LASIK Has Changed the World Around Me - Vancouver, WA

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I would absolutely recommend LASIK. But only if...

I would absolutely recommend LASIK. But only if it's Wave-front and Intra-lase.

The removal of my astigmatism and other vision artifacts has been such a dramatic change that it reminds me of a drug trip. The world literally looks different. The depth and detail is different, not just crisper, it's ... hard to describe. And the detail I can see at a distance is so profoundly improved, I didn't realize how little I could see until I could make out leaves on the trees down the street. It's astounding. It's the Wave-front that did this part. It makes the treatment better than just what contacts can do for your eyes, which is LASIK without wave-front.

My sight in my better eye is 20/20 (a smidge better really) at this point a week and a half post op. My more severe eye is much better but I'm still figuring out how to use it, it will be a while before I really know the improvement for that eye. I have a strong suspicion that I will want an enhancement. But it really might just be my brain needing to relate to what I'm seeing.

Post-op I've had some discomfort. I've found that the prednisone is what keeps that at bay. I didn't want to take the prednisone initially, but I'm glad I did and I'm not looking forward to when it runs out. But that's far enough in the future that I'm hoping it just won't be necessary anymore. The discomfort is in no way something that should keep you from the procedure. It is very tolerable and the medications and suggestions the dr. provides compensate.

I think my only real complaint is that the goggles gave me a blemish right between my eyes, above the bridge of my nose, and then kept irritating it so I had it for ages. That sucked. But I doubt that will happen to everyone. I think I just got unlucky.

My vision pretty much stopped fluctuating...

My vision pretty much stopped fluctuating after the first week. I feel very stable and I suspect, for my good eye at least, that this is where I'm landing. I go in for a follow up on the 3rd so I'll get to see what the vision in that eye is but I suspect it's the same as my initial follow up... probably just shy of 20/15.

My bad eye is more challenging to judge. I have to cover the good eye to get any sense of how that one is doing. There is definitely still astigmatism in it, and I also think the actual vision may still bear improving. It's far and away better than it was. I didn't realize how much depth perception I was missing until I had more of it. But I still want that eye to be better than it is. I'll find out more on the 3rd I suspect.

I'm still very happy though. Very worth it.

I was afraid of night halos, and that I wouldn't be able to drive safely at night. I have halos, but I can drive safely. And I do feel like they'll improve over time as the eye heals. They're not as bad as I feared, and sort of interesting since they vary by the type of light.

My eyes do get dry and scratchy feeling. I can tell when I didn't use the drops often enough in a day because by night they're sore. But it's not a big deal to do the drops. I just get focused on what I'm doing and forget.

I've found that morning is the roughest for me. I think my eyelids are cracked open when I sleep and it dries them out. So, Lasik hasn't shorted my morning routine yet because it takes me a bit to get them moisturized and feeling ok before I crawl out of bed, at least as long as putting contact in used to take. :)

Dr. Will

My experience with Dr. Will at Will Vision & Laser Center has been outstanding. I firmly believe he is the best eye surgeon on the NW. His office runs like a well oiled machine. And it is well appointed and very comfortable. They use wood and plush furnishings throughout and it reduces the clinical feeling. It's very warm and inviting. Everything about my experience with Dr. Will and his staff and office are positive. I've switched to him as my optometrist to ensure I have the best possible post-op care.

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