on my side (Still on my back with legs elevated)
*Not be swollen

Cleaning out the closet!

My husband wants to have a garage sale this weekend, so he drug me upstairs and we started going through my wardrobe. I am only half way through and already have two yard debris size garbage bags full of stuff that doesn't fit! (Needing to take a break and rest). Having larger breasts and a smaller waist changed how everything fits. No complaints, just means I will need to adjust how I shop for clothes. Things that are flowy/baggy look horrific on me now. Prior to surgery, that was what my wardrobe primarily consisted of, so I could hide/camouflage my tummy. Just crazy! It really gave my self esteem a boost to see clothes fit that hadn't fit in years - and they fit even better, now that I have boobs! YIPPEEEE!!!

Looks like a shopping trip is in order :)

Swell hell

I think I was in denial, but swelling has set in. Boooo. It's uncomfortable and frustrating! I better get used to it, I don't think it will be leaving anytime soon.

On a positive note, I'm walking upright now! I was able to clean my downstairs and do dishes yesterday. Huge accomplishments. I've also been snuggling my littles. Yayyy

Here's today's (evening) photo of "swell hell" and healing

I was slightly worried when I took the photos and saw redness, so I peeled back the tape to make sure things were okay. Scar looks okay, I wonder if my binder/CG was just irritating the incision site?

Anyway, here's the swelling. I just feel bloated! Yuck. However, I'm grateful that there's no overhang of skin anymore (YAY) and I know results aren't what they are going to be for at least 6 months to a year PO. This is going to be a huge lesson in patience for me - not my best character trait. Ha!

Can you say Lordosis?!

Lordosis is an extreme curvature of your lower spine. Prior to surgery, I was living in constant pain and paying a chiropractor far to much to keep my pain at bay. The pain was due to my abdominal separation (diastasis recti). The separation made it so I couldn't hold my core in and in turn, pulled my tummy forward and added stress on my lower back.

Last night I was in tears (happy), looking at this side by side of my before and after. This photo is exactly why we put ourselves through so much during surgery. My back is now where it should be and it is going to drastically improve my quality of life! It's beyond me why insurance companies call DR repair "cosmetic". My pilication was 100% necessary and needed. I'm so very thankful to be given this chance at increased mobility.

Dropped 2 pant sizes!!!

Holy toledo! My husband talked me into going shopping after we sold off most of my wardrobe. Was shocked to see that I dropped two pant sizes and am down a size in shirts. What the??? I'm curious to see I drop one more pant size when the swelling goes away. Craaaazzzzyyy!!!

Wound healing

I forgot to update pics of my crease incisions under my breasts, so you can see how they're healing. I change tape out every Sunday night. So, this is from three days ago. It's crazy how light they are already. The scars sit right on the crease. Im lifting my breast up to see the scars.

GNO -Girls Night Out!

I still can't believe this is my new view! On my way to show my new figure it all my friends:). I'm so excited. Can't wait!!!

PS I'm in a size M shirt and size 30 pants! Eek!!!

First post surgery cardio

Did my first post surgery exercise today. Made it 3 miles with fast walking. (Easing myself back into more rigorous cardio). Felt sooo good to get my heart rate up and relieve some stress. Work has been crazy this week. Yuck!

Planning to try this pace for the next week, then move to elliptical for a week, then add light jogging and stationary weights. Yippee!!! I have some tightness in my upper abs, but no pain. Just need to remind my body how it's supposed to work. ????

Well isn't that great?!

Woke up to blood in my underwear, near where my incision would be. Took off all the tape to uncover this. Of course this would happen on Saturday of a long holiday weekend...

Called after hours emergency for his office and spoke with an answering service. Just waiting for a call back.

I'm super nervous, because it kind of looks like puss mixed with blood. So, now I'm in tears thinking about the 4 hour drive I'll likely need to make and wound care that I'll likely need to receive. I've seen some gnarly, necrotic wounds on here post-op and it's hard not to let my mind wander there. Totally scared and stressed right now!

Swelling after walk last night

If you are bending cardio, albeit light, don't freak when you swell after. This was before last week when I thought I was in "swell hell". Well, I was wrong. Swelling looks like the picture on the right. Boo. Oh well, I needed that stress relief that I got from my walk.

It was a little better by morning, but then I also woke up with the open, oozing spot where my PS said its trying to spit out stitches.

Does it look worse?

I'm getting nervous. When I change out my gauze, there's some yellow looking puss on the wound :/. It sort of looks like it is getting deeper?

On another note, I've been having more pain in my upper left quadrant of my abdomen. It's been looking more swollen each day. I would think the pain should be getting better at this stage and not worse? Same with the swelling?

I called and left a message at my PS office today in hopes of moving my appointment up to Wednesday. (My son has his first day of school tomorrow, so I need to take him. Then, I can make the 4 hour drive North). Praying I can get in sooner! Getting nervous about possible infection.

So crazy! I just didn't expect this at 4 weeks PO!:(

Does it look worse?

I'm getting nervous. When I change out my gauze, there's some yellow looking puss on the wound :/. It sort of looks like it is getting deeper?

On another note, I've been having more pain in my upper left quadrant of my abdomen. It's been looking more swollen each day. I would think the pain should be getting better at this stage and not worse? Same with the swelling?

I called and left a message at my PS office today in hopes of moving my appointment up to Wednesday. (My son has his first day of school tomorrow, so I need to take him. Then, I can make the 4 hour drive North). Praying I can get in sooner! Getting nervous about possible infection.

So crazy! I just didn't expect this at 4 weeks PO!:(

Appointment update...

It was a seroma developing in my upper left quadrant. Basically, it's extra fluid that's collecting and not draining properly from me doing too much and not resting. My compression garment also doesn't fit very well. (My torso is too long, so the fluid gets trapped above). Boo. I need to find one the tightens more up top. The plight of a tall and curvy woman. Going to look for a better one tomorrow morning.

The open wound on my suture line is confirmed from spitting stitches. They said to leave it alone and let it continue to heal by keeping gauze over it and changing it daily.

I have to go back next Thursday for a recheck on my seroma. Feeling a little down about my temporary delay in the healing process. Going to park my butt on the couch and allow myself to heal. *sigh*

VS bras going back! Got sized at Nordstrom..

And the verdict is, they're huge! Loved the following styles. Bought three to come home with me:

Natori: 34G

Simone Perele: FR 90 EU 75 INT 34

Cleo by Panche: US 34G EU 75G

Passionata: US 34DDDD or FR 90 G EUR 75G

I'll post pics later :)

The new bras

(Lacy nude) Simone Perele FR 90 EU 75 INT 34

(Darker nude) Cleo by Panche US 34G EU 75G

(Black one) Passionata US 34DDDD or FR 90 G EUR 75G

I'm suuuper bummed

Does this look like I'm developing the dreaded "double bubble"? Or could it be too soon post op to know. Everything I've read says double bubble requires another surgery. :'(


Spitting stitch update

Everything is healing nicely and resolving on its own. I anticipate that my body may end up spitting more stitches over time. At least I'll be prepared for it next time. Whew:)

Past and present

I'm finding it more and more impotent to remind myself where I came from and had already lost some weight by that pic (left), where I currently am (middle) and what my body is capable of (right). Of course, the photo on the right is pre-children and 10 years ago...I'll be darned if I can't get there again!

I'm needing a pick me up and something to set my goals from. (My current has marks on my tummy from my CG).

6 weeks PO (tomorrow)

I'll probably only post updates once a week until week 8, then monthly since I start back at school next week. Between school, work, running kids around to school and soccer practice I'm going to be very busy.

Here's what 6 weeks out looks like. My stomach is starting to have muscle definition. Yay! I started back to the gym two days ago and have successfully done elliptical and started weightlifting. Not using core yet though.

I've transitioned to wearing spanx-type undergarments and doubling up with my elastic compression when I work out or sleep.

Finally noticing small changes and they're good changes:). Yay!!! My PS said my under crease from a few photos ago is just how my anatomy is and a risk going under the muscle. My breasts look great when my arms aren't raised so I'm happy!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Severe nerve regeneration pain - ouch!

Started this morning in my lower left abdomen, along my incision. The pain is like a searing, burning, constant pain. This is brutal. Nothing really makes it better. I've read it is likely hypersensitivity and the nerve regrowing/connecting. Hoping this passes quickly.

8 weeks PO

Starting to feel more like myself again. Luckily, that nerve pain was short lived (last one day)! I'm still working out and pushing myself a little harder each day. Last nights workout was legs, some biceps to flies (sp?) and elliptical. I'm still nervous to run, but thinking about trying it this week.

I don't have any sleeping restrictions, but I'm trying wear my elastic compression band to bed at night. Which is why you can see lines on my tummy in these photos. Somewhere I read that the lines indicate swelling still, so I'm pretty excited to see what my final result will be. Regardless, I'm extremely happy and would do this again in a heartbeat.

Biggest accomplishment this week? Picking up and carrying my 4 & 3 year olds. Gosh, I missed that!

PS miracacle suit is by far my favorite compression garment. Merena is too wide on my crotch, so it hurts after a while.

8 weeks PO

Not sure why the last set of photos were so dark? Changed the filter so you can see a little more clearly the changes. Sorry about that! Info on how I'm feeling this week can be found in previous post :)

Bottomed out?

Ugh. Now I am really starting to worry. I know they said my weird "underboob" was normal anatomy, but I feel like it's getting worse. :( I'm just not convinced this is normal.

You better work!

Getting my workout on. Gradually increasing intensity and loving it. Onward to weights :)

Working out post-surgery

A few weeks ago, I was scouring reviews looking for workouts people did after surgery, knowing that I would likely have to ease my way back into the gym. At almost 9 weeks PO, I've been doing 20 min on the elliptical followed by weightlifting exercises (pictured). I tell you what, these sets are no joke! I leave dripping in sweat, without overdoing things. I'm still waiting to do push ups and sit ups. Seriously, these have been a god-send. Hope this is helpful for other RS-ers. :)

9 weeks PO

Not a ton has. Hanged. I still swell by the end of the day. So, I'm staying in light compression during the day and my firm elastic band at night. Have been working out harder and longer at the gym. (Still no abs/core work). Trying to reign back in my diet. I've gotten to lax lately. Overall, happy with my results!:)

Walked and jogged 2 miles!!!

My core was SUPER sore and resistant to jogging at first, but I pushed through it. Was VERY stuff. Jogged the curves and walked the straightaway. I've come to the conclusion that I'm just going to be sore and the only way it will get better, is if I keep trying.


Followed SWOLEsisters workout today and just dripped in sweat. (Thanks girl!!!) It was awesome to work out so hard again. I'm actually able to run at 5.0mph on the treadmill. My abs are sore, but I think that's my new normal for a while. I've kept my binder off after my workout for the rest of the evening. I'll wear my tight binder to bed tonight. #gainz #progress #bestversionofme

Meal prep!

A big part of my decision to get my excess skin removed and my diastasis repaired, was to help me be the best version of me that I could be. My lower abs no longer burn in pain from being separated when I run. They are now strong and able to take me to the next level of fitness - of loving myself again.

Food is a huge way I can continue to keep my results from surgery. By prepping meals, I can adhere to my high protein needs, while being able to fuel my body for success. I only want to move forward from here and cannot wait to see how this transformation happens during the next year of healing from surgery.

If I haven't said it before, I'll say it again, this surgery has been life-changing for me! I would do it again and again if I knew it would help me discover myself again. Word cannot express my gratitude to Dr. workman. So thankful. :)

Cardio & Strength

Hot dang! Want a good way to work your legs and burn lots of calories in a short amount of time? Do a group spin/cycling class. I may or may not be able to walk tomorrow.... good news? I made it all the way through the class. I didn't wear any sort of compression. And no weird tugging or pulling in my abs. Win win win!!!!

Before Botox

Okay, I got talked into Botox by my friend. She's starting her own practice and has a license ;). Just thought it would be fun to post my before as I've never had any Botox. (Ignore my lack of makeup and eyebrows. Bahahaha). Just got my 11's done. The first photo is how my forehead looks when normal (before Botox). My wrinkly one is my mom glare. ;) (also before Botox). I'll post again in a few days the after, when it kicks in.

11 weeks PO

Okay, 11w2d. I forgot to post on Monday. Everything is healing well. (Feeling bloated today, because I just started my period). :/ Anyhow, you can still see the double bubble on my left breast and can now see it when I'm just standing with arms to my sides.y left breast also hurts sometimes. I hope it's not starting to bottom out. Will check in with Dr. Workman at my 4 month appointment.

Other than that, I'm now running a few miles at a time, lifting weights, sleeping normal, etc. I just need to focus on my eating. I'm still using tape and I'll continue that for a year. I'm also in compression most of the day. I tried going without it for a cycling class and swelled for two days.

12 weeks have flown by!

12 weeks PO update. Doing great! :)

Killer workout today!

Definitely sweating with this one. Still not comfortable doing sit-ups yet. So, focusing on core/stability exercises for now. Love feeling like I'm getting stronger again.

Progress pics

Progress is progress:). This past week I did a boot camp class that had me sore for three days. Yowzers! What I discovered is that I can do core work. The circuit had v-ups and I could actually do them:):):). So nice to feel like I can push myself at workouts.

As for my breasts, my left one has been uncomfortable. So, I'm going to try to wear underwire as much as I can to help support and keep the implant from dropping more until I see my PS in December.

LOVING my belly button. It's healing and looking very natural. My scars are also looking very thin and good too. So impressed by my PS's tummy tuck and MR skills. Night and day difference, not to mention flawless technique. :)

Weekly update

I've been without compression for a week now. I can tell, I'm feeling more swollen all over and my tummy feels tight. However, I decided that I better start getting used to my new normal;).

Thought I would snap some quick progress pics before I head off to boot camp class. Including pictures with clothing on, because I often wonder what people look like with clothes on after their surgery. Lol.

Starting to feel more self-conscious

Feeling more and more self-conscious about my breasts. The left one especially. It's uncomfortable and is really starting to look bad. I tried that put your hands on your hips and flex/push up thing and my breast look so deformed when I do that... gosh, I really hope my PS can fix this! Trying not to feel down about this set-back.

4 Months 1 Week Post-Op

Photo update. I didn't realize that I haven't posted what leaning over looks like - there's no belly hanging :). Yayyyyyyy!!!! My abs are sloooowly starting to peek through. I still have issues with swelling if I do a hard workout or eat too much sodium, but that's resolved with wearing compression to bed or for a few days. (Most days I don't wear compression anymore).

I visit my PS this week for my 4 month PO appointment. Hopefully, I will have some more information on how to move forward correcting my breasts at that time. Will keep you posted!

Can I just say, "HOT DANG!"

I was looking back over my journey and my before and after leaning over pictures. What a HUGE difference. I noticed it, because I was wearing the same undies in both pics...dang! I'm am incredibly happy with my results and so thankful to Dr. Workman for helping create a new chapter in my life. :)

Progress is progress

I was wrong. My post-op appointment is tomorrow morning! Oops. For now, here are some update pics. I've been workout out between 3-5 days a week. I started using a tabata app that I've found to really like. I'm loving seeing my abs starting to poke through. Just need to work on those love-handles ;)


I'm just in awe of Dr. Workman's skills! Had my 4 month post-op visit yesterday. They took my 4 month post-op photos. My jaw dropped. WOW. I still cannot believe the results I have at just 4 months post op and I know they'll continue to improve, because I tend to still get swollen in my abdomen at times. Eeek :)

We spoke about a breast revision that will happen in June. I just don't have time to take off right now for healing. In the meantime I will just wear supportive bra's that have underwire. I am beyond grateful that he can remedy the animation deformity by adding internal sutures to fix the pocket and keep the implant up and in position. Yay!!!!

Below, are my before son the left and after on the right. Insane!

5 Months 2 Weeks PO

The holidays went better than I expected! I was super nervous, because we were visiting relatives who didn't know I had surgery. They're the kind who call you on the carpet and I was armed with responses I could say. However, I must look proportionate, because they only complimented me on my weight loss! Thank goodness:).

As for how I'm physically doing, I hardly notice I had surgery anymore. I still wear tape on my TT incision per my PS request and will for a year PO. My tummy still lacks feeling from about 2 inches to either side of my belly button and from the base of my belly button down to the incision line - this is a big improvement!

I start 12 hour shifts again this week, so I'm planning to wear compression during my shift on the off chance I swell. Better safe than sorry. :)

I'm still running, lifting and doing abdominal workouts. I'm doing Kayla Istines BEach Body Guide and loving it. Feeling great! Seriously, the best decision I've ever made!!!


Noting really new to report. I've been slacking on updates a bit, because I've been working 12's and on night shift. Boo. Just been working on building muscle and cardiovascular fitness. (Sports bra is VS, 34DDD).

Happy healing!

Revision surgery scheduled

Quick update:

Still loving my results! This has been such a life-changing surgery for me! Still deal with intermittent swelling when I overdo my abdominal workouts. Still working out 5-7 days a week. Started counting my macros and really fine tuning my diet.

June 26th will be my revision surgery for my breasts. Dr. Workman will be reinforcing the pocket using some of my own breast tissue and internal stitches. I'll be doing IV sedation. I'm so grateful that he's agreed to do the revision. Hopefully, it will reduce the discomfort I'm having, especially in my left breast.

Hope my RealSelf sisters are doing well!

Pre-Op for Revision

I haven't posted an update in a super long time! Life got busy finishing my nursing degree and buying a new house. Now, that my revision is a few days a way, I thought I should update. :)

Just had my pre-op appointment today to fix my bilateral bottoming out. I'm planning to get a capslurrophy to repair the pockets under twilight sedation. I plan to start a new review for that too, so it's more easily searched for others who are plannning to do the same. I cannot WAIT to get my breasts fixed and not feel painful and deformed anymore. I'll try to update more on Tuesday after my revision.

''Twas then night before surgery...

Feeling a little anxious! Ran errands today to get supplies and prescriptions filled. Things I picked up for recovery include:

1. Prescriptions
2. Two Wacoal 34G, zip front sports bras
3. Neck pillow
4. Two pair of soft, button down PJ's
5. 4 button down shirts
6. Reading material (to add to NCLEX prep. Ha!)

Already prepped some high protein/low carb freezer soups and bought high protein/low carb shakes from Costco. Will also have my water bottle at my bedside (AKA recliner).

*Side note: kind of giggling at being told to have "T-Rex" arms for two weeks post-op. You see, my (almost) 4 year old always pretends he's T-Rex and runs around with his arms like that too...I guess we will be twinning for the win. ;).

Less than 24 hours to go. Wish me luck!

Revision done

Done with surgery. Ended up doing general anesthesia instead of local. Really thankful for that decision.

Today, I'm pretty sore and still groggy. The pain from surgery is ok either side of my breasts. Likely it's tied to the incision and the permanent sutures that were put in place to fix my pockets. I'm surprised how mobile I am after the revision surgery. I just have to make sure to keep my elbows in and maintain "T-Rex" arms.

I have a post-op today. I haven't really seen my breasts yet, due to tape, but that's okay. Will likely have to wear tape support and supportive bra for 6 months.

Attaching a photo of what I can see. PS I forget how bloated you get after anesthesia. The bloat is real. Ha!

Let's talk about poop!

I totally spaced on getting a good stool regimen going, since I'm in pain medication that will back me up like no other...ugh. I'm typically a 2-3x a day pooper. Day 2 post-op and nothing! Day 1, I had mirolax and prune juice. Today, I've done mirolax, prune juice and dulcolax. Something has got to start working. My tummy is so distended and firm. Talk about uncomfortable. Cheers to more water and prune juice;)

Sneak peek

I took a quick shower, with just a washcloth and feel so much better already. Going to have to enlist my husbands help when I get home tomorrow, to help me wash a little better and to wash my hair.

Anyhow, thought you might like to see pics. They show the tape support I have to wear for a few months. Additionally, I put on my tummy support binder, because I'm so backed up and bloated. Yuck!

On a positive note, they already look perkier. So far cannot see a double bubble in my left breast. Just praying they stay that way:)

So over this constipation!

The first photo in the series is the day I went in for surgery and the last photo (in black) is today. I am so freaking backed up and miserable! I've tried it all and am now sitting with a suppository up my rear! This better work or I'm really going to be worried about a small obstruction or something. Forget my breast pain - I just need to take a poop already.


Already looking SO much better! Keeping in mind they're taped up underneath my bra...I will remain taped for at least 3 months of extra support while my incisions heal. I will also wear underwire to support my tissue as well. Also, finally getting some constipation relief! Yay :)


I was having a horrible reaction to the 3M micropore stretch surgical tape. It was causing dermatitis and huge blisters! I had to take Benadryl and put hydrocortisone cream all over and discontinue the tape. It's still clearing up in areas. Ouch! So, doing the best I can with just wearing underwire bras.

Anyhow, you can really see the difference between my breast size/shape in the "before" in the same bra around the same time in the healing process. I'm already SO much happier. It was around week 4 that I started noticing the bottoming out last time. So, it's making me nervous the closer I get. However, I'm not showing any signs of a repeat situation so far. THANK YOU, DR. WORKMAN!!! :)

Follow up appointment is next week. Will keep you posted!


Finally starting to feel a wave of relief. I think this repair job will actually hold up. I've been babying my body and haven't done any major workouts in fear of ruining my breasts.

I am so grateful to Dr. Workman and his skill with breast augmentation revision surgery! I'm very pleased with my results.

I think I'll tackle running this week and slowly pick up my mileage. I'll be waiting at least 6 months to do anything involving my chest muscles. I don't want to compromise my progress.
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Workman is extremely professional and goes above and beyond to make sure you will receive patient-centered care. He listened to my concerns about my body and helped me create a surgical plan that was tailored to my anatomy. He executed that plan flawlessly. He pays very close attention to details that matter! My tummy tuck scar is low, the scar is very narrow, straight, and meticulously done. My breast augmentation scars are perfectly hidden in the creases. I also had a partial lift and my nipples are round and symmetrical despite the incisions. The staff is also very warm, friendly and accommodating. The nurse for follow up is so kind and knowledgeable. This office is very on top of your well-being and shows genuine concern for a quick and healthy recovery. It is with great pleasure that I would recommend Dr. Workman for anyone's mommy makeover needs! He is highly skilled and very professional. So grateful for his expertise.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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