27 years old- breastfed 2 children for 4 years- deflated breasts- 445cc MODERATE profile!

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Hello! I can't believe my pre-op is in 2 weeks,...

Hello! I can't believe my pre-op is in 2 weeks, and my procedure is 4 weeks away, time is flying! I'll start off by saying I LOVED nursing, and it's nothing I would ever take back, but my boobs now look nothing like they used to and I have been struggling majorly with it, it affects alot in my life and my relationship with my husband, because no matter what I do I don't feel beautiful or attractive anymore, I look in the mirror and don't look how I feel, and that's really important to me, so that's why i've decided to go down this road. It has been a major struggle for about 2 years now, I just want to feel confident in my skin again, and feel like a woman, like I used to. I have been doing research for quite a while now and narrowed it down to 2 surgeons, I had my first consultation and immediately felt comfortable with him, he was very kind and so knowledgeable, he made me feel very comfortable! Oh and I loved the beautiful girl at the reception desk, I told her how nervous I was and she assured me once I met him I would feel 100 times better, and she was right! I tried on a few sizers, 339 cc's, and then around 360cc's, at first they felt GIGANTIC and I was like NOPE NEVER GOING BIGGER but that was just the inital shock and going from completely flat chested to ACTUALLY having something there. I took the sizers home and then the following week I switched them out for the 375 cc's high profile implants, and I felt MUCH better, but after wearing them for a week or so I still feel like I won't be totally happy with the size, i'm thinking I need more inbetween 400-450, I am going to be bringing my surgeon a few wish photos because I have seen 400-450 cc's look SO DIFFERENT on different girls with about the same bra size as I have now, it's insane how some can look so small and some can look SO HUGE and it's the same size implant! I have been worrying alot lately about the shape of my breasts, I feel like I have lateral nipples that kind of go out, and then a larger gap inbetween my chest and I don't want a large gap inbetween them after the surgery, I don't need them sitting ontop of eachother, but closing up the gap somewhat is kind of important to me, I have seen some absolutely breathtaking results from other surgeons on this website, these women started with breasts very similar to mine and ended up with incredible results, i'll be posting some of the before and afters that I feel are similar to my before's, and some wish photos, along with photos of my breasts NOW and with sizers on! I will keep this little diary updated before and after the surgery and all through the healing process. P.s. I am roughly 5' 7" and weigh 135 pounds.

More wish photos! 27 days from today!

More wish photos, my poor husband is getting sick of boobs saved to his computer, haha. 10 days until my pre-op, and 27 until surgery, I can't wait to feel beautiful again. I've realized I need to STOP reading so much about breast implant complications or i'm never going to be able to fully enjoy them, google has been my best friend and my worst enemy throughout this whole process. Anyway, next time I update will be after my pre-op, i'll update with the size i'm going with and all of that fun stuff, so excited.

22 days!

22 days until I'm going to be able to fill this out, the countdown is on. Monday is my pre-op! Also here's some pretty boobs I'm drooling over.

Pre-op today, decided size, and new bras! 421 cc's but going more like 460-485 to get that look!

Today I had my pre-op and we finalized on a size! I knew I wanted to go bigger, so when I tried on the 421 cc's I LOVED them, my surgeon said that he'll bring several sizes in ranging from 460-485 cc's to get me the look of the 421 cc's since i'll lose about 50 cc's going behind the muscle... SLIGHTLY freaking out because 485 cc's sounds HUGE but I have to remember I'm starting with practically nothing so I don't want to get TOO caught up on cc's... Hoping to be a big C small D when all is said and done... Now to figure out which profile, I definitely want some projection but I feel like moderate may not be enough, and high profile too much, so maybe moderate plus? They already look big as it is and I know a higher profile will make them look even bigger... if I change my mind and go down in CC's i'd probably like high profile, but he said I have until the morning of surgery to change my mind, i'm wearing the sizers now so when my husband gets off work he can give me his honest opinion! Only 2 more weeks to go! I never want to take these sizers off.

13 days.

Having a few mild freak outs about the size i'm choosing (421cc's but more like 460-485cc's to achieve that look.) I have been heavier for the last 2 years from birth, and breastfeeding made it so my body held onto that weight, so for 2 years I wore very loose fitting baggy shirts and dresses and clothing to try and 'hide' my middle weight, now it has fallen off! Anyway, I tried on my entire wardrobe with my sizers in and OH MY GOSH EVERYTHING MAKES ME LOOK 35+ POUNDS HEAVIER, my tighter clothing looks great but everything else needs to get tossed... Anyone else need a new wardrobe post implants? My husband LOVES this size on me, and he was the one telling me to not go bigger than the 339cc's because they were already big, but he actually felt like these fit my frame and didn't look too big on me... I also showed my MIL who is quite conservative assuming she'd say WAY TOO BIG, but she said they actually aren't too big at all and fit my frame well. ALSO: Should I go a size down due to bras making my breasts appear bigger? Or has that not been an issue really for anyone? I keep thinking this is a great size but I definitely don't want to go bigger and I don't want bras to make me look even bigger. Anyway, picked up all of my vitamins and prilosec and dulcolax for after the procedure! Planning on picking up my prescriptions here in the next few days. Here's a few more 'wish' photos, really aiming for something natural, I don't want too much round at the top, a slope would be nice instead of a shelf, I am 100% willing to go down in size if my surgeon recommends that so they'd look more natural, I plan on calling him Monday to talk to him a bit to ease my mind somewhat, I don't want the 'augmented' look where they are super round and look like balls on the chest (I know everyone says that, it's worrisome though!) The more I see moderate-moderate plus I prefer it over the HP's. Here's a few pretty 'wish' photos! I feel like all look pretty natural.

Swollen lymph nodes DAY before surgery?!?!?!

So my surgery is tomorrow, and this morning I woke up with a swollen lymph node under my right ear, I have had a headache for the last few days but no other symptoms other than a few allergies here and there... In a panic I called my surgeon's nurse to ask if we would need to cancel the surgery but she said the only reason we'd need to cancel was if I had a fever or I was so congested that they wouldn't be able to intubate me, I even asked IF it were to get worse by tomorrow morning if i'd need to cancel and she still said no, only if I'm super congested or a fever... It's so weird because I feel totally fine aside from this headache and the random swollen lymphnode, anyone else get 'sick' prior to surgery or have any advice? I have been mentally preparing myself for WEEKS and would hate to need to reschedule, I know he's so busy so i'm not even sure how soon he'd be able to get me in. The anesthesiologist will be calling at some point today to check my health so I guess i'll get a definite answer then.

p.s. surgery possibly cancelled? post cont.

WISH boobs! Here's a few wish photos to distract me from my surgery possibly not being tomorrow. Don't fail me body!

Had my surgery a few hours ago!

And it's crazy how GOOD I feel... No pain, I'm moving around and hanging out with my kids, eating fine, everything! It almost feels like I didn't have surgery, it feels like I did a small upper body workout but so far that's it! I keep telling myself to RELAX and sit down because I'll heal faster but it's so hard when I feel this great. I can tell they are pretty swollen right now but man they look beautiful to me already, they are under a surgical bra and mesh and a pain machine but I have actual BOOBS! I have my post-op tomorrow morning and I get a little sneak peak then, so excited! I have the most incredible surgeon and if I could I would choose him over and over, he is absolutely amazing and kind and funny and genuine, such an awesome and talented man, so far I couldn't be more pleased with everything. I can't wait to see them drop and fluff and take on their final shape as they are up to my collar bone, I have CLEAVAGE THOUGH!!! I'll post photos of my sneak peak in the morning, but here are a few pre-op photos and then a photo my husband took while I was sleeping after my surgery, haha. Sneaky husband.

By the way I got 445cc's MODERATE profile, which is exactly what I wanted! I'm more focused on them being large in width and not a ton of projection... I wear a lot of loose fitting clothing like free people and if they project too much my clothing sticks super far off my body and I look far heavier than I am, so I am very happy about moderate profile!

Sneak peak! Holy boobs!????

Love them! Although they are up to my collar bone and I have a little loose skin at the bottom since they haven't dropped, but my surgeon said they'll just get better and better, and bigger!

Post op day 3!

Not much to report other than I'm loving them! Barely sore still, doing all of my regular activities as in cooking and cleaning and taking care of the kids! (No lifting though obviously!) high and tight of course, can't wait for them to drop and fluff. Worried about them shrinking significantly because so far I love the size and wouldn't actually mind them getting a little bigger, my surgeon said they are very compressed behind the muscle right now so they should get bigger which makes me super happy! They seem amazing already I can't wait to see them a few months down the road. Here's a bra-less front view today, and the side view is before and after 1 day post op! Look at the difference they've made on my waist now that they no longer hang on my belly! Looks so much smaller it's incredible!

137 pounds
Before: 34B
After: unsure, hoping atleast a D
445cc moderate profile

0 medication post op day 5? Anyone else?

I'm feeling great still so I feel like I can get rid of ibuprofen and the oxy, honestly I think I could have not taken them the last 2 days and have been totally fine I was just a little worried! Not much to update other than my gap between my boobs is closing up more and more every day which is AWESOME! I guess another change is I can totally feel the bottom of my implants when I push up on the bottom of my boobs which feels super weird, so that must mean they are dropping SOME although they still look like I have man pecks in clothing, haha. Still don't want them to shrink at all so I look at them every morning and say get BIGGER BOOBS! No boob greed here really, i'd just rather have them get bigger than smaller, I think the only way i'd have boob greed is if they shrank, I have seen some awesome dropping and fluffing photos where they got quite a bit larger and i'm like c'mon happen to me! Haha. I'll update with more photos soon! I have my 2nd post op appointment Monday so probably then. My surgeon doesn't recommend breast massages or a compression band so my boobs will be dropping all on their own, i'm a little happy I get to avoid the pain of massaging and forcing them down with a band.

1 week 1 day post op.

I tried on a few bras for the heck of it because having to wear this grandma looking surgical bra is making me feel frumpy haha, only had them on for 10 seconds for a photo then back went on the surgical bra. Still high and tight seeming obviously, I feel like instead of obsessing over actually getting the boobs I'm now obsessing over them dropping and fluffing because I'm praying they get bigger, the obsessing never ends I swear, I assumed after I got them I would be like YES LIFE COMPLETE... I wore the sizers around for weeks (421 cc sizers) and ended up going with 445 to hopefully be around that size but they are SO much smaller and disappear in clothing, the sizers made me look huge... I know it's so silly to be discouraged so soon because we've read thousands of reviews saying do NOT be discouraged early on because they WILL change drastically... My surgeon said they will get larger so I just have to trust him. When I tried on the sizers with the nurse she told me my actual ones would have quite a bit more projection because those were just the sizers so I just need to trust in the process! I think I am just also having a hard time with some news I found out about my father so everything in life feels like a larger problem than it probably actually is. Anyway I hope you are all healing beautifully! I LOVE the way my boobs look in normal bras and and with my arms up because they are a bit rounder, just praying the dropping and fluffing fairy is kind to me with size, haha. I have my second post op appointment Monday! I'll update again around the two week mark! Also yes in photos they look large, photos are awesome!

11 day post op appointment!

I mentioned in my previous post that I was a little disappointed in my size so far, but today at my post op appointment my surgeon gave me the clear to wear any bra I wanted as long as it's wire free! So I ran as quickly as I could to Victoria's Secret to find anything other than this compression bra (as I've been very limited on clothing with this bulky thing that shows through every t-shirt) and I bought their wire free t-shirt bra and it's SO AMAZING and makes my breasts look exactly how I wanted them to, that compression bra made me feel totally flat and frumpy I think this is exactly what I needed to feel better about the size I picked! Anyway I was sized at a 32DDD and it fit great, but I prefer my band a little more loose so I went with my sister size of 34DD... Just praying they don't shrink on me now, most say they got bigger sometime between the 6-9 month mark I've noticed so hopefully I'll get to wear this bra for that long or even indefinitely! Love how confident I feel in these bras, it's amazing and my surgeon did a seriously wondering job, I would choose him over and over and over... He says my boobs are going to start taking on a really nice shape and just get better and better, I can't wait to see... I also got to see my incisions today and they look great! So happy.

A few before and afters, just for fun!

Best decision of my life! You know aside from marrying my husband and having my children, haha.

More bras, can't stop won't stop.

2 weeks! Why must my lady twins look so great in bras but so square and awkward naked still. In time you will be beautiful. Haha.

No progress, still!

All I know is I just must have the chest muscles from hell, because I'm doing progress photos and there is literally no difference from post op day 4 to the 4th week, they are still square and high and awkward looking, I know I just need to be patient but I can't wait for them to show even the TINIEST bit of progress, can't wait for them to round out and start looking like the beautiful boobs I envisioned, I know they'll get there it's just hard not feeling discouraged when I see everyone else on here at a month post op and they have MASSIVE changes, one of mine still looks super swollen and larger than the other. I haven't really showed my husband my boobs because I feel like he'll wonder why they look so weird because I'm the one who kept telling him "I can't wait for a month down the road when they start looking more normal!" I'll do a photo update in two weeks, hopefully by then I'll see a little change... Happy D&F'ing ladies!

5 weeks already!

I can't believe it was 5 weeks ago I got my surgery... Since my last post they have dropped a bit and definitely appear a lot softer! I was so sad when they weren't making any progress but it's crazy the different only two weeks makes! I can't wait to see their final state! Hoping the implants drop more and fill out the bottom part of my breast because I'm noticing there's still a bit of loose skin/sag... The left one is also half a cup size bigger and more filled out at the bottom, I'm wondering if that's due to leftover swelling and if that will even itself out eventually? Left side is super snug in my bra and the right I have a little space in the cup. I'll update again in another 2 weeks or so!

Almost 7 weeks!

Boobs look more natural everyday! The left one has been bigger and fuller since day 1, it seems like on the verge of a half cup size bigger, I hope in the next month or so the right starts rounding out and filling in some of the loose skin around the edges like the left, that one is my dream boob! Haha. Other than that they are beautiful and so far I couldn't be happier 7 weeks out! They are still sore occasionally when they get pressed on, aside from that I don't even know they are there! They also tend to get sore when I sleep on my side, my incisions are also looking amazing! Directly in my crease you can't even see them!

Almost 2 months already!

Day 1, to day 56!
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Haven't had my procedure done yet, but will update as time goes by!

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