30 Yrs Old, 5'3", 10.5 bwd VERY Petite 315cc HP Sientra

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I really feel like this has already been a long...

I really feel like this has already been a long process. I started doing a lot of research about 3 months ago. I'm a research nut! Even my husband asks me if I can research something all the time. I had my first consultation Wednesday with Dr. Workman. I went into the consultation knowing a lot of information so I felt like I didn't need my hand held and baby stepped through it. Even the pamphlet they gave me " what no one tells you about breast augmentation ", I already knew everything on it. I knew this was not a light decision to be made and contemplated it for weeks obsessively.
Currently I'm alittle deflated 32b. I've had 2 pregnancies, but only nursed my son for a very short while. I was only a 36C when I nursed but I loved it cause I had bigger boobs! I was perkier in high school but I've only dropped alittle bit after breast feeding. I have always wished for bigger boobs since high school. I always envied girls who filled out shirts and had bounce. I never wanted to be huge but definitely a hand full..lol.
I also want to say how much this web site and all you real selfers have helped along in this process. Reading all the personal stories and pictures has made a huge difference. Its made me less nervous.
My surgery is scheduled for Oct. 6th and my pre op is September 25th. My mom will coming for about 2 weeks to help me and hang out with me and my son. She lives in Utah so I don't get to see her very often. My husband will actually be hunting for those couple weeks. Oddly enough that's a great thing cause he DOES NOT do well with taking care of sick, recovering or crippled people. I scheduled it on purpose knowing he wouldn't be here. Also that way by the time he gets back I'll be a lot better. In November we are going Hunting/camping and I'm hoping I will be fine to go. I was told I should be fine. What do you think?

Post pics

I forgot to mention the first time my stats. I'm 5'3", 110 lbs, and I'm a 32B. I have always been a small framed petite person. I have always wanted bigger boobs! Even for my frame I have felt my boobs are too small.

So since my last appointment I have decided I want around 325cc mod +. After tons of research once again... And discussing with my husband, we decided I would be the most happiest with that. I'm very positive my surgeon will respond great to this. I want a more natural look than the HP my ps suggested. I want more of a slope than a speed bump on my chest.
My pre op appointment is on the 25th so I can't wait. Then I still have about 2 weeks till surgery. Also thee one thing I'm not looking forward to is I have to quit my e-cig! I seriously don't know where that willpower is going to come from! When I'm stressed, bored, or have anxiety I puff! I've been forcing my self to cut back as much as I can now before I quit.
Also I'm posting a few before pics. And if any ladies similar to me reading this please leave comments:) I find it hard to find women close to my size and wants with BA.

Trying to quit begins...

Well I decided yesterday that I would seriously cut back on my e cig starting today. I'm planning on quitting next week which will be 3 weeks before surgery. I'm really trying hard to be strong and have a lot of willpower. I know it seems silly but it's hard for me. My husband smokes them too but not as much as I did. He always gave me hard time for puffing too much.

Also I got a call from the doctors office and they had to move my pre op appointment to the 26th at 9:30am which actually works out better.

More wish pics

Alot to Update!

I had a second consultation today to further discuss what size and profile to go with. I have been driving myself insane... literally! My husband says I haven't been fun to live with. Well anyways, the 2nd consult went great! I actually found out new information about choosing the size and why. I found out I'm only 10.5 bwd! How freakin tiny is that! Also my ps pointed out that the measurement between the collar bone and nipple is very important as well. I'm 17cm... which is also small. He also told me I'm very small for my height. So for the past couple weeks I've been beating my head on moderate vs high profile. My ps told me with how very tiny I am that moderate believe it or not would look fake on me. The moderate profile implant would sit just 2 inches below my collar bone! Thus giving it an unnatural shelf look.. which I do not want. So with my measurements being so small, moderate would look really weird. I didn't know any of that and I've been doing research for months! SO my advice to you ladies is do not stick to a plan! EVER! I had no idea I couldn't or shouldn't go moderate. Also if you have a initial consultation and you go home and don't feel good about it or want bigger, different brand, or whatever go back in for a 2nd consultation! At the first one I was just so excited I would have said yes to about anything then I got home and a week later I changed my mind. With that being said I'm now getting 315cc Sientra HP. I couldn't be more thrilled!
I also wanted to update on how the quitting e-cigs is going... which has been awful! I've had the hardest time. First day I was hyper and focused which was weird. Then after that I had awful cravings for days and boy was I moody.... at one point I was in the fetal position on the floor crying. Also not to mention the many fights I got into with my husband. Things have been better for a couple days now. I feel a million times better about the surgery and what I'm getting. Also my cravings are way less than they were.

Getting down to the wire!!

My surgery is in a week! I'm getting very excited and trying to stay focused. So my husband is leaving for hunting this Friday and its definitely made this week more hectic.. not sure I thought that one through. On top of preparing for surgery I have been also helping my hubby prepare to go hunting. I also had my preop last Friday. I am hoping today to pick up my prescriptions and buy a couple front closing bras along with some snacks to eat after surgery.

I also wanted to go into more of why I really want BA. Ever since high school I have always wanted bigger boobs. Not to sound creepy but its the first thing I notice about a woman. If she has a good rack I think to my self... NOT FAIR! I never wanted to be huge but I've never filled anything out. Even small bathing suit tops I never filled out. Every top I have right now I don't fill out even in a small. I also have this Harley Davidson leather vest and its a small... I can stick my fist and then some under it on my chest. In the summers when we go riding I will wear it and its almost embarrassing because it rides up on my chest and my shoulders and it clearly looks like it doesn't fit. I have never wanted to go with out a bra because I feel like I look too boyish. My husband would love for me to go bra-less but I feel so uncomfortable doing it. Oh and also just the other day he said my boobs were cute.... cute! I want them to be "wow" "sexy" " hot"! This has not been a light decision at all. I have definitely had my melt downs, freak outs, and sheer excitement. I haven't really told anyone either about this. My mom, sister, mother in-law, children and of course my husband knows. I didn't post anything on FB and I still haven't told my dad. My dads wife is weird about these things and plus its just plain awkward cause its my dad. I will have to tell him eventually cause when I see him it will be noticeable.. ( I hope!! ). I also want to point out I didn't want to go conservative with BA. I talked thoroughly with my PS about going to the line of not fake but not natural for my frame. I really want something in-between. He was talking about 300cc or 315cc. I decided on 315 even though its barely a hair bigger I really felt great about 315cc. But we made sure it wouldn't be fake and its not pushing it. Anything more than 315 would be pushing it. I just can't wait to have bra options or not to wear a bra. I've only ever worn the most padded bra I could find that's still comfortable... which by the way at VS is only 1 bra. I can't wait to look better in my clothes too. Well anyways I'm starting to ramble. My next post will be day of surgery hopefully depending on how I'm feeling.

Well it actually happened!!

The surgery went very well. The staff and Dr. Workman were professional, kind, and helpful. Honestly the worst was IV and waking up. I was in a quite bit of pain and very very out of it. Once they have me my pain meda I was a lot better. I also took one when we got home cause I was still pretty uncomfortable. I thought it was kind of weird that I have foam tape and not a surgical bra. It is very tightly wrapped. What sucks is that I can't see them at all...! I get them off Friday then I can finally see them. I can feel now that they are swollen and fairly big which makes me very happy. Once I got home and layed down I felt a lot better. I'm pretty tired and slept a lot most the day now. I feel good other than pain tightfulness, being tired and feeling like I'm drunk. Also I am sorry for any whinning or rambling or spelling errors.

One more picture I wanted to share

The one thing that sucks is that I cant ich my self. But it feels very compressed and also I can feel the bandages pushing down on them like the dreaded stap. I have been up and moving around more than I thought. It's kind of weird how this morning I was like 8-9 in pain and now I'm like 5. I'm honestly probably not going to post until Friday when I get my bandages off. I also wanted to say real quick that my mom has been awesome! She's cooked dinner, taken are of my son, the dogs, and anything I need. She doesn't leave till Sunday which will be amazing.


I forgot to post pictures... Sorry I'm still pretty out of it .

Second day post op

So far so good! Of course I'm still in pain but its fairly manageable. I had a hard time sleeping last night. Being propped up on my back isn't fun. I also think my meds are making me ich. Which if I remember right they tend to make me ich but never a rash. I have definitely been out of it from my medication. I'm out of it right now and trying to type is a chore. I just wanted to keep all of you up to date. I still have to remind myself that I actually did this! I still can't believe it. Oh and also I tried to take a peek at the new girls. I know I'm wrapped tightly but my boobs are practically touching! I can kind of squish them through the tape, which I guess is a great sign. I also wanted to point out that drinking Gatorade helps alot and also eating or drinking protein helps alot. I got a chocolate milk protein shake. It tastes great and it has fiber in it along with lots of potassium. I'm really not bloated or even that swollen. I really believe that drinking lots of fluids, protein, potassium ( helps with bloat and swelling. It helps get rid of extra salt in the body), and fiber.

The twins are free!!

I finally got my bandages off! The last two days have been awful with the bandages. My skin is now irritated and raw. I'll be fine though. I feel so much better with them off. The nurse said I'm doing great. My right side is higher and alittle more swollen. I love the way they look! They are just what I was thinking. I know I still have a ways to go. I really can't wait for them to drop & fluff. Also I wanted to say that I am still in pain. Nothing like the first day but I still need pain pills. The mornings are definitely the hardest. I'm super super swollen and really tight. Getting up is also tricky.. I've had learn to use my legs to get up. I also can't wait to take a shower.

It's been a week!

They have dropped alittle bit. I still have a bit pain on the sides and upper portion of my boobs because that's where the most stretching needs to happen. I havent been able to go off pain meds yet. I'm not taking them heavily just alittle bit. It's been hard taking it easy and relying on everybody to do things for me. My rash is also getting better and I'm moisterizing a lot which has helped them not to itch.

Freaking out alittle..

So I'm getting worried and maybe alittle paranoid. First of all I'm still on pain meds. I still have a bit of pain. Its mostly just soreness and feeling tight. I feel like I shouldn't be cause most of you are off pain meds completely by like the 3-4 day. I mean I'm taking maybe 2 a day and I'm not sure what to do about it. When I went in on Friday for my pre op the nurse said everything looks great and its only been a few days. The nurse didn't see a problem with me still on pain meds, they assured me it takes time. So my second thing I'm freaking out on is that my right boob is still higher than my left and my left looks slightly larger than my right. Also just fyi my left has always been slightly larger than my right. My surgeon and I decided that they weren't enough of difference to do 2 different size implants. I also know as they drop they fill out alittle more at the bottom. So with my left alittle more dropped than my right, my left is more filled out at the bottom. Am I right.... should I be worried.. or am I just paranoid???! I really need some opinions and help with this. My husband also asks me if my breast have evened out yet because it kind of bugs him... and he also asks when are they going to be softer. They have softened up alot since the first day but I know they still have a long ways to go. But with his concerns I feel like I'm getting more paranoid. Please help.

Well I think I figured it out!

I think I figured out why I was in was so much pain. My husband last night was helping me put my front zip sports bra on and he said " is it suppose to be so tight?" I said I don't know. He said that it shouldnt be cause it blocks blood flow. It made sense what he said and I was so sick of being in a lot of pain. So I put on a tank top with a built in bra and wore it for a while and slept in it to see what would happen. I was able to sleep all night only taking tylenol and woke up in minaml pain. This morning I called my doctor and they said that my sports bra shouldn't be so tight.. It was so tight that I had to squeeze the girls together and have my husband zip the bra up. No wonder I was in so much pain!! My husband said it was torcher device! I mean it's a large so I guess today I need to go buy an extra large or even bigger. I just figured that the sports bra had to be snug and I'm not use to wearing one or having big boobs. Am I the only one to do this?

A lot is happening

I feel a lot is happening right now. Not only is life really getting back to normal. I don't think I said before but I was ordered to not move my elbows from my sides for 2 whole weeks!! Now yes of course I did a bit like to eat and things but I have not done laundry, cook, or even drive since surgery. My amazing mother and even more amazing husband made this possible. My husband and son have made dinner and done everything this week to help me.
I also posted picture of my progress and things are coming along! I don't nearly as lop sided. My husband got pretty paranoid about it and was researching one night about it. I told him it can happen and that I am so right handed and doing way more with my right side that my muscles are having harder time relaxing. But I really feel it's coming along fairly quickly. I was just going to take pictures Monday on the 2 week mark but I wanted to see if anything has changed and it has! My right boob is still alittle high and not as full as my left but it's way better and I know they still have a ways to go. I have also noticed that I seem to be very different from anyone on here. First off I was in WAY more pain in the beginning, I was on meds for days, I didn't have trouble sleeping, I really don't have morning boob, my right is smaller with out having 2 different size implants, not extending my arms for 2 weeks, I had a bowel movement at 3 days and it wasn't hard ( not literally just didn't take a lot of work ), massaging actually feels great, and my boobs are killing me by the end of the night. Sometimes that what I love about this site is reading all the different experiences. Only sometimes when its so easy for someone and barely painful and they turn out better than a wish pic.. That is a bit annoying. My husband keeps telling me "NO Pain NO Gain". I'm still really sore and on Tylenol. Its actually better today.. thank goodness!

2 week update

First thing I did today was get stuff done around the house. I got laundry done and vacuumed. It felt good to finally be able to do stuff and get stuff done. I tried to still take things slow. I also went to Walmart to buy a more comfortable bra since I didn't need to a front closing anymore. No wires or structure for another few weeks. I learned quickly that most of the sport type bras don't fit me. They were either too small in the boobs or big around the band. I did love the Genie bra. They were very comfortable and fit me great! I can't belive I'm an XL! But before I bought a few I saw around the corner from them a style that looked just like the genie that are Body Basic brand for $5.98. So I tried them on and it fit great and super comfy as well. I bought white, black, and nude.

Bigger & Better ;)

The girls are really coming along. They are softening up and my husband said they don't feel like water ballons anymore. My right boob is slowly but surely coming down and filling out more. They are also more bouncy :) I can not wait to start wearing an actual bra and showing them off alittle. I have always been a very modest person with clothing. I've never even wore a bikini! I've always hated how small my boobs were before and they were far apart and I could never have cleavage. Well now... I have lots of time to make up for it. I didn't think I would want to show them off at all considering how I was before but I have been finding myself pulling my tank tops down more instead of up.. Lol.

3 week update

Things are going great! I'm still alittle sore but mainly in my ribs and lower part of breasts. Being at 3 weeks I feel I'm looking great. My right is still higher and not as big but like I've said before that may always be the case and I'm ok with that. You can't notice in clothes and barely in a bra. I tried on a fancy lingerie bra and its a 32b and I didn't fit into it before and well you can see from the picture that it does not fit anymore unless I want massive cleavage and be uncomfortable.. Lol. Also the other picture is a tank top I bought with a built in bra and wear it sometimes.

Please Help!

Ok so today I went to Walmart to try on a couple bras... I know I know this isn't the best place but I wanted to see real quick because it's driving me crazy not really knowing what size I am now. I measured about a week ago and I'm 27 in. band and 33 in. bust. I've been a 32b my whole life so figured a 32 in whatever size since basically no one carries a 28 or even a 30. Walmart did not have ANYTHING in a 32! Just to settle I tried on a 36 in a D and C and the C seem to fit better. I was discouraged because how in the hell could I only go up a cup size! Then I came home and after a couple hours of researching I am officially overwelmed! I found that Nordstrom carries size 30 in some bras cause that's the closest to my band measurement. There is a very nice bra specialty place in town but I really don't want to go get fitted and be waited on to only be like " thanks a lot but I'm not buying anything.." I just can't buy a bra that's $40-80! Now I'm just feeling so over welmed and not sure what to do. Anyone have any advice??? Please HELP! Should I just stick to the sport like bras I have now?? I mean they are very comfortable. I mean seriously I could just go to VS but I'm not going to spend $100-200 on a couple bras...

Wow it's been forever!

First off I want to say I haven't posted anything for forever because my life got VERY hectic!! And that's an understatement. I also want to say that I am %100 satisfied with my results. I love my boobs so much! I have so many bras now and tank tops. I fill out clothes and look more proportionate. I saw my mom a couple months ago and she said you can't even tell! Which is a good thing! Before you could tell I didn't have anything really. Now I can braless, sports bra, lace bra and look like I have something! Before I never wore anything but a super padded bra. Now if I want to be a little va va voom I wear a push up. The only tiny very tiny thing I wish for was that I was alittle bigger... Like maybe 50cc bigger. But for my size the CCs I got was pushing it. I didn't want to go big and look weird and have problems. All the bad stories you hear are people who didn't listen or trust their doctor, or they didn't follow their prescription rules, didn't stop smoking when they have or started sooner then they have, also my nurse said people who get an infection already had one in their system and didn't follow their antibiotics instructions. I followed everything to the T! I quit my e cig, I even stopped taking this herb I take everyday for stress cause "it may cause issues with surgery". I took my antibiotics from start to finish to the day. Which was forever. I think it was like 3 months.
I learned so much about breasts and bras! Holy cow bras are rocket science. I had not a clue! I probably researched for a month and tries on over 100 of them. The best thing I learned is sister sizes. I am a 32 DD but pretty much no one carries them! So my sister size is 34D or 36C. I also helped my mom find a bra and found out she has worn the wrong bra her WHOLE LIFE! She wore a 34C all her adult life and always hated her bras and they never fit. So I took her to Khols (great place by btw) and we were there for an hour. Turns out she's a 38B which would be a 36C, 34D and so on. Same as me!! She was beyond excited and dumbfounded. She has never had better bra that she loves. Even her friends noticed something different about her.
Well I have been going on and on and I need to get back to it. I am sorry I don't have any pics today. I will try my best to post again soon and pics. Also if you have questions please ask :).

Dr. Workman is amazing. I am very satisfied with the results. Any question or concern I had they addressed. I felt as though we all went through this together. I always felt very comfortable when I walked in. The staff and nurses are the best! They are so nice and accommodating.

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